What part of you is choosing for you?

Dear readers

At any given time, human mind is so bogged down by what it sees and hears that we are unable to see ourselves as who we truly are. We are constantly trying to change to fit in this world, people around us, society and by the end of it still find ourselves being unhappy with people or people being unhappy with us. That’s because we are constantly shelling out energy in doing something which may or may not be in your karmas. You are constantly trying to provide for energy that is not meant for you to do, and in this process you land up being drained out. If it’s in your karmas, it will happen very gracefully. The transfer of energy may not be draining. Even if the situation may cause hurt or pain to your ego or heart, your soul will be intact. That’s is because it’s for a dual energy exchange on a karmic level, but in certain situations no matter how much we try and what we do, things might certainly not work out the way it is meant to be, that’s simply because we chose to take it up as a challenge to your ego, and chose to go through pain in order to defy the karmas. Only if we were to accept graceful, and choose not with ego but with our karmas, the painful situations and wounds will start to heal and diminish. The choices made of karmas happen at a very sub conscious soul level and consciously it’s not known to us. Sometimes even if we try hard, it will only be revealed at the right time. In the mean time, you need to accept and surrender gracefully rather than taking it up as a challenge to your ego. The challenge will only make you feel depressed, low on confidence, self-doubt and self-guilt. Whereas surrender will bring to you acceptance and gratitude, which will further play a role in the true awakening of your being. You need to stop your struggle and battle with your ego. If your ego chooses, your ego gets hurt and you suffer, but if you are ego-less your soul chooses, learns, and grows and you awaken. It all depends on your choice of the choosing body within yourself. Be the ego on the surface, you will always find your source of pain. Be the love within, and you will find your source of love.
Love and light,
Tamanna C.

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