How to deal with ongoing energy flares.

The energies have torn and tattered everything possible. Every soul right now is looking for an answer, primarily pertaining to the weakest link of their life. For some its health, relationship, career, finances and for those who have everything, its inner peace. This is the time for your priorities to be aligned. All this while we have been working and moving forward in areas of our life which are the strongest. If our career is good, we are busy focusing on that. If we are in love and a healthy relationship, we tend to over look our responsibilities towards our self and our life purpose or career path. If we are so much into ourselves, we are going through issues in our relationship. The energies right now are playing a role of balancing it out. But before we balance it out its very important for us to be aware of our weakest link. Times have come in the past when we were to shift our awareness, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened to that degree or level of awareness, hence here by the energies right now until 11th August have been heavy, and painful only to bring to surface our weakest link.
Once we have identified our weak link, the second step is to accept it. We are constantly in denial and escape mode. We just do not wish to accept that it’s that aspect of our life which needs balancing.

After accepting it, the next step is to be open to transfer. Everyone wants to reach a point of ascension and peace, but not many are willing to change/ transform. The will to shed, heal and transform is good enough at least for the process to begin. Once the will and intent is created within you, the universe will gracefully send situations and people in our life, that will help us transform.

The third step is listening. We keep waiting all our lives to look for solutions, not realizing that the universe is sending us solutions through our own people. We often tend to neglect or ignore it only because we feel that people out there to hurt our ego. It’s the hurt to the ego that blocks of from listening. When the universe wants to communicate something to you, it cannot be abstract. It can only reach you through your closest people or other messages. We have to allow ourselves to follow the guidance that will help us shed our old patterns and make the weak links of our life stronger.

The forth step is the most difficult one. It is the step of self acceptance and compassion. Every time we sit and think about the weakness that lies within us, we slip into a tunnel of self guilt or self pity. We go back to the times of whom and what made us the way we are. And then we tend to distract our ego from the problem to just a dramatic event that took place in our life years ago. The point is not to give into the drama. It is OK to make mistakes. It is absolutely ok not to have realized it earlier. What is NOT OK TODAY is not to make the most of the awareness that is coming to you NOW.
Only with this attitude one can move gracefully into an act of self love and compassion. You have to be gentle with yourself. Only when you are gentle with yourself, you will be able to transfer the gentle grace of love and compassion into your life and others around you.

The fifth step is, letting go. After self acceptance and compassion, it’s very important for you to let go or forgive the situations of people that have caused that particular link in your life to be weak.
For example- If your relationship with your partner is your weak point. It’s probably because of someone in your past relationship has hurt you, or there have been situations with the same partner that have weakened the link today. In order to strengthen your link today, you need to either let go of the situation that has happened in the past, or forgive the person who has caused the link to be weak.
The same can also be valid for your career, health or any other aspect of your life that is going through an in balance.

The sixth step is to be silent. It’s very important, that after you have gone through the first five steps, you maintain a code of conduct through silence and grounding. By silence I don’t mean to seal your lips. I mean to seal your thoughts. You can communicate with everyone and still be silence from within. It might be a little difficult in the beginning but after the first 2-3 days, it will gracefully and naturally come to you. Make sure the words that you choice or topic of conversations is only in progressive state and not regressive. If you feel the need to communicate, allow yourself to choose words that will better the situation and talks about the future, rather than going back to the past mode.
Usually when we go through a state of awareness, we find a strong need to communicate and blurt our feelings out, in the regressive manner, which leads to blame games, anger and guilt. This can be thoroughly avoided.

The last and the most important step are BALANCING. After all of the above, it’s very important for us to channelize our awareness, compassion, self acceptance, acceptance towards others in a balance manner.
It is only through channelling these energies in the right manner; we can create a state of balance in our life. The awareness is good enough for our own being, but in order to enjoy the peace in the physical realm it HAS TO BE channelized through physical gestures, communication and act. Usually people learn their lessons, are aware in the mental and emotional state. They go through a series of transformation, but it’s all in the mind and emotional level. But in the physical realm they still continue to work with the previous pattern of act.
Balance can only be achieved by channelling what lies within to what you reflect outside.

Wishing you tons of love, light and success in this crucial time phase…

Loads of love and light,