How clarity of intentions shapes our reality.

Dear readers

As my trip after two weeks comes to an end and as I sip of my coffee I think about how our thoughts and desires manifest in reality which we are all aware of. It’s something so powerful but unfortunately we are unable to handle how we intent or think. When we seek to bring something into the world, our intentions and motivations are everything. Our intention for bringing something into our lives shapes our experience of a manifestation and the realities that spin off of it.
The lens of relationships offers an up-close view of how our intentions color our manifestations. We may seek to attract a soulmate into our life. We may state that we are seeking a spiritual connection that helps us grow in our understandings. This is well and good but if unresolved emotional issues lurk beneath our stated intentions, these “hidden” intentions will eventually surface to color any relationship we manifest.

Perceiving Motivations ‘Underneath the Vision’–The key is to come to a deep and thorough understanding of ourselves and our motivations before we seek to manifest something new in our lives. In the case of a relationship, we may consciously hold the highest and best intentions in terms of our vision for a soulmate connection, but there may be other intentions operating beneath our conscious intentions. If, underneath our visions of manifesting a soulmate relationship, we’re afraid to face life alone, we are unknowingly sending the universe signals that exist on two very different wavelengths. Consequently, we may manifest a relationship that is intended to lift both people higher but ultimately deteriorates under the weight of unresolved emotional issues.

Identifying Conflicting Emotions about Abundance–The same can be said of manifesting abundance and prosperity. We may state that we intend to manifest abundance so we can undertake studies, experiences or projects aligned with our spiritual purpose. If, underneath this vision, we still hold emotional issues around abundance, this can stifle or alter our intended manifestation. One example of this would be the person whose father often spoke negatively of those who had wealth. As this person begins to manifest the abundance of their spirit, it can trigger feelings instilled by the father against those who have wealth. This could diffuse the manifestation altogether or create complications that seriously limit what can be experienced in the realm of abundance.
Likewise, if a person holds unresolved emotional issues that center around scarcity or “not having enough of what’s needed,” this is another factor that can send the universe a contrasting signal that seriously impairs manifestation.
What has been said here about relationships and abundance can be applied to any and all intended manifestations. In order to pave the way for what we seek to bring into our reality, it’s important to examine all our intentions and motivations — not just our “highest and best” but those motivations that lurk at the outskirts of our awareness.

Aligning Our Intentions with Spiritual Purpose–it’s always important to examine how our intentions line up with our spiritual purpose. If we seek to manifest a car so we can drive ourselves to workshops and courses that allow us to expand our knowledge and skills, this is an intention that can benefit both ourselves and others. This is a very different intention than seeking to manifest a new car so we can show up our neighbor who’s driving an older model. In the long run, the realities experienced through these different intentions will drive us to very different futures.

Unifying Consciousness with Emotional Harmony—once we identify how an intention matches up with our spiritual purpose, we can then examine if aspects of our consciousness operate on different emotional frequencies from our primary intentions. These would likely be younger aspects still locked into emotional energies not yet transformed by the light of our present-moment awareness. By loving and harmonizing with these younger aspects, we can begin to create inner unity.

Hope this puts things into perspective, as I leave this beautifully place sending you all loads of love and light.

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