May 2018 horoscope

>Dear readers,
|I know its been ages since Ive posted monthly horoscopes and you can always blame it on my hectic work, travel and also not to forget the crazy mercury retrograde which always hinders communication and channeling. mid March- April’18 was a crazy month due to so many planetary change and moon cycles that it almost made everyone feel like… why oh why are we even here?? but the good news is may seems to bring in better energies atleast for almost most of us.
i apologise once again for going MIA on my blog. promise to comeback soon to blogging as i really really miss it. Until then enjoy the horoscope and do leave your feedback and not to forget feel free to share the link with friends and family.

This month is full of surprises all good. There won’t be an iota of bad unless you goof up bad and miss out on multiple opportunities. Work will be growing at a fast pace and you might have to delegate more and restructure. You might even work with new people 5-26th may and chances that you will sign a contract before 11th may, the results of which will take place after 22nd may. You need to find balance between doing what your heart says and the need of the hour. An old client will bring in opportunities for expansion after 16th may. You will consciously slow down by a getaway post 23rd may. Health will need attention 19-28th may but nothing major. It could be minor allergies. Family life will get easy after 7th may. People acting rigid will settle down and give you the space to be allowing more peace and freedom in your life. Parent’s health will need attention 21-30 may. Social life will take a back seat due to hectic work but you will connect with old friends and go out of your way to party it up post 16th may. Be discreet about personal life with friends.
Karmic tip- doesn’t get attached to other’s problem.

Your birthday month will bring in news but you have to wait until your birthday to see results. Work will be slow till 12th may but you will get a chance to focus on creative energies and make necessary changes. You will also focus on adding new work or applying for new jobs. Newness will be the key energy to this month. New clients, employees, co-workers, job, role will come through after 21st. Paper work will move forward after 17th may. Health will need attention 15-27th may especially if you have lower back and knee issues. Getting a routine check up done will be a good idea. Family life will be stable but minor issues with partner post 17th may will drain you out. You need to be gentler towards yourself. You will also be worried about a male’s health 15-30th may. Spend quality time with family. Social life will be hectic till 14th may after which you will slow down to attend to needs of family members. Be more centred with friends. You’ll reconnect with old friends after 8th may.
Karmic tip- be more spontaneous.

A month filled with extremes. You will have to focus on finding a way out of chaos else you’ll get sucked into ego games of others. Work will be slow till 16th may. You will bounce back with a bang thereafter with new associations, ideas or work. You will go all out in meeting sand leave no stone unturned in putting your point across. While this may eventually work in your favour, have patience to see results. Meetings lined between 17-23rd may will be productive. Those looking for new job will get clarity 9-18th may. Health will need attention 14-26th especially throat and eyes. Balance eating patterns. Family life will be stable. You will feel emotionally drained 16025th may. Confide in a family member as it will boost your confidence. Partner’s health will need attention 9-24th may. Social life will be hectic till 11th may. No matter how much you want to slow down it will be hectic. You will slow down from 15-25th may and then again bounce back due to reunion with old friends.
Karmic tip- prioritize your life.

This month will bring in the positive changes you are looking for. Work will be stable till 11th after which you’ll expand or getting into some new work. Meetings around 9-15th may will bring in positive results after 22nd may. New associations will be beneficial for you in the long run. You will make a conscious effort to slow down post 23rd. Health will need attention 17-30th may. Stomach and knees will be sensitive. If you are a heart patient chances are that you might have to undergo a checkups. Family life will get positive after 7th may. You will be more communicative and will work towards resolving issues with more compassion and patience.dont allow your ego to come in between resolving issues. Partner’s health will be unstable throughout the month becoming a point of concern for you. Socially you will take a back seat due to busy career and family being priority. A friend may turn to you financial help post 23rd may.
Karmic tip- be a better listener.

This month will be stable but might be mentally frustrating for you as people will keep you hanging. While work under your control is stable, other people will be laid back and it will frustrating if you are depending on others to get work done. You need to know when you push and when you take a back seat else it will create friction. Be more assertive than aggressive. Meetings around 16-23rd may will be productive followed by a delay in communication. Expect results after 26th may. Health will need attention 12-27th may. Minor allergies, headaches and disturbed sleep pattern will make you feel low. Even mental stress can’t impact health this month. Family life will be better than before, but major emotional outburst from you will create issue between 12-17th. Be careful with your actions and reactions around family. You never know who might take what personally. If this does happen, take a back seat, let things cool down and sort things out of 23rd. don’t get insecure about losing relationships. You’ll push people away. Social life will be stable. Clarity from friends and emotional support will be there at any time you want it. You may go out of your way to help a dear friend between 9-27th may.
Karmic tip- don’t assume things without knowing the fact.

Just a month you were waiting for. There will be clarity and movement on every aspect. Work will be slow till 5th but will pick up drastically after 7th and 18th. You’ll work with new people and even hire more people to expand your team. Expect teething issues initially but everything will be smooth after 24th. Stuck paper work will clear after 9th may and 27th you will initiate a new project or contract after 28th may but this will take at least 5-8months to manifest. Health will be unstable throughout the month due to hectic routine. Stomach and chest will be sensitive. Don’t over exert your body. Family life will start getting better after 6th may. You will see people giving you the space to be and you will have an open heart to heart conversation with family members 11-24th may. Don’t be critical about past issues. Female’s health will keep you stressed post 19th may. Socially you will withdraw as work and family will be priority but post 18th may you will bounce back with a blast. Old friends will connect post 23rd may.
Karmic tip- be a better listener.

Honestly I can’t tell you much about what to expect this month. All I know it’s going to be a roller coaster. Some days peak high and some days low below. While work is stable, you will find it difficult to gauge people’s thought process and intentions. Ongoing work will be smooth but anything new will be slow. Don’t try to expand or do new work. Nothing will manifest. Your insecurities will lead to friction with people at work and there can also be politics against you post 17th. April you must have got a teaser of it but things will get aggravated post 16th may. Don’t take any major decisions till 26th may else it will backfire. Health will be low 1-17th may. Eat on time and avoid too much drain on your knees. Family life will be stable till 15th post which you will start having trust issues. Truth about people will come to surface and you will be irritable and cranky thinking about past issues. Be more letting go. Take some time out and deal with situations post 26th. Social life will be stable and will play a calming effect. Friends will stand by you and be there when you need them. Just don’t keep brooding over the same thing again and again with them. Avoid being moody with friends.
Karmic tip- don’t take people’s understanding for granted.

A stable month where you will get a lot of work done for yourself and family. Pending work will move forward after 5th may. New deals will close between 11-27th may. Those looking for a new job/ role will get clarity post 7th may but results will be after 10th June. You may also get work from old clients. Renewal of contracts will happen post 17th may. If you are looking to expand or hire new people, opportunities will come after 21st. don’t carry work stress home. Health will need attention post 17-28th may. Avoid eating out too often. Family life will be stable. Minor arguments with people will keep you low 15-21st . Female’s health will be low 5-10th may. Sibling stress will cause drama post 22nd . Family members may turn to you for decision making post life will slow down 1-16th may. Post which social obligations and travel plans will keep you busy. You will receive work benefits from 19th may.
Karmic tip- be gentle with yourself.

A month full of abundance and good luck. You will be at the right place at the right time. Work will be super charged and you will be there centre of attention. You will take charge of new projects and even expand your team after 11th may. New clients will approach you for new work post 23rd. Slow down the pace of your mind. Don’t get carried away by other people’s emotions at work. Health will need attention 4-22nd may. Back, eyes and throat will be sensitive. Sleep will be disturbed. Family life will be stable. People will give you the space to be and also be there for you emotionally. Partner’s health will need attention 17-29th may. Avoid getting past into present situations else you may rub someone in the family the wrong way. Family members might feel neglected after 24th . Make sure you remove time for them. Social obligations will keep you busy 11-22nd post which you will take a back seat. Don’t compare yourself with others on the social front.
Karmic tip- don’t seek approval .

The month will start on a slow note which will be a breather for you after April. Work will be stable but nothing exciting. You may feel the monotony sinking in, but post 14th may expect more responsibility. People will be more trusting at work and your opinion will matter. You will be more confident in decision making. Signing of a deal expected post 19th may but there will be going back and forth on terms before work actually manifests. Don’t give out too much of information about work or future plans. Organise paper work and finances. Health will be sensitive 7-22nd with minor allergies and knee pain. You may also feel dehydrated and eating timings will go for a toss. Make sure you consciously make an effort to balance eating routine. You will bounce back to regular physical activity after 16th. Family life will be stressful due to drama between other people. You will get dragged and will have to pacify situations. Don’t un-necessarily find faults in others. Give people the space to be. Imposing your opinion will create more friction. Social life will be stable throughout the month. You will connect with friends from another city after 14th may.

Karmic tip- don’t procrastinate.

This month will bring to you the stability you need. You will be far more grounded and clear in your head. Work will be stable and pick up pace after 18th. You will take charge of situations and also implement ongoing decisions and creative ideas. Be more delegative. You will have to make changes in structure post 25th may. Avoid friction with people at work 10-18th. New work will come your way after 9th and 23rd. Health will need attention 14-29th may. You might have to visit the doctor during this period as it will create nuisances in your routine. You will also make dietary changes with is long overdue. Family members will nag you to slow down and this can be the cause of friction around 6-18th . Avoid friction with partner 15-20th may. An older family member’s health will need attention post 18th may. If you are seeking closure of an ending relationship, post 18th may will be a turning point. Socially you will disconnect with people you dont resonate with. You will be picky and choosy about who all you hangout with and also be more conscious about new people you meet.
Karmic tip- be assertive.

May will bring the necessary clarity and progress that you needed in a long time especially around relationships. While work is stable. You will be occupied dealing with personal life. New work and contracts will come your way after 8th and you will also work with new people or team post 17th may. Stuck paper work will cause worry post 25th may but by first week June it will get resolved. Health will need attention 1-12th and post 27th due to lack of sleep and back pain. If your eyes feel sensitive get a check up done. Chances are that there can be an infection or increase in power. Family life will be much more stable. You will take charge of situations and also mend ways with people from the past. Be forgiving and also give people a chance to explain. Post 17th open conversation with family members will be life altering and give you a different perspective to life. Partner’s health will need attention 18th may onwards. Social life will be stable and an old friend will help you resolve family matters. You need to make an effort to reach out to friends. Post 18th may last minute travel with friends is indicated.
Karmic tip- be trusting.

wishing you all love and light,
Tamanna C