Gratitude lifts our vibrational frequency. 

Dear Readers,

 The frequency of gratitude holds the power to release the shackles of  suffering and transport us into the realm beyond dreams where past struggles  reveal their blessings and we look out on all that is with a crystal clear  vision of love and acceptance.

This past year has taken us on a long journey designed to help us revisit any  energies we still hold around past circumstances. At times, old issues  resurfaced, amplifying our emotions so we could hold them in awareness and  examine them from a new and more empowered perspective. Any lingering  resentments about the past can now be dispelled by surrounding them with  gratitude.

Gratitude is a Frequency in the Universe

Gratitude is a frequency in the universe that draws us into closer union with  our higher self’s vast storehouse of wisdom. As we align ourselves with the  frequency of gratitude, we are able to download the higher vision for any  situation that once tethered us to frequencies of victimhood and blame.

These downloads are encoded with the agreements we hold with other souls to  create mutually- beneficial learning situations. The encoded information touches  on things like the purpose of our current life time, a bird’s eye view of our  current situation and even the blueprint for the entire evolution of our  soul.

It may be said that gratitude is the key that turns the lock, springing open  the door into the future of our becoming.

Gratitude is Magnetic to Abundance and Synchronicity

Because gratitude is founded on the idea of acceptance, faith and spiritual  alignment, it is also magnetic to abundance and prosperity. It draws to us the  things we need within the moment, and radiates a subconscious message that  attracts synchronicity and miracles.

No matter what is happening in your life, find a way to embrace the  circumstances and express gratitude for them and you will soon find yourself  basking in the spiritual wealth and blessings of the universe.

Everything is Love in Search of Itself

It is now at this time when many step back from their routines to give thanks  that we can take this opportunity to step into a deeper level of gratitude for  all the situations and the people in our lives. As we do so, we enter a new  level of embracing our own pain-and-suffering and our struggles. This allows us  to touch a loving, peaceful place within ourselves where everything that comes  before us is love in search of itself and the souls we meet are fellow travelers  in search of the deeper understanding that propels us all on our journey of  growth and expansion.
Have a blessed day. 

Love and light 



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