Gratitude lifts our vibrational frequency. 

Dear Readers,

 The frequency of gratitude holds the power to release the shackles of  suffering and transport us into the realm beyond dreams where past struggles  reveal their blessings and we look out on all that is with a crystal clear  vision of love and acceptance.

This past year has taken us on a long journey designed to help us revisit any  energies we still hold around past circumstances. At times, old issues  resurfaced, amplifying our emotions so we could hold them in awareness and  examine them from a new and more empowered perspective. Any lingering  resentments about the past can now be dispelled by surrounding them with  gratitude.

Gratitude is a Frequency in the Universe

Gratitude is a frequency in the universe that draws us into closer union with  our higher self’s vast storehouse of wisdom. As we align ourselves with the  frequency of gratitude, we are able to download the higher vision for any  situation that once tethered us to frequencies of victimhood and blame.

These downloads are encoded with the agreements we hold with other souls to  create mutually- beneficial learning situations. The encoded information touches  on things like the purpose of our current life time, a bird’s eye view of our  current situation and even the blueprint for the entire evolution of our  soul.

It may be said that gratitude is the key that turns the lock, springing open  the door into the future of our becoming.

Gratitude is Magnetic to Abundance and Synchronicity

Because gratitude is founded on the idea of acceptance, faith and spiritual  alignment, it is also magnetic to abundance and prosperity. It draws to us the  things we need within the moment, and radiates a subconscious message that  attracts synchronicity and miracles.

No matter what is happening in your life, find a way to embrace the  circumstances and express gratitude for them and you will soon find yourself  basking in the spiritual wealth and blessings of the universe.

Everything is Love in Search of Itself

It is now at this time when many step back from their routines to give thanks  that we can take this opportunity to step into a deeper level of gratitude for  all the situations and the people in our lives. As we do so, we enter a new  level of embracing our own pain-and-suffering and our struggles. This allows us  to touch a loving, peaceful place within ourselves where everything that comes  before us is love in search of itself and the souls we meet are fellow travelers  in search of the deeper understanding that propels us all on our journey of  growth and expansion.
Have a blessed day. 

Love and light 


January’18 Horoscope 

Wishing you all a very Happy New year. 


This year will bring in great news. Expect ore work around 8-19th, with added responsibility. New ideas will manifest after 16th Jan. And you will find more focus on your personal goals. Working with new people will be fun between 13-28th Jan. You will be pushed to take up more work. Be open to it. In case you are in a job and wanting to change, expect opportunities after 14thJan but clarity will only come in Feb. Be more specific in asking the universe for what you want. Avoid friction with people at work 11-16th Jan. Organise paper work. There won’t be a single day of slow down this month. Health will take a toll between 23-28th Jan due to exhaustion. Eta well and take care of your eyes. Family life will be stable. Avoid friction with older family members 18-29th Jan. You will get clarity on personal relationships after 16th Jan and more decision making on personal front after 28th Jan. socally you will withdraw 15-28th Jan due to hectic work and family responsibility.

Karmic tip- be more balanced.




This month will bring the right slow down that you need. Work will be stable, with new movements after 22nd Jan. People might acting demanding or tough between 16-27th Jan, handle them with diplomacy. Being blunt won’t help. You will work on new ideas after 7th but no results will be seen this month. Don’t carry work stress home else it might irritate family members. Health will be sensitive throughout the month with minor issues on and off. Eat right and avoid eating out too often. Family members will be supportive of your ideas and decisions but don’t push their luck. Be in gratitude. Partner’s health will keep you worried post 20th Jan. Sibling stress will crop up this month after 13th Jan. be discreet about personal life. Social life will be erratic with minor friction/ irritation with a friend after 19thJan. don’t bring back past issues. It will only make things worse.


Karmic tip- be gentle with people around.





You need to take charge of situations else all the planning will fall flat this month. The month will start on the slow note at work, giving you enough time to unwind and clear your head. You will bounce back to work after 8th Jan and if you are have applied for a new job/ project expect positive results after 17th Jan. You will also collaborate with new people and people will be supportive at work only after you prove your point. Don’t shy away from taking up additional responsibility. You will be the focus of attention and all the pressure will be on you post 24th Jan. Be prepared to handle the limelight. Health will need attention 1-18th Jan. Take care of your stomach and upper back. Family life will be stable. Minor frictions with a female energy 13-23rd Jan will stress you but everything will sort itself out. Parent’s health will need attention post 20th Jan. Social life will be hectic till 13h after which you’ll consciously withdraw to focus on work. You’ll reconnect with old friends this month.


Karmic tip- be more focussed.



This month will be dragged and you will be under the influence of moon cycles very strongly. Starting from 2nd Jan you will be emotional, indecisive and guilty for situations in the past. You will find it difficult to focus on work or family life. While work is stable, friction with people is unavoidable between 12-19th Jan and post 27thJan. People might expect too much out of you making you feel over whelmed. You also need to restructure new projects and have a plan in place. Health will need attention 13th-24th Jan. Take care of lower back and knees. Family life will be disturbing from 4-18th Jan. You will be cranky and even blame others for your situation. Avoid friction with partner after 23rd Jan. Social life will be low throughout the month due to erratic mood swings. Even if you go out you won’t have a good time or will feel drained due to things people say.


Karmic tip- slow down the mental pace of your mind.



This month will bring the changes you have been trying to bring in your life. Career will stabilise and you will bring more organisation and delegation. You may enter a new job/ partnership/ contract after 18th Jan but don’t expect results too soon. Communication at work will be slow 8-22ndJan. You will work with new people after 24th Jan. Be organised about pending work, bills and emails else dealing it might backfire. You will consciously slow down after 22nd Jan. Health will need attention 18-29th Jan. Be careful of where you eat and make a conscious  effort to sleep on time. Back issues will crop up. Family members will be edgy throughout the month. They will take your patience for granted. Avoid questioning their intention. They are just going through their own insecurities. Don’t let them rub it off on you. Avoid friction with a male energy 11-19th Jan. An older family members health will also need attention 6-20th Jan. Social life will be super hectic till 18th Jan after which you will need some alone time to unwind. Don’t discuss work with friends. You’ll reconnect with an old friend after 15th Jan.

Karmic tip- see things from other’s point of view.


This month will be slow and blah in every way possible. I know that’s not what you want to hear but my job is to warn and prepare you. Work will suffer due to silly mistakes and communications will flare up with co-workers. People will be unreasonable. Give them some space and don’t try to prove a point constantly. You may rub someone the wrong way. A deal / meeting you are pitching for might get delayed till end of Jan pushing your entire planning off. You might be disappointed but can’t do much about it as others will call the shots this month. Head and eyes will be sensitive 13-27th Jan. Eat on time to avoid acidity. Family members will be tough and won’t give you chance to explain. You will be blamed for past decisions but eventually you will feel some sense of relief after 19th Jan. Don’t over complicate things by over promising and under delivering. Social life will be stable and one saving grace as friends will distract you and be supportive. Post 15th Jan a friend will give you a different way of looking at situations and it might make things better for you if you were to implement it.


Karmic tip- be more balanced.



This month will be stable. You will feel the joy right from 3rd Jan when you bag a new job or a deal. New clients and tie ups will keep you busy till 17th Jan. Paper ork will be slow but atleast you’ll get a sense of direction. You will be ready for whenever kick starts. You might hire/ work with new people after 10th Jan. Old clients will come back with more work after 23rd Jan. Health will need attention 6-22nd jan especially knees, stomach and eyes. Sleep will be disturbed. Family life will be slow and disturbing due to other people’s problem till 16th. Parent’s health will need attention 13h-27th Jan. Don’t get into arguements with partner post 11th jan else you might regret it. Social life will be slow till 16th post which you will bounce back after 18th Jan. You will be on a roll and will go out of your way to help friends and push them to achieve their goals.


Karmic tip- be discreet.




This month will be progressive but you will have to let go of control in a lot of areas. Being flexible will be the key to achieve your results. Work will be slow till 12th Jan but you will enjoy this time to unwind. Work will be hectic with multiple projects, travel and last minute meetings from 15th Jan. You will also have to finish other people’s work and may feel over burdened after 23rd Jan. long working hours will be frustrating but it will be worth it with the results you get. New deals will seal post 24th Jan. Health will be erratic throughout the month. Throat, allergies and sensitive skin will keep you worried. Family members will be demanding and will need your attention. Sibling stress will keep you mentally worried. Avoid friction with partner 12-22nd Jan. Be more attentive towards other people’s needs. Avoid holding onto past issues. Social life will be stable. You will meet new and like minded people after 19th Jan and also rekindle old friendship.


Karmic tip- be forgiving.




This month will bring in the courage to take pending decisions. There has been a lot going on in your mind and you have been looking for clarity to take the right steps, but the energies this month will push you to take control over situations at work and personal life. Work will be erratic till 10th Jan but will pick up rapidly after 14th and 26th Jan. More role/ responsibility will come your way. Important meetings lined up around 18th Jan will go in your favour. Avoid friction at work 23-28th Jan. Health will need attention 1-12th Jan. Don’t skip meals this month. Family life will be stable with minor stress due to partner or parent’s health 17-30th Jan. People will turn to you for decision making on serious matter after 19th. Be more communicative and don’t fear past repeating itself. Social life will be stable. Friends will be helpful and you may benefit from social connections after 18th Jan.

Karmic tip- be more trusting.



This month is all about slowing down. Your mind has been working too fast to a point that you can’t think clearly any more. Work will be stable but due to people and low tolerance towards them you won’t enjoy the good things at work. Focus on what’s important. Expect a new project to come your way after 13th Jan but work will slow down after 25th Jan. Sudden travel plans are also indicated this month. Health will need attention from 5-11nd Jan especially knees and throat. Avoid friction with family members over irrelevant things after 12th Jan. Don’t interefere or command others in their deicison making else people might just push you away or doubt your intentions. You will also have to apologise to someone who’s upset with you. Keep your ego aside and do the needful. Social life will be slow till 17th. Someone will reach out to you and help you mentally calm down after 19th Jan. You might also be worried about a friend’s personal stress after 24th Jan.

Karmic tip- be more flexible.



The year starts on a relaxed note where you will have the liberty to take things easy and slow but post 8th Jan things will rapidly change for you. News about work will throw your routine into a fizzy and you will be on a roll. Hectic work hours and family obligations will exhaust you. Work will pick up pace after 11th and 20th Jan with good news coming your way between 19-28th Jan. People at work will acknowledge your ideas and you will expand your team/ work in some way or the other this month. Health will be sensitive especially nasal area and throat around 19-28thJan. Avoid having too much ice. Family life will be demanding as you may have family visiting or obligations to attend on and off. People will come back from the past to resolve misunderstandings post 17th Jan. Be letting go and resolve the differences. Parent’s health ill need attention 18-28th Jan. Social life will be stable. Friends will turn to you for advice and help in areas of work. Be patient with them.


Karmic tip- don’t seek approval from others.



The beginning will be just what you want. Work will be stable and more work will come your way after 7th and 18th Jan. You’ll get more work from old/existing clients after 5th Jan and financially you’ll benefit a lot from these deals. Those in the creative field will get new opportunities after 18thJan. Co workers will work hard to give you the results you are expecting this month. Health will need attention 3-16th Jan especially lower back. Avoid working out during this period. Family life will be stable with minor stress due to partner post 18th Jan. Travels with family indicated after 22nd Jan. Social life will be hectic throughout the month. Friends from past will reach out to you and you will also entertain a lot of people occasionally. Don’t bring out past issues with old friends.

Karmic tip- be tolerant