November’17 horoscope

Dear Readers,
Trusting all well with you and hope you have managed to strongly sail out of October’17. im sorry i couldnt post the October’17 horoscope because the energies we were eratic early october which almost made me sick with dengue, so there was no ways i could tap into the energies. but as november approached, I feel stronger and brighter, so here i am back with doing what i think i do best. Have a fantabulous november no matter what sign you belong to … and feedbacks are always welcomed.

This month will be the most calming of all the months you have had this year. Work will be hectic and you will be demanded. You will plan on expanding or tying up with new people post 4th November but plans will fall into place after 21st November. You will be communicative and expressive and luckily people at work will understand you. Meetings scheduled around 15th November will be positive and you will also connect with someone with whom you’ve initiated work in the past. You will consciously slow down after 24th November to protect your sanity because the first three weeks will be over whelming and the best you’ve seen this year. Health will be sensitive till 4th November after which you will be fine. Take care of your back post 26th. Avoid eating out too much after 22nd November. Family life will be calmer and you will sort things out by communicating. Old family member’s health will need attention after 27th November. Post 24th November you will connect with family member’s visiting your from out of town. Social life will be hectic throughout the month. In October a lot of people must have left your life as it was purification, but November will be filling in the space with new energies. New connections after 12th will be positive and you will be the centre of attention post 25th November.

Karmic tip- balance career and personal life.

A month filled with ideas and opportunities but patience which you thoroughly lack is going to be the key. Work will be slow till 7th due to people take their time to decide, but in the mean time new ideas will come your way. You might need a team of people or contacts to put things together, which will only happen post 22nd novemeber.signing of a contract, will go through smoothly after 17th and 24thnovemember. Those looking to change their job will get some positive news this month. Work will be slow from 19-27th November giving you enough time to plan your next move. Health will be sensitive from 8022nd especially eyes and throat. If you are prone to allergies take extra care. Family members will keep pushing your buttons till 11th there’s pending work that you need to do for them, so finish it off and get it out of the way. A female’s health will worry you after 22nd November. Spend quality time with partner as they might feel neglected life will be hectic and fun till 17th after which you will have to slow down to look into other aspects of your life. A friend might try and drag you in their drama, stay out of it.
Karmic tip- don’t bring back past situations in current scenario.

A slow start to the month where you feel disappointed or unclear of where your life is heading but by the end f it you’ll get the clarity you need. Work will be slow till 16th due to unclear mind, and health issues, but post 19th opportunities will come your way which will manifest after 26th November. You will finish off pending work after 13th November and take up more work from old clients after 17th November. People from the past will come back with new ideas, be open to them. Paper work will be stuck throughout the month, but fortunately that won’t affect your major ongoing work. There could also be shifting or renovation of workspace happening for you. Health will be sensitive 1st-12th November and post 24th November especially stomach, knees and lower back. Don’t exert your body by working long hours. Avoid eating late nights. Family life will be stable, with some good news after 18th November. A male family member will reach out to you with some financial advice/ help, be open to receiving t. Socially you will be on a roll till 20th November. Friends will be supportive and watch your back and may even worry for you. They’ll give you business ideas so you can deal with your work stress. A friend might turn to you for obligation post 15th November, something you won’t be able to fulfil.
Karmic tip- be more communicative.

This month will be mixed signals from people and you will really not know which direction to head in. Work will be erratic till 16th November and you will execute new ideas after 22nd November. You’’ work with or hire new people and be more delegative which will reduce the burden off your back. Meeting scheduled between 4-10th will work in your favour but expect results after 25th November. Avoid friction at work 13-28th November. Those in the creative industry will go through expansion, change or increase of role and responsibility. Health will be sensitive 8-20th November. Watch what you eat. Skin will be sensitive due to change of weather. Family life will be smooth and you will take a back seat from other people’s drama. There will be difference of opinion with older family members which with time you will resolve. You need to spend quality time with family. Partner’s health will need attention 19-26th. Sibling stress will also worry you post 17th. You need to detach after a point and maintain your peace of mind and sanity. Getting out for a weekend will do you some good. Social life will be slow due to personal choice, but after 16th friends will come out of the way to pull you out of the shell. A friend’s health will cause worry post 15th November. Be discreet with friends.
Karmic tip- be more balanced.

This will be a great start for you as November ’17 energies will put all the missing pieces in its place. Work has been slow and you have been question people’s integrity and will also find it difficult to take decisions due to your emotions. People at work will be confused as well and will go back and forth. Stuck paper work will cause issues 8-19th as everything will come to a standstill but after 20th you will be on a roll. There will be enough coming your way to keep your busy. You may not see results over nights but it will all manifest end of November. Those looking for a new job will get some relief by 16th November. Be more attentive at work. Health will need attention 7-18th especially areas of bones and muscles. Keep yourself well hydrated. Sleep will be disturbed. Family members will be a pillar of strength in your times of chaos and you will turn to them for emotional support. Partner’s health will be sensitive 9-23rd November. Avoid un-necessary friction post 23rd with extended family members. Be more letting go even if people are trying your patience. Social life will be slow as you may want to focus on work. Friends will give you the space to be but also support you as and when you need it.
Karmic tip- be more sensitive towards other people’s emotions.

A month full of movement and actions as you take charge of situations. Work will be stable initially but will pick up more pace after 13th and 24th November. You will feel calmer and confident at work. Slight delays due to clients will cause a spill over but nothing that will affect your decisions. Meetings will be delay but trust divine timing. An old client may come back to renew a contract. Don’t change your job this month. Health will be sensitive due to exhaustion post 19th November. Avoid oily food and get a routine check up down as something you might discover about your health. Family life will be better and things will get calmer after 5th and 12th. You will spend time clearing misunderstanding and burying old issues someone might need closure from you, so give it to them. Older family member’s health will cause worry 12-20th November. Avoid friction with a male energy 19-27th November. Family members will teach you the lesson of compassion this month. Social life will be slow initially but after 12th you will make an effort to go out and reconnect with old friends. You might even join a club or go for an event to meet new people after 17th. Old connections will rekindle post 26th.

Karmic tip- let go of past drama.

A slow start to the month for you where you might feel blah and drained but good days are coming. Work will be slow due to disagreement with people. You will be edgy and negative at work and people may be critical but post 14th November expect change in your energies. You will take charge and finish pending work. You will also close an ongoing deal 11-19th or post 24th November. Stuck paper will clear after 16th and you will make new beneficial connections or bag an order or project after 22nd. Give people a chance to explain their ideas at work. Don’t jump to judgements as it might backfire especially with co-workers. Health will need attention due to exhaustion and disturbed sleep or erratic routine. Eat on time. Family life will be stable with minor friction with partner 6-11th and post 25th November. Parent’s health will cause worry. Avoid neglecting certain subject of relevance to others; else it can lead to friction. Social life will be hectic 8-28th due to multiple obligations post which you will completely take a back seat.
Karmic tip- be more focussed.

For most of you November being your birth month, you’ll encounter surprises and good news but for the remaining, emotions and tough decisions will get the better of you. Work will be stable throughout the month with nothing to complain. You will expand your team/ role and work with new clients as well after 14th and 27th. Important meetings will go in your way and ideal time for negotiations to go in your favour will be after 19th so schedule meetings accordingly. Make sure you have all the paper work or information in place else last there can be last minute delays. Erratic work routine will exhaust you not leaving you much time with family. Health will be stable, with minor allergies post 16th. Make a conscious effort to eat right. Family life will be chaotic due to too much going on with people around you, but post 13th you will take a back seat and detach from drama. Intervene only when people ask for help otherwise continue with your life. Younger family member’s health will need attention post 19th. Social life will be stable till 20th after which you might have issues with or due to a friend. You’ll reconnect with old friends after 8th and even go out of your way to help a friend in areas of work. Don’t discuss personal issues with friends as they may just spill information.
Karmic tip- be more balanced.

It’s going to be an erratic and exhausting month. You won’t know if you are coming or going and the only key word for you is balance. Work will be hectic with too much to do and deadlines to meet. All the pressure will be on you from 6-18th to close important deal or finish off pending work. Co-workers may act crazy. Let them be. Focus on getting work done rather than blaming or criticise with them. You can deal with them once your deadlines are met. Important meetings will go in your favour around 12-16th, but be discreet about work. There could be people out there not holding the best of your interest. Don’t carry work stress home. Health will cause issues especially back and chest. Avoid cold things or ice as you could be prone to congestion. You could also be prone to injury so be attentive. Family life will be sensitive due to people’s emotions flying or they being unwell. Let them be. Avoid friction with partner around 7-18th and post 27th. Issues from the past will need clarification but try and have a conversation after 17th as it will be in your favour. Social life will be hectic till 10th as everyone will want a piece of you and you might have obligations, post which you might take a back seat. You might feel a sense of betrayal after 23rd but don’t assume too much. It’s just an emotion you are meant to go through due to someone. It could be anybody but the universe will create an excuse for you to feel betrayed. Trust will be regained early December.
Karmic tip- prioritise your life.

While you were waiting for October to end, the beginning of November will be equally slow for you. Key word is patience. Work will be stable but friction with people will drain you out. This month it’s all about being flexible. Any areas of your life were you are rigid, you will go through issues. Meetings lied up in the first week weeks will go slow or get delayed. Don’t blame people. It’s just bad timing. Don’t procrastinate at work as it will pick up pace after 16th November and there will be more than enough to do. Working with old clients will be beneficial. You might work/ hire a new team post 20th .health will need attention due to mental stress 7-22nd. Family members will be supportive but at the same time busy with their own life. Don’t emotionally expect too much from people. Older family member’s health will need attention 6-15th and post 27th. Avoid friction with partner post 19th over petty matters. Socially you will be erratic throughout the month because of your mood swings. Friends may be concerned and will talk to you about it or then completely withdraw giving you the same to be.
Karmic tip- work around balancing your emotions.

This month will be all about decision making and rapid changes. Work will pick up pace around 4th and new ideas will manifest after 16th. You will be the centre of attention at work and will be expected to take charge whether you are prepared or not. Extra working hours, filling in for other people, making presentations or even doing the odd job sometimes will fill your time. Be ready for it. Post 22nd energies will settle down and you will realise it was all worth it because soon you’ll be heading in a direction of taking charge in a bigger and better way. Health will need attention 17-28th. Eat on time. Sleep patterns will be erratic. Family life will be stable. Female’s health will need attention 10-21st. spend quality time with your partner to discuss ongoing family matters so they feel your support. Social life will be extreme. First half will be slow due to obvious work reasons, but second half will be hectic due to obligations, travels or even weddings to attend.
Karmic tip- focus on one thing at a time.

A month that you have been waiting for without knowing that’s going to happen or without anticipating that its going to happen. Work will be stable and busy… you will expand your work/ role/ network post 5th and attract new opportunities after 15th you will even discuss changing jobs/ role with your seniors. But expect results only after 26th November, pushed into December. Someone at work might act weird, stay away. Don’t try to make their problem yours. Health will be sensitive 1-15th November ’17. Long working hours will take a toll on your back and knee. Keep your well hydrated and avoid skipping meals. Family life will be stressful and chaotic. People may expect too much out of you and you might want to escape your responsibilities and be in a quiet place. You can’t do both. Be patient and listen. You don’t always have to please them just because you are listening to them. An older family member’s health will be of major concern after 25th. Spend quality time with partner. Socially you will be on a roll. You will go out and make new friends, throw parties and get together. It will be your stress buster. You might even take a holiday for social reasons after 24th November. Be discreet about work plan with your friends.

Karmic tip- be gentle with yourself.