The choice you make of your choosing body.

At any given time, human mind is so bogged down by what it sees and hears that we are unable to see ourselves as who we truly are. We are constantly trying to change to fit in this world, people around us, society and by the end of it still find ourselves being unhappy with people or people being unhappy with us. That’s because we are constantly shelling out energy in doing something which may or may not be in your karmas. You are constantly trying to provide for energy that is not meant for you to do, and in this process you land up being drained out. If it’s in your karmas, it will happen very gracefully. The transfer of energy may not be draining. Even if the situation may cause hurt or pain to your ego or heart, your soul will be intact. That’s is because it’s for a dual energy exchange on a karmic level, but in certain situations no matter how much we try and what we do, things might certainly not work out the way it is meant to be, that’s simply because we chose to take it up as a challenge to your ego, and chose to go through pain in order to defy the karmas.

Only if we were to accept graceful, and choose not with ego but with our karmas, the painful situations and wounds will start to heal and diminish. The choices made of karmas happen at a very sub conscious soul level and consciously it’s not known to us. Sometimes even if we try hard, it will only be revealed at the right time. In the mean time, you need to accept and surrender gracefully rather than taking it up as a challenge to your ego. The challenge will only make you feel depressed, low on confidence, self-doubt and self-guilt. Whereas surrender will bring to you acceptance and gratitude, which will further play a role in the true awakening of your being.You need to stop your struggle and battle with your ego.  If your ego chooses, your ego gets hurt and you suffer, but if you are ego-less your soul chooses, learns, and grows and you awaken.

It all depends on your choice of the choosing body within yourself.Be the ego on the surface, you will always find your source of pain.Be the love within, and you will find your source of love.

 Have a blessed day. 

Lovr and light,


April’17 Horoscope 

Yay finally its April and im most excited about my birthday month. Hope everyone’s had a pleasant March and all geared up to deal with the energies of this fierce month of April. 


The month will be super exciting for you. You will be the centre of attention and manage to get work done your way. Important meetings set up between 11-18th April will work in your favour. You will work with new people around 3rd-15th April which will push you to achieve new heights. Work will slow down as you consciously take a break after 25th April. Health will need attention 2-28th April. Eat on time. Avoid sleeping late at nights. Family life will be stable, but avoid friction with partner 17-18th April. You need to be more communicative with older family members. Family member’s health will need attention 21st-28th April. Social life will be hectic till 16th April. No matter what you try to do, you won’t be able to slow down. You’ll reconnect with someone from the past after 26th April ’17.

Karmic tip- be more trusting.

You need to take charge of your work this month. There will be a lot going on for which you might be required to take decisions. Don’t depend on others. You need to do it yourself this month. Those looking at a new job or starting their new work will get some clarity after 11th April. You need to be discreet about your future plans. Avoid friction with people at work 15-26thapril. Health will need attention 19-29th April. Family life will be stable, with minor issues with extended family members. You will be more assertive and people won’t be able to handle it. Be gentle with people around. An older family member’s health will need attention 2-18th April. Social life will be slow initially but after 17th April you will bounce back with a bang. You will meet interesting people 22-28th April ’17.
Karmic tip: be more attentive.

A slow start to the month where you may feel lazy, or creatively blocked. Important decisions are going to be made between 6th-18th April so be more confident about whatever you do around that period. Work from old clients will come through after 20th April. There will be slight difference of opinion with people at work but post 18th April everything will be ok. Take care of your back around 5-11th April and post 26th April. Family life will be demanding till 15th April. People around will be going through an emotional turmoil and you will have to be calm and composed to handle them. Social life will take a back seat due to family stress but after 19th April old friends will make an effort to connect with you.
Karmic tip: prioritise your life.

Work will take a back seat due to personal issues till 16th April. Post 20th April you will bounce back and be on a roll. You will close a deal between 14-20th April and you will see results after 27th April. You might hire and work with new people after 21st April. Take care of your health 8-18th April. Eat on time and don’t allow emotional stress to affect your will need attention 12-19th april. Family life will be stressful throughout the will be emotional and sensitive but keep a check on decisions you make. Avoid friction with family members 8-21st April. Social life will be hectic till 11th April after which you will take a conscious effort to slow down and focus on personal matters. Avoid friction with an old friend after 25th April. 
Karmic tip be more balanced.

This month will bring in new opportunities and insights for future business possibilities. Be open to all that is coming your way. Though the manifestation of these possibilities will only take place post June ’17, .On the work front, April will be stable and slow, but expect very good financial gains/ profits after 17th April. Also you can expect some good news related to work around 11th April. Don’t nag people at work else there can be un-necessary drama. Health might need attention around 11th-16th April, so slow down the face of your life and listen to the messages your body is giving you. Family life will be stable and can expect strong family bonding through the month. Avoid friction over petty things around 16-21st april.Social life will be very active till 17th April and then will go through a slow till end of the month. You will be worried about a friend’s emotional well being 9-16th April.

Karmic tip: clear your head and focus on one thing at a time. Be more open in receiving.

This month will be slow in all aspects. Anything you try to do will get delayed or you will have to push for things to happen in your favour. Work will be stuck till 7th April and will only pick up pace after 17th April. A minor miscommunication can lead to something major after 19th April so be careful of your words. Clarity about stuck work will come through after 15th April but expect results later. Health will need attention 1st-10th April. Family life will be slow till 22nd April. You will be at the receiving end but everything will be calm after 17th April. Don’t rub people the wrong way. Social life will be slow as your priority will be personal and work life.
Karmic tip: be sensitive to other people’s needs.


Work seems to be stable throughout the month and you can expect a huge shift post 26th April. Now these energies will reflect in the month of May and strongly June, so don’t expect too much from April. Continue laying the foundation of this. April will be a month of communication and clarity. Meeting important people, attending seminars, conferences etc will be on the agenda. Health will be stable till 14th April after which you might need to take care and slow down. Now on the home front, there seem to be some under lying friction between you and your family members .this is because you seem to be holding onto a lot of pain and anger towards some member for what they have done in the past. Take time to let go and forgive keeping in mind that it was for the best. Social life will be hectic as you spend time bonding with friends between 4th-20th April. Due to hectic work cycles you might have to bail out on few occasions or events after 18th April.

Karmic tip: Let go of the past. It seems to be still affecting your current energies.


This month will be about challenging yourself and belief systems. You have been self absorbed at work and you need to take into consideration the need for the hour rather than being rigid. Work will pick up pace with new ideas/ projects manifesting after 15th April. Slight delays in work around 26th April can lead to frustration but all will be well. Don’t carry work stress home. Health will need attention 8-22nd April ’17. Family life will be stressful around 7-21st April. Be more patient as family members could be going through their own mood swings. A family member will try and sort of difference post 23rd. be open to letting go. Social life will be stable and over whelming post 12th April as you will be the centre of attention. You will meet like minded people and go out of your way to make interesting plans with friends.
Karmic tip: don’t get attached to other people’s responsibility.


A slow start to the month where you are confused about your decisions. Work has been slow for you, but mentally ideas are over flowing. You can expect the energies to support your work after 24th April, but yet again, looking at your entire month over view, I don’t see too much happening due to restlessness created by a close person in your life. Health will be fine, but there could be a lot of fatigue, headaches and dehydration. Keep a check on what you eat and try not to physically over exert too much. Avoid friction with female energies from 2nd-13th April. Also there could minor difference in opinions between you and your siblings or parents. Make sure you handle it with sensitivity. Social life will also be erratic due to everyone else being busy. This can also lead to you being lonely or just upset with people around. Over all a not so positive month, so I suggest be more balanced, spend time with understanding friends, books, music or a short getaway. Don’t take this month too seriously and definitely not a month to take any decisions. 
Karmic tip: Don’t take words and situations too personally. You will only land up in self blame.


April will be much more relaxing and smooth. You must have encountered a lot of hiccups at work post 18th March, but all will settle down post 3rd April. There will be new opportunities and offers coming in post 11th April and post 26th April is when all your hard work will pay off. You need to sit back and now enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Health will be stable, in fact you will find yourself being filled with more energy to over-work or exercise like never before. It’s a good time to start yoga, gym or take up any other sport. Personal life which has been completely neglected due to hectic schedules, its high time you focus on your relationships, be it with partner, parents or friends. They seem to be getting use to this pattern of yours and you might lose out on your importance, so it’s high time you get back to your life and regain your importance. Avoid friction with an older family member 23-29th April. Rather you need to start valuing your relationships and expressing your true feelings and intentions towards friends and family. Social life will be hectic throughout the month, so make sure you catch up on enough rest. A family will be disturbed around 13-19th April and you will have to be there for them emotionally.

Karmic tip: be more tolerant.


An interesting month for you as you feel the importance of all your hardwork.talking about career, work will become even more hectic after 3rd April, and will move to another level post 17th April. Also you can expect good news around 9th April regarding an old pending deal or new contract. Also new clients will be coming around post 16th April and expect some new deal to manifest or materialise clearly after 29th April. Your clients and boss will all want a piece of your work throughout the month. Health cycle reflects a slow down around 10th April. I can see minor body aches especially back, shoulders and head, so make sure you don’t physically exert your body. Family life will be very stable, thought around 19th April .a family member might need your love and support, so make sure you handle the situation with care, else it definitely has chances of being blown out of proportion. You also need to spend time with a dear friend who has been going through their ups and downs. They may not verbally say it but they could use some support. Social life will be hectic after 17th April.

Karmic tip: slow down the mental pace of your mind.

You will find you energies going through highs and lows, depending on people you interact with. The only way you can be anywhere close to balance is by keeping a check on the people who are spending time with. Work will be slow throughout the month, though around 16th April there will be some good news that might cheer you up and give you a new dimension to work on. Also this month I see a lot of new knowledge coming your way. You might enrol yourself for short courses, read books on new subjects or generally do a lot of research through which you will enhance your knowledge and wisdom. At work, you could also be dealing with a lot of stress and pressure cause by other’s mistakes. Make sure you are ready to handle responsibility without getting defensive. Health will need attention 17th-29th April. Family life will be erratic throughout the month with ongoing issues. Clarity on family members will come to you by 17th April. Till then you will feel uncertain about personal life. Social life will take a back seat due to family pressure, though friends will reach out to you post 15th and 27th April.

Karmic tip be more flexible.

Stay blessed. 

Love and light

Tamanna C