Believing in yourself when no-one does. 

Dear readers 

Inevitably in life, we will face disapproval or rejection from others. It might be a family member, friend, employer, or even a stranger. They might disagree with the way we live our lives, the decisions we make for ourselves, or even who we are. They might belittle our dreams, criticize our goals, or make hurtful comments that reveal a low opinion of us. These experiences can be quite painful, because we all want to be liked and accepted. We all want to be supported and nurtured and loved by those around us. Being rejected or ridiculed by others (especially if it’s a frequent occurrence) can cause us to question our own self-worth and value as a person. We begin to wonder if maybe they’re right. Maybe we’re not lovable enough, or talented enough, or “good” enough to be accepted. Following this line of thought for any length of time can be incredibly damaging to our self-confidence.While it’s normal to have a few moments of uncertainty when we are rejected, the worst thing we can do is internalize the negativity we recieve from others. Just because someone has a low opinion of us does not mean we have to accept it as our truth. They can only come to their conclusions by looking at us from the outside. They don’t feel our feelings, think our thoughts, or experience the things we have in our lives. They are seeing us from a completely different perspective than our own. To complicate matters even further, their own life experiences, thoughts, and feelings can easily be projected onto us, so they may see something that doesn’t truly exist, except in their own mind. So, how do we overcome this? How do we avoid letting other people’s negativity erode our belief in ourselves? There are three major points to keep in mind: 1) Reinforcement = Strength. Think of positive thoughts as the antidote to any negativity that comes your way. Feed your mind empowering, positive thoughts daily, preferably several times a day – and most especially after you encounter negativity from another. The stronger you can build up your belief in yourself, the less you will care about others who insult you, ridicule you, or reject you. You won’t be looking to others for your sense of validation or approval, because you will already have your OWN approval. 2) Conserve Your Energy. While it might be tempting to try to explain, defend, or prove yourself to someone who rejects you, this is usually a waste of your time and energy. Once someone forms an opinion of you, they are unlikely to change it. The more you try to change their minds, the more stubbornly they will dig their heels in and resist. So, simply release your need to prove yourself and accept that they are entitled to their opinions. Their comments and opinions cannot detract from your belief in yourself, unless you allow them to. 3) Limit Your Exposure. Once a person reveals their negative opinion or directs hurtful comments your way, you might want to avoid spending excessive time with them in the future. This becomes more difficult if it is a family member that you can’t just shut out of your life completely. But you can still set boundaries and limit the amount of time you are faced with negativity.


Finally, remember that no one else can define you, or live your life for you, or take away the beauty and uniqueness that is you. They may try, but they won’t be successful unless you allow it.If you instead choose to turn away from the negativity and focus on building a solid foundation of belief in yourself, the negative comments will cease to matter to you. You will go on to create a fulfilling, successful life that reflects exactly who you are, regardless of what others say or do.

 Have a blessed day.

Love n light 


Are you parenting a body or a soul?

Dear readers,

Firstly I want to thank you for all the emails and comments you’ve left on my previous post and also the horoscope. Like I always say it gives me a great incentive to write more. To be honest, I feel a lot better than yesterday. There seems to be a sense of liberation, where I can feel the soul has finally ruptured into a new frequency and I can’t wait to see the miracles it attracts in the days and weeks to come. As for me, life’s back to track and as usual doing what I do best, on my way to Dubai for a hectic long week of work, but what is going to be exciting is that for the first time in history of my work travel, I have actually kept A day off to unwind. I wonder how come I never thought of it earlier. I would literally finish work and leave for the airport to catch my flight back to Mumbai, literally un pack crash and start work the next day, but this time I am kind of looking forward to some alone time exploring the city and also try out some interesting vegan cafes. Like I mentioned in my last post that due to the rupturing of frequency there will be a lot of internal shifts and shifts in eating pattern as well. Believe it or not, two days before New Year I woke up wanted to be Vegan. I have been a meat eater all my life with phases of turning into vegetarian, but who would have every thought about turning to a vegan. It just happened and it’s been a week already and I am kind of testing my will and taste buds. I am glad I took this step and like I said I can’t wait to explore some good restaurants and vegan cafe, so if any of you guys in Dubai are reading this, feel free to drop in recommendations.

Anyways coming back to the point of this post, today I want to talk Spiritual parenting. I know you have heard the word spiritual and parenting in different aspects but never together, unless you’ve heard it from me before. Parenting is a phase almost every being on this planet goes through, unless and until you’ve made a conscious effort not to have kids. It’s also something that we have experienced from our parents. It’s been 9 years since I have started my psychic reading and healing practise and believe me when I say that out of 10, 9 people owe their issues to the foundation that has been laid in the childhood and teenage years. I am not saying it’s because of lack of strong parenting, but yes it’s somewhere due to the fears/ blocks/ perceptions/ beliefs they have inherited from their parent. I know you must be wondering how does that possibly happen, how can one owe their issues to parents, when parents do the best they can to bring them up?

Let me explain it in the simplest manner. When a mother conceives the child, the umbilical cord between the mother and the child is the source through which energy, food, water is provided to the child. It’s through this passage that the development of the child happens. Similarly, it is through this cord itself that every thought, emotion, feeling, experience is also transferred/ transmuted to the child. Everything that the mother experiences in the outside world and inside of her mind and heart is passed on to the child, not necessarily in the same intensity but that doesn’t matter. What’s important that it’s been passed on and the seed is sowed. When a child is born, one cannot fathom the degree of affect, because the energies of a child till the age of 18 are constantly changing. It’s like wet cement. It only solidifies after the age of 18 yrs and that’s the time when the symptoms of sowed seed, which is inexplicable fears, emotions, trauma, insecurities come to surface. I have met a lot of people and am sure for many of you who are reading this, must be going through inexplicable insecurities or fears even though you haven’t faced any physical situation in your life. For example- I have encountered people, who inexplicable in spite of loving the father have anger and trust issues with them, or feel suffocated or not good enough. That’s because of the mother carrying the child has similar feelings of resentment or anger towards the father, so it’s been passed on. In a lot of cases you also pick up behaviour patterns of the mother, it could be being un-decisive, low on confidence, self anger, lack of clarity etc. I’m not completely blaming this phenomenon on the mother, it also has a lot to do with the father, but let us focus on one aspect right now. Returning to the point I’m trying to make here is that in the new age, parenting is not a necessacity or a process of evolution. It’s not a mechanism it has to be born for a spiritual core and intent, because you are not only bringing a body into this world, but also you become the passage for a soul to enter this world. A soul, who is choosing the life to grow, evolve, heal, release and transform. It’s very important for every parent to realise that there is more to parenting than just providing the basic means in the “best” state. I know every parent wants to give their child “the best “of everything, but who is to say if that soul is actually craving that. At the age of 3-8-12 yrs a child doesn’t care about expensive education, luxury cars, 5 star hotel meals or lavish holidays. They don’t crave fancy. In fact they don’t even know what it is, unless you gave them the exposure. But honestly what a soul craves at that age is very delicate. It craves and needs a strong emotional and spiritual support system. It needs constant reassurance that no matter what they are safe and good enough. They need a support system to know they are capable of having a free will. Making choices and allow their choices to be honoured. I’m not telling a parent to spoil their children and giving them materialistically whatever they want, but what I mean here is teaching a child to know the seat of their being which is the heart. Teach them how to follow their heart fiercely and the biggest challenge as a parent is accepting the strength of a child that emerges when they follow their heart. I know it can be intimidating for every parent if their child was to honour their heart and follow it. I say intimidating and to a degree it can also create insecurity because parents will feel lack of control in the child’s life. This is when parents operate from a space of ego. But to think about it, isn’t that what we all want. Someone to tell us and teach us as to how to follow our heart. We all want that voice to tell us that “it’s safe for you to follow your heart”. That’s the voice I’m talking about. For me the idea of spiritual parenting is to be that voice for your child from the age that they understand the pronunciation of the word heart. I know this is deep and hard hitting for a lot of people out there, but think about it. As parents people are so busy teaching their child where the eyes are, nose is, ears are. It’s like a social stunt to ask the kid in front of family “ oh where is the nose, where is the eyes” and when they get that right, the parents feel so proud that their child is a good learner, but on second thoughts, have you ever taught your child where the heart lies? I bet your answer is No and even if it is, it’s absolutely ok, it doesn’t make you any less of a good parent, but again it’s never too late to be a better parent for your child, whose chosen you as a parent to teach them the journey of their heart and soul.

There is a lot I’d want to write on this and I surely will in the near future, but right now leaving you to soak this in— being a parent teaches you more about yourself than dealing with earthly responsibility. Your child is/ will be a reflection of your entire totality of life experience. You cannot change what your life experience before parenting has been, but you can very well teach your child to switch off from the noise of the world and not let their experiences become their soul reality.

P.S- for those who don’t know, I recently organised my first “SPIRITUAL RETREAT®” in Pushkar where 15 people from all across came together to experience 4 days of holiday filled with fun and adventure, along with spiritual information on science of life, karma, energy healing, morning mediation, weight issues and its relationship with emotions, world of entities etc. The next 2 retreats are organised for Mother-Child where I will be focussing on deep healing of the mother and the child and working together creating a bond for the mother and child to experience soul growth rather than just human evolution. One retreat is due in March – 3-5th March’17 in Dubai. The second one will be end of May’17 (in India, held over a period of 3 days). In case you are interested shoot me an email on and will send across the details.


Until my next, sending you all love and light,




January 2017 horoscope 

Happy January.

The year will start with a bang in every which way possible. You will be the centre of attention throughout the month, but don’t let the fame get to your head. Be more grounded. Work will be hectic till 17th January. Important meetings set up in December’16 will give you positivity after 9th and 20th January. You need to focus on one thing at a time. A new chart of fame starts from 8th January where you will get awards and acknowledgement for almost everything you do. Work will slow down post 25th January but it’s the much needed break for you. Health will be sensitive between 11-29th Jan and post 28th January. Avoid skipping meals. Family life will be stable but you won’t be able to enjoy it due to hectic work cycles. Family gatherings around 17th -25th Jan will be fun and exciting as you connect and bond with family members from different cities. Social life will be stable throughout the month. A friend might turn to you for advice between 9-17th Jan. don’t feed them too much else they might get clingy and dependant.
Karmic tip: be more decisive.


You need to align your thoughts before channelling into actions. You will be all over with too many thoughts and ideas that you need to sort out. Work will be slow till 5th but will pick up pace post 11th with important meetings between 10-18th Jan. Expect to work with new people post 17th January. Be more tolerant and organised as people may misunderstand your working skills. New job opportunities on the cards post 10th January or you may even work on new projects or a new role this month. Avoid friction at work 23-28th January. Health will need attention 1-18th janaury’17 especially stomach and blood pressure. Avoid skipping meals 19-16th January. Family life will be stable with minor stress as your partner might be cranky or low 12-18th January. They could be going through work stress which they may not be able to communicate freely. Be patient. An older family member’s health will need attention 21-29th Jan. Social life will be erratic due to work and social obligations. You’ll connect with old friends post 22nd January. Be more grounded around friends.
Karmic tip: don’t carry stress from one aspect of your life into another.


The year will start on a pleasant note. A perfect balance of enough happening, which is what you love. Expect work to be stable after 7th January with ideas coming to manifestation. Signing of a deal/ contract or paper work indicated around 15-28th Jan. be clearer while communicating with people. Work will be slow after 24th Jan. With minor delays in meetings or results. Health will need attention 3-17th Jan. Take care of your throat and back. Family life will be disturbed due to friction with old family members till 15th Jan. You might be cranky and irritable, but if you are working with family members, don’t let it affect your work. Post 17th January situations will settle down. Be more open to forgiving. Partner’s health will need attention 17-25th January ’17. Post 23rd you will bond with family members. Social life will be hectic till 16th Jan. No matter how much you try to slow down, something or the other will keep coming up. Post 23rd Jan. You will make a conscious effort to slow down.
Karmic tip: be more balanced.


You will have big plans for this year. Over ambitious is good for you but be willing to handle the responsibility that comes with it. Work will be erratic and hectic till 17th Jan. Last minute work from the past will need attention 6-11th Jan. With deadlines to meet before 20th Jan. You will enjoy the rollercoaster ride but by the end of it be exhausted. You will consciously slow down and take a break from work after 25th Jan. Avoid mood swings with people at work. Health will need attention 15th-29th Jan especially feet/ knees and lower back. Eat on time and avoid spicy food. Family life will be stable with minor friction with partner 13-21st Jan. Be more patient and don’t push your opinion on others. Older family member’s health will need attention 23-28th Jan. Social life will be hectic around 11-21st Jan. You’ll reconnect with old friends after 16th Jan. Be discreet about work life with friends.
Karmic tip: don’t blame yourself for other people’s problem.


It’s a beginning of mixed emotions. Everything will go the way you want but there will be emotional whirlwind which you need to control. Work will be stable, with more work/ responsibility post 6th Jan and 23rd Jan. You will get the credit of your hard work. Avoid friction with people at work 16-24th Jan. stuck paper work will move forward after 19th Jan. New projects or initiations will keep you busy after 18th January. Health will be sensitive due to long working hours. Take care of your eyes and knees. Avoid eating out between 13-22nd as stomach might be sensitive. Family life will need attention 3rd-18th. Avoid friction with partner or a male family member. People will be holding on to past issues, ask for forgiveness and get past situations. Don’t let your ego come in the way. Social life will be disconnected till 10th as you will be in your own zone but post 12th you’ll make a conscious effort to connect with friends. You’ll be disturbed due to a dear friend’s issue post 23rd Jan. Be open to listening to friend’s advice or repetative message.
Karmic tip: be true to yourself.


A graceful start to the month with ideas and enough of work to keep you going. New collaborations that took place last year will move forward after 5th and 18th Jan. Clarity about the same will come through after 14th. You might work/ hire new people this month. Expect work to slow down 17-25th Jan due to delay from other people. Paper work will need attention after 23rd. Take care of your eyes and head between 5-11th Jan. Eat on time post 21st Jan. Family life will be stable with minor friction with older family members around 14-22nd Jan due to difference of opinion. Don’t carry work stress home. You might feel disconnected from family members in general around 19-24th Jan and might withdraw into your shell. Social life will be on a roll as everyone will want to be around you. Post 17th Jan. You will slow down consciously to give your body the rest it needs.
Karmic tip: focus on one thing at a time.


It’s going to be a stable start to the year. While you may have a lot to do, you need to be practical and have an organised approach to situations. Work will be slow till 11th January with minor hiccups and delays due to meetings getting cancelled or delayed. You need to be patient. Focus on what’s going well for you rather than focussing on what’s not working in your favour. Be flexible while working with seniors or new people at work. Don’t carry work stress him. Work will pick up pace after 16th and 25th January ’17 with last minute travels around 19-23rd January. Health will be sensitive due to mental stress around 19-27th January. Disturbed sleep pattern will also take a toll on your health. Family members will be edgy. It’s best to leave them alone and give them the space to be. The more you try to probe into their matter the more friction you’ll create. A misunderstanding with partner might come up around 17th January. Be more mature in handling it. Social life will be stable, but you may not be fully attentive to enjoy social company, though you might receive work benefit from friends post 18th January.

Karmic tip: be more trusting.


Work and personal life balance will be the key this month and you’ll have to invest a lot of mental and emotional energy to create this. Work will be hectic and demanding between 4th-22nd Jan. Travels and meetings will keep you busy. Important project pitch or presentation scheduled between 10-14th January will be very positive though you may not get clarity immediately. Work will slow down between 20-27th January due to negotiations or paper work. You’ll also be working with old clients or work colleagues that you’ve knows from before. Health will be sensitive 8-16th and post 27th January. Family life will be erratic with minor frictions and misunderstandings with family members. You need to be patient and give them the time that they need. Focussing on your own needs will only make things worse. You may expect a lot without giving in much, due to which there will be drama. Family member’s health will need attention 19-27th January. Spend more quality time with family members. Social life will be stable till 17th. Friends will be supportive and may understand your need for space. Though taking advantage of their understanding will push them away.
Karmic tip: be more communicative rather than expecting others to second guess and understand.


A month with mixed emotions and energies. There will be going back and forth. While things on the work will be busy and new work coming in till 11th January, there will be a sudden slow down till 25th January. You won’t know the reasons but work will be stagnant. While a lot of initiations and new opportunities come in, you will feel mental stuck without much clarity. Expect things to clear post 26th Jan. Health will need attention thoughout the month with minor issues here and there. If eye strain persist get your eyes checked. Keep yourself well hydrated. Family life will be stable as family members will be busy with their own work. You need to create more time to bond with family members. Avoid friction with siblings post 23rd January. Partner’s health will need attention 19-28th January. Social life will be hectic till 10th Jan. After which you’ll take a back seat and prioritise social outings.
Karmic tip: don’t hold onto past issues with people at work.


You need to be more focussed about what you lay a foundation for this month. Work will be slow till 16th. No matter what you try to do, there will be delays. You might encounter friction or politics with people at work. Expect all to settle down post 20th January. Work will pick up pace post 18th January and important meetings will be productive post 23rd Jan. You’ll also work with new people post 17th January. Health will need attention between 17-27th January. Take care of throat and shoulder. Family life will be stable throughout the month with minor stress due to family member’s health around 22-30th January. Travel with family indicated post 16th January. A family member may turn to you for emotional support post 19th January. Make time out for them. Social life will be stressful as you may go through friction or misunderstanding with friends around 9-15th Jan. Though you’ll reconnect with old friends post 17th Jan. You will also meet like minded post 25th January.
Karmic tip: be more accepting towards people and situations.


The month will be erratic as you will be caught up with up in your own thoughts. Your mind will be very active and the only way to control is focussing on what’s important and what will add value to your life. Work will be stable till 16th Jan with back to back meetings and enough work to keep you busy but post 19th work will be slow and this could lead to self doubt or frustration post 25th. Don’t blame yourself, it’s just the cycles. Health will need attention 17-28th January, especially muscle spasm and acidity. You might also be prone to allergies this month. Family life will be stressful as family members could be holding onto the past or be upset with you. You need to break the ice rather than prolonging the issue or being stubborn about it. Avoid stress with sibling around 16-23rd January. Social life will be slow as you will be in your own zone with mood swings. Make an effort and go meet friends.  It will be a good distraction for you.
Karmic tip: be more in a state of surrender.

The energies this month will give you a push to get clarity and take charge of everything that you have been procrastinating about. You need to finish of pending work before 11th Jan else it could lead to stress at work. Expect order/ work from old clients after 16th and 27th January. Signing of a deal/ contract will take place between 18-28th January but read the paper work carefully. Avoid being over confident about your decisions and achievements. Health will need attention till 20th Jan. Eat on time. Disturbed sleep patterns will make you feel lethargic and cranky. Family life will be stable with minor difference of opinion with family members from 9-17th Jan. Partner’s health will need attention 11-26th January. You’ll spend time with family members from another city after 22nd January. Social life will be stable but you will also meet fun and like minded people after 17th Jan. This month starts a beginning of new friendship after 21st January.
Karmic tip: be more grounded.

To new beginnings

I finally feel human after all the annoyance and crazy hustle bustle of the season is over. Life’s resumed pace and reality hits hard. The gleaming lights fade away and make way for clarity and reality. Just how life should be. For me while I love the festivity of Christmas to a different level, I somewhere resist the dullness of New Year’s Eve. For me personally New Year’s celebration doesn’t excite me much. It’s always time to let go, release, heal and surrender. While it’s all a graceful process and healthy of course on mental and emotional level, it’s also over whelming as the old releases, there is a sense of void/ vacuum created. Every year I bring in New Year’s sitting at home with my hubby and close friends sipping on wine, and as soon as the clock strikes 12, after exchanging hugs and kisses, I withdraw into my space to do some grounding and healing. It’s become a routine and by now my friends are so use to me slipping into my pensive mode. This year as I woke up on 1st January, I realised that a lot of old has left me… and for the first time in my life I realised that I out of everyone had no vision for myself in 2017. I was just blank. Every time I sat to pray and manifest or write my diary I had no words to fill in. I didn’t know what I want from life, what I want to achieve, where I want to go and what I want to hold onto.  2 days have passed by and I still feel like a zombie. I feel at peace, but yet my mind is pushing me to achieve “something” only because it’s the beginning of the year. There is a wear and tear happening between my mind and soul. My soul just wants to sleep, my mind wants me to fly, my soul wants to surrender, and my mind wants to create a list of intentions. My soul wants to just be in  my zone, my mind wants to get down to exchanging energies with my karmic relationships, my soul wants to Be and my mind wants to See vision. I don’t know whether this is good bad or right wrong, but I know for the matter of fact that this is real. I also know that this is something many of you out there must be feeling. If I could use one word to describe this state— it would be “comfortably numb and emotionless”. It’s a state between peace and action, where there are no feelings. As I sit here and write this piece, I wonder if I even make sense and wonder why am I starting my blog in the new year with this post, but to be honest, I just want put it out to the universe and all you reading this is that, there is going to come a point in life where the beginning of something new is filled with un-certainty and numbness. We at any given point in life are always at a junction where there is a new beginning, new relationships, new work, new project, etc. And while we are filled with excitement, there is also a sense of numbness. While you may have clarity of the newness, you don’t have clarity of what to expect. You may have a vision of you being a part of it, but you may not have a vision of the goal or end result. You may have a sense of self power, but you may also have a sense of questioning as to what it is going to be like. You may feel the Goosebumps with excitement on your skin, but you may also feel weighed down on your shoulder, because deep inside you know what the new brings in a sense of resistibility that you haven’t dealt with before. While our past has taught us a lot, the new will bring to you lessons you haven’t even fathomed before. The old will make you perfect in a lot of ways, but the new will also peel layers of your existence you never knew existed. The old will push you towards closing chapters and letting go of everything that is not needed. The new will rupture your old frequency and elevate you to a frequency to attract the unexpected. While it may all sound so exciting and fancy, let me tell you that the rupturing of the frequency isn’t all that fun. Yes without the doubt the end result is worth the pain, but when you are going through the shedding and rupturing of the vibrations, it aches. It creates a pain within your soul. It’s like a clot on your gut waiting to burst and our soul struggling to emerge out. You may feel dark, alone, fearful and blocked. You may feel the world doesn’t know you and understand you, and you don’t want to deal with all of the crap, and it’s only natural for you to feel this way. But what is important is how you deal with this phase. While many of you must be feeling exactly this at this time of the year where it’s all about new beginnings, it’s also important that you lay a strong foundation so that you don’t scatter yourself and tear yourself apart  before the journey has even started.

To begin with, tell yourself-

It’s Okay to feel like this. There is nothing strange, weird, and upsetting about this. You are not unhappy neither are you depressed so stop questioning it.


Be with people you enjoy. Don’t push yourself to be a people pleaser. Don’t seek approval and don’t expect people to understand you. They never will and in return you will be nothing but even more hurt.


Bring about changes in your eating and sleep patterns. Your body just like your soul energy is going through a transition. Be in tune with your needs and don’t over indulge in anything else it will make your body more dense. Don’t eat or drink just because you are tempted. Do it only if your body needs it. Deal with your body on the basis of what it needs, not what your emotions need.


Don’t push yourself to achieve targets just because everyone around you is doing it. It is ok to do nothing and work at your own pace. People may call you lazy, complacent, etc, but that’s not your problem. Don’t give into their judgement.


Last and not the least, don’t take any drastic actions, till the time you feel settled. Just because you feel something doesn’t mean it needs to be implemented RIGHT NOW. Give it time, come into full alignment with your thought and emotion and then let the universe take action. Your job is to experience, allow the universe to bring to you its verdict thereafter.


Hope this makes sense and helps you embrace the new beginnings that you are going through.

To be honest, as I write this post, it’s been liberating to get back to blogging, and just realised how much I missed it and hoping to get back to doing it more regularly.

Until my next, sending you all loads of love and light,

Tamanna .



Dear Readers,

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year. May the coming year bring to you all the strength, clarity and self power that you need. Sharing with you below is the 2017 annual horoscope. will soon be uploading the JANUARY’17 monthly horoscope.



It’s going to be a year of surprises with a lot of introspection into your past and mistakes made. You will be letting go of a lot of pain and baggage and even find yourself standing for what you think is right. This assertiveness will reflect in all areas of your life, and you can expect all kinds of reaction from people, some good and some not so good, but this won’t stop you from moving forward. Creative energies will be on a roll but you need to balance with grounding. Too much work pressure will take a toll on personal life throughout the year so you have to make a conscious effort to balance. Post June ’17 you will entire a new karmic cycle of attracting new relationships at work or personal front. Be open to everything that flows in because before June’17 you will let go of all that doesn’t serve your highest good. You will make a conscious effort to slow down post September ’17 and focus on your spiritual aspect to strengthen your core even further.




You have to lay a foundation of new relationships this year but before that you need to take emotional responsibility for yourself and others. You tend to take up more than what you can handle and then get bored. You need to break free from this pattern and root yourself to what’s important. You will get clarity this year about important personal matters but you need to forgive people from the past and embrace the new. Don’t focus on what’s missing, focus on what other people are doing for you. Erratic health will create an energy imbalance on and off, but work will get your the acknowledgement your need. Family members will be critical about your past decisions, but you can create harmony in relationships by taking responsibility. Be less impulsive and don’t focus on judgements of others. Use your mind and see things from other’s point of view.





2017 will begin with a bang with new opportunities, work, relationships, friends etc. In short it will be too good to be true, but the key word is balance. I know this is tough and while you may think you are balanced enough, think again? It’s going to be a year where you question yourself, your existence and everything you want from your life. You will reach a point between amrch-june’17 where you will find that everything is going well for you, but there will be something missing. That something missing is what I am talking about- balance. You will reach new heights in all areas with minor changes/ restructuring or organisation at work, but you can’t get thrown off guard if you don’t find your balance or carry that stress in other areas of your life. Materialistic achievement won’t get you the gratification you need, work on your soul wealth as well.



This year marks a turning point in areas of fame, career and financial growth. While personal life will be stagnant, you need to sift your focus on creativity and expression. While there is a lot you want to do and you are blessed with an innate gift of weaving ideas and stories, you need to trust that energy/ idea and expression and convert it into action. The universe will only reward you for your actions. Don’t suppress or question your ability/ creativity and designs. Go with the flow and see the magic that you create especially in areas of work. As you begin to do that, you will attract all the people and situations you need who you will take your ahead. Health and personal life will need attention at some point, but you will be at a comfortable position to handle it, because the expression of creativity will help you built your inner confidence and core strength.





You have no idea what this year is going to bring to you. It’s a year full of erratic surprises, decisions and being in the limelight for all possible reasons. Let me prepare you by stating that you need to slow down the mental pace of your mind. You will find the need to have the last word, take decisions at the drop of the hat and act impulsively without thinking through the damage your actions can cause to people around you. Emotionally you will be over whelmed on/ off, but you need to find a way to control it. Every situation doesn’t have to be controlled. Sometimes going with the flow or just letting people and situation be is the best way to deal with it. Make a conscious effort to be gentle and sensitive to other people’s choices and emotions. Don’t impose your opinions and decisions on them; else there will come a point between august-October where people might get defensive / offensive and some even at the cost of losing close friends and family members.






The energies of 2017 will bring about all that you have laid a foundation for and manifested. You have a very strong will to get results, but at the same time you are unsure of whether you can handle the responsibility. You need to work on your confidence and self trust. You try to put in your best and get things perfectly done, but at the cost of self doubt and introspection. You need to re-programme your mind and focus on believing in yourself to get the results. You may get the results, but that doesn’t mean you start believing in yourself. Get into a habit of inculcating this as soon as the year starts, because there will be major decision making between febuary-june and the energies your invest will manifest into results. Be aware of your thoughts and desire as the universe will bring to you all that you ask for, be it good or bad.  Also try and find your passion towards an activity or sport that you enjoy, as it will create a sense of self confidence and faith through victory.




As you enter this year, you will have a lot of plans, decisions and ideas falling into place. Everything on the career may seem rosy and picture perfect, but personal relationships will need attention. You have been working too hard on personal goals, achievements and for some of you, must be flying too high as well. But this year will be a reality check of what exactly you have achieved. Don’t go by what comes your way till April ’17, but post July ’17, the universe will shift your attention to seeds of emotional baggage sowed in the past. You have been very harsh on people in the past and present, and this year will be creating a ripple effect of those situations in your life. People will be demanding, draining and emotional. You will find yourself regretting and repenting internally, and that’s what this year is all about. You need to melt your ego, embrace your sensitivity and seek forgiveness. Often you may be aware of your mistakes, but never make an effort to seek forgiveness or mend ways. You need to breakthrough those patterns if you need to sustain relationships. Focus on maintaining relationships, work and materialistic goals will eventually be a result of your inner happiness.




A year of transformation, awareness and creation. You may find the start to be slow, but that’s because universe is giving you time and realisation for the strong foundation you need to create which will show results after April and October ’17. You will find yourself with more reasonability, new relationships and collaboration. This might initially take a toll on your health, but you will find a way to balance it. The key word for you is alone time. You will have so much to give to people around you that you might feel drained or exhausted not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Life is a cycle of energy, while you are giving, you also need to receive. The best way for you to receive and keep going forward is spending alone time doing things you like to do. It could be reading a book, exercising, and writing, cooking or simply listening to music. While people outside may want every piece of time and energy from you, you need to either say no or learn to switch off from the worldly responsibility. The more you spend alone time, the more energy you will accumulate to give to people around.






The year will start on a note where you have clarity about what steps to take for safeguard and secure your future in regards to relationships, but there is a lot of you need to take into consideration while taking decisions. You will be rather sensitive and emotional for the first couple of months and it will be difficult for you to maintain a strong front, but eventually you will find yourself getting your focus and strength. You need to be less impulsive and be clearer in your thoughts and actions. People may misread or misunderstood you. Your silence can be taken for your weakness and you impulsive nature can intimidate people. So you need to be more decisive but from a space of awareness and not emotional sensitivity. Once you express your clarity, you will attract people and situations that will support you and encourage to move further. Until then look deeper/ analyse and create a plan rather than just pushing for things to happen and then getting stuck later.






The year starts with your birthday with new initiations and achievements. You will be in the limelight and see results of all the previously invested hard work. But you may feel something is amiss. That something will be a sense of security in relationships. While the year will bring to you all that you desire materialistically, you will have to push for personal satisfaction. Professional life will be on a roll, but you need to filter emotions and people from your personal space that have been draining you out. It will be a year of purification, with people who no longer serve your purpose walking out and you attracting new people for new karmic cycles. While purification will be painful, don’t take things personally.




You need to slow down the pace of your mind before you get into this New Year. You need to shed old patterns. The last year was all about repeated patterns either in career or personal relationships. You need to look deeper and see what catches your awareness. This year will be about patience and understanding. You are a fast worker and love for things and people to move according to your control/ pace, but now you need to let that need go and let people be. The more you try to rush people or control their pace, the more issues you will go through. If you don’t bring this transformation, this year will also be about repeated patterns, and no major results will be generated. You may get to end of the tunnel with a lot of pushing people against the wall and at the cost of losing relationships, which by the end of it won’t be worth it.




This year’s will be important in all aspects, especially work. You will be stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things you haven’t done before. Ne opportunities, expansions, new jobs will be on your mind, along with working with new people.  While mostly everything will go your way and you see results, it’s important that you are organised. You have been all over mentally and emotionally and been getting things don’t randomly, this year you need to be more sorted as you will be working with new people and will be under scrutiny. You need to have proper plans in place. You have no idea how you decisions will create a ripple effect in other people’s life. It’s important that you operate from a space of professionalism, organisation and priority so people take you and your efforts more seriously.


Stay blessed.

Love and light