Must read- Why has October’16 been so turbulent.

Dear Readers,
I know it’s been a very long since I’ve posted anything and like always it’s only because of my hectic travels, but fortunately now travelling time gives me a lot of time to write. Every person I have met in 3 different countries last 4 weeks has been complaining about emotional upheaval, draining energies and a mental whirlwind. Everyone has questioned me about the cycles so thought I’d write about this.
The energy cycles of 29th September ’16 due to the black moon followed by 17th October’16 moon cycles has thrown all of us in different directions. There had come a point last 4-8 months where the energies were far more settled and people were feeling in control with their life and emotions. Unfortunately this is one of the worst moon cycles of this year, but luckily it’s also the last galactic change of this year, until next year we can expect something in May’17.
Now to talk about the energy effect, while every each and every one of you is aware and you know that sometimes it’s not us but the universal energies that also affect us drastically, it’s important to pay attention to what this energy cycles are teaching us. I know a lot of people just sit around wait for the cycles to get over, but unfortunately they miss out on the lessons one needs to learn. Every cycle brings to surface something or the other. Sometimes its clarity, sometimes its fears of the past and sometimes strength and courage to move into the future. The last couple of weeks have been about letting go of fears. Often when we walk on the spiritual path and focus on growth, we tend to forget the under lying muck/ insecurities/ fears that have already been experienced in the past. While we grow and learn lessons to deal with the present and future, the skeletons of past rises to surface during one off moon cycles. Now this is exactly what’s happening and it’s affecting everyone. Just that people don’t know how to deal with this. They are questioning others action, which in turn is making them question themselves. During this cycle, one will be in a mode of self introspection, will want to spend time alone, be aloof, and just focus on what’s priority. This cycle will also bring to you a sense of assertiveness in a balanced manner. But this realisation will only happen after 18th October ’16. Until then there was a lot of chaos, friction, drama and trauma caused by the most important relationships of our life. It’s only through the closest ones that we begin to learn our lessons. I’m not saying that these people are trying to teach you a particular lesson and hence you are going through pain. You need to understand the pain/ insecurity/ fear/ feeling of rejection / self guilt is not caused by the current situation. It was ALREADY THERE in your sub conscious. The only difference is that the moon cycles are surfacing it through people in your life at the moment. They are just a medium; they are not the source of the pain. The pain arises from the wound that already exist.
The best way to deal with this is to notice your thoughts about past issues, focus on what your body and mind is telling you. Don’t seek approval from people as they are the mediums of realisation, they won’t approve of you RIGHT NOW to make your ego happy. Drink plenty of water, listen to calming music, don’t get trapped by fears of others and most importantly DONT TAKE ANY HASTY DECISIONS. If you are deciding to end a relationship/ friendship or partnership during this period, let me tell you, that it WON’T END. Sooner or later you’ll bounce back with the person, so just don’t verbalise anything.
There effects of this cycle will last till 27th October ’16, post which the air will be clear (provided you learn your lessons rather than burying your skeletons all over again. If you do that, the next moon cycle will be a lot worse than this).

Sending you all loads of love and light,
Tamanna C

2 thoughts on “Must read- Why has October’16 been so turbulent.

  1. evitalopes

    OMG !!! Tamanna I could relate to each & every word. so basically it just a way universe is trying to help us with clarity. Can I tell you something I really love for this thank you soooooooo much 😘

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