Must read- Why has October’16 been so turbulent.

Dear Readers,
I know it’s been a very long since I’ve posted anything and like always it’s only because of my hectic travels, but fortunately now travelling time gives me a lot of time to write. Every person I have met in 3 different countries last 4 weeks has been complaining about emotional upheaval, draining energies and a mental whirlwind. Everyone has questioned me about the cycles so thought I’d write about this.
The energy cycles of 29th September ’16 due to the black moon followed by 17th October’16 moon cycles has thrown all of us in different directions. There had come a point last 4-8 months where the energies were far more settled and people were feeling in control with their life and emotions. Unfortunately this is one of the worst moon cycles of this year, but luckily it’s also the last galactic change of this year, until next year we can expect something in May’17.
Now to talk about the energy effect, while every each and every one of you is aware and you know that sometimes it’s not us but the universal energies that also affect us drastically, it’s important to pay attention to what this energy cycles are teaching us. I know a lot of people just sit around wait for the cycles to get over, but unfortunately they miss out on the lessons one needs to learn. Every cycle brings to surface something or the other. Sometimes its clarity, sometimes its fears of the past and sometimes strength and courage to move into the future. The last couple of weeks have been about letting go of fears. Often when we walk on the spiritual path and focus on growth, we tend to forget the under lying muck/ insecurities/ fears that have already been experienced in the past. While we grow and learn lessons to deal with the present and future, the skeletons of past rises to surface during one off moon cycles. Now this is exactly what’s happening and it’s affecting everyone. Just that people don’t know how to deal with this. They are questioning others action, which in turn is making them question themselves. During this cycle, one will be in a mode of self introspection, will want to spend time alone, be aloof, and just focus on what’s priority. This cycle will also bring to you a sense of assertiveness in a balanced manner. But this realisation will only happen after 18th October ’16. Until then there was a lot of chaos, friction, drama and trauma caused by the most important relationships of our life. It’s only through the closest ones that we begin to learn our lessons. I’m not saying that these people are trying to teach you a particular lesson and hence you are going through pain. You need to understand the pain/ insecurity/ fear/ feeling of rejection / self guilt is not caused by the current situation. It was ALREADY THERE in your sub conscious. The only difference is that the moon cycles are surfacing it through people in your life at the moment. They are just a medium; they are not the source of the pain. The pain arises from the wound that already exist.
The best way to deal with this is to notice your thoughts about past issues, focus on what your body and mind is telling you. Don’t seek approval from people as they are the mediums of realisation, they won’t approve of you RIGHT NOW to make your ego happy. Drink plenty of water, listen to calming music, don’t get trapped by fears of others and most importantly DONT TAKE ANY HASTY DECISIONS. If you are deciding to end a relationship/ friendship or partnership during this period, let me tell you, that it WON’T END. Sooner or later you’ll bounce back with the person, so just don’t verbalise anything.
There effects of this cycle will last till 27th October ’16, post which the air will be clear (provided you learn your lessons rather than burying your skeletons all over again. If you do that, the next moon cycle will be a lot worse than this).

Sending you all loads of love and light,
Tamanna C

October’16 Horoscope

As you enter October’16 work will pick up pace and you will bounce back with creative energies and changes in the way you work. You may alter your work strategy and even implement long overdue decisions. Work will be very hectic between 6th-20th october’16 and all in a positive way, after which you’ll slow down to focus on personal life. Expect travels between 3-11th October or post 19th October’16 with minor delay or change of plans. Health will need attention between 17th-28th October ’16. Sleep patterns will be disturbed till 15th October ’16. Family life will be stable but avoid friction with older family members between 22nd-27th October. Family members will go through their stress around 18th-28th October due to which you might feel affected. Socially you will take a back seat due to hectic work but will bounce back after 18th October ’16. Expect friends to be demanding and nagging or disappointed about you not taking time out for them.

Karmic tip: be more focussed.

Work will be stable with minor delays around 7-16th October ’16. Important meetings set up around 6-11th October will yield results after 23rd October. Be more attentive at work as silly mistakes can take a toll on your relationship with seniors. You’ll work with new people/ clients or team members post 15th October ’16. Those looking at changing your job will get positive results after 11th October ’16. Health will be slow till 16th October. Balance eating patterns and take care of your throat and eyes. Family life will be stable, with minor nagging friction with family members on and off. Avoid nagging your partner post 22nd October ’16, as with their temperament a small thing can magnify. Social life will be slow initially but will pick up pace after 10th October. You might have plans of travels as well post 17th October ’16. You’ll reconnect with people from the past post 14th October ’16.

Karmic tip: Be discreet about your life.

Work will be slow till 6th October ’16. Expect delays or cancellation in meeting or travel plans. Co workers might act moody or edgy but don’t take things personally. Post 12th October ’16 expect more responsibility or more work from existing clients. New initiations/ opportunities expect post 18th October ’16 but expect clarity post 28th October ’16. Work will slow down post 26th .Health will need attention 3-17th October ’16. Avoid eating out too often and sleep patterns will be disturbed. Family life will be stable, with minor stress due to family member’s health between 15-28th October. Avoid friction with partner 19th-27th October. Social life will be stable throughout the month. Expect work benefits from social peers post 17th October.

Karmic tip: slow down the mental pace of your life.

A slow start to the month, where you will only be planning and laying a foundation. Expect delays or chaos in communication but post 16th ocotber’16 you will take charge and be on a roll. Important meetings will be very productive after 15th October so for best results schedule meetings during this period. Avoid friction with team members between 26-30th October ’16. An old client will come back with more work after 17th October ’16. Health will be slow till 11th October and post 27th october’16. If a problem persists visit the doctor. There will be family stress till 5th October due to partners work or health, but after 9th October everything will fall into place. Don’t over expect from people this month. Also don’t bring back past issues un-necessarily as it could distance people from you. Social life will be slow till 14th. Friends might act strange or you may have less tolerance with them, but post 21st October ’16 you’ll make the effort to clear the air and be on a roll socially.

Karmic tip: see things from other’s point of view.

A stable month at work. Nothing extra ordinary but you’ll see results of the hard work done in previous months. People will acknowledge your work between 3-16th October and post 21st October you’ll have major decisions to make which will eventually work in your favour. Paper work will slow down between 9-27th october’16. Be more delegative. Health will be sensitive throughout the month. You’ll be prone to cold, cough, congestion or sinus due to change of weather. Eat on time. Family members will drag you in their problem and over expect from you. While you will need your space, there will be friction with them post 5-19th October. Avoid changing plans with friends and family due to work as it could make them feel insecure and neglected. Parent’s health will need attention between 11-25th October ’16. Social life will be stable, with minor slowdowns around 11-19th October ’16.
Karmic tip: be more patient.

Work will be stable till 8th October with the usual monotony but post 15th expect clarity and decision making factor which will speeden work up. People will depend on your for decisions and execution. You’ll also hire/ work with new people post 18th october’16. Last minute travels will be beneficial. Health will need attention 9th-21st October ’16, especially areas of eyes and head. Don’t carry work stress home between 14-28th October as family members will need your attention. Be more communicative with loved ones. You will be disturbed due to issues going on with another family member but eventually things will settle down after 17th October ’16. Social life will be slow till 15th October due to work stress. A friend might turn to you for relationship advice post 11th October ’16. You’ll also meet people from the same industry post 19th October which will result in some work associations.
Karmic tip: be a better listener.

Work will be stable throughout the month. Expect more responsibility/ new projects or even a new job after 14th October ’16. People will be critical about certain things at work, but don’t let it come in your way. Avoid friction at work between 25th -29th October ’16. Important meetings scheduled post 17-22nd October might get delayed or cancelled. Health will be sensitive till 22nd October. Routine will be erratic and disturbed throughout the month. Family life will be stable till 16th post which avoid friction with partner or older family members. If you are working with a family member expect stress post 23rd October ’16. Social life will take a back seat due to hectic work but you’ll bounce back after 25th october’16. Friend might want to work with you this month but don’t take any hasty decisions. Look deeper into the situation before you commit. Someone from the past will connect back with you after 11th October. There can also be travel plans with friends or for social purpose post 16th October ’16.

Karmic tip: be more attentive.

You need to take a back seat and let people take control at least in areas of work. You have exhausted yourself mentally and this month you need to share your responsibility. You need to align your thoughts with action. Work will be stable till 18th October, after which it will slow down. Expect important meetings to be scheduled between 8-16th October, and signing of a new deal/ contract between 15th-27th October. Health will need attention 1st-16th October and around 28th October. Family life will be stable but expect friction with partner post 17th october’16. Your tolerance level will be low due to which you’ll find yourself snapping at loved ones. Take some time out and ground your energies. Social life will be slow till 16th October due to hectic work post which you’ll make an effort to entertain friends or meet up with them regularly.

Karmic tip: prioritize your life

A hectic start to the month till 11th October. Work will be demanding and co-workers will depend on you. You might attract new opportunities or client but expect clarity post 20th October. Don’t get over confident as it may affect certain decisions. You’ll also work with old clients / old team members after 14th October. Health will need attention 20-30th October. Take care of your blood pressure or chest related issues. If headaches persist, get your eyes checked. Family life will be stable till 13th October, after which you’ll be stressed due to family member’s health. Partner might act moody/ demanding around 12-19th october’16. You need to be more forgiving towards family members. Social life will be slow till 12th October due to hectic work post 17th you might have to travel for social purpose or with friends. A friend from the past may come back for advice or help in areas of their work. Avoid being snappy with friends around 24-30th October, as something small can lead to a big argument.

Karmic tip: don’t get carried away by what people think/ judge about you.

Work will be slow till 8th October. There will be going back and forth but expect a push from co-workers and as seniors invest more confidence in you, you’ll take charge. There will be minor communication delay or friction around 11-18th October but nothing that you can handle. Ongoing work in new project will show results after 19th October. Post 21st october’16 all important meetings will work in your favour. Just be punctual about your timings. Health will be unstable throughout the month due to erratic eating patterns. Drink enough water. Avoid self medication. Instead if the problem persists visit the doctor. Family member’s health will need attention 1st-17th October. You need to spend more quality time with family members as they might feel cranky or neglected. Avoid bringing back past issues in current matter. You’ll also reconnect with family members from another city this month. Social life will be demanding and you will be all over throughout the month. Multiple events or invites to go to, and you will also meet interesting/ like-minded people between 14-29th October.

Karmic tip: be more organised with your routine.

Work will be stagnant, and while all is well, you might feel emotionally insecure and even question people’s intentions around you. It’s just a low phase of mind and expect yourself to bounce back after 9th October. Old clients will come back with clarity. If you are applying for a new job, expect positive news post 14th October. An important meeting set around 19th-24th October will be very beneficial and lay a foundation for new work cycles. Health will need attention around 10-17th October, especially if you are prone to muscle spasm and joint pain. Family life will be slow till 14th October. People may over expect or be critical about you. Don’t take things personally, may be they are going through their own cycles. You focus on what’s important to you. Family member’s health will need attention 21-29th October. Social life will be slow as this month your priority will be work. Even if you go out often you may feel a disconnect with friends.

Karmic tip: be open to receiving help or guidance from people.

Work will be productive. You will look forward to going to work every day and channelizing your creative energies. If you are expecting a new role/ job, expect clarity after 12th October. People who have criticized you for your decisions in the past will be supportive of you. Avoid friction with a team member post 24th October. Important work decisions made around 20-26th October will create a strong influence in your role at work. Health will need attention 1st-12th October. Eat on time and make sure you get enough sleep. Disturbed sleep can take a toll on concentration at work. Family life will be hectic with events/ travel or obligations to go to. Partner’s health will need attention between 10-24th October ’16. You’ll be stressed out about a close family member but expect things to get sorted post 26th October ’16. Social life will take a back seat due to so much going on the career and personal front, but post 18th October you will make a conscious effort to connect with old friends. A friend might be upset and may seek your advice/ support between 13th-21st October.

Karmic tip- don’t take things personally.