Be the Peace within you.

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend. In today’s post I’d like to talk about the most important factor for our soul – Peace.
Peace is your natural rhythm and existence. It is the place you know as Home and the way you are accustomed to moving. Peace is the existence you are here to create because it is what you carry inside of you effortlessly. Peace is your birthright and it is your place of ultimate destiny, but only if you choose to be this energy intentionally. Often it is against human nature to respond with peace when one is attacked, embarrassed, upset, and moving through periods of darkness. But peace is always waiting for you when you are ready to detach, surrender, let go and come back to its eternal embrace.
Peace is an energy that must be created on Earth. This is an assignment you willingly chose to contribute your energy towards as peace only exists and thrives with conscious intention. To experience peace is to connect to the parts of your soul that know it regularly. You must develop it within your mind first, then call on it with intention to bring it out into the world through Divine actions. 
To create peace means to have loving thoughts where none currently exist. To shine light on all places, internal and external, that are experiencing darkness. To raise the energy to a higher form of itself, a form of transmutation that can happen instantly when it is given intention. To create peace means to be the one who declares all is well when that is not what the human senses are experiencing. Affirm that everything is in Divine order and perfect. Affirm that everything around you and inside of you has a natural state of peace that it willingly opens up to now.
You can transform your body into a higher vessel for peace by cleaning your energy regularly. Imagine the highest possible white light showering down on you, running through your head, neck, shoulders and back. See it opening up all of your cells and infusing your DNA with a higher vibrating light. Follow the energy down through your heart, stomach, solar plexus and hips as the light infuses every organ and bone. Then watch it continue into your lower body as it glides down your thigh, knees, calves and feet, grounding the light into your body and the earth at the same time. Inhale and exhale as this light pulses through your full body and into every part of energetic aura. This is your body at peace, in peace and living peace.
Be the peace you carry in your soul. Be the peace that lights the way for others. Be the peace that allows your true essence to light the way. Connect to the peace in another above all other energies. Connect to the peace that is your natural home and invite others to share that space with you on a Soul level. Thats the only part of You that is authentic and belongs to You. Enjoy what the divine has bestowed you with.
Love and light
Tamanna C

January 2016 Horoscope


As the new year starts,  you will find yourself more pierce, yet calm in a lot of ways. you have been compromising and over looking at lot of things, but that won’t be the case this month.

career will be excellent till 24th January’16, after which you will either take a back seat or travel due to which work will be slow. you need to organize paper work post 14th January. avoid friction at work between 20-26th January. if you are looking at a job change, expect positive results after 9th January. you might get some unexpected growth opportunities after 15th January, but don’t rush into things till the time you don’t weigh the pros and cons. some work which is pending since 17th December will move forward after 8th January.

finances will increase after 4th Jan . good things about January is that you will be able to sustain the finances.

health will need attentio0n 1-10th January. take care of stomach post 24th January.

family life will be smooth throughout the month with minor stress due to a family members health around 17024th January. you will spend time connecting with people from another city or bonding with people you haven’t seen in a long time. whilst you may feel low around 15-19th January you can expect a family member to be supportive. relationship with partner will be strong this month.

social life will be balanced. avoid friction with a friend between 11-16th janaury’16. you will socially take a back seat after 26th Jan. for those who are single will be dating but will only make up their mind about a relationship after 16th January. whatever you get into is a karmic bon, it will be good, but depends on individual karma, the longivity of the relationship is uncertain.

karmic tip: focus on one thing at a time.




You need to slow down your mental pace. you have been feel edgy and irritated, due to which there could be underlying friction with people at home and work.

Work will be slow till 6th January but expect more work after 11th and 24th January/ for those in the creative field will go through more responsibility or new clients or projects after 20th January, but be patient and disciplined at work. your mood swings will not be taken with a pinch of salt, so be over cautious.

Finances will be slow and stable. expect extra expenses after 14th January.

health will need attention between 6-19th January. eat on time and avoid excess of anything.

family life will be stressful till 11th till unnecessary stress with partner. you need to be calm and composed as this month family might not be as understanding as they have been in the past. you will also be stressed out about a younger family members heath post 21st January.

social life will be slow till 15th January after which you will be in a better frame of mind to let people in your personal space. you will reconnect with an old friend after 25th January. be discreet with friends.


karmic tip- be grounded.



You couldn’t have started the year on a better note, with clarity and results of the previous hard work.

work will be good and get even better after 4th and 16th January. some good news at work will come your way after 8th January but expect results after 21st January. you might get a new job/ more responsibility or promotion after 15th January. for those in the creative field might also pick up a course or training to enhance education.

finances will be smooth and expect money for other resources to come in after 17th january’16.

health will be stable with minor back pain and headaches after 21 January.

family life will be stable, just avoid friction with partner around 19-24th January. a family member could feel neglected.

social life will be stable but you might take  a back seat after 18th January to focus more on work. for those who are single will meet someone fun after 9th January but eventually realize that in the long run you may not be very compatible with this person , so take things slow.


karmic tip- be gentle with yourself.



this will be a month of new beginning. there seems to be more clarity about relationships and work, which right now you need to prioritize.

while work is good, you will begin to organize and structure, hire or work with new people, create new marketing strategy or even have plans of expansion. while things flow smoothly for you, you will see results only after  20th Jan. you might bag a new project by 15th January with more work after 27th January. in short a good start to the year.

Finances will be slow as it can be frustrating because you don’t see any results of hard work, but you can expect pending payments to clear after 17th Jan.

Health will need attention throughout the month. make sure you eat on time. avoid spicy food between 20-27th January.

Family life will be smooth. your focus will be on work, so family issues won’t bother you much except for a family members health will keep you worried post 20th Jan. avoid friction with sibling around 19-27th Jan. partner might act edgy or cranky around 12-18th Jan, just give some space and don’t engage in un-necessary conversation.

Social life will be slow due to hectic work and low health, but post 20th January you will connect with old friends and paint the town red. a friend might drain you out around 28th January, be more forgiving and don’t magnify the problem.


karmic tip: be more assertive.



January’16 will begin on a very calming an soothing note, where you will feel more in control of your emotions. Much needed energy cycle for you as you step into a year of possibilities.

Career will be slow till 17th January, but this month you might plan on starting something new or expanding your work. Ideas will emerge but clarity and results will only be after 26th Jan.’16. stuck work since November’15 will show some movement after 19th January but will again slow down due to paper work after 28th january’16. avoid friction with people at work around 19-23 rd January.

Finances will be slow till 10th January, but will get stronger after 17th January. expect pending payments to clear post 21st Jan. No matter how much money comes in. this month there will be un-necessary expenses.

Health will need attention between 14-25th January. sleep will be disturbed throughout the month.

Family life will be smooth till 15th, post which there will be unnecessary drama or friction. things might be blown out of proportion by family members, and you might be held responsibility for nothing at all. no matter what you do, people might not understand your point of view, so the best thing to do is take a back seat. avoid friction with partner around 16-24th January.

social life will be stable, as friends will be supportive. a female friend might drain you out around 27-29th January. avoid any confrontation as things will settle down on its own. for those who are single will meet someone interesting from a marriage point of view after 23th january’16.


Karmic tip- don’t take things personally.



while December was good and smooth, January will be even better for you as your channelize your energies in things you’d always wanted to do.

Work will be extremely hectic till 14th January after which things will move smoothly. plans of expansion or adding new work/ responsibility indicated after 17th January/ some delays due to paper work can cause stress around 21-27th January but will be clear after that. for those in a job might receive some acknowledgment or good news around 12-17th January.

Finances will be stable with unnecessary expenses till 16th January. expect more money to flow in after 25th Jan. this month you will also receive benefits or returns from other resources apart from work.

Health will be stable with minor exhaustion and strain in the eyes after 15th January.

Family life will be smooth. family members health will keep you worried between 17-24th , but nothing major. avoid friction with an older family member around 29th january’16. relationship with partner will strengthen post 17th january’16.

Social cycle will be low till 16th January as work will be your priority, post which you will be meeting interesting and like minded people, especially those from the same industry as you. you might even have some work benefits from people in your social space. for those who are single should avoid getting into anything new this month.


Karmic tip- Be more communicative.



You have no idea where your life is headed and this can be frustrating, but make sure you don’t make others the target of your frustration.

work will be erratic with hectic schedule , delays and cancellations. people will keep you waiting till 15th Jan, and even after that not much will be done from others . you might think of dissolving a partnership, quitting a job or a project. don’t rush into things. take time out before you decide what should be your next step. you might also blame yourself , but make sure you are reasonable while expecting results from yourself or others around you. if you are looking for a new job, expect results after 26th january’16.

Finances will be stable, with extra expenses after 11th January. pending might get delayed or stuck after 22nd Jan.

health will need attention between 8-22nd Jan, especially areas of throat and eyes. eat on time.

family life will be on and off which too much interference from family members you need to be decisive in an assertive manner. getting aggressive with them will make thing worse. a female member’s health will need attention around 19-27th Jan. avoid friction with partner around 10-22nd January.

Social life will be erratic, as you will be very moody due to stress form work and family. make sure you don’t snap at friends around 12019th as it could back fire or create a major distance between you and an old friend.

Karmic tip: be more balanced.



You need to be more balanced this month and have patience.

You have been working on a project but not seen any results. expect acknowledgment or positive results after 11th Jan and more work from the same client after 19th Jan. you might even sign a contract/ partnership or a new deal around 22-28th January. for those who are in the creative field might get more responsibility or new job after 17th January.

Finances will be slow till 13th Jan, but will clear after 17th January.

Health will be stable throughout the month with minor headaches due to exhaustion. make sure you drink enough water.

family life will be stable, with minor friction with family members due to their own insecurity. be more understanding and don’t over react or jump to conclusions as you might regret later. an older family members health will need attention post 15th January. relationship with partner will be strained till 9th Jan due to past issues, but expect things to clear post 16th Jan.

Social life will be stable till 18th January after which you might take a back seat or won’t get much time to socialize. singles will meet someone interesting between 8-19th january’16.


karmic tip:- stop seeking approval from people.



This month will  give you all the energy to take the leap you’ve been wanting to take since the longest time.

Career will be very good as you get clarity about a new project post 6th Jan and see results after 19th January. you might work with new people, clients or team after 16th January. avoid friction at work post 26th January. new opportunities will come your way after 17th Jan, but expect results only in march’16.

Finances will be erratic. while money comes in, it’ll flow out before you realize. a friend/ family member might turn to your for financial advice/ aid. be open to helping as it might be a karmic exchange.

Health will be unstable between 11-27th January, especially areas of stomach, lower back and knees.

Family life will be stable, as family members are supportive. in fact a family member will look up to you or depend on your for certain decisions of their life. be patient. relationship with partner will get stronger after 21st Jan.

Social life will be slow, due to hectic work and family life. while friends understand this, you might feel guilty for neglecting them. you will reconnect with old friends while travelling towards end of the month. work through friends or social contacts will be beneficial after 11th Jan.

Karmic tip- focus on one thing at a time.



You need to be more focused this month as the universe will bring in plenty of opportunities, but because you are emotionally feeling blah, you might miss out on some good work and relationships. work will be stable till 14th January after which there will be minor delays or difference of opinion with people at work. don’t be pushy, let people take their own time to deliver. new work will come in post 27th January.

Finances will be stable, with extra expenses after 21st Jan.

Health will need attention 1-17th January. avoid eating out around this period. if you are prone to wearing specks, chances are that your number might increase after 17th Jan. there can be a sudden drop/ rise in blood pressure after 26th January.

Family life will be stable till 17th but post that you will get dragged in some family friction. it may not be directly connected to you but you will get involved between two people. be more sensitive and present to situations rather than trying to escape it. also don’t take  things personally with family members. Everything will be smooth after 27th January.

Social life will be extremes, either you will want to go out and let your hair down, or you will just want to be alone. this is purely because of your mood swings. you will feel a lot better after 16th jan.’16.

Karmic tip- don’t magnify problems.



You will have too much on your plate this month, to a point that you might want to give up everything and run.

Work will be hectic and keep you busy till 18th, with minor delays after 11th, some delay in paper work post 8th will cause chaos that will last till 19th, but be rest assured everything will fall into place after 22nd. expect new clients/ projects or opportunities post 15th Jan. you might sign a deal/ or some important paper work from a past deal between 12-19th Jan. just make sure who have your terms and conditions in place.

Finances will be slow till 26th Jan. there will be a lot of delay in payments along with extra expenses.

Health will need attention between 9-27th especially areas of back and neck. you might be prone to muscle spasm or nervous  issues. make sure who have your meals on time and catch up on enough sleep.

Family life will be confusing. some days really good and some days draining. Family members may expect too much out of you this month. be gentle while dealing with them. don’t say things you don’t mean. there can also be unreasonable demands from partner or family member around 15-19th Jan. don’t resist or push them away as they will understand and change their mind after 25th Jan.

Social life will be extremely hectic with unavoidable obligations till 22nd January after which you will withdraw or slow down to focus on work.  singles will meet or date 2-3 people this month, but clarity will only come in February.


Karmic tip- don’t jump to judgments easily.



You need to having patience to get what you desire. you have been over expecting from people, and left feel disappointed. you need to evaluate your relationships and expectations.

Work will be stable till 16th January post with due to hectic family and social life , work will take a back seat. work from old clients or renewal of a contract will happen around 9th January but due to being under staffed or over work you won’t be able to deliver on time. you might work with new people / team or  hire new people post 17th January. work will be slow after 27th Jan, due to others not being able to focus enough.

Finances will be good as pending payments clear up before 16th janaury’16. expect money from investments to come in after 19th January. you might also consider investing some money this month.

health will need attention between 9-24th January.

Family life will be stable, but you might feel disconnected from family members due to hectic work. take time out as family members might feel neglected or emotional. travels indicated post 20th January.

Social life will be stable throughout the month, as you reconnect with old friends after 12th January.

singles will meet someone new after 21st January but there is a possibility that someone from the past might get in touch with them. avoid getting too involved as it might back fire.


Karmic tip- be more tolerant.