How Clarity of Intent Shapes Our Reality

Good morning.
It’s my last day in toga beautiful city of Limassol in Cyprus and as I sit to have my tea I think about how our thoughts and desires manifest in reality which we are all aware of. It’s something so powerful but unfortunately we are unable to handle how we intent or think. When we seek to bring something into the world, our intentions and  motivations are everything. Our intention for bringing something into our lives  shapes our experience of a manifestation and the realities that spin off of  it.
The lens of relationships offers an up-close view of how our intentions color  our manifestations. We may seek to attract a soulmate into our life. We may  state that we are seeking a spiritual connection that helps us grow in our  understandings. This is well and good but if unresolved emotional issues lurk  beneath our stated intentions, these “hidden” intentions will eventually surface  to color any relationship we manifest.

Perceiving Motivations ‘Underneath the Vision’–The key is to come to a deep and thorough understanding of ourselves and our  motivations before we seek to manifest something new in our lives. In the case  of a relationship, we may consciously hold the highest and best intentions in  terms of our vision for a soulmate connection, but there may be other intentions  operating beneath our conscious intentions. If, underneath our visions of  manifesting a soulmate relationship, we’re afraid to face life alone, we are  unknowingly sending the universe signals that exist on two very different  wavelengths. Consequently, we may manifest a relationship that is intended to  lift both people higher but ultimately deteriorates under the weight of  unresolved emotional issues.

Identifying Conflicting Emotions about Abundance–The same can be said of manifesting abundance and prosperity. We may state  that we intend to manifest abundance so we can undertake studies, experiences or  projects aligned with our spiritual purpose. If, underneath this vision, we  still hold emotional issues around abundance, this can stifle or alter our  intended manifestation. One example of this would be the person whose father  often spoke negatively of those who had wealth. As this person begins to  manifest the abundance of their spirit, it can trigger feelings instilled by the  father against those who have wealth. This could diffuse the manifestation  altogether or create complications that seriously limit what can be experienced  in the realm of abundance.
Likewise, if a person holds unresolved emotional issues that center around  scarcity or “not having enough of what’s needed,” this is another factor that  can send the universe a contrasting signal that seriously impairs  manifestation.
What has been said here about relationships and abundance can be applied to  any and all intended manifestations. In order to pave the way for what we seek  to bring into our reality, it’s important to examine all our intentions and  motivations — not just our “highest and best” but those motivations that lurk  at the outskirts of our awareness.

Aligning Our Intentions with Spiritual Purpose–it’s always important to examine how our intentions line up with our  spiritual purpose. If we seek to manifest a car so we can drive ourselves to  workshops and courses that allow us to expand our knowledge and skills, this is  an intention that can benefit both ourselves and others. This is a very  different intention than seeking to manifest a new car so we can show up our  neighbor who’s driving an older model. In the long run, the realities  experienced through these different intentions will drive us to very different  futures.

Unifying Consciousness with Emotional Harmony—once we identify how an intention matches up with our spiritual purpose, we  can then examine if aspects of our consciousness operate on different emotional  frequencies from our primary intentions. These would likely be younger aspects  still locked into emotional energies not yet transformed by the light of our  present-moment awareness. By loving and harmonizing with these younger aspects,  we can begin to create inner unity.

Hope this puts things into perspective, as I leave this beautifully place sending you all loads of love and light.

Techniques to clear energy field 

Good afternoon,I’m back again faster than what I imagined . The bed rest is allowing me to get over my writing block, for which I’m very happy about. 

Like in my last post I spoke about energy and the various distractions and levels of it, and promised that I’ll be sharing certain techniques as to how to keep it clear, here I am. For for those who haven’t read the previous post, I suggest please go through that before you read this.

How do you know if your fields are unclear? Well, if you have never done this work before, your fields probably need some .So, most people start out with unclear fields when beginning to declutter their Soul System. Here are some sure signs that can clue you in on the state of your energy fields:

 1. Do you wake up in the middle of the night worrying about anything other than yourself? Worried about world peace? Worried about the state of the economy? Anxiety that focuses on ideas, people, and places beyond your control means you have attracted some external energies. 

2. Do you get distracted easily? For example, if you are working on writing your book and it starts to snow, do the snowflakes falling outside your window completely take you away from the writing? If you are working on a detailed project, do you keep losing your train of thought? There are many distraction energies that we easily attract into our fields.

3. Do you feel disconnected from your body? Do you spend more time in your head, rarely thinking about your body? When you get dressed each morning, do you consider how you will look? These are signs that you have taken in energies that distract you from focusing on yourself.

 4. Does one particular emotion act like a filter for everything you experience? For example, does new information have to filter through your anxiety before you can process it? This pattern could mean that you have adopted the anxiety of someone or something outside yourself (such as a TV show). 

5. Do you feel like there is always chaos around you? Many people with unclear fields can sense the lack of clarity, even if they can’t put their finger on what’s wrong. If your fields are not clear, nothing is ever organized, the world around you feels slightly out of control, and things just don’t work properly. Of course, Soul Contracts can influence this chaotic feeling, but start by clearing your fields before you decide what its origin is. If you feel your energy field isn’t clear, chances are that they aren’t.

 Clearing your fields is not a one-time deal. Influential energies will always enter your fields, so clearing them is something that you should do as ongoing maintenance. I clear mine often—and when I find that my fields are severely unclear, I don’t beat myself up. I just feel grateful that I realized what was going on, clear my fields, and move on. The more experience you have with this, the sooner you’ll realize you have foreign energies hanging around, which means it will be easier to get rid of them. Being human does not mean behaving perfectly! 
EXERCISE: FIELD CLEARING TECHNIQUE This is an exercise that involves your energy, intention, and the Universe. You are going to clear your fields using a clearing request to state your intention to the Universe about what you want to happen. The clearing request only works if you clearly state your intentions and call on universal help. It also helps to have privacy.

 1. Find a safe, private place where you will not be disturbed for about fifteen minutes. You want a space where you can be as crazy as you want and say the oddest and weirdest things, and no one will hear you or bother you. You should also turn off your cell phone and your email. I know when my cell goes off, my mind immediately wonders, Oooh! Who’s talking to me? So it’s best to just remove the temptation. 

2. My suggestion is that you have complete quiet. Music holds the vibration of the notes, as well as the vibration and intentions of the people who composed and performed the music. We don’t need to add any additional frequencies to your field. We want clarity. 

3. Call on the Universe. You can say something simple, such as, “I am now calling on my Guides of 100 percent Divine Light to assist me with this work today.” Your imagination is one of the best ways to work with energy because it frees you from inhibitions, so after calling on the Universe, take a moment to imagine the Universe responding to your request and what that feels like. Imagine it the way a little kid would—without judgment and with a whole lot of detail.

4. Say your field clearing out loud. The words that you will say carry a vibration that corresponds to your prayer. Stating your request out loud will make it more powerful than if you just said it in your head.
Next, I’ll share a field-clearing appeal I use in my practice. Understand that these words are not written in stone. As you become familiar with this kind of communication, I encourage you to shift words and phrases around according to what feels right for you. This is a template for you; three years from now, you probably won’t be saying the exact same clearing request. Honor your intuition; if a particular piece of this appeal bothers you, give that credit. Perhaps you need to rework something within your request. At the beginning, it’s best to use the clearing request as I have written it, until you have become more familiar with what you’re doing. You’re now ready to work with the field-clearing appeal. Here is the clearing request to read aloud: Please perform a whole and complete release at all levels for any and all negativity that is interfering with me in any way, now. Block all negative energy connections to me and completely and fully release from my being all resulting spiritual and emotional attachments I have made as a result. Please dissolve the negative energy into the Light, to be sent home, for the greatest and highest good of all, now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Once you have read the request aloud, sit for a minute or two. Give yourself time to experience what this moment is offering to you and releasing from you. Your immediate results, if any, will be subtle. This exercise will not give you a knock-you-over transformation—you’re seeking a subtle change. Many people who perform the clearing request aren’t attuned to their energy field and don’t notice the shifts in it. If you do not feel anything, it only means you don’t know what signs to look for or how to read them yet—it does not mean that the request didn’t work. Over time, you’ll get better at detecting that your clearing request worked. Here is a list of some typical changes that people experience as they release interfering energies from their fields:

 • Dizziness 

• Lightheadedness 

 Tingling in hands or anywhere in body 

• Stillness 

• A feeling of ease 

• Less pressure on shoulders 

• Less pressure on chest 

• Less pressure on abdomen.
Seeming like the sun just came out—brighter in the room 

• A feeling of wanting to cry 

• A feeling of hope

 • A feeling of serenity or less chaos

 • Stillness in the air around your body 

• Quiet

 • Peace •


• Excitement 

• Easier breathing Some of these experiences may feel negative or uncomfortable (like dizziness), but that should not deter you from clearing your fields in order to set a strong foundation. The side effects of clearing your fields will only last about a minute. If you are very sensitive, you might feel them for up to five minutes. For most people, it takes about five to ten minutes for the full effects of the field clearing to emerge. You’ll facilitate a better release in that time period if you stay quiet, focus on yourself, and don’t check your email or talk on the phone. This is your moment. You are reclaiming what is yours. These are your energies, emotions, and energy fields, and no other energies have a right to hitch a ride. Check in with yourself a few minutes after making the request. Do you feel a little better, or do you feel the same way you did before? If you still feel cluttered, stressed, and chaotic after you have done the field-clearing appeal, then it is possible that you didn’t actually clear your fields. 

If you tried the field-clearing request and it didn’t work for you, look at your concentration. Were you giving the exercise 100 percent of your attention, or were you a little distracted? Did you create enough time in your schedule to feel calm about giving fifteen minutes to the field clearing? You can’t half-ass field clearing. If you do, you might as well not have tried it at all. Your energy is smart—it knows when you mean something and when you’re just going through the motions. So, if it didn’t work, stop and try again, this time with your full attention.
Hope this works well for you share your experiences .

Have a fantabulous day.

Loads of love and light

Tamanna C

Energy field and its types .

Good morningIndeed it’s really early and since I’ve caught up on enough of sleep through the day,I’m wide awake and thought let me channelise my time in writing. I know my life was speeding at the highest rate possible and deep inside I knew I had to rest but somehow there was no excuse until yesterday morning when a minor fall in my knee tied me down to bed. Luckily no fracture or Anything serious , but what got to me was the fact that how we take little things including our body part for granted. From someone who’s always running on her toes , now literally having to limp and perhaps from now using a walking stick so that I don’t add pressure on my knee, not cool at all . But I know I’ll get ok. In fact I’ve had many people send me healing and blessings with is already speeding my recovery process so I know deep inside the universe is watching my back, actually knee..;)

 Anyways coming back to this post, I thought of sharing important facts about our energy field. We know that we are nothing but a mass of energy operating from a mass body, and there are various levels to our existence , which is what we can five dimensional-aura, physical, mental, emotional and soul self. On each level our energy is vibrating at a different state and When a person’s energy field is clear, they feel emotionally and physically lighter. They also experience more happiness and hope, and they have easier access to their emotions. This, in turn, provides a strong energetic foundation. With one of these, you can make better decisions—and you’ll need it if you plan to work at the Soul level. Think of this process as opening a path to the heart of your problems. If you don’t have a clear road, you’re never going to be able to make it to the core issues. It’s an incredibly sensitive system that influences your thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, and behaviour without your knowledge. The energies that occupy our energy fields are closest to us and most comfortable. We rely on them, so they become easy to reach for. Think of it this way—if you were holding an armful of red balls and someone asked you to think of a certain color, you would probably think of red. Or you might think, Not red, anything but red! Either way, you thought red first. The energies in your fields function the same way. They subconsciously guide you toward certain thoughts, behaviours, and habits. What kinds of energy occupy your energy fields? They are superficial energies that you have absorbed and attracted. Your environment is made up of the people, situations, events, and feelings of everything around you, but nothing that is actually part of you. Many people are more sensitive than they realize, and they unknowingly absorb the negative emotions and energy of those around them. Luckily, since these environmental energies aren’t deep, they are much easier to clear and balance than contracts and Seed Thoughts—but that doesn’t mean you should take them lightly. Negative energies in your fields can influence every thought, decision, and feeling. This can lead you to believe things in your life are much worse or more difficult than they really are. This is why you must balance your energies and release those that no longer serve you before you can work at the level of the Soul. The energies that get stuck in your fields can be one or many of the following:
Discordant Energies: This is the most common type of energy that people unknowingly draw to their fields. Have you ever seen two people fighting and yelling at each other and found yourself feeling angry or distressed, even if you walked away? This is because you absorbed the fight’s negative energy. Have you ever spent an hour on the phone listening to your depressed friend talk about her bad luck only to find that when you hang up the phone, you feel depressed as well? Most people are surprised to find how many Discordant Energies they are carrying with them. Worry, anxiety, stress, depression, and fear are the most common, but most people attract other types as well.
 Belief Systems: Beliefs hold a particular energy vibration or frequency. Beliefs that are attached to low-frequency ideas (such as revenge) can be absorbed into your energy field. The belief system then causes you to continually refer back to that lower vibration. You can pick them up from other people, experiences, and even books or TV. 
Negative Energies: Negative energies can be picked up from a location, an experience, or even a TV show. Several years ago, I used to fall asleep watching a crime investigation show and wondered why I always felt so low when I woke up. The negativity holds a low frequency and continually works to bring your own frequency into alignment with it. If you have this type of negative energy within your fields, you are actively drawn toward negative thoughts. As with other energy types, that negative energy will attract more of its own kind into your life and way of thinking. 
Interference or Static Energy: Interference energy is energy that creates static in your experience. It clutters your thinking, your sense of clarity, and especially your intuition. A friend of mine recently told me that she had to move out of her new apartment because of the cell towers next to her building. Soon after moving in, she felt unclear, tired, and angry. Finally, she realized she was absorbing the interference energy of the towers into her fields.Interference energy is often absorbed by people who live near an airport or who have planes flying overhead. This phenomenon is often overlooked; as an adaptive species, we tend to get used to this type of interference and ignore it. On an energetic level, interference is energy that is impossible to ignore. 
Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): EMFs are generated by electronics such as cell phones and laptops. EMFs create static in our energy fields that can cause difficulty sleeping, fuzzy thinking, moodiness, and more. It is possible to clear your fields of the energy from EMFs, but continual exposure can have negative long-term effects. To deal with EMFs, you should move electronic objects at least eight feet from you while you sleep and try to refrain from using electronics whenever possible. I realise this is a difficult task—one that I can’t completely follow myself, since I love my cell,but it is the best way to reduce the EMFs that end up in your energy fields. 
Programming: This energy can be very sneaky. Most people attract it during their childhoods, when they are young and easily influenced by others. I see a lot of people struggling with the programming of no pain, no gain. If you picked this one up during your childhood, you probably have a job where you are expected to put in seventy to eighty hours per week. Sound familiar? Many people will take the programming energy in their fields and create a Soul Contract around it as well. 
Apart from this there are many kinds—more than I’ve listed here. Hopefully, this basic information will help you identify and clear whatever energies you encounter. What’s most important is being aware of your fields and doing what you can to clear them.I’ll be soon following this post up with techniques to clear your energy field and be more aware. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. 

Feel free to leave your feedback /comments or share this with people if you feel it could be helpful for them.

Sending you all loads of love and light

Tamanna C

World of Entities.

Good morning
Finally the weekend is over. I think I’m the only person apart from my dad who looks forward to Monday. Honestly weekend just flies and there’s always so much to do in regards to catching up with friends and family that it Gets the better of me, with not much time to relax. I think I make more of an effort during weekdays and work days to consciously make an effort to spend alone time. I’m a sucker for alone time. I need to disconnect ,or go have a cuppa coffee alone, write, read or just watch the world go by, like I’m doing right now, as I sit in my quaint coffee shop, having caramel latte and getting geared for the week, before I hit work in the next 45mins.
anyways what I’ve been wanting to discuss in this post is the world of Entities.
Yes you read that right I just did say entities .
In my last post I shared a lot of my personal experiences about astral travelling and thank you for embracing my weirdness and respecting what I shared without much judgement. In fact a lot of people wrote in to share with me their experiences which were similar to mine.
Here I’m again sharing my experiences with the entity world. Unfortunately the term has been misunderstood or mis read. There are so many theories that revolve around this myth that spirits and entities are harmful and negative. Not every entity is a ghost or demon or there to harm you.
Entity is basically a soul without a body. And the fact is that to every one soul with a body there are three souls without a body. Now there is no hell or heaven. Everything is here, as in the souls are just hanging around here on the earthly realm. Some move to light immediately and some are stuck. Being stuck doesn’t mean that they are negative or there to harm you. In fact contrary to that, they can’t harm you because they are without physical mass and body. There only way they can interfere with is energy-in terms of light and electrical.
Now I’ve been seeing and talking to entities ever since the age of 12. In fact I see them every where. They are just there doing their own thing. I started working with soul releasing from the age of 21.  What I mean by that is I help them cross over to light or release them from their stuck state. And trust me it’s just not all the scary. In fact sometimes it’s intriguing to hear their stories of incompletion. I’ve also dealt with entities who are not aware that they are dead. It’s like they still need to accept the fact that they have physically exited their body and need to move into light.
Entities can be present anywhere and at anytime, because they are beyond space and time. What I mean by that is that some souls may choose to hang around for decades and can be present anytime they want anywhere they want. That’s one of the reasons why I detest going to crowded places. Concerts, plays, movies, malls, hospitals are an absolute NONO for me, because there is just so much activity happening that I can’t handle it. Not that it effects me, but it’s not needed by me.
In fact one of my craziest experiences were at the Taj Mumbai, when I was out on a date with my then boy friend and now my husband, at 2 am while I was passing through the corridor to use the restroom I could hear voices and see so much that I was caught off guard. The last thing you wish to encounter on a date is entities asking you for help. I almost ran out, not realising what it was. When I sat in the car it hit me that these were all the stuck souls trapped after 26/11 attack that took place. Every time I go there or to trident I have to make a conscious effort to disconnect and do a strong shielding so that it doesn’t interfere with my regular social do In such places.
I have also been working on a lot of energy clearing, be it office, homes or even properties. A lot of people sense a presence in their  house which can sometimes be uncomfortable for people to handle. In fact I’ve also worked with a lot  of builders , where property or construction is stuck or they encounter weird activities, or hear of people sensing paranormal activities. There are so many cases that can lead to entities getting stuck. To begin with it can just be due to passing entity activities. In some case there can also be some incompletion or attachment that the entity has with that house or property or person. Sometimes like I said it can be a troubled soul of low frequency who wants to release into light but cannot, hence looking to get attention so someone can release. Every time you sense an activity like this, it doesn’t mean they are trying to harm you. It only means that they are trying to get your attention so you that you can help them. In my case , since these entities are aware that I can hear and see them, they literally stalk me till the time I don’t release them. It takes anything between 30seconds to 2mins for clearing,depending on the will of the entity. Like I said it may sound eery , scary and weird but for me it’s second nature. I don’t know any better. I don’t remember a single day of my life when I haven’t seen them or around .
I know while reading this you would definitely recollect instances or experience you’ve had with entities or presence Around you in some way or the other. Yet again we need to get over the myth that they are trying to harm us. On the contrary they are even more helpless than what we can ever fathom.

I hope this post throws light in a neutral or positive way about entities or beings without body. There’s a lot I’d like to share beyond this, but may be another time as I’m running late for my first session.
Until then, have a blessed week.
Please feel free to leave your feedback/comment.

Sending you’ll loads of love and light
Tamanna C

Astral Travelling and other facts

Good evening,
Trusting you all have had a productive week and getting all geared up for the weekend.
I am on my way back to MumBai from Delhi after a very very hectic trip. I’ve had hectic trips in the past too, in fact every trip is hectic but yesterday I manage to break my own records. I am so use to doing not More than 4-5 sessions in Mumbai and not more than 8 sessions a day when I travel either delhi or dubai, but yesterday I had to push myself to do 10 readings, and what is funny is that by the end of the day I didn’t even feel that much of a strain. Though I was physically tired , I was still grounded mentally and emotionally, so now I know I can push beyond my own comfort level. It’s always good to challenge and push yourself and set high targets, but definitely not at the cost of being harsh with yourself.
Coming back to this post, I’d like to talk about a very very interesting subject close to my heart-Astral traveling.
I’m sure a lot of you have heard this term but for those who are not aware of it, let me explain. Astral travelling is the process of your authentic soul leaving the body, to move to another realm either spiritual or to a different place subconsciously to fulfil certain karmic duties. This happens at a very sub conscious level, especially when we are sleeping.
Scientifically the process of astral travelling has been validated In 2008 but I’ve been doing this ever since I remember. Going back a long way, when I was 16 yrs old and was initiated  by my master,I was exposed to a parallel universe and started travelling to these places sub consciously especially while sleeping.
I know a lot of things must be going on in your mind, but let me tell you that this is very natural. We all at some point have travelled sub consciously, to meet a loved one in a different part of the world, or for a specific karmic purpose. That’s why sometimes when you go to some place or meet some people , you get a déjà Vu that you’ve been there before or met the person before. That happens because at some point you’ve visited that place on the soul /subconscious level. Often when we wake up from a deep sleep, we feel tired and exhausted like we’ve worked all night or been somewhere and come back, that’s also another sign of astral travelling. Often our body feels a sudden sensation like a prick or cramping or feel a jerk , that’s usually when our soul is leaving or entering our body. It’s very natural for our soul to leave our body and come back as and when it pleases. No this is no joke. It’s for real. Sometimes our Authentic soul may leave our body and travel to the spiritual or parallel world or the physical world, leaving our body with a walk in or substitute soul. This is very common. Now what I mean by authentic soul here is that every body has an authentic soul that belongs to it,when it goes missing, we definitely don’t die if it’s astral travelling,it leaves a walk in to fill our body. This also happens sometimes when for days we feel like we are not there. We might feel blank or in a state of daze, and then after few days we get back to function I normally.  I’ve seen my own soul missing so many times and I have to trace it and bring it back. This is one of the reasons why I often tell my clients about energy protection. When you energy/auric field is not protected, our soul can walk in and out, leaving our body in a state of vacuum and at this point we have no idea who is taking charge. Sometimes it can be a harmless walk in but sometimes it can also lead to possession of entity attack.  Our body becomes like an empty home for anyone to take over.
I know a lot of people who consciously try to do astral projection, which can be harmful because while they leave the body they have no idea who the substitute soul taking place can be. This can lead to various emotional and esoteric side effects.
Anyways coming back to astral travelling , I’d like to share various experiences about it, just for the fun of it.We’ve often heard of us not being the only people out there in the universe. There are various other planets with inhabitants, which we call the parallel universe. To name few, there is Sirius , Pleiadian, Arcturian  and Iris. I’m sure there are many more apart from this, but these are the planets of light workers .what I mean by this is souls from this planet come through to earth as healers, masters, light workers ,torch bearers to convey the message of light , awareness and transformation. Very early in life I found out that my soul did not belong to earth. Though I’ve incarnated in human form, my soul belong to Sirius , hence I’m a star seed or Sirian. At first I would feel I’m the only weird one out here on earth, thinking and believing in a different manner, till I met few other sirians. The beauty is recognising them. I can count on my finger tips the number of sirians I’ve actually met in my life. Not too many but who so ever I’ve met has left a mark in a Way that our souls recognise each other , forming a very very deep etheric connection. Sirians are scattered all across the globe but also one thing about sirians is they never work together. All the sirians I’m connected to are outside of Mumbai and we have minimal interaction, because every Sirian has a role to play in other people’s life , restricting interaction or attachment with fellow sirians, else we would get so comfortable that we would not focus on our prime purpose of being here on earth.
Often in my astral travelling I would visit Sirius . And let me tell you it’s a beautiful  world out there, filled with nature and water. It’s a blue planet, where nothing but souls exist. There is no Eco system nor animals, they are just souls. I’ve only seen huge trees, somewhat like banyan trees without branch roots, I’ve seen the sunset there, water bodies in form of streams and lush green ground. I don’t even remember seeing bare ground. Everything is in shades of blue and green. There are no relationships there. Every soul is working and operating independently on the tasks that’s given to them. Even when I visit that planet, I see souls but there is no exchange of word or energy. We just cross ways without acknowledgement. We recognise each other but it ends at that.  There we also have many masters who guide us, one of the prime one being Ashtar or Hermes, who is the protector and warrior soul for sirians. He often comes through to us sirians when we are in doubt or need to invoke more life purpose. Our job in earth is never ending. Just as we finish one job, we pick up more work and it’s he who guides us through.
Apart from travelling to Sirius I’ve also travelled to the realm of angels and masters, which is divine, beautiful and inexplicable. Every time I close my eyes I can see that place so clearly like it can almost reach out to it. I travel there not only subconsciously but also consciously. It’s the realm at which ascended masters and archangels work. I often meet and talk to archangel Michael and he often guides me this. This world is where the building or library of Akashic records is. I got introduced to this 6 years ago during a trip to one sacred place called Hemkund sahib. It’s during is trip that I got aware to the mastery over Akashic records. The library where soul chart of each and every soul is recorded energetically.apart  from this I’ve seen the learning centre, where souls can travel to learn, I’ve seen healing chambers , where ascended souls and angels are working with one another to heal and get more power. I’ve seen school of writing where souls practise channeling and my most favourite place in this world is the dew garden (sleeping chamber that I call dew garden) which is lush green with different chambers for souls to rest. Very very often when I feel deprived of sleep physically or I feel exhausted and in need of energy sleep, I travel to this place before I sleep and put my soul to rest until next morning when I wake up feeling charged up.
This realm is pure white, like one would imagine. A lot of activities take place here and this is very different from Sirius because souls here do interact very actively with each other. Very often even during the day I might feel as if I’m there but not there in my body , and when I do track my authentic soul I find it literally “galavanting /hanging out ” in this realm. Initially it use to freak me out but now I laugh at it. When I shared my experiences with my husband, being a practical man that he is, was not taken aback at all, because he somehow believed every word I said, and he did turn around and tell me, that he also has visions of visiting a place like that , which validated my absurd yet enthralling experience. In fact the most interesting part about my husband is that he too is a Sirian but in this lifetime he’s not taken on a role  as a light worker. His role is to experience human reality and relationships, without any energetic interference of his light worker skills, but what is good is that he has an understanding of giving me the space to fulfil my life purpose which he understands deeply, consciously and sub consciously.
Apart from this realm, I also see my soul travelling to meet loved ones in different part of the world. This also happens to me consciously, like I can see them carrying on with their daily activity, and sometimes in cases after I’ve visited them, they do message or call back as if they dreamt or thought of me. I have also had visions of doing readings for people in my sleep , like it was almost real.i have a lot of people who have met me and those you’ve never even met me tell me that they dreamt of me and like I was giving them a message in that dream. I still am to find out what the reason behind this phenomenon is. Either it is that I have some karma towards them which my soul is fulfilling sub consciously or then they are attracting messages from universe and they  see me as a medium. This is still a question mark for me which I’m going to address soon.
I have no idea what must be going on in your mind upon reading this, but I’m just sharing bits and pieces of all that I’ve experienced during astral travel and of course the experience in inexplicable, but just to give you’ll a feeler of what exactly happens while astral travelling. We all at some point go through this phenomenon , but at least now you can put a finger to it.
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoying sharing about my deepest experiences. Please feel to leave a comment or ask questions about the same.

Sending you all loads of love and light
Tamanna C

Truth about Cancer; other ailments and Psychic Healing.

Good Morning.
Hope everyone’s having a good start to the week. As for me, I’m again catching a flight for my usual work trip sigh. It’s funny how airport has somehow become the most frequently visited place for me. In fact if I haven’t mistake I have visited the airport more often in the last one month than I have visited my own Bandra office ( that’s my second office apart from my office in South Mumbai.), for which I do
feel guilty about but just a matter of time , till my routine gets more organised.
I hope you all survived the effects of. Blood moon graciously and are ready to get going leaving behind the drama of September energies. I have just posted the October horoscope before this post. It’s crazy how every month I commit to try and post it on 1st of every month but it somehow really doesn’t happen. I often work on my horoscopes when I’m in flight and honestly it’s not more than a three hour job of writing it, actually that is a lot, but I never manage to finish it on time , there is always something pending or additional notes to be added. nonetheless It’s still the first week, So the time isn’t all the bad to prepare for the energies this month.
Now coming to this post, like most of you know that I started working with Cancer patients late last year. It was my first case that I took up in December’14 which showed successful results around April’15 where the doctors them self were surprised , as they had only granted the patient maximum of 3-6,months as it was in the fourth stage , but then miracles do happen. After that I felt more confident about working with cancer patients. I did come across a lot of people seeking guidance and healing but unfortunately I have to pick up cases that are only the physical and emotional level. I picked up 4 cases out of which over a period of 6months, they have been completely cured, and of course along with the help of medicine and science. I have always believed that spirituality and the healing work I do is an extension of science , for which the doctors that I have been meeting and interacting with have also validated and take it nothing less than a miracle.
Anyways I wanted to focus on this terminal disease Cancer which has seemed to take world and science by the storm. While this issue has been hanging around since the longest time, it’s become more and more evident in the recent time, where it’s almost. 1 out of 8 people suffering from it our talents diagnosed with initial symptoms. As an article in World-Pharma magazine quoted by Dr. Hendrick Stuweart stated that ‘everyone is prone to having cancer once in a lifetime, just that some people don’t live that long to face it”, which is almost becoming a fact.
I have heard and worked with cases from kids at the age of 16yrs to adults at 83 yrs suffering from this and it aches to see the agony they go through and even worse is the agony and helplessness of their family members. In fact I lost one of my closest school friend to cancer 5 yrs ago and unfortunately I didn’t have the awareness to heal or work with this illness back then,wish I could have…. But nonetheless everything has its time, for me to give and people to receive.
I believe and know that every disease or illness, be  it back pain, headaches, allergy , arthritis , sugar, or cancer , occurs at three different levels.
-physical level, where it occurs due to physical imbalance in the body . This can be cause to infection or degeneration at  cellular  level over a period of time. For example-headAche or allergy can be caused due to sun Stoke, dehydration, acidity or imbalance of minerals in the body.
Any disease occurring on the physical level can be cured with right kind of healing work. Sometime people may also suffer from severe disease due to low health cycle, which an be a temporary phase. A person suffering from cancer during. Low health cycle can be cured , once I do a reading to see what is e real cause of the ailment and what’s he duration of the low health period.  vary from 4months to 2 years. In this case 9/10 people can get cured with psychic operations that I perform.
Leaving aside one percent in case of the occurrence of an exit point. (Point at which the soul leaves the body).

The second level at which any ailment can occur is the emotional level. This means that if you are emotionally suppressed carrying any kind of pain, hurt, anger, situations from the past, fear , self guilt or insecurity , over a period of time can manifest as a disease in a particular part of the body. Suppressed communication can lead to thyroid or throat issues, suppressed anger can lead to back issues, difficulty in acceptance or forgiveness can lead to abdominal disease or ailment. So on and so forth . any ailment or even cancer can be cured at this level, but with a lot of effort both from my side as well as the patients side. There has to be emotional releasing and working on oneself. While I may guide and help with the healing it’s also the choice of free will of the person to release the suppressed energy blocks. It’s a team effort, unlike in the physical level disease only I work on it with energy operations and healing. There is not input required from the patience’s behalf. In the case healing will be slow and steady, depending on the input of the client.

Coming to the most crucial form of disease or ailment which is the KARMIC level. Any disease, be it migraine, abdominal , arthritis , allergy, cancer or any other ailment, on karmic level cannot be fully eliminated . As harsh as it may sound but the reality is that the patient has to live with it and exit with it. It’s a suffering the soul has chosen to go through; either to clear past baggage or repent due to previous negative karma, or the person has chosen to learn various lessons through that disease or ailment . Sometimes a soul may also choose to go through suffering , not for itself but for family and people around to clear their baggage through emotional suffering or providing service to the patient; In this case no matter at what level it is, and what kind of medical aid is provided, there is no end of the ailment or even if it is, it can keep reoccurring . But the catch here is that no matter how much the patient suffers at the physical or emotional level, the soul suffering is a lot less, because deep inside the soul has the awareness and acceptance of the choice is has made, and somehow gets a sense of innate strength to deal with it.

I have seen various permutation and combinations but I somehow don’t work with any disease at the karmic level. Not because it cannot be cured but because it’s interfering with the choice of the soul that it’s charted for karmically. But in this case what we can do is healing in a manner that the situation or suffering doesn’t increase .
Unfortunately when I get cases like this I have to keep a stone on my heart and be brutally honest about then situation and prepare them for what it is. Here I’d also like to mention that with the gift of reading and working with Akashic records I know that Karmas can be altered or erased with certain powerful techniques that I use, but it’s just that I have never done it and as of now I don’t see that doing it myself.i won’t even do it for myself because if I erase or manipulate it right now, sooner or later I will have to deal with it. Hence even with patients, if we do land up manipulating , one cannot Fathom in what way that might crop up again as a suffering in the future.

Cases on physical and emotional level are easily worked upon. Depending from case to case, it may require minimum of 2 and maximum of ten sessions depending on the route of healing I need to take up.  I have come across a lot of interesting cases where the reason of ailment can vary even on the physical level from past life to biomimicry of parents or ancestors, to being a portal carrying entities etc. it’s interesting to see he way the soul energy works , attracts and manifest something life threatening which can be cured by awareness and external energy work.

The only reason I decided to write about this is because more and more people have been asking me for cancer healing aid, but there like I said there is a way to go about it. To begin with is a basic reading to diagnose at what level it is and then working on it accordingly. If unfortunately it’s at the karmic level, I choose not to take the case up unless the client decides to come for emotional healing .
I am also working with a lot of renowned doctors and surgeons for them to understand the dynamics of energy work and how it can be implemented within medicinal limitations.
It’s been an interesting journey yet with a whole lot of responsibility not only of the patient but he family that turns for support and hope.
Hoping and praying that each and every soul learns their lesson gracefully without having to invoke life threatening ailment or disease or gong rough sufferings in this or another life time.

Please feel free to share this post with friends and family as you never know who’s life might change while reading this. If you have feedback or questions you can leave a comment .

Sending everyone love and light

Have a blessed week.
Love and light

October ’15 Horoscope.

October 2015

The energies in October will be far more calm and bring out a very different aspect of your nature.
You by now would have reached a point of contentment or detachment in a way that all the things that would bother you early no longer effect you or drain you out.
Work will be stable with some good news about a pending deal going through post 8th oct. there can be some last minute travel around 3-8th October for work which will be  positive. You might also hire or work with new team post 15th onwards. Some stuck paper work will move forward after 12th. For those who are in the creative field will think of joining a new job or starting something new or expanding exciting work.
Work will slow down post 26th October but due to a conscious effort.
Finances will be stable with slight extra expenses around 19-28th October.
Health will need attention between 3-8 and post 24th October. Nothing major but slight aches and pain due to exhaustion.
Family life will need attention and time between 1-10th October post which you will enjoy amazingly good time with family and partner. Post 15th October family events or quality time with your partner will be priority for you .avoid friction on 29th.
Social life will be hectic with too much to attend but very little time. Here you will have to prioritise and manage time. You  might reconnect with old friends after 14th and if you have plans of travelling you will end up meeting like minded people on your journey. For those who are single will land up dating someone they already know this month .

Karmic tip- Prioritise your life.

Get ready to pull your  socks up and get going with work . changes at work will keep you busy till19th October post which you will feel a lot more settled . You need to start delegating work this month, that’s your only way to finish work on time. If you are due for an important meeting in the first ten days of October chances are that results will come through after 16th October. Avoid friction at work between 15-19th .
Finances will be slow till 11th after which money will began to flow in. Unexpected money from family will surprise you after 22nd. Be more organised with money and avoid making heavy investments this month.
Health will be unstable throughout the month with minor aches and pain. Avoid over stressing while working out as it could lead to muscle pull or ligament tear around 15-26th.
Family life will keep you on toes till 16th. You may not agree with people this month including your partner but keep your cool as you might regret certain things you said or did. Relationships will get much better after 17th. Be more attentive with family members and don’t bring back past situations in the present. Good news from a family member can be expected after 22nd.
Social life will be smooth but due to excessive responsibility you might not be able to enjoy much. Avoid friction with an old friend between 11-15th as it could be nothing but over reaction from your side for which you might regret later. You will reconnect with old friends or ex flame post 23rd. Be very clear of how you wish to take the relationship forward from this point onwards. Don’t just go with the flow as always as it could backfire early next year.

Karmic tip- be compassionate with people.

October will be a great month for you with great news and work keeping you busy.
Work will be excellent till 24th after which you will make a conscious effort to slow down. This month you might get new clients and also work from old clients after 16th. You might also crack an important deal or expand you work after 17th October. This month there are chances of you hiring new people or working with new people. Overall one of the best months to lay a foundation from the next year.
Finances will be stable but make sure you don’t get carried away and spend money out of compulsions. Keep you financial paperwork in check.
Health will need attention between 15-29th especially eyes, head and throat. Avoid having ice as it could trigger of throat issues.
Family life will be smooth.avoid slight difference of opinion with a family member at work around 17th. Partner’s health might need attention around 23-28oct.
Social life will be smooth till 14th after  which  you will want to slow down due to pressure at might even plan a weekend getaway with friends in October.
For those who are single will meet someone interesting and chances are that a relationship will culminate by the end of the month.

Karmic tip-be more patient .

While everything in your life is perfect at this point, you will begin to question yourself for smallest situations. The key is not to take responsibility for other people’s problem.
Work will be stable with a great period between 9-20th just need to be focused rather than being all over the place . New opportunities will come through after 19th out but make sure you don’t over promise and under deliver.
Finances will be excellent with pending payments clearing after 6th and 24th. New work deals or clients will financial be very be beneficial around 15-28th October .
Health will need attention between 21-28th especially areas of stomach.avoid  eating out  pouring this period as chances that it might aggravate the issue. If the problem persist consult with the doctor.  Sleep will be disturbed throughout the month.
Family life will be smooth but due to your mood swings you will. It be able to enjoy quality time with family. Make sure you don’t over react as it might keep family at bay. Partner’s health will need attention between 16-27th October.
Social life will be smooth throughout the month and you might reconnect with people from the last after 8th. You might also have unexpected visitors around 25th . For ode who are single are bound to slip into a casual relationship whether they like it or not. Just go with the flow rather than being too judgemental about the future.

Karmic tip-focus on one thing at a time.

Finally energy cycles change for you is month bringing in much emotional stability that you need.
Work will be delayed  and frustrating till 6th October but pick up positively after that. Stuck paper work will clear after 8th and some clarity from client or partner will come through after 19th. Staff might give you stress around 22-27th. But keep you cool. If you are looking at starting new work, clarity about the same will come through after 16th October but results will be post November.
Finances will be delayed and this could create slight havoc in work or bill transactions but be rest assured money will come through after 15th and 27th October. avoid over indulgence as you could regret it later.
Health will need attention throughout the month especially stomach, eyes and head.
You could also be prone to disturbed sleep after 16th oct.
Family life will be stable but avoid friction or difference in opinion with older family members around 12-22oct. This could lead to emotional stress. Eventually you will just have to learn to detach rather than taking things personally. Partners health will need attention around 2-20 th oct.
Social life will be disconnected till 10th as your friends might be busier than the usual,but will get hectic by the time you hit 15th. You will also reconnect with old friends post 21st.

Karmic tip:-be more decisive.

You seem to be allot more settled and in a happy space than never before.
Clarity about new projects or on going work till make you happy till 17th October after which implementation will take up much of your time. You might think of hiring someone new to work with, but you’ll get clarity about is person after 17th October. Make sure you are more attentive at work as you might not notice some issues that could back fire after 16th October. Staff or coworkers will cause stress after 22nd October. This month you will also lay a foundation for new work. Results of this work will only be seen after Feb.’16.
Finances will be stable as you curtail excess expenses. You might want to pamper a loved one and go all out after 17th October. Pending payments will clear after 17th October.
Health will need attention between 6-19th, especially areas of throat, eyes and shoulder. You might just feel uneasy with irregular sleep patterns till 10th. Keep your self hydrated.
Family life will be stable till 22nd after which a family members emotional stress can cause worry to you. Nothing  major but you will just get effected due to unnecessary which may not be concerning you in anyway. Partners health will keep you worried till 10th October.
Social life will be on a roll throughout the Monet, but after a point you may withdraw consciously . You will also reconnect with old friends after 9th and  22nd October.sudden plans for social events can come up this month. For those who are single will be emotionally attached but will hold back on communication. Be more open in expressing yourself as it can take the relationship to the next level. Avoid fear of past.

Karmic tip-don’t procrastinate.

As you enter your birthday month you are at a crucial point of taking life altering decisions.
Career will be slow till 8th October but then will get really busy and hectic after 11th. There could be slight delays in work between 12-15th but eventually it will all work out in your favour. You might  also be sign new contracts or close deals between 12-26th October. For one who are planning a change of job/ role will get clarity around 10-15th. avoid friction at work post 25th. Some stuck paper will move forward after 18th.
New projects will keep your calendar busy post 26th.
Finances will be extra ordinary with big deals and pending payments clearing up this month. You might even make important investments either in business or property after 17th October.
Health will be unstable throughout the month especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Keep a check in your eating habits and avoid eating late night. You will have to visit the doctor around 22-27th for a check up.
Family life will be stable. THe only point of concern will be parent’s health between 12-28th October. Avoid friction with partner between 21-27th.
Social life will be stable till 17th October after which due to hectic work you may just not get e time. Avoid getting into any work related deal with a friend this month as it could fall apart.
Those who are single will meet interesting people, but clarity about your interest will only come to you after 15th. This month you could also loose your heart on someone who’s already committed, leading to slight disappointment

Karmic tip:- be a better listener .

While you have been busy planning what you’d like to achieve from this month, things might not go the way you want, leading to slight disappointment .
Work will be slow throughout the month, with friction so around 15-19th. You might even think of quitting a deal/job due to extra stress, but wait till 26th till you get clarity to. Avoid hasty decisions. A concrete deal about which you’ve been confident might get stalled or fall apart after 9th October.
Finances will be stable. Just the way they are. Not much benefits will come through.
Health will be stable but due to emotional stress, it can take a toll on your eating and sleeping patterns or might have constant headaches . Try practising yoga or meditation to deal with emotional stress.
Family life will be stable as you get enough of support from family members. Just make sure you don’t push them because of your erratic mood swings. You might even get a positive advice from a family member after 16th which you much pay heed to as it will work things out for you. If yup are married, partners health will keep you worried after 26th.
Social life will be good, but yet again due to work stress, you may not be as attentive. You will go out but not enjoy yourself. Avoid indulging in unnecessary substances to deal with stress. You will reconnect with old school or college friends which will be a pleasant change in your life .

Karmic tip: don’t magnify problems in your head.

You have been in your own zone,feeling  detached and disconnected with everyone around, this is just a phase.
Work has been stable but you are not getting the results you are expecting due to which you might feel stressed out. Be reasonable and don’t have high expectations. Be in gratitude for everything that is coming. New clients or work will come through after 9 and 27th October. You will also work with new people or hire new people this month . Old clients or colleagues may connect with you after 12th to work on a new project.
Finances will be good as pending payments clear up after 2 and 10th October. But again. The end of month you could feel financially exhausted due to unnecessary expenses .
Health will be stable with slight throat or allergy issues around 19-26th October.
Family life will be stable and smooth as you will enjoy quality time with family and partner. Travelling for social reason is also on the cards this month, where you’ll reconnect with whole lot of people. Make this most out of it.
Social life will love be stable but you will consciously disconnect after 17th to focus more on work. Those who are single mig feel lonely but their priority will be something else this month.

Karmic tip- avoid being judgemental towards people and situations.

You have no idea  where your life has headed since September was pretty harsh on you, but be rest assured post 8th October things will get much better.
Carer will be slow till 6th and pick up pace after 10th. You will also get acknowledged for your work and get more responsibility after 17th. For those in business will have plans of expanding or adding something new to their work profile which will be positive after 23rd. New clients will approach you after 17thOctober with results only in december’15.
Finances will be positive with money coming in after 12th and 26th, this month you might even get showered with gifts or surprises from loved ones.

Health will be much better than what it was on the past but take care of your back around 20-28th October.
Family life will be stable till 16th after which you might go through indirect stress with family members.people might turn to you for advice but keep it simple. Don’t get too involved as it could back fire. Avoid bringing up past issues post 26th.
Social life will be slow as this month work and other issues will be priority thought you will enjoy quality time with close friends post 24th. Singles will meet someone one interesting post 17th October.

Karmic tip-keep it simple.

Slow down is the only tip for you this month.
Work will be good but minor hiccups in terms of paper work and staff issues mig keep you on your toes. Everything will smoothen out by 16th. You can expect new work post 16and 22nd October . You might also work with new team /employees post 20th. Avoid being moody with people at work as it might just push them away. Organise paper work this month before it creates chaos .
Finances will be slow as you may not see any financial results of your hard work. If people owe you money, ere could be delays there too.
Health will need attention between 8-22october. Make sure you focus on your sleep patterns and don’t exert your back as you could be prone to muscle pull.
Family life will be stable as family members will be supportive and on the same page as you are. You might also spend quality time bonding or travelling with family. Post 19th October you will also reconnect with family from out of town, either those who are visiting or or while you have travel plans. Partners health might keep you worked around 15-23rd October. So,e good news from family member is expected post 26th .
Social life will be unstable. Can’t give you specific dates, but you will be moody when it comes to going out and hanging out with friends. Friends might perceive it to weird, but eventually they’d understand. You will meet likeminded and interesting people after 23rd October.

Karmic tip-be more balanced.

This month you will take a back seat and watch the world go by.
At work you seem to be in a content space. While here could be delays till 10th, you still feel secure and positive.e in short you are emotionally more balanced, which is good. Work from old clients will come in after 10th wi even more orders or projects after 26th. You might also focus on new business development or expanding current business or a change in role if you’re in a Job. Clarity about the same will come to you by 21st October .
Finances will be stable with increase in profits or bonus after 8th October. Avoid unnecessary expenses around 14-26th October .
Health will need attention between 7-16 and post 28th. Balance eating patterns and take up some physical activity .
Family life will be stable and fun. Just avoid friction over money with family members around 19-25th October .
Social life will be slow till 18th October ad you will focus on work and family, but post 20 social life will be hectic due to parties and weddings. For hose who are single will meet someone attractive and like minded Round 23-27th October.

Karmic tip-don’t take things personally.

Have a great month.
Love and light
Tamanna C