September 2015 Horoscope by Tamanna C


You are going to have to slow down whether you like it or not. You have been exhausting yourself beyond capacity and September will be a smooth speed breaker and much required one.Career will pick up after 3 rd September but will slow down between 15-21 . You might get clarity about a project between 6-18 September which will yield results only after 15 October.  New opportunities will come through between 4-17th September results of which will be after 26 September. Avoid friction at work between 11-19september

Finances will be stable with pending payments after 10 and 24 September. Avoid unnecessary expenses between 1-10september. This month you will focus on future invest plans or think for buying a property.

Health will need attention between 11-16 September and around 29 September. Sleeping patterns will be disturbed throughout the month.Family life will be stable. Avoid friction with a female energy around 19 and 26th September. A younger family members health will need attention post 20th September. Try and spend quality time with family members

Social life will be slow till 8th and pick up pace after 12 September. Between 16-24 you might even reconnect with old friends or a friend from another city.For those who are single, I suggest avoid rushing into a new relationship as this month you could feel mentally too exhausted to even getting to know anyone new.

Karmic tip- prioritize your life.


You seem to be lost and this month will give you a sense of new direction provided you take charge of situations.

Work will be slow till 14t September especially if you are in a creative field. You might even face flake for certain impulsive decisions made in the recent past. Avoid over reacting. For those who are in area of commerce will get promotion or there will be a sudden change in responsibility or role for the better. You might also work with new team members after 16 September. For those in business will feel frustrated as some clarity is still to come in before you take the next step. Avoid investing or starting a new business or line of work this month.

Finances will be stable but post 16 th September money will just not sustain. No matter how much money comes in, it will flow out before you now it. Make sure you pay your bills on time as it could lead to some minor issues.

Health will need attention 1-12 th especially areas of throat, sinus and allergy. Avoid spicy food this month.

Family life will be a balancing factor as you enjoy quality time with family members. Around 15-19 your partner might feel emotionally demanding, just be more patient rather than over reacting. Father figures health might cause worry post 19 September. Good news from a family member will come around 22­- 29 September.

Socially you will feel exhausted of meeting people as August was action packed so it’s ok to slow down and spend alone time. But post 17 September you will be connecting with a set of new friends of similar liking. For those who are single have already met someone interesting in August. Just a matter of time before you get clarity about this around 13-21 September. Beginning of a new Relationship is definitely on the cards.

Karmic tip- be more tolerant with yourself.


Mixed energies as you enter September . You will gain some and loose some. With emotions hitting the roof you will have to make a conscious effort to calm yourself down.

Career will be on a roll with a lot of decisions to be made. This month you will be laying of foundation for something new. It could also mean a new business, expansion or a new tie up which will manifest after 9 and 26 September. You will also be working with or hire new people after 18 September. Results of last month’s hardworking will be seen after 8th September. There could also be more responsibility at work after 18 September as your seniors might be extremely happy with your work. Avoid being over confident or arrogant with rapid growth.

Finances will be stable with more profits coming after 20 September. This month you might also benefit from investments made in the past.

Heath will need attention this month. Nothing in particular but you might feel physically drained or sensitive throughout the month. Make sure you eat on time and if a problem persist get it check with the doctor .

Family life will need attention between 2-10 September. Avoid friction with a family member. Partners health will need attention between 21-30 September. Avoid any confrontations with family member around 19-21 September as things might backfire.

Social life will be slow till 14 and pick up lace after 22. There could also be trial plans for a social cause or with friends. If you are single you will enjoy way too much attention from the opposite sex, just avoid getting carried away and keep your priorities in place.

Karmic tip-be more decisive.


September will mark a new beginning for years to come. You have a lot of ideas and thoughts which you have been suppressing or avoiding which will culminate this month.

Work will be smooth. Rather neutral but you will begin to create new ideas after 8 September which will manifest in reality in October . You just need to have faith in your vision. Stop seeking approval. You might also create a new team ,to execute new work . New clients will come around 11 September bringing in great positivity. You will be appreciated this month.

Finances will be stable. With pending payments clearing after 9th September. You can receive some unexpected money after 24th September .

Health will need attention between 4-20 September especially areas of back and knees. Avoid eating out between 11-19 September.

Family life will be stable. You will enjoy quality time bonding with a female family member. Partner’s health will need attention between 19-24 September .

Social life will be stable , but post 18th September it might slow down due to hectic work schedule.

Singles will be happy Being alone as this month priorities will be different.

Karmic tip- with so much happening focus on one thing at a time.


Slow down. The only advise I’ll suggest this month. There seems to be a lot of friction around and you need to withdraw as you could land up in some real mess. Don’t mean to scare you but just preparing you against the big wave.

Work has been slow since 29th August and will be slow till 17 september. you might go through friction with people at work around 8-20 which could also lead to talks of split or break in a partnership so be very careful of which way you tread. This could be a frustrating month for you as you may not receive any clarity but situations will be much better after 26th September, so just hang in there.

Finances will be stable. Nothing that bad for you to get worried but avoid unnecessary expenses around 6-19 September.

Health will be disturbed purely because of stress between 6-16 September and after 27 September.

Family life will be disturbed thorough out the month. Avoid friction around 2-5th September and after 17 September. Don’t bring back past issues with family member or partner as you could receive a lot of grief for your past decisions. If you are looking for an comfort or emotional support from family members you might feel disappointed.

All I’ll say is, just avoid expecting anything from anyone this month no matter how close you feel or how much you love them.

Social life will be a saving grace as you will connect with friends and enjoy quality time. Avoid friction with a friend around 12-16 September . But things will settle down after 19 September. Your friends will be a pillar of support but just make sure you trust gear advise and implement it.

Karmic tip: be balanced.


This month is all about clarity and planning the future. Though you like everything perfect it’s time for you to be more flexible and accepting towards people and situations just that way they are.

You might lose focus on work till 10th September post which work will pick up and also give you results after 19th September. You might hire or work with new people but avoid stress or friction post 26th. You might also have new ideas around 21-24, don’t discard them. Instead speak to people who can help you manifest it.

Finances will be slow till 17th also due to extra expenses. Pending payments will clear post 22.

Health will need attention between8-12 th September. You need to catch up on quality sleep and get back to some routine exercise.

Family life will be stable with minor stress over family members health around 22-28.

Social life will be on a roll .you will spend a lot more time catching up with friends one on one and. Exchange ideas and thoughts. You will also meet new like minded people around 18th. For those who are single will meet a love interest after 9th. It could also be someone you’ve met earlier or you know from the past.

Karmic tip- start being in gratitude.


The energies this month will give you a sense of direction in areas of work as well as relationship, e trick is to take the leap at the right time.

Work has kept you disturbed since mid August and will continue till 11 September. Clarity about a stuck deal/project will only come through After 17th September but in all likelihood things might not go the way you want it. Either terms and conditions won’t be good enough or the deal will fall apart (I could be wrong here depending on individual charts ). You might also have a difference in opinion with a partner or employee around 10-15 September so keep you anger in check. Work will pick up pace after 22 September . Avoid starting a new deal or project before 17 September as it could cause unexpected delays or loss.

Finances will be slow throughout the month till November. While money is expected to come in it will be with slight delays or bits and pieces. Avoid excess expenses as you might regret it later.

Heal will need attention between 11-20 September and this could be purely due to mental stress.

Family life will be stable till 11th but be ready to face drama or confrontations from partner or family members. This could also be due to a past act of yours which went unnoticed . Avoid over reacting as it might only back fire and damage the relationship for good. Family member’s health will need concern after 25th.

Social life will be slow till 24th due to all he stress. You will reconnect with old friends after 25th. For those who are single might impulsively enter a relationship which they might regret post 27th September .

Karmic tip- slow down.


The energies in September will be extreme. Either you will be on a high or will hit rock bottom.

Work will be stable with new projects after 9th and 18th September. A stuck project will also pick up lace after 6th . New projects or talks about it will keep you busy with hectic routine.  While work is good. You will still be mentally stressed inking about e outcome. All I’ll say is enjoy he journey. Stop being persistent .

finances will be stable but you will be faced with unexpected expenses after 15th September which could create a slight mental upheaval when it comes to financial security. Invest careful. Avoid getting carried at by people as far as your investments or finances go.

Healthy will be unstable throughout the month.

Nothing major but slight nagging issues. Make sure you keep a check on your water intake and eating habits. You could be prone to a water borne disease or infection this month.

Family life will be stressful till 21. People around might act difficult or emotionally clingy without giving you much space to be yourself. You might feel a constant stress or pressure to keep up to someone’s expectations. Let me tell you that this is just a phase and things will settle down post 26th. Avoid over reacting around 19-23rd, as this could lead to more insecurities from a family member’s side.

Social life will be smooth. In fact   friends will go all out to cheer u

You up and make you feel better. You just need to be open to receiving their guidance and help. For those who are single will be ready to mingle and enjoy all the attention but clarity about commitment will only be after October so take your time and enjoy the attention.

Karmic tip- be more balanced.


You won’t know where you are coming from and where you are going. Either you will be blank or lost is month.

Work will be slow till 22nd which almost through the month. There could be slight issues at work place around 11-16 September which might test your patience. You might also have to be adaptive to new people at work. Avoid starting a new project or signing a contract before 14 as it could fall apart later.

Finances will be slow but post 9th pending payments will come through. Solve splurging unnecessarily.

Health will be stable. But routine will be disturbed throughout the month.

Family life will be stable. Is month you will spend quality time with family and partner . Only concern will be a family member’s health between 17-29th.

Social life will be slow till 10 but will pick up Drastically .you will be on a social role and centre of attention wherever you go. For ghost you are single will meet someone interesting before 10th September who could soon turn into a love interest.

Karmic tip:-be more patient.


This month just avoid any kind of friction. One thing will just lead to another, making you the epicenter of all the stress and turmoil.

Work will pick up pace after 4th September but you might not enjoy the company of people that you are working it. Everyone around you will just test your patience so you be aware of how you need to handle this. New projects or opportunities will come your way after 16t September but clarity will only come in after 26th.

Finances will be stable as some pending payments will clear after 6 and new money is expected to glow after 17th.

Health will need attention from 1-10th and post 24th.avoid eating outside between 23-27th.

Family life will be stressful throughout the month, nothing to do with you but stress due to others. People around you might get emotionally demanding ,so watch your words before you push them away . Family member’s health will keep you worried. Post 17th.

Social life will be a drag where you could be out every day but may not enjoy yourself. While social life picks up after 16th where you will get enough of invitations to keep you busy, you will just feel blah about going out.

Karmic tip:-be clear in your head of what you expect from yourself.


This will be a hectic min but giving you the results you have been waiting for.

Work will be slow but positive till8th September but after 11th you will not know what hit. You will be on a roll, closing deals, signing contracts or initiating new projects. An important meeting set up between 12-17 will go in your favor with “brilliant” results after 27th. You might also have to hire new people or set up a new team suddenly due to increase in work. Fame or recognition will follow post 22nd. If you are work I on setting up something new since July, chances hat project might take off after 15th. This will be a turning point in your life .

Finances will be smooth with bigger and better deals coming your way. This month here won’t be a day where you have to stress about finances.

Health will need attention between 6-19 , and this could be pure exhaustion. You need to give. You body the nutrition it need. Have enough water and catch up on sleep.

Family and social life will be absolutely disconnected. In fact it won’t be on priority due to hectic and productive work. You partner or family member might feel neglected so make sure you remove some quality time for them around 18-22september. The only relaxing time of e time where you can spend better times is post 22nd with boy family and friends. Avoid over committing this month.

Karmic tip- be more attentive.



You could be very harsh on yourself this month for no rhyme or reason. You need to slow down the mental pace of your mind.

Work will be stable with new work. coming in after 12 and 27th September which will only manifest in October. Avoid mood swings with people at work as you could tick someone off around 17th . Be patient and focus on one thing at a time. Work is not ex issue here, but the way you handle it can create issues so be more mature about it.

Finances will be slow till 9t after which you can expect money to flow in. This month here could be extra expenses due to certain heavy investments you are planning to make.

Health will need attention between 1-10th especially areas of head and eyes. If you are prone to allergy or sinus, take care this month. Avoid having too much ice as it might not suit you.

Family life will be smooth. You will enjoy quality time with family members and bond with younger family members. Partner’s health might keep you worried between 19-26th September. Avoid bringing back past issues as it might just create unnecessary drama. Like I said there may not be a real problem but because you are going to magnifying things in you can create unnecessary stress for yourself.

Social life will be smooth till 17th after which you might make a conscious effort to slow down .those who are single will meet interesting people and clarity about a relationship will come through after 27th . Avoid getting carried away by people’s judgment will making decisions.

Karmic tip-prioritize your life.

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