Gratitude increases your spiritual vibration.

The frequency of gratitude holds the power to release the shackles of suffering and transport us into the realm beyond dreams where past struggles reveal their blessings and we look out on all that is with a crystal clear vision of love and acceptance.

This past year has taken us on a long journey designed to help us revisit any energies we still hold around past circumstances. At times, old issues resurfaced, amplifying our emotions so we could hold them in awareness and examine them from a new and more empowered perspective. Any lingering resentments about the past can now be dispelled by surrounding them with gratitude.

Gratitude is a Frequency in the Universe

Gratitude is a frequency in the universe that draws us into closer union with our higher self’s vast storehouse of wisdom. As we align ourselves with the frequency of gratitude, we are able to download the higher vision for any situation that once tethered us to frequencies of victimhood and blame.

These downloads are encoded with the agreements we hold with other souls to create mutually- beneficial learning situations. The encoded information touches on things like the purpose of our current life time, a bird’s eye view of our current situation and even the blueprint for the entire evolution of our soul.

It may be said that gratitude is the key that turns the lock, springing open the door into the future of our becoming.

Gratitude is Magnetic to Abundance and Synchronicity

Because gratitude is founded on the idea of acceptance, faith and spiritual alignment, it is also magnetic to abundance and prosperity. It draws to us the things we need within the moment, and radiates a subconscious message that attracts synchronicity and miracles.

No matter what is happening in your life, find a way to embrace the circumstances and express gratitude for them and you will soon find yourself basking in the spiritual wealth and blessings of the universe.

Everything is Love in Search of Itself

It is now at this time when many step back from their routines to give thanks that we can take this opportunity to step into a deeper level of gratitude for all the situations and the people in our lives. As we do so, we enter a new level of embracing our own pain-and-suffering and our struggles. This allows us to touch a loving, peaceful place within ourselves where everything that comes before us is love in search of itself and the souls we meet are fellow travelers in search of the deeper understanding that propels us all on our journey of growth and expansion.

Have a blessed day
Love and light
Tamanna C

Truth about Soul and life purpose

The truth about soul…
Very seldomn i’d put a tag saying “ITS A MUST READ…” but this is a piece of thought im sharing for every individual to read. not very long unlike other one’s am just going to keep it short and basic.The moment we think about the word “SOUL”, the word spirituality comes to Us.We think its a part about us that we should be thinking about only when we go through tough times or sometimes only after we have crossed a particular age to take to our journey towards our Inner Self or Soul.Throughout our lives we believe in doing Good Karmas with the greed of going to heaven and escaping the hell, but the question is who really determines what is Good and Bad?something that is good for you can be bad for someone and vice versa,and do wel all really do this for hell and heaven? or is it actually for a SOUL.Its the part of our existence which goes un-noticed for all the decades that we live.While we are in the process of discovering it, wel live in another myth about ways and means to reach it and gain access.Its not all that complicated….. its just a matter of awareness and will… if you have the will, grace will bring about the awareness…. its all around us… we just have to capture the essence of finding our way back.While every individual may have their will to look for it, i think it should be made the necessacity for each human to unlock their humanity and touch base with their spirit-uality…its not only important for your personal growth as a human, but also as a soul….Getting in  touch with your soul is not the way of enhancing human life, but being human and being in touch with your soul enhances your Soul growth in the universe.The reason I use the word Universe here is because we all are a part of the universal much as we may think about “I” the fact of the matter is that though our soul resides within us, its our personal gateway to heaven, our source of energy and life, our decree of karma and all its cycle, its somethin that we live with all our life times, its something which is only for us to discover and cherish, the energy of which gives us the much needed peace on all levels of existence. Our soul belongs to us, its as personal and intimate anything or anyone can get with us. but in this whole paraphenelia of calling it our own…. we must not forget that our soul, as much as it is personal and intimate, It is UNIVERSAL…..Every move that we make, every step that we take, every word said by us, every action that definates US as human and soul is affecting souls around us. we do things for ourself, but do you realize how you are affecting every soul around us, and how every soul will be affecting the souls in their life because of what they gather from us. Its an on-going process which finally sub-merges into to Universe. Its not all that complicated, just that we need to be more aware of our actions not only for ourself… but because you never know how many souls are getting affected by words said by you, but steps and actions taken by you.You are a part of this Universal energy as much as God is.He created it but left it on US souls to recreate and make it one with his Light.
While you enjoy the intimacy with your soul, start to enjoy being a part of the Universe.dont look for the Light for yourself.Be the light for millions of soul you can touch unknowingly.
Only when you discver your way there, you will find something precious called your LIFE PURPOSE.

Love and light
Tamanna C

Re-evaluating your karmas.

Dear Readers, 
As the divine shaft of light entire the Earth energies today, it’s time for clearance. These shafts of divinity are finally hear to clear all the previous created toxics that’s have been releasing from each and every soul. Every soul has covered one of the most difficult journey… if not on the physical level, then definitely on the sub conscious level. This cycle was a period of making one realize the amount of garbage and toxics they have been walking ahead with… and if we are to carry it any further, it’s going to cause damage we cannot even fathom. 
The lesson we all are to learn from this cycle is to release and detach because if we do not do so, the damage that has been caused to our relationships or psyche is just a preview of what further damage it can cause to us… if we wish to move forward with grace we have no choice but to let go of these previous patterns. For those who are able to let go will be able to move on with grace and strength, but for those who do not transform, will continue with their toxics and attract people with similar toxics. It’s the time to make CHOICES. In this cycle we have been through not only our toxics releasing but also the release of others around us. During this time we have a choice if we wish to continue our journey with them or part ways. The choices we make NOW will determine our life ahead… 
I know it’s been a very tough time, but from now onwards the journey can get better, if you are just allowing your little ego self to let go of your patterns. Do not worry about whether the other person is learning or not. You have to make choices only for yourself. 
As you find the energies shifting make sure to sit in awareness and focus on all your aspects of recurring patterns that causes the other person to behave like this or certain situations to rise up time and again… see what needs to be done. Communicate in a COMPASSIONATE manner… pray or simply release to the universe by expressing your gratitude. 
These are going to be the last few steps where you have the chance to shed the unwanted… if you are unable to do that now… it will become a part of your karma and then only the divine knows when will the next opportunity come for you to shed and revaluate your karmas. 
Be aware. Accept your blessings and move on. 
Loads of love and light, 

Mediatation for pregnant women to deepen their connection with their baby.

Deepening your connection to your baby during pregnancy is not only fulfilling in itself, but has benefits for both mother and baby. This new podcast meditation helps you to relax deeply, tune into your body and connect with the baby in your womb.

When deeply relaxed, everything flows more easily in your body, circulating blood with its nutrients and oxygen to nourish both you and your child. Your breathing becomes deeper and more regular. The physical benefits of this for both you and your baby are obvious. Mentally your mind becomes more settled and open and you are able to focus on your baby. Emotionally, you are more available to bond with your child and tune into your child’s presence and energy. Being more tuned in will automatically guide you in your eating and lifestyle choices.

As you continue to use the meditation, your connection will deepen. You may also want to share the meditation with the baby’s father. When the guidance is to become aware of the baby “inside you”, he can also connect with the baby inside you. Listening together will enhance your connection with each other, harmonize your intentions, and help you bond with each other as you bond with your baby.

This meditation was born of many requests by pregnant women .I would love to hear about your experiences with the meditation!

Love and light
Tamanna C