Living Life with your own frequency

We exist in a world comprised of many different forms of stimuli. Our lives  are filled with a myriad of different energies. When we a born to this planet,  our perception of these energies is sometimes limited as we struggle to overcome  the starkness of physical existence compared to our etheric existence in the  other dimensions. The world is truly a melting pot of not only different types  of humans, but also different types of energy and vibration.We are entering a time now where our previously limited perceptions are  expanding toward an evolution in consciousness. Our blinders are being removed  to reveal a world full of depth that we existed within, yet did not realize due  to much of this world’s stimuli that works against our etheric energy at times  and clouds our vision.
Shifting our perceptions to the dynamics of energy all around us can be  difficult. The key is to shift slightly to understand the existence of and  incorporate more energy concepts in our daily lives. By recognizing that each  individual has a unique energy, that plants and animals have their own, that  emotions, feelings and words convey energy and so on, we can transform our  perceptions. By expanding our consciousness this way , we accept that we are  receiving energy and vibration throughout our day. Once we view these dynamics,  then we can begin to assess how we feel in relationship to these energies. We  can then form trust with our instincts and feelings as we learn that our  reactions and feelings are based on our interpretations of energy between  ourselves, this world and other dimensions.
People who grow up in their physical existence already fully aware and in  tune with these energies learn to interpret them earlier and are hence more  connected to the universal life source and the information it brings. These are  the psychics, mystics, healers and gifted ones of our world. The amount of  awareness already “built in” is generally in relationship to the life path of  the individuals. Of course there are no absolutes, however if the tools are  needed by the individual, then they can be already established coming into a  particular lifetime. Everyone is capable of learning to interpret energy and  connecting to the universal energy if it is in their highest desire to do  so.
Our etheric bodies are wonderful adapters to situations. In the physical  world we call this type of reaction “fight or flight”. In a similar way, our  etheric body can match a vibration in order to maintain a balance of energy. We  can teach ourselves over time that we do not have to necessarily match the  vibrations of others, but can hold our own vibration in balance and harmony  instead. This comes with practice and a willingness to hold the highest  vibration in the universe-unconditional love.
You can now apply this same view to other interactions in your life.  Understanding the energy dynamics in your life is key to the full awakening of  your etheric self in this world. We can also assist others with there own  spiritual transitions if we all begin to open our hearts to understand the  energy between us. As you open in the future to the energy in your life, a  dramatic shift will occur as you gain greater empathy for people through your  utilization of these vibrational concepts. When you view the energy involved in  a particular situation it becomes less and less about “he said, she said” or “me  and them” and more about being one with the collective vibrations of the  universe. We all can help to remove the judgments from our world by  incorporating energy and living more vibrationally in the years that follow.
Have a blessed day.
Love and light
Tamanna C


Self Acceptance- a lesson…a virtue… a way to breaking free from pain..

The process of self-improvement often has a destructive impact mentally and emotionally. If you ask what you “should do” or “should be” you become set up for self-rejection. Your mind immediately creates a conceptual image of what you should be and another part of your mind determines that you are not the conceptual image you just created. The voice in your head makes a judgment that you are a failure for not meeting the mental image and you end up feeling “not good enough.” All of this because you don’t meet the conceptual image you fabricated in your mind; an image that isn’t even real.   By desiring to be “something” different, you have formed a mental criteria of what you should be, and subconsciously reject yourself the way you are. An example of this “self-help ” approach is the way people approach weight loss. Weight loss is likely motivated by the judgment that your body is not acceptable the way it is. The stronger the rejection of your body, the stronger your commitment to lose weight. Losing weight appears to be the way to relieve ourselves from the unhappy self-rejection. The problem is that the body isn’t causing the unhappiness. The self-rejection dynamic is happening in the mind.


Rejection from the voice in our head is painful if we believe it—-Self-Acceptance is the way out of self-rejection You don’t have to change what you are or what you have to be happy, but instead change the emotion you are expressing. If you are expressing anger then you will feel angry. If you express jealousy or guilt, then you will feel jealousy and guilt. If you are expressing love then you are likely to experience happiness and fulfillment. Think back to different times in your life and make a note of what you were expressing. We often associate feeling happy with who we were with what we had, or what we were doing. Those external things were not making us happy. It was the love we were expressing at the time that fulfilled us.    Studies show that people who are happy are spending time gardening, with people they love, and working on things they are passionate about. The common element is not the things they achieve, or what they are doing. The common element that creates happiness is that they are expressing love in all those instances. They are expressing love to who they are with or for what they are doing.    Self-acceptance is the first step toward expressing love for yourself. If trying to “be something different” creates an expression of self-rejection, then the solution is to create an expression of self-acceptance. Saying this in words is simple, but doing this is not necessarily easy.


Steps towards Happiness begin with Awareness—– The first step is to be aware of your attention and your expression in the moment. You can not change something you are not aware you are doing. This also takes the attention away from the images in your mind of what you “should be.” Just by shifting your attention you interrupt the pattern of rejection. To help you make the shift ask these types of questions throughout the day. What am I expressing? What is my attitude? What emotion am I conveying in my voice? These questions will bring your attention to your expression in the moment. They also shift your expression and point of view to one of inquiry instead of letting the voice in your head express a story of rejection.    Being aware of your expression is the first step in change. You cannot change something that you are not aware of. One reason why this step is effective is that being aware does not create the expression of self-rejection.

The mind leads us in circles and illusions.—–The mind’s solution to stopping self-rejection is to just stop it and act differently. But this again drives our mind to create a conceptual self-image of being someone else. This approach feeds the self-rejection for not having accomplished the change yet. To avoid this trap start with awareness of your expression and your attention. It allows you to better circumvent the critical voice in your head and the self-rejecting dynamic that it fosters. The activity of observation and curiosity is an expression that doesn’t create rejection.   Happiness and joy aren’t guaranteed because you achieve your self-help goals. These are just games we set up in the mind to trigger our expression of love and acceptance. It is your expression in the moment that determines the happiness and joy in your life. When you express love you are happy. When you express emotions of fear and anger you are unhappy. We have become conditioned in our life to express ourselves in reaction to outside events. Only when we break these conditioned emotional responses and consciously choose our attitude will our happiness be assured. Having awareness and direction over your expression is the key to assuring your happiness.    The key to create authentic happiness in your life is to express love. Since your expression of love is solely up to you, you already have the key to your own happiness. What remains is for you to determine what you do with your key.
Love and light,
Tamanna C


The Inner path to Soul Mate/ Twin Soul.

Throughout your life, you grow in wisdom and insight. This raises your frequency and vibration and attunes your consciousness to new fields of possibility. One field of possibility has to do with manifesting a spiritual soulmate relationship in physical reality. Once the idea to manifest this type of relationship enters your consciousness, you are already in the early stages of manifesting it at the energy level.
Many people sense the presence of their inner soulmate and they may even experience meeting in dreams or meditations with a soul who carries the energetic signature of their inner soulmate. However, not all these connections manifest in physical reality. This seeming inability to manifest a soulmate sets up a great longing and sadness that can haunt a person throughout their life.
Most often, soulmate unions fail to manifest in the physical due to misunderstandings about the nature and purpose of soulmates and the steps needed to manifest the connection. One of the greatest misunderstandings is that it’s necessary to pursue a relationship by running here and there. Attempting to find your soulmate in the outer world is putting the proverbial cart before the horse. The connection with your soulmate begins at the energy level, within your own consciousness. In fact, this connection always exists and is present at all times. All it needs to manifest in physical reality is for you to bring your focus, intention and attention to it, then energize, nurture and become the essence of this connection. It is then that an actual flesh and blood person can show up to reflect to you the light that radiates from the union of your inner soulmates.
Once you have set an intention to manifest a soulmate relationship, you will likely receive visions of steps to take to energize and deepen this connection, hastening its arrival in the physical. These steps may involve clearing up old energies and misunderstandings, creating needed healing at all levels, coming into deeper levels of self-love and nurturing, awakening to your spiritual purpose, forging a stronger connection with your higher self and bringing all aspects of your consciousness on board with your intention to manifest a soulmate in your physical reality.
Have a blessed week.
Love and light
Tamanna C