My appeal to all my followers/ readers

Hello Peepz

Hope everyone’s having a good week going for them. As for me I’m sitting in Alibaug , attending a wedding but since I find the need to get this message across I couldn’t stop myself from leaving aside the celebrations and getting to my work and writing this message .

We all know about the devastation that’s been going around last couple of weeks. I know it’s just been 5 days for the Nepal earthquake, but we are not aware of the earthquake that took place North of China on 16th April’15 ( and believe it or not I had seen visions and even spoken about it with my partner before it even happened). Post which there was also the Volcanic eruption in Chile which effected thousands and now the Endless tremors in Nepal. all of a sudden worlds just come so close on networking sites that’s the messages spread like fire which has its pros and cons. thanks to these social sites helping and volunteering has become so easy. it’s made us more aware of our responsibilities as citizens of same country .

A lot of people have been messaging me and asking me about the future calamities and if any more expected and as to why is all this happening. I wouldn’t lie but I am not shocked with all that is going on. its saddening but not shocking for the simple reason is that we are just overlooking the damage we are doing to nature. Earthquakes and Volcanoes one after the other are just ways of Earth seeking our attention but I don’t really think anyone is getting the message right out there.

For a change the reason I write this blog is not to make you aware but make a strong APPEAL to all of you reading this blog. to be honest I was thinking about the time and energy I’ve spent of Face book/ twitter and now my blog in posting my thoughts/ awareness and soul food. and it would be safe to say that due to which I have a following and number of people reading this, but has anyone ever thought what do I ever get out of it? Not that’s I’m actually doing this for anything, but think about it for a minute what could possibly be my intention of just trying to make people more aware.?

In fact I wonder, that out of all the people reading my blog/ status updates on Face book etc how many of them are actually implying and learning what I am writing? in fact I cant even confidently put a percentage because I really don’t know and honestly it’s not my karma to check whether they are, because we all have a choice of free will, but coming back to the reason why I am writing this blog is because for the first time I am asking my followers/ readers/ fans to do something for me.

We are constantly running behind our life/ goals/ dreams and materialistic wishes that we have forgotten to realize that there is something bigger than that. It’s the need of Mother Earth.

On a psychic /spiritual note, the Universe is our father God, that’s why god is always addressed as father, and we come to earth as humans to serve to mother earth indirectly. As humans we are a medium/ point of connection between Father Universe and Mother Earth. It’s through us that the Universe passes its energy to mother Earth. We are the source of energy for the Core of earth, but just that we are so oblivious to this fact that we don’t realize that we are not only depriving mother Earth from what she needs, but depleting her even more. It’s like slowly destructing the house we are living in. And when she yells or demands attention, we do nothing about her, but just focusing on the external damage done (to humans , places and geography).

I Hereby make an appeal to sit back and just be aware to the role each and everyone places to contribute to mother earth and if we get together we can make a difference. I don’t mean to give a lecture or share wisdom, but I ve done Mass Healing and Mother earth healing for years but I alone cannot make a difference. It has to be collective.

All I am asking for is contributing 1 minute a day to send healing to mother earth and paying gratitude for all she does for us.

Below are steps mentioned to do mother earth healing.

1>Sit in a quiet place and cup your palm at a distance as if you are holding a globe.

2>Visualize white light entering from your crown chakra( yip of your head) flowing through your hands and visualize you send it to the core of mother enter. keep sending energy till you fill the imaginary globe/earth as a ball of white light. this can take anything between 1-4 minutes or may be more depending on how much are you willing to contribute.

3>one you are done, you can move your palms and open your eyes.

This can be done as many a times you want, at any given time of the day, anywhere- home- office or even while travelling.

you may laugh at how simple it is and wonder how can something to simple make a difference, but it’s all about the energy and intent which Mother earth will pick up the moment you connect with her. you can also take time to communicate your gratitude and love to mother earth for all that it has done for us .

It’s time for collective awareness and action, because if it’s not taken at the right time, the energy portals of calamities and mass destruction will be open till 19th August’15 and a lot of other damages can be done/ rather on its way.

I really request you to share this or pass this information with people who would be willing to contribute.

Please feel free to leave your comments/ questions.

Loads of love and light

thank you in advance.

Tamanna C


Are you eating for your body or emotions? Ways to deal with emotional eating.

Hello peepz

Hope you are doing well..? I know it’s been long and I almost disappeared on my own blog after my last post on soul food, but was travelling and it turned out to be an unexpected trip. I visited Singapore last week and thought I’d be blogging from there ,especially wanted to cover the food culture but just didn’t get the time to even explore the local cuisines, but I promise the next time I’m there, I’m definitely going to share the food and spiritual culture of that place. As for now coming back to Food for soul and my post for today is going to be about emotional eating.

I meet alot of people who complain about their weight but very often complain about their eating habits. we may not realize but our mental and emotional level plays a very important part on our physical being. I often share with people that we are made of 5 dimensions as follows-

1>Aura- the energy shield around you .

2>physical level- your body.

3>Mental level- thoughts, beliefs, perception, brain processing.

4>Emotional level- feelings, sense, emotions.

5>Psyche/ Soul level- karma and wisdom.

Now a block on any of these levels will create a block or imbalance on other level. for example, if you are physically unwell, it will reflect in your auric field, making you feel more weak with weak immunity, it will eventually lead to mental stress and emotional insecurity.

It is scientifically proven that there is a emotional/ mental reasoning behind every disease/ ailment including something as terminal as cancer.

Now coming back to how emotional stress can lead to over eating.

Whenever we work from our levels of 5 dimensions, we consume energy. if we physically exercise we need energy to replace it, hence we feel hungry. when we think too much or over work, we need to balance it with energy. similarly when we are emotional low or drained, there is consumption of energy due to which we land up eating more than our normal intake/ capacity. it’s also proven that in any healing work, especially with light workers/ healers our consumption of water/ salt/ sugar is more than normal. I don’t know about other healers but for me I need 12-14 liters of water and a little extra salt in my food, since I’m not much of a sugar person ( luckily I detest sweets).

Emotional stress usual involves feeling fear, insecure, angry, low, upset, sensitive, cranky etc. while our emotional energies are at play, we land up magnifying the problem more than what it is. there is nothing wrong in it but it’s just human nature due to which there is more energy burning than the usual. in order to balance the outgoing energy, we consume food which is physically not needed by us, resulting in putting on weight/ fat. I am not saying it’s bad, because we all go through it, but what’s important to keep it in check.

just because we are emotionally low, doesn’t mean we must physically torture our self and later realize and regret what was not needed.

Here are some tips to deal with emotional healing-

1> whenever you find yourself eating more than the usual, ask yourself is it my body that needs to or my emotions. bring your awareness to the root cause.

2> the moment you get aware to your need, you affirm – I will only eat as much my physical body needs and can sustain without causing any imbalance in my physical body.

3> if you are craving sugar (which most of the people do when emotionally low) always have a sweet/ candy which is high on sugar and less on fat, rather than indulging in fatty desserts/ chocolates/ ice cream. another short cut is just have a spoon of sugar directly as it will give you the energy rush that is needs, cutting down the need for you to binge in un-necessary sweets.

4>If you are craving salt, have a packet of salted wafers. not that it’s the healthiest option but again its potato and salt which gives the much needed energy, rather than you binging on other savory/ fried food.

5> have as much as water as you can.

6> always balance your meals. if you are having excess sugar during one meal, balance it with salt in the next meal. don’t over do anything, else it will lead to repulse reaction, which in turn will make you feel even more sick.

7>Having any kind of herbal tea also reduces emotional level quickly, cutting off the un-necessary craving you have.

8> another technique I follow if at all I’m emotionally low, is that I start on the spot jogging or jumping or just deep breathing. this helps me increase my metabolism rate, so even if I do land up eating more than the usual I can burn the food faster feeling less lethargic.

9> never ever sleep after eating. it’s very normal to feel emotional, stuff your face with comfort food and pass out or get into TV coma. it’s the worst thing you can do to your body and emotional level. you are just not helping. you are just numbing your pain with food and not dealing with it. in fact when there is reality check, you are not only emotional about the real problem but even more low due to guilt or over eating.

we may not realize the way we let our emotions effect the way we look. I’m not saying it wrong to be emotional, but what what’s sensible is to balance it off in a manner that it doesn’t ruin the way you look, because if you don’t look good to your own self, it will create even more emotional insecurities/ fears and blocks creating a circle which will be very difficult to break.

Hope this makes sense to you and you keep a check on your emotional eating patterns, rather than getting carried away and ruining your precious body. In the end no situation or person is worth ruining your body for.

Choose and eat wisely as I always say. pamper yourself, but not to a point of feeling sick and guilty.

that’s it from me for now. Have a blessed weekend.

Sending loads of love and light until next.

Tamanna C

P.S- if you read my post/ blog and enjoy it please do leave comment/ feedback. would really appreciate it.emotional_eating_cycle

Are you having enough of it?

hello peepz..

Hope everyone’s having a good start to the week. As for me I am shuffling between my upcoming trip to Singapore (Yaayyy , I am kinda excited , I’ve been there quite a few times but this is my first work trip there, so mixed emotions. to share with you’ll I have to talks lined up where I am going to be speaking on subject of spirituality, karmas, techniques for energy balancing etc. followed by personal sessions and yes if I do get time from all of this then definitely some street food exploration and cooking classes. so my plate seems full for the trip.)

another thing which is new in my kitty is I have decided to start meditation and healing classes. Whilst yoga is done and an essential part of our Indian lifestyle. i still find a lot of people struggling with balancing their emotional and etheric energies in their day to day life. I have created a 8 or more session module during which I will be covering different themes. so every session will have a theme and around that will be the guided meditation and healing techniques working with different exercise. this will be starting in May’15. in case you wish to know more about this you can contact my assistant on 9833702262.

Now coming back to the subject of this post, I am going to be throwing light on the importance of a basic element WATER.

while water is the most essential element on earth , after air I still feel it’s so under rated or simply taken for granted. water constitutes every human , element, mineral and almost 3/4th or more of earth’s surface. I feel that the essence of water is not fully explored in our day to day life it’s more like its exploited and very well taken for granted.

Now I don’t mean to get into the eco system and talk about all of that, but coming back to consumption of water, it’s very essential not only to keep the body going but also the soul in its full pure form. While the benefits of water are various I am just going to keep it focused and simple on its direct and indirect influence on our soul energy.

Like I mentioned in one of my previous post that I eat everything, never starve or diet, never count calories and still a lot of people ask me how do I manage to be the way I am, and the credit goes to my 12-14 liter consumption of water. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. I got into this habit of having so much water once I started my personal sessions in healing and realized that since I am constantly talking for 5-6 hrs a day without much breaks or food, water keeps me going, In fact it’s very seldom that I eat or break for lunch during my sessions. sometimes especially when I am travelling I continue till about 6-8 hrs without food. just liquids or water. I know a lot of people think that having so much water can be harmful but then everybody is different and I know the nature of my work requires that out of me. but to take the significance of water to a deeper level, water is one of the best healing elements. In fact the strongest healing element we can consume. water has the ability to dissolve and clear the negativity within and outside of us. Water used as salt water for bathing has the ability to protect our energies.

In fact once you begin to increase your water intake you will realize that apart from physical energy you will begin to feel emotional and mentally lighter because its constantly dissolving grey energies within you.

water also plays an important role in balancing of energies and emotions. anger/aggression comes from fire element within us , excess of which is balanced by water. according to ancient holistic approach used by shamans and aboriginals , water element stands for emotions. It can be molded in any manner . such is the significance of water.

Sharing few ideas of energy cleaning with water-

1> you can use salt water for cleansing/moping the use 4-5 times a week.

2>Warm water with infused teas can create energy balance creating a calming effect. for me personally I love my lemongrass tea before I go to bed.

another idea is straining warm water with thyme or rosemary , can create an amazing tea which complete relaxes you, creating a disconnect with any stress/ emotion. it’s a good way to switch off.

3>I strongly recommend having bath with sat water 3-4 times a week or more often as this removes all negativity what we in the Indian society term as nazar.

4>Consumption of coconut water is a perfect purifier of blood and organs. one glass of coconut water has mineral of at least 15 glasses of normal water or even more. so if you are having trouble with not being able to increase your water intake, you can begin with coconut water.

I can go on and on talking about water cause I literally survive on it with 12-14 litres a day you can only imagine how devastated I can be if I don’t get water.

That’s it from me for now. I got to rush and finish my packing.

Stay tuned for more updates from Singapore. I m actually thinking of doing a post about the food culture there and how the belief system they carry in far east about food for soul.

Love and light

Tamanna Cwater image

Energy behind cooking and consuming.

Hello Peepz

So finally I’ve taken the leap and thought I would start talking about food for soul from 15th but I already am so so excited that I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this new journey into my blogging world. It’s a journey bringing together food/ lifestyle along with spirituality. I know you may wonder what the connection is and how is food even related to spirituality, but you will be amazed to see the co-relation food and our soul have.

Like you would have already read in my previous blog about the equation of food with energy and not fat, where I mentioned my love and passion towards food, but not many people know is that I am even more passionate about cooking. I am almost a home chef. Cooking for me is my therapy and grounding factor. a lot of people ask me a, “in spite of my hectic travel, work social life etc, how do I manage to keep my marriage at peace and balance” and my answer to them is that no matter how tired I am and no matter how long my day has been and whatever time I reach home, I make it a point to Cook. In spite of having a full time cook which is a blessing in a place like Mumbai, I always make it a point to cook for my husband. Cooking is not only the art of creating food. it’s a gift of bringing together right ingredients. it opens up your senses and awareness to what goes well with what. it polishes the art of being patience. it arouses your creative buds and also teaches you a sense of balance- by balancing flavors. all in all cooking is one activity through which you can practice almost all valuable lessons of karmas- patience, creativity, expression, awareness, grounding, balance and most important being love and compassion.

So for those who enjoy cooking, now know the reason why you do so. It’s the best form of practice and channelizing your energies. Also keeping in mind that the energy channelized into the food has to be of nothing less than love and compassion. By channelizing and grounding energies through cooking and food I don’t mean use it as an outlet to get rid of your fear and anger because it will only cause im balance in the energy of the food, which will further get consumed by the people eating that food which is possibly your loved ones. it’s important to be aware with the energy you cook and feed because that’s exactly what gets consumed by people. that’s one of the reasons why I always spoil and pamper my cooks at home because if they are happy, it will channelize in the food and get consumed by us. if there is anger and pain, that’s the kind of food energy we will be consuming by the food cooked by them.

as we become more and more aware our taste buds only respond to the food we eat but also our other senses. Next time you eat food, make it a point to notice the energy that it makes you feel. you will realize the energies that it’s been cooked with. also do notice some of the most fanciest restaurants may have excellent array and presentation but there is no emotion / energy into the food. it may use the finest of ingredients but because there is so much pressure on the chef and cooks to deliver excellence, there is no energy of passion or love left to deliver, whilst you can get the most amazingly cooked food with love and compassion at a street food stall run by a family or a home chef, because the focus is not on the ingredients. there is no pressure to perform. the idea is only to feed with love and one can actually taste that in the food.

Anyways this being of one of the first post on food for soul, I just wanted to make you aware of how the energy works with food and how important it is to create/ cook food with the right emotions and energy but also to consume food with the right energy. Food is the only form of energy you can consume. only form of love compassion or anger/ hatred. by being aware to this you will realize the importance of being aware to what you are eating henceforth.

Coming up over the next few days will be post on

->water and its relation with soul.

2>patterns of emotional eating

3>reasons for emotional eating and how to deal with it.

4>summer food

5>how colors of food effect us

6>cooking with soul etc.

and I will also be sharing a lot of my personal soul recipes and spiritual food methods.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing and sharing this. please feel free to follow my blog to be updated and also do leave a feedback/ comment. would really appreciate it.

that’s it from me for now.

Loads of love and light

Tamanna Ccooking with love

Sometimes we go through pain for others to learn a lesson

Hello peepz

Its Monday yet again and I hate to say this but my love for Monday is fading away. last 6 years Monday use to be my weekly off since I would always land up working on Sundays due to my workshops and travel, so Monday was “ME” day but not anymore. even though I don’t see people for sessions I have to hit work and see my team of assistants and delegate work for the coming work so here I am tossing and turning in bed, writing this post feeling lazy to get out and go to office, but got to do it eventually.

My last post has got me all excited with the over whelming feedback and I myself am excited for 15th April’15 to discuss more on FOOD FOR SOUL , but in the mean time I am going to throw light on something apart from the topic on Food.

Every morning I wake up with thoughts and messages from the universe which I channelize into words but my all time reality message is “SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO GO THROUGH PAIN FOR OTHERS TO LEARN A LESSON.” and if you read it again you will realize how true it is.

In the ways of karmas our life revolves around three karmic relationships.

1>Karmic lesson

2>Karmic contract

3>karmic incompletion

no matter what relationship you share on the karmic base, sometime we choose to offer our emotional services or soul maturity for others to learn lesson out of us. Learning a lesson or teaching a lesson is not always easy. learning lessons needs understanding, teaching a lesson needs patience.

Have you ever wondered how much physical strain do our teachers in school go through. constantly standing for hours, talking and yelling for hours all for what, just so that we learn. in the same manner there may be a lot of people we choose to guide them or be in their journey to teach them something or inspire them to learn something. sometimes it’s easy and sometimes can be emotional challenging on us. the key is not to give up and also not to let it over burden you. whilst reading this if you do recognize a relationship / person who is probably learning something from you while you go through pain, you just need to be aware of the choice that you offered this in the karmic chart. don’t take things personally if the person is testing your patience. give them the space to be and grow rather than implementing your persistence on them.

It takes a lot of soul maturity to offer service to others souls. if you have chosen that it’s for a reason, for the masters think you have an understanding and awareness that the other person could learn something from. acknowledge and accept it, rather than dealing with it with anger and pain.

That’s it from me for now.

Have a week filled with abundance, love and peace

Love and light

Tamanna C

Food is not FAT. Get the equation right and you’ll be happy.

13754 Food for the soul logoHello peepz,

Trusting everyone’s had a rocking weekend and chilling on a Sunday after un winding and preparing to start a brand new week.

As for me I’ve had a crazy week , not only celebrating my birthday week but more so focusing on work and developing a lot more things for you to enjoy to enhance your spiritual journey and making it a lot more fun.

Now for the loooonnnnnngggggessssstttt time I’ve been wanting to blog and work around with one of the most important elements of our life”Food” but I still haven’t got a chance to do it. Not because I had no platform but because that the subject is so so vast that I wanted to start at the right time and give it my best. Before I get to the topic im going to talk a little about my life.

For those who have seen me now wouldn’t believe that I at the age of 14 yrs was almost touching 90 kgs. I was a 38 inch waist and almost a size 16 UK where I wouldn’t get clothes my size. it was the most depressing phase of my life. Not because I was obese but because I had put on a lot of weight but because it was due the my medicines and ill health that I had put on 50 kgs in about 8-12 months which was really difficult to digest, Literally. but I knew that that’s not how I am going to live the rest of my life and I went on a committed spree to loose the weight that didn’t belong to me. with the right kind of guidance and lifestyle it took me 6 years to reduce almost 50 kgs bringing me back to 45-48 kgs , but it really wasn’t easy . I was never a foodie, even thought I loved to cook and my journey into cooking started when I was ten years old where my mom sent me for my first cooking class, I realize my love for food about 5 years ago. A lot of people who meet me can’t believe that I am a foodie and that I eat everything and enjoy eating without complaining about calories or feeling guilty about putting on weight , they often ask me how do I manage to remain the way I am. to be honest, this is something that 9/10 people ask me when ever I land up eating in a group or with people. Now the deal/ my answer to them is that I never ever ever co-relate weight to food. neither I feel guilty. for me food is just a form of energy and truly according to science it is. weight/fat is all in the HEAD. I never ever eat food with guilt, anger or looking at a way that I am going to become fat eating this. I don’t diet, I eat everything and I time and again tell people. Its not about what you eat, its about what goes on in your psych/ head when you eat.

If you eat with thinking that “oh my god, im going to put on weight” chances are that you will put on weight. if you co-relate food=fat, then the food that you eat will actually make you fat. this is not law of attraction it pure science of consciousness and channeling of the energy.

From the beginning of man kind, food was created to provide energy for body to carry out various activities, and with life getting more complex our food habits/ lifestyle has also become more complex, but the fact remains the same, that is food= energy. we consume food to provide energy to the body/mind/soul to carry out its activity . now if you equate food=fat, your brain will perform accordingly hence you know the result. but if you equate food= energy , the food you consume will eventually burn out in all the activities you do including emotional and mind energy.

in my kind of work, with  spiritual healing I will always eat more than normal people because in my way im not only using my body for work, but using my mind, emotional self and psyche for work demanding more energy out of the food im eating,

im not lucky that I eat everything and I am not fat, but I can confidently say that I am simply sensible about channeling my food in the right form of energy rather than channelling it to be FAT.

I have seen and known of alotttttt of women who are forever struggling to loose weight. in fact some people have even asked me in my psychic reading sessions ,”When will I loose weight?” as funny as it may sound I know its a concern for a lot of women and teenagers these days to be “skinny”, but that’s not it. its important to be fit/ healthy rather than being skinny and weak internally.

Coming back to the crux of the matter is that we really need to be more aware of every equation that we co-relate food with. the moment you understand the fact that food is just a form of energy that you need to channel, you will be able to eat healthy and happily. if you tune your brain to believe that food is weight/fat it will exactly churn that out for you, making you feel fat, unhealthy and sick about your own body.

I have always quoted that “Miracle is just a shift in perception” and now its time for you to create miracle not only for you body but for your mind and soul.

This is just an eye opener into the world of ‘”FOOD FOR SOUL”.

I have always wanted to do something in a space bringing food = spirituality together and now I feel the time is right.

Starting 15th April’15, I am going to be spending a lot of time writing blog/post making you aware about food habits/ lifestyle and perceptions to shift that can alter your equation with food, giving you a health, meaningful and spiritual relationship with the food that you eat in your day to day life.

This is it from me for now

sending you all loads of love light and good health

Love and light

Tamanna C

Energy cycles of 4th April’15 Lunar Eclipse

Hello Peepz,

Welcome to the crazy cycles of April’15 and when i say crazy i mean it in a good way. April’15 is a very strong month for almost everyone everywhere not only because its the beginning of the heat and summer for most of the world, but because April’15 is the first month of the year for fire sign.

As for me I love April’15 because its my birthday month and its usually packed with so much action, celebrations, travels and a new beginning but this time I’m can’t say i am as excited only because of the Lunar Eclipse that comes before my birthday. the Lunar eclipse on 4th April’15 is going to speeded and slow things at the same time. and thats going to be crazy, confusing and chaotic. you may just not to now what expect, while good news may come from one window, some unexpected news may come from another door, leaving you jittery as to what you next move should be. The eclipse will affect people those you are born 4th April plus minus 5 days, that includes me since my birthday falls on 6th April’15  and I have no idea what to expect.

A lot of you must already be feeling the effects of this from 2nd pril’15 with communication issues, misunderstanding or just the need to be alone. you may be not be clear of what you want or just feeling internal fatigue. its all a part of the transition process which will continue till 8th April’15, post which between 8-15th april’15 is when you will feel a lot more in control of your energies. also expect some good news / clarity about a project to come in around 7-10th April’15, but yet again some news between 12-16th April’15 may catch you on the other end, twisting and turning your emotions. you will really not know where to focus-towards the good or the unexpected. by unexpected i do not necessarily mean some bad news , i simply mean something that you were not expecting but needs to be addressed immediately. nonetheless i am sure you will sail through this. fortunately this cycle will only be at its peak between 7th-15thApril’15 and will settle down by 9th april’15.

During this period many of you may kick start a new project or may end an old relationship that you have been fed up with. the lunar eclipse along with the fierce aril energies will add fuel to the innate fire to give you strength and courage to do something that you have been procrastinating for a while. either ways the positive effects os this will be seen post 19th April’15.

The best way to deal with this energy is focus on your breathing and breathe deeply as much as you can. this will allow you to channelise your energies in better way . also get as much as sleep, and listen to your body while selecting the food that you consume. while it would be a good idea to speak your mind out, make sure you stay in limits rather than being aggressive and offending someone as it can be blown out of proportion post 15th April’15. if you have plans of travelling between 14-22th April’15, you will get unexpected yet positive results from the trip.

Unfortunately in a country like India , the effect of eclipse is over rated. its not all that harsh if you know what cycles it is and how to deal with it.

i have also posted horoscope according to 12 Zodiacs for the month of April’15 on my youtube channel-

Thats it from me for now…. will be updating more post after my birthday celebration.

until then stay blessed

Love and light

Tamanna C