Tired of Giving into Relationship?

Hello Peepz,

Every Monday we all wake up with one common thought, oh Gosh the weekend is over. where did it even go? I am still so tired. I don’t want to go to work , why do we have to go to work, so on and so forth. and trust me you don’t have to be a psychic to predict something  so universal.

As for me, I love Monday because its my weekly off , but then that doesn’t mean I don’t have work. I usually don’t take personally appointments on Monday, but sit down and do all my work for the upcoming week. also right now since I am working on my second and third book simultaneously, planning to revamp my website, creating content for my YouTube channel etc, there is much more work on a Monday for me even though its my weekly off. and today especially because its a kick start to my birthday week, along with mommy’s birthday and travels coming up this week, I am going to be all over the place, with leaving aside a lot of scheduled work, so incase you are scheduled to see me for an appointment this week, chances are that it might just get pushed.

Anyways the reason I am writing this is because in today’s day and age, everything depends on just one thing- the choices we make or the decisions we take. sometimes we often have a different choice but the decision we make can be completely contradicting. ( out of 10 people I meet are unsatisfied with their relationship, either at work or personal. everyone seems to be so exhausted and tired of giving in and making things work. but I often question that if you say you are giving in, and if your partner also says he/ she is giving in, then I wonder who is actually receiving. sometimes its important to sit back and analyse where the giving is going wrong.

It has been such a painful process to find the love and people we hold onto today. Over years of giving into relationships, going through pain, facing break through and break downs, we stand up to build relationships which we think are concrete and important to us. While we do so, we forget the basic foundation of comfort. We are constantly at it, struggling to make our loved ones happy. Giving them what makes them happy, sticking through them, not realising how we over look our basic needs and security from a relationship for ourselves.

As we have come along a long way in most of our relationships, tag be anything, we find ourselves becoming more restless and aggressive. Like we are aware of the energy transitions and we to a degree know the way it affecting our lives, it’s not necessary, that these energies are affecting our decisions.

While we go through an upheaval, and energies that change our thought process, one aspect of it which remains UN affected is the aspect for us to get to a point of taking decisions. Times have started to change where people have become more intolerant towards their own loved ones, and have started to find a need, to take decisions in terms of the course of the relationship, the minute things don’t go their way. That’s probably why the rate of failed marriages and broken relationships are increasing. The minute there is a disagreement, we find a strong need to decide the future of our relationship. Why can an issue are dealt with it just like any other issue. Why must there be a constant need to get out of it, in spite of loving someone so much and wanting to hold the relationship.

The pain that you carry from your past is somewhere still UN healed which acts as a catalyst in letting go.  Something is still UN healed within us, that’s why we have started to get hurt so easily. We seem to go through life so strongly passing through the worse, but may be way we are going through now may not even be anywhere close to us. It could just be just another weak moment, so why the need to DECIDE, where the relationship is going or decide its working out or not. Why must we jump to conclusions of deciding the course when we keep blaming everything on fate and destiny? If you believe in pre ordained choices and akashic records, why must you even struggle bringing you to a point of taking a decisions which may not even work out well for you. It would have been easier to stick through an issue as a facing phase, rather than deciding on something contradicting to your akashic records and then still going through even more pain to battle it out.

If you are going through any of the mixed emotions or issues in life, that call for a decision,  take a decision of nothing taking a decision regarding the future, instead take a decision of what exactly can you d to resolve it for good. May be god wants you to read this to stop a mistake that you are about to make, or he simply wants you to see things on a macro level rather than a micro level.

Letting go may bring you comfort for a short period of time, but may create a wound in the long run, and sticking through issues with loved one’s may bringing you pain temporarily but may heal a lot of wounds that are still left un healed.

The power to let other’s heal you lies only within you. It’s just a matter of choices that you make.

I often tell people that choose wisely and be aware, because you never know how one wrong move/ choice/ decision can not only alter your life, but also lives of others around you.

This is it from me for now… have a week blessed with divine grace, clarity and strength.

Love and light

Tamanna C

Sneak Peak into life of a Psychic


well its been a crazy day of mixed emotions today. with all the fun and excitement of the match along with the disappointment of  not making it to the finals. for me more than loosing the cup it was a let down to another exciting day of watching the finals. its like we have no reason to watch the finals any more. while had a great chatting session with hundreds of cricket fans on facebook, cheering and hooting me to predict about the match , it was kind of funny cause as a psychic we cant really do this stuff. though it was all in good humor and fun, when it comes to the serious aspect of it, I actually felt the need to write this blog.

while people think that life of a psychic is all picture perfect and rosy because they have an answer to every problem, and because they can see the future everything is easy for them. well that is just a MYTH.

one needs to remember that being a psychic is just a gift like any other gift. by the end of it we are all humans with same emotions, feelings and lessons to learn. the only difference is that yes , as far as good psychics go who haven seen life closely and know the essence of their gift, there is a change in perception and the way they handle or view situations. so whilst the problem can be something which even other people go through, the way a psychic perceives/ handles it will be different, which is a blessing in itself.

In the last 7 years of my professional life as a psychic, a lot of people have come seeking solutions. I can confidently say that ive managed to be accurate or successful in guiding 85% of the time, but in a lot of cases, there is more to what a psychic can predict. like every gift has a limitation, so does a psychic. there are certain things that psychics can never be 100%  bang on about-

*sex of a child. sometimes even if we know the sex of the baby in the womb, we cant spell it out. its more like a given rule. its not stated anywhere, but a psychic who has fully evolved and knows how to respect their gift will never give this information out.

* A psychic can never predict death or the actual time. as a psychic ive encountered a lot of situations, including personal family situations, where Ive predicted a “heavy / critical period” for someone , but can never predict the time or way of them passing away. when we read karmic chart as per timings, we only get indications of periods that can be an exit point, but we cant read the mind of the person as to whether he will take an exit point.

*one of the most common questions is, “is my partner cheating on me?”. well sometimes we can answer that if the universe wants you to know, but sometimes may be your partner has his/her own karmic completions with someone else, hence we cant reveal such information. sometimes we can but we may be not allowed to reveal it, and sometimes we truly cant even get a sense of it, cause we are not meant to know about it. so that’s a question that can go either way.

*we cant predict matches. think about it, if psychics could actually predict matches they would have been billionaires, including myself ;). when ever we do a prediction about a match we are counter reading energies of not only 2 teams but 22 ++++++ players which is impossible to sync. also I’ve realized that in situations like this, it’s very easy to get carried away by what the psychic wants emotionally and what the true reading can be.

*another most commonly asked question is- will I have a happy marriage. well honestly no psychic can ever answer that for two reasons. firstly being it all depends on whom you marry and if you have a karmic match with this person. even if you have a karmic match, and if the person keeps you happy, but if you are not learning your lessons you may constantly go through friction or disturbances, creating unhappy relationship for you. secondly happiness is a very relative term. you can be happy today even if you don’t have anything, or be unhappy tomorrow even if you have anything. so never ask a psychic ” will I ever be happy?”

*another commonly asked question is what is my life purpose. I get asked this question from 6 out of 10 people and I just smile. my answer is I don’t know you have to work towards it. you can never find your life purpose, it finds you when you are ready to handle it. and life purpose is never fixated. its constantly changing. if life purpose was fixed we all would have died young cause at some point we would have fulfilled one of the many purpose we are here for.

so if you think that psychic are super humans, well no they are normal humans who breath like you, eat and sleep like you, but they just have access to information which normal people don’t have which makes them different. also a psychic, im sharing this with you all that we only give out information you are meant to know that. we may see and perceive a lot more than you can ever imagine. on an average I land up only revealing 60-72% of what I see/ perceive, not because I want to hide anything from my client but because the universe doesn’t want us to reveal  all of it, because either it’s not the right time for them to know things or may be because they are not ready to handle it and they have to make their way to discovering it for themselves.

having said this, I still love being a psychic, and love the responsibility that comes with the power. yes sometimes it gets very very taxing because everyone wants a piece  of you, but I make myself happy thinking about that I am that one person people think about in their darkest times” which is a very bog deal.

I would never want give this up for anything in the world. just hoping people around understand the true gift of a psychic, rather than shunning it off as something mystical.

That’s it from me for now.

be blessed

love and light

Tamanna C

Cycle of Soul Mates

Good morning Peepz,

Hope everyone’s having a great week going for them. As for me I’ve been caught up working on my second and third book simultaneously, getting my YouTube videos in place for upcoming month along with preparing for my first trip to Singapore for work purpose coming up in April. Amidst all of this is im also somewhat getting excited about my birthday coming up in the first week of April. for some reason ive always enjoyed growing a year old, apart from the bday celebrations and yummy gifts there’s something about looking more younger, cause I constantly affirm that the older I grow, the younger I look, so it kinda works in my favor.

anyways coming back to the topic of this post, its an important and most crucial one for almost everyone. its all about “Soul Mates”. almost every person who comes to me asks me about this question, as to when will they find their soul mate or who is their soul mate or how will they know when they meet their soul mate, etc. This post will answer all your queries about soul mate.

To be honest id written this post almost 2 years ago but realized id never shared it on my blog and something tells me today that the time is right to do it.

Hope you enjoying reading this.


If you have met your twin flame, you are likely to have experienced the frustrating “twin flame

dance” where you swing back and forth between connecting then withdrawing. This can be very

confusing to the twin flames and also it can be very painful if they do not understand the

divine purpose of this cycle.

However, many factors contribute for the NEED for this cycle:

1) Firstly I would say that if either of you aren’t ready to unite, it is because you’re not

supposed to be ready – it’s not the right time.

Pointing the finger and blaming the other twin means you are not ready yourself either.

Acceptance is needed and the ability to become whole within yourself and not feel the need

for your twin flame to fill any voids in your life or heart. This has been said so many times,

but it is very important to take the time to fully understand this. If you are looking to

the other in order to feel love, it means you are not looking to yourself first. This void

you have within will only be reflected back to you by your twin flame. It means you can’t

unite because there are gaps you need to fill in yourselves so that you can reflect wholeness

back to each other and your split can be healed. If you were to join when you are not whole,

you would live in eternity with great pain still remaining.

2) You separate because you haven’t reached unconditional love and acceptance for yourself

and your twin.

Sometimes it is very difficult to not get caught up in your own views, emotions, ideals and

forget that your twin has their own view of things. Often it is the ego that stands in the

way; you just can’t seem to agree on anything. This is because you are both coming to the

same conclusions from the opposite angles. Remember the mirror; You are the counterpart,

the opposite yet identical energy vibrations. You work together through love, but come to it

from opposite sides. The result is still the same though – love.

It is the ego though, that causes us to feel that the other is doing it “all wrong”. We

say to ourselves, “If he/she loved me, then he/she would show it the way I am showing it.”

We conclude that if our twin doesn’t express themselves the same way as us, then they just

don’t love us. We begin to regard them as cold, heartless and even cruel.

The major factor that we fail to miss though, is that many of the negative behaviour is

caused by FEAR, which leads me onto my next point:

3) Twin flames separate because at first the connection feels “crazy”. It threatens all that

we think we know about the way the world works.

You bump into your twin flame for the first time. Boom! Something happens, you know this person

somehow even though you don’t recognise them on a physical level. You feel such intense love,

but you wonder how this can be so when you don’t know them. You conclude it’s just lust, but

why is there that knowing feeling deep in your soul? You know your life has changed forever,

you can just sense it, but you don’t have a clue why. Then you can’t stop thinking about this

person ALL THE TIME, re-living times when you saw him/her over and over and over. The love

you feel for this person increases over time when you think logically it should fade. You

can’t stop fantasising about them, being distracted by thinking of them to the point that

you cannot concentrate on anything else. You just feel scared. Scared of losing this person

somehow. Scared you have already lost them. Scared because you don’t even know them and

that it means you are crazy to feel such intensity.

So you “run” from it. You try to block it out and convince yourself it’s just lust. You’ve been

taught by society that it’s unhealthy to pine after someone for too long, therefore you try your

hardest to forget all about him/her. But you can’t. You try your hardest, but you just can’t.

Then you bump into him/her again unexpectedly and all those feelings flood back to you. All

your hard work to try and kill these feelings goes down the drain and within a second you

are back to square one. Tie this in with all the reflected fear, arguments, confusion and

it all gets even more scary. Sometimes it just feels safer to run away and hope it all just


It’s understandable (or at least it should be) that fear is going to present itself in this

situation. It’s a fight or flight situation and often twin flames run. But remember, this

running is needed in order for them to have the distance to MAKE SENSE of it all. Granted,

it could take years, but the point is, if you or your twin flame are “running”, then it is

because this is part of your life path – to get the distance to make sense of this new


It’s to do with overcoming the ego. It takes time. It’s as if we have to reprogram ourselves

to learn to live from soul consciousness rather than ego consciousness. It won’t come over

night. We have incarnated possibly hundreds of times, living in our egos. We can’t expect

ourselves or our twins to suddenly flick a switch and be back to living fully in our soul


4) Twin flames reconnect for reassurance.

They want to know you are still there. They want to test if you still love them because

they definitely know they love you, but are scared it is just one-sided and you’ve “gotten

over” them. Of course they’ll deny it though.

5) Twin flames reconnect to heal each other.

Through the cycle of separation and connection, the twin flames are often destined to meet

up in the physical several times in order to heal each other. When a stage of healing within

each individual is complete, they will meet again to connect and expand each other in energy

(love) which they will then need to separate again to “process”. It’s as if they meet up to

recieve a challenge. Once they know what the challenge is (subconsciously) they both go their

separate ways to achieve it. Once achieve, they receive that healing and go onto the next.

6) We separate from our twin flames when we have individual karma to be balanced.

Karma – the cause and effect cycle created by us through our lifetimes needs to be balanced

before we can unite with our twin flames. Before we incarnated into this lifetime, and any

other lifetime, our souls made agreements with other souls to meet on the physical plane and

learn lessons from each other. They may be tough lessons, wonderful lessons but all will be

helpful in the end. By this I mean that eventually, even if we percieve a situation to be

negative, we will always learn a positive from it. All karma must be fulfilled by the

intividual twins before they can come back together again in unity.

7) We (may) separate from our twin flames when we are destined to be in other relationships.

Through connecting with your twin flame, you will feel increased love in your soul as long as

you are able to put ego aside. Oftentimes we may marry a soul mate in order to share this

increased love with them to help them awaken too. OR we may already be in another relationship

when we meet our twin flame. This relationship will help us learn about love in order to prepare

us for our twin flame. Either way, we learn from our soulmates and they learn from us.

8) We separate so we aren’t distracted from our individual awakening.

If we were together all the time before reunion occurred, we would remain reflecting our own

voids that we need to heal individually. We would also not be able to balance our separate

karma with others and would not have the yearning for each other as a catalyst to greater

spiritual searching.

So you see, the cycle of separation and connection is NEEDED in order for us to fully heal,

awaken and fulfil our mission to help humankind through our knowledge and light. We must all

accept the journey towards reunion as JUST AS IMPORTANT as union itself. To unite too quickly

before we are ready would leave us unfulfilled and unhealed.

We must accept ourselves and our twin flames and not blame each other for not being ready NOW.

It’s all part of the process; it’s all part of the path we agreed upon before birth. ACCEPT your

path and yourselves and it will all come to you in perfect time.

Id also request you to leave comments/ share this blog with people who think who’d enjoying read my work.

Have a day blessed with love and light

Tamanna C

“TIME” your master weapon

Hello my wonderful peepz,

Hope you’ve had a productive week and a fun weekend with loved ones. As of my, im having a perfectly chilled Sunday literally vegetating, shuffling between sleep, music, reading material, writing soul food and sleeping again. its just what I needed, since I don’t remember the last time I got a chance to do nothing.

I opened up the page to blog thinking that I don’t have much to say since I am so blank and exhausted, but as I began to write this piece words just flow. this is what I call channeling. I decide to say something else and then the higher power takes over and words flow.

As I sit back and think about how hectic life has been, I also think about that is it just me or everyone around? I wonder is it to do with the city of Mumbai that I stay in or is it just global. The more I meet people the more I realize that everyone’s just busy. Whether they are working or not, they are just busy and everyone’s got so much on the plate. Even planning a meal with 3-4 friends /family members need so much planning and checking to see if everyone’s available at the same time. Sometimes I sit and ask my friends what they have been busy with, and all they say is” we don’t know”.it seems like time is flying by and it is actually true. I don’t know whether you know about the proven fact that after the 21st December 2012 and with the change in earth’s axis position, the days have shortened to just 23 hrs instead of 24 hours, hence time seems to be flying by.

Also like Ive considered time to be the biggest teacher and healer, its through time that we learn the core lessons of our life, which we can instill in all other aspects such as career and relationship of our life.

With “Time” being the medium we can learn so many lessons of our life such as-

1> Balance

Through thoughtful time management we can create more balance in our life. by balance I mean, enough time for all aspects that are important to you. work, home, play and self time balance.


One of the greatest lesson time teaches us is patience. that’s one thing that is missing in all relationships with “almost” everyone. people are so much in s rush to get to their destination or goal, they want everyone around them working as per their desire which is not possible. its important to be patience and give time in order to see our goals manifest the way we want them.


Another benefit of time is that it helps is prioritize what is important and what is not. because we have such limited time, it gives us a chance to think about how to channelize it. because of time limitations we can focus on relationships/ people or work that is important and hence save our energies from something that doesn’t matter much to us.


With passing time comes clarity. often in life we feel that time has come to a standstill and with that our decisions and clarity also feels stuck. sometimes when you allow time to flow by, it brings in clarity. often people take the most important decisions that back fire without waiting for time to reveal clarity, and like Ive always said and believed that one wrong decision, one yes or no can change our life for ever. so by allowing time to flow by, you can get the most valuable decisions of your life.

There is more to time than all of this which I will share soon enough. by if you are to think about, get aware to it and imply the importance of time, you can definitely save yourself from a lot of trouble and effort of learning the above lessons with ease.

Once you have mastered the art of working and valuing time, it comes a sense of balance and patience in all areas of your life.

Like the learned and masters say, if you have time on your side, you can be invincible… and it is so true.

That’s it from me for now…

Have a blessed week ahead.

Love and light

Tamanna C

Energy cycles from 9th March-6th April’15.

Good morning peepz,

Hope you all are having a lovely week , while I am away for my much awaited break in Goa. since its the long weekend in India, I decided to get away and soak some sun on my face and sand on feet, write my book and just get some alone time before I start with my crazy travel schedules all over again.

In my last post I’ve mentioned about the crazy energy cycles, which is changing in the next 2 days so that’s a sigh of relief but in today’s post I am going to throw light on the upcoming cycles and ways to handle the energy shifts.

While the new moon shift takes place tomorrow, the energies will be making you a lot more calmer, confused, giving you clarity on areas where you’ve been stuck or confused. the energy shift will be seen post10th March’15 which will last till 6thApril’15.

What to expect during this cycle-

-work that is stuck will move forward rapidly.

-If you’ve been procrastinating about new ideas, you will get clarity how and when to move forward.

-if you have been manifesting or getting visions of new projects or relationship it will begin to manifest in a way that you will meet all people that will help you get there.

-If you’ve been stuck in a bad/ unpleasant relationship or feel disconnected with loved ones, the person will either drift away or come back stronger. this will give you clarity about whether the person is meant to be in your life or not.

-Your body will start resisting food that doesn’t suit you anymore. you may even bring about a lot of discipline as far as eating habits go and physical exercise as well.

so in short it’s the cycle for clarity, truth and purification.

now as we know purification is good in the long run, the short term effect can be painful as you might feel betrayed, let down or even hurt by people or situations so you can let go of them.

Now to look at the positive effect, your energies will feel a lot lighter, you will feel less pressure of responsibility and keep up with pressure from society, work or relationships. you will develop a stronger sense of connection with yourself and what you want from life, hence work and manifest in that direction. you will let go the need of wanting to control people or situations, or if you have been feeling that people are controlling you, you will set yourself free from their judgments and perceptions.

so in all its going to be something to look forward to provided you are willing to accept the upcoming changes.

will keep you updated once we enter the cycle.


Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

Love and light

Tamanna C

Spirituality v/s Spirit-Ritual

Hello peepz,
A lot has been the-orated, preached, practiced and spoken about NEW AGE SPIRITUALITY. It’s ironical because spirituality has no age but then people refer to it as the new age to make sure that the younger lot of the generation can relate to it. But to think deep what exactly is spirituality?
Some people refer to spirituality as meditation, for some it’s all about religious ways of connecting with God, for some it means silence, for some it means travelling and “learning” history and various modalities. And I’m not denying any of the above. It’s all a step by step process but in the bigger picture spirituality is beyond all of this. It’s a part of it as well as an extension of it. In old age, doctrine and science would discard the presence of God and subject of spirituality, but the new age science does recognize the presence of a Power defined as “Supreme energy”.
For me personally, spirituality is all about connecting with the supreme energy. For someone who is religion eccentric will name it God, for someone who is scientific will term it as “energy”, for someone who is philosophical will call it the “Soul self”, For Buddha its ascension, For Krishna its Karma, for Christ its liberation, so on and so forth. The crux of the matter is that’s it’s all about the Universe. There was a debate I got into recently where people questioned what existed first, God or Universe. To be honest, God was created in figure by Man. It’s just a name given to the higher power. But before humans came into existence the Universe and earth was already created. Adam and Eve didn’t have a God. They just thrived. God came into existence much later, and by God here I only mean the figurine of God what we perceive him to be. The bigger picture is the Divine Light which is the source, the creator and the manifestation. Everything starts with it and ends with it. For people including myself who have experienced it will talk about one stark of tube light, just there, no words, no visions, but you can feel the power. May be that’s what Buddha was describing as ascension/enlightenment, being in light with and through that huge light. That’s what Lao Tzu spoke about, “Tao “that can be told isn’t Tao, it’s to be experienced. Similarly, coming back to spirituality, a subject that can be read, spoken, understood, but cannot be experienced. You may be a part of the subject but the subject may not be a part of you till you don’t experience it, and if experienced it’s not spirituality, it becomes in the “Spirit- Ritual”.
That for me is being “SPIRITUAL”, –“living in the ritual of spirit”. And by spirit I not only mean your spirit, but I talk about union of all the spirit, collective energy which originates from that divinity and merges into that divinity, and in-between the origin and merger lays our existence.
A lot of people question their existence and wonder about why there are here and what’s their purpose. On the microscopic level, their existence can be validated for a lot of reasons, like being a good mother, father, son, daughter, boss, artist, doctor, healer, teacher etc, but on the MACROSCOPIC level there is just one reason that’s to be present to the origin and being the merger. That’s the reason why we all exist. To enjoy the energy and to merge with it. This means we are a part of it being outside it. That’s why we exist as humans. To understand the core of being out of the divinity’s womb yet being connected with that cord all the time, which we unfortunately forget. That is for me divine existence and that for me is being IN THE SPIRIT-RITUAL- SPIRITUAL.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my journey and progress into living from the Spirit ritual, and so can you. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t have to be. Anything that is complicated is a waste of time and energy. To be honest I don’t believe you can attain spirituality by doing things, meditation or reading books. It’s all about being “IN AND OUT” of the source if you understand that and can balance that.
As for me I can’t meditate, I don’t get time to read books as much as I love to, I can’t follow society or religious norms, but yes I strongly believe in my divinity that lies outside of me for which I am an integral part as much as you are.

That’s it is from me for now, and to be honest, I know the post above is a little complicated, but I’m writing straight from the soul, trespassing by my mind and heart. You might have to read it over and over again or simply just reading it once will do the trick. Enjoy the process, be a part of the origin and also allow merging. In the end, it will take you back to where you came from and what you came for.

Have a blessed evening
Love and light
Tamanna C


Back to Blogging.. Energy cycles Feb.’15.

Hello peepz…
Finally I gathered all the courage and energy to get myself to getting back to my blog. Not that I didn’t not miss it, but to be honest I was just being lazy. Not that I haven’t been active in writing my thoughts, quotes and soul food on face book but just that when it comes to blogging you need a lot more time and energy. I have all the energy but yes time can be a constraint sometimes. I thoroughly missed this space and now since I’ve made the jump again I know I’ll be more regular.
As we know the last one year has been crazy for me. A lot has happened in terms of working. Travelling to new destinations for work, mixed with a lot of personal travel and work related travel. To quickly fill you in the last year has been an eventful one.
I completed my book around May’14 and the hunt for publications started which lasted for precisely three months. In the mean time I made few trips to London, Turkey, Dubai, Delhi and also managed to remove sometime to pursue my passion in deep sea diving, which more me is the best thing that ever happened to me. By the time I ended my phase with travelling, my book was ready to be launched. The launch took place on 17th Decemeber’14 at a well renowned book store in Mumbai. The link for the event will be shared at the end of this blog. My book The Way Ahead has been launched on over 40 websites globally and available in eBook and kindle format as well.
The year 2015 started with loads of travel yet again for the purpose of my book launch. The book was launched personally by me in Delhi, Dubai in Januray’15 and Bangalore early Feb.’15. Post which I was travelling yet again for my work sessions. And now finally I am stationed in my city. In fact without boasting this is the longest (which is precisely 8 days) that I’ve been in my hometown without travelling. And before I get too comfortable it’s time for me to pack my bags and leave on a fun adventure trip to Goa early next week, but one good thing out of it is that it will give me more time to be more regular and channelize my thoughts and ideas to writing more material and article for this blog.
Now since I’ve filled you in with my life…lets get back to real deal…#Spirituality. The reason why I am writing this blog and the reason why you are reading this.
There is a lot I’m going to be share in my upcoming post about the new age spirituality but before coming to that I’d like to throw light on the “ON GOING UNIVERSAL CYCLES” which is driving almost everyone up the wall.
The energy cycles keep shifting, sometimes in general and sometimes according to the moon cycles. In early Janaury’15, between 5-20th January’15 we faced difficult times with relationships and our emotions due to the full moon cycles, which of course we got over post 20th janaury’15.
But the energy cycles since 17th febuary’15 have shifted yet again barring the moon cycles. This cycle will last till 9th March’15. The energy effect of this cycle has made everyone restless and sleepless.
Almost everyone is going through this, just which some people are aware and some are not.
The symptoms of these cycles are-
-Feeling fatigue and tired, even without physical exhaustion.
-sensitivity in all senses. Experiencing weird vision, sounds, smell, etc.
-tapping and picking up other’s energies easily.
-Feeling drained out or extremely energetic.
-sleepless nights or waking up in the middle of the night.
-weird/erratic dreams.
-not feeling hungry or feeling extremely hungry.
-physically exhausted but mentally over whelmed
-need to connect to spirituality or meditate.
If you are going through any of the above, it means you are under the affect of the energy cycles.
These cycles will last till 9th March’15.
The best way to deal with these cycles is
-Catch up on as much as sleep as you can, no matter what hour of the day.
-try taking a hot/cold water shower before you sleep.
-Try the white light protection mentioned in my old post.
-Eat fiber, fruits and keep yourself hydrated
-listen to music that grounds you. For me my personal favorites are by Krishna Das or Snatam Kaur which you can YouTube.
– I also personally read a lot before sleeping to I feel exhausted and tired to put myself to bed.
During this period unfortunately grounding won’t help much. No matter how much you grounded you will feel physically charged or restless and sometimes both at the same time.
The only way to deal with it is to let it pass by and post 9th March’15 you will have better control over everything that’s out of control now.
That’s it from me for now…
Take care and be blessed
Love and light
Tamanna C