Parenting Workshop
-Tamanna C
Angel therapist, Psychic Medium, Healer & Soul Coach.
Parenthood- one of the most precious feeling and phase of life. On a human level, the ultimate purpose of an individual be it male or female is to experience being a parent.
For a woman- it is all about experiencing mother hood- giving birth to a new being, shaping a new being.
For a man- it’s all about leaving a legacy behind. Contributing to the birth of a new being and taking full responsibility of your own creation.
It is true when people say- “Our children are a reflection of us.”
In our day to day life we may not be aware of how our etheric and esoteric energies (fears, blocks, insecurities, communication in balance, suppressed anger etc) is also growing within our children. Sometimes we may resent certain behavior patterns of our child, which are a complete mirror image of it, and it’s something we can’t handle. we constantly want our children to change and behave in a certain pattern, not realizing that they are just children. they don’t know any better. They will only behave in a manner that has been energetically fed into them during or post pregnancy and early childhood. we don’t realize but every word, every reaction , everything we say to them and ourselves makes an energy imprint on them, which will begin to reflect as they grow older.
Just like the way we blame our parents/ childhood for being in a particular way, in the future our child will blame you as a parent for making them the way they are- good, bad or ugly.
As a spiritual coach, healer and therapist, I invite you to this 2 days workshop of giving yourself a chance to experience the most beautiful relationship with your own creation – creating not only a physical or timely connect but also a mental, emotional and spiritual connect with your child.
Intentions of this workshop
– Making the participants aware of their own etheric energies, helping them realize, release and heal from their blocked etheric chords with their respective parents and partner relationships.
-Working on the womb state of the mother( current or past) and going through time lines to clear unresolved emotional blocks.
-Bringing in the issues or the child- tapping into the root cause and helping the parent release and heal from the deep core of etheric chord.
-Bringing in complete balance and harmony with your child and partner to create a health and spiritually connected family.
-learning ways to tap into your child’s fears as they keep sprouting up after the workshop.
-Creating a medium for communication filled with listening , understanding and compassion.
-Learning ways to manifest an ideal relationship with your child with fresh chords every single day.
Who needs this workshop
-If you have had unresolved issues or troubled relationships with your parents and you are a parent now.
-If you have had stress, emotional trauma pre , during and post pregnancy , either with your partner or in laws.
-Single or divorced parents.
-If you child suffers from unreasonable fears, anger , communication blocks or health issues from birth.
-If you feel you don’t share a whole and complete relationship with your child.
-If you child suffers from ADHD or any other behavioral issue.
-One can even do this before conception or during pregnancy.
While a lot of people may feel they don’t need this workshop, think again, it’s your child that is the best judge for you to know whether you need it or not.
Duration – 2 days( 5 hours each day) since it will primarily be for parents it will take place on WEEKDAYS.
Dates- 27-28th November.’14.
Time- 9:30 am – 4pm.
Venue- (TBA).
Energy exchange-9600/- inclusive food beverages and material.
The workshop can be conducted privately as well if you have a group of 3-5 people.
To confirm your registration kindly call on 09833702262 or email on
Hope to see you soon.
Love n Light
Tamanna C
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