Importance of Forgiving yourself and others.

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So few days ago a client of mine told me that I often speak about forgiveness and letting go, but I never explain why do we need to forgive people? Why should we? and what do we benefit from forgiving people.?

And it occurred to me that its something I really should spend time writing about it, explaining a deeper value for this act of forgiveness.



What is the importance of forgiveness and what does it mean to forgive?

We all have our own thoughts and feelings about what it means to forgive and why we should or shouldn’t do it.To gain a better understanding of the importance of forgiveness, we will explore various aspects of forgiveness.

Let’s begin by clarifying what forgiveness means… Wikipedia’s definition for Forgiveness is, “The mental, and/or spiritual process of ceasing to feel resentment, indignation or anger against another person for a perceived offense, difference or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution.” Let’s be clear that forgiveness doesn’t mean that we are approving, accepting, dismissing or condoning what someone else did. Forgiveness is about setting yourself free and you can do that by releasing the past so it no longer has control over your thoughts or the way you feel.


Reconciliation thru Forgiveness Reconciliation can happen thru forgiveness but it is important to understand that we do not need to involve the other person, especially if there is a chance that they won’t be receptive.

However, you may find that reconciliation happens naturally once you have set yourself free thru forgiveness.As forgiveness takes place within your heart, you may receive inspired thoughts and ideas of ways to initiate reconciliation.You may even find that once you shift your emotional energy around the other person thru forgiveness, they actually initiate reconciliation because whether they are conscious of it or not, they may feel the shift in your energy.Don’t be attached to reconciliation happening but if it does, you have something to be grateful for.

Benefits of Forgiveness

There are many life enhancing benefits of forgiveness. For instance, forgiveness can help us to feel happier and make us feel less stressed.Thru forgiveness, our health benefits on all levels; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically. Forgiveness also decreases one’s chances of alcohol or drug abuse. will help you to gain a better understanding of the effects that unforgiveness has on us and why forgiveness is worth our time and effort.

The Importance of Forgiveness

The Importance of Forgiveness?



The bottom line? The importance of forgiveness has everything to do with your own well being.

Thru forgiveness you literally set yourself free! How? When forgiveness takes place, we naturally release the disturbing thoughts and emotions that drain our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. The result is a greater level of health and happiness in addition to the endless benefits that forgiveness brings. Forgiveness can release us from the past and assist us in overcoming resentment or regrets that we may have. While giving forgiveness may not always be easy, it is always worth it. Now that we have explored the importance of forgiveness, perhaps you would like some assistance in learning how to forgive? These steps to forgiveness will assist you not only in forgiving others but also in forgiving yourself for regrets that you may have. Whether you are forgiving others or yourself, it is my hope that you will choose to give yourself the gift of forgiveness today!


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Cherishing what your soul has achieved

Hello peepz…

am back again….i know its been a really long time since have paid a visit to my blog and i know its unfair…because i have so much to share and talk but but as always due to hectic travel, schedules and various other new developments, my blog unfortunately took a back seat:( and i regret it, but am going to try and be as active as i can.

For those who are folliwing me on Facebook and twitter already know about the recent developments of my very own You Tube channel-The Invisible Truth. for those who havent seen it or subscribed for it, would be great if you could subscribe and share it.

Apart from the travel schedule and launch of this channel, have also been working on my book.. i know its been forever since am planning but trust me publishing a book aint all that easy. im torn between what my heart wants and whats the conventional way and till the time im not convinced im going to put that on the back burner.  like i said alot has been going on.. a little soon coming together (i aint complaning….:) ) but its just over wheling- completion of the book, being on prime time radio show( 94.3 radio one, which now is going to be a monthly feature with me being on air), You Tube channel and finally suming it up with an Award for specialising in my area of work which is ANGEL THERAPY & PSYCHIC HEALING. its all been over whelming and i cant thank God enough.

Now coming back to the point ( btw i dont mean to be bragging by mentioning the above but just filling you all in on whats been happening in my life). its been 3 days since am back after receiving my award and everything still remains the same. i know there’s something more coming my way which around the corner, perhaps simply more responsibility, but as for now i am enjoying the quite time. yes i am back to my work and usual personal sessions, but there is a part of me which i have sent away to rest…( those who know the science of astral travel will probably understand what am saying here).

the reason for my writing this post is cause i was wondering to myself, often in life we always get what we want, may be not at the time we were expecting and in the form we were expecting it, but sooner or later it comes, and what happens when it comes? our life depends on how we handle it. i have seen people around me who have got everything they asked for and i mean “EVERYTHING” but i often ask them a question, “Are you enjoying what you have?”

unfortunately people are only trying to master the art of achieving, winning and gaining but not many of us rejoice what we have achieved. how often do we take a back seat and value what we have, how often to we think about the people whohave helped us achieve that. how often to we rest our soul and nurture the success and give ourself a pat on our back telling ourself “you did good, you deserved it.”

on the contrary we are worried about where next and what next?

its important for us to honour our soul from time to time, giving it the due credit for what it has achieved and how much it has put in.

as the energy cycles keep shifting and world time gets even more constraint it does get taxing for each and every one of us to keep a tab of whats coming our way, but again if you dont honour your soul, people around wont. its not aksing for much… its not even words… it can be done silently… but what is important is your soul needs to feel it.

as i ponder over this thought, im going to go back into my space to spend time honouring my soul for all its achieved and desired…. and i hope you to give yourself a chance to cherish all that has come your way… the more you cherish it now, the more intensity of strength and power it will create for your soul in days and months to come.

Have a blessed day.

Love and light

Tamanna C


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