Good morning Peepz.

Trusting all is well at your end. The note that I write below is to make your aware of the significant power of ascension.
The term ascension of uttermost importance to those who walk the journey of spirituality, healing and self transformation. But the meaning has never been deeply understood.
When we talk about ascension we usually associate it with Buddha Consciousness and wish to attain that state of mind. We wish to acquire a state of divine being where nothing affects us, there is absolute bliss and calmness.
Well as much as this is true, we also need to go back to the period when this term was defined. In times like whose, our ecology, relationship pattern, social system, belief patterns and system very different from where we exist today. Ascension was difficult then and still is difficult today. But in today’s day and age it’s an ongoing process. Ascension is today’s day and age can only be acquired by ascending and upgrading in each and every stage. While people think that meditation and learning various spiritual courses is a way to ascend, that’s absolutely A Myth.
One cannot achieve ascension by enrolling for courses and shutting mind off during meditation practise. These methods are just tools to give ourselves confidence and strength to work in our day to day life with people around. The true essence of ascension in today s world lies in the fact of constantly growing in areas of personal health, personal relationship with yourself, your relationship system in all dimensions, including your past, present and future.
It has to be a balance. If you are surrendering the present and trusting the future, but if you are unable to forgive and let go of your past, ascension cannot be attained. If you let go of your past, and trust the future, but aren’t in a surrender state in the present, ascension cannot be attained. If you are forgiving and letting go of the past, surrendering the present but cannot trust the future, ascension will yet not be attained.
Apart from time dimension balance it also very important to create a balance between your inner self and other relationships. people tend to think something else from within and give something else from the surface or vice versa. It all has to be in sync and also in a state of being in all time dimensions. If you were trusting in the past, you have to be trusting in the present and future. It’s not a onetime act. It’s a doing
While we all wish to ascend, we must take up responsibilities of converting our act into doing it every moment, in every time dimension, with every relationship including your relationship with your core self, mother earth and father divine light.
While for those who have attained it, are blessed. Those who have the will to walk this path with true intent and doing, are on their way to collecting their blessings.

Have a wonderful day.
Love and light

Space Clearing with Tamanna C

So everyone’s talking about spirituality but the basic essence of spirituality comes from the understanding of “ENERGY WORK”. we as human’s are ever evolving mass of energy. our energies are constantly fluctuating , sometimes making us feel happy, sometimes low, drained out, weak, etc. The nature of our energy is affected by various aspects in our day to day life-
*our own mind set/ belief system/ fears.
*People we interact with in our daily life- parents, children, partner, co-workers, employees, etc
*Spaces we spend maximum time in- that is our home and office.
*Our social space including friends and acquaintances.

Now coming to one of the most important aspects of Energy clearing- is also space Clearing. in our fast pace life, we don’t release how we are blocking and clogging the space around us. many at times even friction at home/ office can create a dense energy mass, blocking you from moving ahead in life. sometimes you may be aware to it and sometimes not. Take a moment to be aware to energy in your house/ office, and ask yourself-
*Do I feel heavy or light?
*Does the energy in this space belong to me or someone else?
*How is it blocking me from attaining my highest potential?
If you feel you are not resonating with the energy in the space that you spend time, it’s time to “CLEAR YOUR SPACE”.
A Space Clearing session will clear:
• Blocking energies and interference.
• Blockage of any kind of financial flow.
• Negative energies and motivations
• Discordant energy held on neighbors
• Negative programing, causes, reasons, issues and effects
• Morphic fields/discordant memories
• Entities that are blocked within your space and around you.
• Toxic streams

Starting from May 2014, I will be providing for “SPACE CLEARING” sessions for office and home space, starting from MUMBAI.

Lunar eclipse energy cycle starting 15th april’14.

With the Lunar eclipse tomorrow night, let me prepare you for the upcoming cycles-. usually lunar eclipse effects varies due to astrological chart and degree, but since I am not much aware of astrological science, my universal energy reading is as follows.
This eclipse will bring forward the truth about your situation. it will give you an evaluation of where you stand in certain relationships. for some it might be good, for some bad and even ugly so be prepared to handle it. it will also bring open to you various lessons you need to learn. it might be painful, but then again its going to be a break if your repeated patterns. If you have been putting of confrontation, this would be a good time to let the idea of it only go, else it can lead to chaos for no reason at all.
Try taking responsibilities rather than blaming it on people.
If you have been procrastinating , time to take charge else someone else might step into your shoes.
be careful of what you say to whom, as things might get leaked out, and you can get into some controversy.
Don’t push people around with your drama. They will not take it this time.
This is a great time to spend silence. by silence I don’t mean zipping your mouth, but I mean just focusing on your life, rather than focusing on drama outside your life. Give yourself this time, as these cycles will have an effect of minimum 11 days. Be grounded…..Have enough of water….. and Breath……..
Be blessed.
Love n light

Spiritual Ground Rule workshop for Children

SPIRITUAL GROUND RULE FOR CHILDREN is a workshop specially designed for children between the age 9-16 yrs. As we are all aware that this is the most impressionable age of our life, and it’s also important for all spiritual reasons, because from the time we are born we are fully aware of our spiritual power and essence. and by the time we reach age 12-14 years, we lose touch with our spiritual self/ power/ The disconnect happens due to worldly pressure, society and parental programming and bookish knowledge and belief pattern. it is important to regain this spiritual essence and tap into it at an early age in order to build stronger foundation of relationship- firstly with yourself and secondly with parents and world around you.

The intentions of the workshop-

*To help children tap into their self power- which will help them in their focus, concentration and clarity in academic areas and self confidence.

*To make the children aware about various positive and negative belief systems that exist and will exist in the future and how to make choices as to which they should keep and which they should discard.

*To strength relationship with parents, siblings, friends.

*To introduce to them concept of “ENERGY WORK” and teach them easy techniques of grounding and protection.

*To heal all fears and emotional baggage they are carrying from Mother’s womb or otherwise in their energy field, enabling them to fully tap into and develop their own self power, strength and confidence.

This also includes developing their concentration, creativity and communication.


Date-19th April 2014(Saturday).

Time-9 am-3pm.


Energy exchange-leave me with an email.

Since it Is not going to be a group for more than 6 children, request you to register asap.Image