Shift of Spring/ Summer 2014 energies.

Good Morning Peepz……So finally my march 214 horoscope was posted, and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much cause trust me… it aint easy to finish so much of channeling work while doing the horoscope for you all.

Finally the spring season has started… and believe it or not, one does feel the climate shift on energy level also. every season has its own charm and energy…….

Coming to the energy cycles of Spring/ Summer 2014( that just made me sound like a fashion designer…)- there is a lot going to be happening in your life, mentally and emotionally.

As the autumn energies have withdrawn, spring will bring us a lot of spare time for our growth purpose. with spring setting in, you will see the following shifts-

** Need to take charge of life all over again.

** Clarity about past draining relationships will come through.

**You will begin to prioritize and eliminate the unwanted energies- this includes not only people, but also clothes, books, shoes, or any other “stuff” that is not needed by you.

**You will feel a sudden burst of energy to constantly do something.

**you will begin to reconnect with old friends, make plans, go for re-unions and be more active in making plans with people who bring joy to your life.

**you will find a sense of career- home balance and begin to enjoy your personal life more so, as you will have much more energy to deal and cope with situations and people.

**you will take charge of your physical realm- eat right, drink enough water, have natural food and even find the need to go back to a physical activity.

**You will begin to clear all pending payments and also begin to organize your finances in better way.


and most importantly of all- You will begin to attract NEW situations and people/ opportunities… but also remember during this period while the new is coming, its important to discard the old. we often find it difficult to discard and let go. but also remember death isn’t easy…. the end of a new cycle will be tough, and so will the birth of something new will be painful, but its only through that pain, new peaks arise. Open your heart to let the universal energies of this shift do the needful…. the more you surrender the more easy letting go will be. If you resist it, you will continue to move with old energies, while other’s around you will move forward, leaving you behind.

Its not only time to spring clean your house…but also make time to clean your life…. and the only way to do it is — be more aware to what pulls you up and what pulls you down…


Enjoy this process…..and learn to “”Let Go”… remembering that death and birth is painful….. but its also a way to freedom , liberation and a cycle of new growth.


Have a blessed day and week ahead.

Love and light