MARCH 2014 HOROSCOPE- by Tamanna C


the fact that you are reading this ,means you have successfully survived the end of mercury retrograde. with feb’14 being one of the most hectic , confusing and draining months you have gone through last 10 months, be rest assured the energies in March will be absolutely rejuvenating and calming.

It’s actually on 28th Feb., when the influence of mercury goes down, but you will feel the effects till at least 6th march. Post 3rd March’14 you will hear a good news that you have been expecting since end of Jan.’14. this news initially might boost your confidence but also let me warn you that it will demand too much commitment and hard work, so while it’s something you wanted, you will have to dedicate a lot of time and energy to get this work done, but don’t expect to see results before 3rd March’14. also if you are planning to expand or change your Job, now is a good idea to lay a foundation or spread the word around. if you are trying, you can be lined up for at least 2 interviews this month, but again results post 3rd april.on the work front this month will bring in a lot of oppurtunity and close a lot of pending deals. anything new that you initiate will move forward but with delayed results, so make sure you are patient enough. a slow down at work is possible between 17-25th month. also avoid friction with people at work during this period.


on the financial front, inspite of draining energies in Feb.. money must have come in, but with the only disadvantage of horrible extra expenses. it’s been as draining as anything can get. you will see a major shift post 9th march’14 when expenses will stabilize and you will be giving financial organization more priority.  for those in media, art of any creative job can expect a raise in salary or at least some work which will be financially beneficial sooner or later.

all is well on the family front, except for avoid frictions between 3-6th march and 19024th March. a family member’s health will keep you worried from beginning to 8th march’14. and around 28-29th march.’14.

for those who are committed/ married will go through minor frictions with partner till 3rd march, but post that all will be fine. you will see a major positive shift in your relations post 16th march. for those who are single will meet a lot of interesting people and may even get attracted to more than one person, but don’t take a decision before 12th April, as you could be prone to changing your mind.

as for your health you could be going through minor cuts and bruises throughout the month, starting from 25th feb’14. make sure you watch your step and also keep a check on your immunity as you may be prone to catching a bug around 15th march’14. eat  right throughout the month without skipping meals.

socially you will be on a roll till 19th march and then take a back seat till 4th april’14. last 3 months have been brilliant in terms of meeting news friends and reconnecting with old ones and the trend will continue. around 19th April you might hear a disturbing news through/ about a friend, which wills settle down by 23rd march.’14. just make sure you are there around your friends when they call upon advice.

karmic tip: be more focused. take one thing at a time.





Well thought you haven’t been much affected with the mercury effects you will still be all of the place. there is a lot going on in your life and everything seems to be inter connected. it’s important for you to keep your cool this month, be rational and focus on resolving rather than starting new things.

on the work front, I see a lot of work being stuck, slow since 20th Jan’14 and unfortunately this trend will continue till 15th macrh’14. I knows it’s frustrating but make sure you don’t remove your energies on clients/ team members as it can back fire big time. make sure you maintain a code of conduct and discipline as people around you might not be as tolerant as you think. now the good news is, some work that has been slow will begin to move forward around 11th March and will speed up on 21st march and before you realize by mid April you will have things going for you. this month you might be hiring or working with new team members. make sure you are not too harsh on judging them as you might be cornered due to your attitude.  don’t initiate anything new till 7th march’14 as it might not work out in the long run. post 21st march you can expect new work opportunities through a social space which will manifest only in may’14.

finances will be slow, and a lot of expenses or investments will be on your mind. I see slow down in finances since November’13 which is due to get much better between 17th march-16th april’14, so again wait it out. keep a check around 8-17th March’14 as you might indulge in heavy expenses and regret later.

On the health front keep a check on your back and stomach till 10th March’14, post which you are safe. you might even think of starting/ bouncing back to some form of physical exercise. make sure you keep yourself hydrated.

Family life will be smooth to begin with, but go through slight stress between 7-20th March’14. this is bound to be indirect stress/friction. either you might get involved in controversy or a family member’s stress might worry you. whatever it is, make sure you are calm and patient. anything said out of chance/ in temper will only make things worse. the situation will eventually change but you would have created a scar in the relationship if not handled well. for married, can hear good news of conception/ pregnancy this month with partner or within the family. for those who are committed, might initiate talks of commitment post 19th march’14, with slight opposition from family member’s or partner’s side.

Social life will be on a roll throughout the month. avoid friction with a male energy around 11-16th March’14.  avoid doing any business/ work with a friend this month no matter how tempting the opportunity might look. If you are a single, AVOID  relationship this month as your judgment will be clouded. no matter how lonely or needy you feel, just avoid slipping or being vulnerable to someone from the opposite sex.


Karmic tip: keep a check on your temper and words.



With mercury being your sign, you must have gone through an emotional / physical roller coaster ride. Feb wasn’t too gentle with you but you can expects the wind to change drastically post 4th March14.

Work will pick up immediately post 2 march with even more work coming your way post 11th and 26th march’14. if you are looking at new tip ups/ partnership/ collaboration  this is your month. you can expect results or clarity anytime between 13th-24th March’14 with more positive news post mid april’14. make sure you organize all your paper work and keep your accounts in place as you could be prone to losing some important paper work. make sure you even save all your work/ presentations as last minute you might not save it and loose all data. you will also be setting up important meetings between 7-13th March, initially you may not get clarity but post 23rd march’14, clarity and communication will get stronger.

Financially , you will be on a roll as all pending payments begin to clear post 1st and 14th march’14. post 4th march’14 you will get oppurtunity with drastic turn over’s or even news of promotions or raise in salary. keep a check on expenses between 15th march’14-22nd april’14. for someone of you might even put down money for  a new car / house anytime after 5th amrch’14.

Health will be stable , but take care between 11-22 march as you could be prone to cold , cough congestion or even allergy or any kind of breathing/ chest related issues.

Family life will be stable post 3rd march, but between 22-28th march you could go through slight friction. around 4-10th march will be a favorable period to connect with family members or call for a gathering . take care of your partner’s health between 17th-29th march’14. if need to see a doctor, make sure you get a second opinion for whatever the issue might be.

Social life will take a back seat as this month your priority will be work, but by 26th amrch’14 you will be ready to bounce back to your social scene and be the centre of attention all over again. expect to have a heart to heart conversation with a dear friend post 19th march and don’t be afraid to communicate how exactly you feel towards the other person, even if it’s just pure friendship. for those who are single have or will meet someone new before 9th march’14, clarity about the relationship between 19th march-4th april’14.


Karmic tip: Prioritize your life and be more organized.



You are one of the few signs who haven’t been much influenced by the mercury compared to other signs. Feb. was a brilliant month work wise and this just going to get better. thought Feb. was a rough period due to indirect stress, thank your stars you were not directly affected.

Work will be on a roll throughout the month, to the point that you might be exhausted and want to give up, but enjoy this period. your creative energies will be on a roll from 5-19th march so make the most out of it, cause post 19th march you might withdraw and get lazy. be open in communication with co-workers or team members as there could be slight misunderstanding around 91-2th march which can delay things to 17th march’14. if you have deadlines, push it to post 17th march, as you might not be able to complete it before that. post 6th march and 22nd march you can expect new clients/ tie ups etc which will show major positive results in June-July’14. those who are in the creative industry can even go through a promotion or change of role, clarity for which will come through between 8-22nd march’14.

Health will need attention till 6th march and towards end of this month. more than a major issue you might just feel lethargic, exhausted or lazy throughout the month so you will have to make that extra effort to get out of the bed in the morning. just keep in mind that all the effort you put in this month will definitely give you all the results you need and you dreamt of. avoid eating out between 15-21st  and 28-29th march’14.

Family life will be disturbing till 19th march’14. you irritation can rub someone in the wrong way so keep a check on that. don’t be overly demanding and keep a check on your tone . sometimes its not about what you say, it’s about how you say it. a family member’s health will keep you on your toes from 7-19th march’14. this could be a stressful period as its coinciding with hectic work schedule but you will have to pull through this period. avoid reacting with partner between 4-11th march’14. for those you are married will go through difference in opinion with heir partner throughout,. make sure to listen before you react cause you might just land up making a fool out of yourself. for those in a relationship, avoid un necessary drama and nagging.

Socially, it is going to be a good period, but knowing your time and way things will shape up you might just be too tired of exhausted to even step out of talk to friends. this will continue till 19th march post which you will bounce back, wanting all the attention from your friend. a social gathering around 25-29th march will introduce you to some interesting people who might help you in areas of work sooner or later. for those who are single, avoid a relationship before 15th march, post which you are clear to go.


Karmic tip: take one thing at a time. listen to your body and give it the extra rest it needs.



Please don’t bother reading this part my dear as you are in for big disappointment. while you thought Feb. was rough, you haven’t seen what march has in store for you. I do not wish to scare you but just warn and prepare you to keep your calm , patience and gather all the strength you need right now to handle relationships and people around you.

Work will be brilliant till 16th march and then hit rock bottom post till 8th april’14 so make sure to make a conscious decision to slow down, else the universe will pull you back in a BIG way. some work that has been stuck since early Feb. will move forward post 3rd march but will hit rock bottom post 19th march’14 so make sure you don’t fly to high early march’14. talks on new

work will begin post 8th march but yet again things will be slow post 2nd half, so don’t expect much clarity. over all work as hard as you want till 17th and then disappear.

Finances will be stable throughout the month. avoid impulsive investments decisions post 19th march’14.

Health will need attention between 8-14th march and 26th march-9th april’14. make sure you sleep well and get enough rest else due to low physical energies you will feel even more cranky and edgy.

On the family front, the month will begin on a very sensitive note. a family member’s health or stress might worry you no matter how much you try to avoid or be strong. avoid friction with your sibling between 7-14th march and towards end of this month. this month truth about partner and extended family member’s will come to surface which might be difficult to handle or not so pleasant. make sure you don’t over react and lose yourself respect as towards the end, they will turn around and blame you for your short comings. be more mature in withdrawing and handling the situations when time is in your favor. avoid confrontations with partner between 5th-14th march as it could get 19th march situations with stabilize but yet again don’t take any decisions till 2nd April as there won’t be much clarity this month.

Social life will be good till 22nd march and then you might consciously withdraw or travel, hence there will be a disconnect. there will be one friend from the same sex who will pull you through this rough phase. be open to receiving help. those who are single should just sit quietly and not mingle much as it can back fire your character or reputation while you might get extra friendly. stay away from all confrontations and controversy this month.

Karmic tip: Be more aware in knowing when to back off. don’t try and prove a point to people.



Phew… if you have cleared feb.’14 with full sanity then you are good to go for the next couple of month. while feb.’14 must have taught you a lot of lessons, it’s time to implement all those lessons and take charge of life while you have been lazy about a lot of situations in life.

As work picks up full pace post 7th march, you will be on a  creative roll between 9-22nd march, so try and get as much creative work possible. it’s going to be a drastic shift and you might find it difficult to keep up to pace but this best to tap into energies when time is in your favor. you will hear from an old client/ co worker and strike up another new contract/ deal this month post 19th march. initially you might be skeptical but eventually it will all work the way you want it. just avoid being critical. you might also be working new people / free lance or hired this month post 15th march. don’t be hasty in judging, because initially you might be on the same page but post 3rd April all while smoothen out.

avoid friction with people at work between 5-11th march.

Finances will be slow till 11th march and can be really frustrating but you can prepare yourself to attract abundance in multi fold post 19th march. a new deal that you will strike this month will stablise your finances for the next couple of months or even a year to come, depending on the work. expect delayed / stuck payments post 8th march’14. avoid extra expenses around 15-19th march’14.


health will need attention till 12th march. make sure to take your vitamins on time as immunity might be weak and do not neglect health especially after 7th march’14. if need be visit the doctor even if you have slight fever. anything neglected can cause problems later. take care of your back especially around 22-26th march’14.

family life will be much better post 4th amrch’14. Feb. was a horrible period for married or committed Virgos but this month you will rule out all the issues and bounce back with more intensity , love and affection towards your partner. be a better listener and don’t be overly critical around 15-18th march as your partner might not handle it well. a family member’s health will worry you between 6-18th march’14.

Social life will take  a back seat till 14th march’14. in your head there is a lot of things you might want to sort out, rather than just getting distracted with social life. work/ business with a close friend will show positive results post 16th march’ and 9th April. make sure you maintain a profession code of conduct with this friend as things might go sour later, so make sure the responsibilities are charted out clearly before moving forward into the work. a close friend might turn to you for advice post 21st march. make sure you give an advice from a practical way rather than getting carried away by your emotional experience of the past.


karmic tip: Be more focused on whets important rather than finding faults in whets not.



You are again one of the few signs who have just been saved while the entire planet was going  cuckoo. I know you must have been through your fare share of issues in feb.’14 but that might not be primarily due to mercury effects. the full moon energies seemed to have slowed you down post 16th feb’14.

As you step into march’14, by 5th of March’14 you will see the pace of your work pick up at least by good 40%. if you have been waiting to sign a contract or close a deal, it’s bound to happen between 7-16th March’14. just make sure you read the documents carefully. post 11th march and 24th march you can expect more work to come in with a minor delay/ slow down between 23-29th march’14. so it’s safe to say that the first 3 weeks will be in your favor and then again will slow down until 6th April.

if you are applying for a new job, you can be interviewed anytime between 3-17th march, but expect results only around or post 27th march’14. for those in a job can also hear good news of change of role/ promotion around 19th march’14. initially you might feel insecure regarding change of role, but be more accepting and go with the flow as post August’14 it will do you good.

Finances will open up post 5th and 17th march. pending payments will get cleared before 15th and you can expect a raise in salary after 23th march. this month you will have to make an extra effort sitting down with family member’s or your accountant in order to discuss how to channelize your finances to grow further.

Health will need attention till 13th March’14. you need to keep a check on your regime and eating patterns. you will also bounce back to a physical activity post 10th march’14 but it will again go through a disconnected period in April’14.

family life will be  a little unstable. some days will be good and some days will be bad. the bad days might be due to other people’s issues. make sure you don’t take things personally. avoid friction when you know the other person is down and low. a family member’s health will need attention between 11-19th march’14. around 18th march’14 be a better listener with family members as you could misunderstand something and then make a fool out of yourself later. partner’s health will need attention post 20th march’14. avoid friction with partner between 6-14th march and 27-31st march.

Social life will be slow till 19th amrch’14. you might also have certain under lying friction with a friend, being carried forward from Feb;14. I suggest DO NOT confront as it can only make things worse at least till 22nd march. post which you will gracefully let go of the issue without the need to confront. post 24th march you will reconnect with an old long lost friend. There are chances that you might be hurting someone close by sharing their personal life information this month. avoid any such things as it can cause social embarrassment later.

those who are single will meet someone interesting mid march14 but by the time you reach 6th april’14 you might totally change of mind. if you are already dating, clarity about relationship will come to you post 22nd march-9th april’14. just don’t be pushy with your partner.


karmic tip: Think before you talk.



As you enter March you will begin like flying. you find your voice and wings all of a sudden and will be ready to take over the world, with immense confidence and passion.

work will be Brilliant this month. you can expect new clients from 2nd march14, working with new people, fame, acknowledgement., change of role or even your new job. all that you desire will flow in this month, but the key is to be grounded. sometimes when you get too much too soon you might tend to fly high. whatever your success rate is, make sure you are grounded. while all will be going your way, make sure you are sensitive towards people at work and don’t get too persistent or demanding with them as it can back fire post 21st march. keep your ego in check.


Finances will be slow till 16th march and then will go through a jump post 21st march, but this entire month is your period of extra expenses, so no matter how much money is coming in, it will flow out before you realize.

Health will need attention between 117-26th March’14 especially your back and feet. make sure you don’t over exert yourself. make sure you get enough sleep, as that will help you focus on your work when your work needs all the attention from you.

family life will be slow till 13 march. you already seem to be stressed about a family issue and trying your best to resolve it, but sometimes it may not be a part of your karma to resolve. I suggest take a back seat, detach from drama and give the other person some breathing space rather than asking them to do things you way. clarity about this situation will come through around 19th march and all these issues will resolve by 2nd april’14. it’s just a phase for the other person, but because you love to help, you might just get dragged into their mess. be there for them but don’t get attached.

If you are dating, this is not a good period to commit as your emotions will be clouded. put things on hold till 4th April. if you are single again not a good period to enter a relationship as you will be confused about your own self.

Social life will be on a roll. you will get invited to parties and social dos but due to family stress you might now enjoy it as much. around 16th march a friend might try to push your button, be calm and ignore. don’t take things personally. if you find the need to communicate or express to a friend do it after 21st March’14.

Travels regarding work indicated post 13th march’14.


karmic tip: Be more allowing and accepting.



February has been a balanced month. not too bad and not so good. but as you enter March’14 your emotions will be on a roll even though your situations will settle down. it seems like a low emotional period for most of you., you will be cranky ,edge, irritable, moody etc at least till 19th march’14, so don’t take yourself and others seriously.

work will be stable till 11th march’14. all the things you have been working on since Jan’14 will show results after 16th march’14. this month you might get approached by new clients/ people to work with. take a decision only post 9th march. as you might have the tendency to jump into something and then regret. be more focused at work and avoid moody swings with people at work as they might not understand what you are going through. another drastic shift in work is expected around 21st. an important meeting around 11-17th march will give your career the boost it needs at this point, with fame and acknowledgemt coming in post May’14.

Finances will go through a positive shift after 18th march but you will also be in a cycle of extra expenses from 14-29th march’14 so might feel a little financial insecure towards end of this month.

Health will need attention- especially throat, nasal area and chest. if you feel under the weather kindly consult a doctor as you might neglect your health which will get worse post 18th amrch’14 and will interfere with your work commitments.

family life will be absolutely smooth. you will have all the love and support you need. you will go through a positive shift in your relationship with your partner. just don’t push people away. don’t hold onto the past and don’t question other people’s intentions. remember everything around you is fine,. but its only you who’s feeling low. don’t drain other people because of your low emotional cycle as it could back fire post 22nd march’14. if you are involved in a court matter with family members, this month you can expect some clarity post 14th amrch’14 which will be a sigh of relief for you.

If you are single you will enjoy the limelight thoroughly and if you are committed you will enjoy quiet moments with your partner. whatever it is, hide under the blanket around17-21st amrch’14 as it could be your most sensitive period. your emotions will be at its peak and there are chances you might feel drained out.

travels indicated post 21st amrch’14.


Karmic tip: Be grounded and don’t take yourself and people seriously.




While Feb. must have been gentle on you, as you enter March’14 you will not know where you are coming from or going to. you will by hyper, erratic and confused till 11th march and will settle down post that. you might people everyone has a problem with you but that may not be the case. it’s in your head so don’t take things personally.

Work, unfortunately will be slow. you can expect some good news post 12th march but again will go slow post 25th march’14. hang in there. don’t start anything new as nothing will work out, don’t plan, or inittiate anything new what so ever. if you are due to go for a client meeting, send your colleague as if you go you might lose the contract. I know it is disappointing, but you got to do what you got to do in order to save some trouble. co workers will be supportive towards you, so again be more open in receiving their guidance and help. receiving help will not make you any weaker, it will only make you wiser in this trial time. avoid travelling for work as no results will be soon this month.

finances will be stagnant and you can expect it to pick up post 23rd March’14. avoid  over indulging around 14-19th march as you might just land up feeling guilty and even more insecure about finances.

health will need attention till 8th march and also between 23march-2nd april’14.

Family life will be smooth, and that’s going to be your saving grace. enjoy your family time, have conversations, make plans to reconnect with family, cook for family or plan a trip with family. it will all be good this month. a female family member’s health will be low around 14-19th march’14 but nothing to worry. only period you should avoid friction is 19-23 march’14.

For those who are committed will enjoy excellent bond with their partner. for those who are single will meet someone new pre/post 6th month and I can see a relationship towards end of march’14. whatever you do, make sure you are away from public eye.

overall social life will be balanced and that’s just what you need this month.


Karmic tip: balance.



As you enter March’14 you can find your breath back and be more comfortable with yourself. you have been rather lost within your own thought throughout feb’14 as someone was trying to overpower you/ control you. as you enter march’14 you will gather your voice back and communicate post 4th march’14.

On the work front, things will be smooth, not too low not very good. just do your thing the way it’s going. a positive result from a meeting around 8-14th is indicated which will be financially beneficial around 19th March’14 and throughout April’14. there will be another golden opportunity which will come your way post 24th march but expect results of that only post mid april’14. you will be filled with ideas and thoughts and feel like you are ready to take over the world, but hold your horses and take it one step at a time.

Finances will open up post 6th march’14. you can will receive unexpected abundance post 14th march’14 in form of cash or gift. you might even consider investing your money post 20th march and property would be a good idea too. avoid extra expenses around 3-11 march as post 17th march you will regret spending this money as it was futile.

Family life will be smooth and comfortable with minor stress due to someone’s health between 5-12th march’14. those who are married or attached will enjoy quiet moments with their partner. just avoid friction between 19-1=26th march’14. around 16th a difference of opinion with a male energy can drain you out, but by 19th things will be back to normal.

If you are single or just about dating, wait till 13th march’14 till you get your answers.

Social life will take a back seat as you might just feel physically drained out or lazy. it’s ok to take a back friends will be there when ever you are ready to bounce back.


Karmic tip: follow your heart.




as you enter march, you can expect some good news regarding areas of work. this month is a month of renewal and rejuvenating.

on the work front, you might renew contracts, or work with old clients or even start something new post 15th march’14. if you are in a business you will benefit a lot from this month as you will be calling the shots. if you in a job, try and take control over things as anything you touch will turn to gold. just avoid getting hyper around 23-26th march due to slow down in work. everything will be fine by 27th amrch’14.

Money will flow throughout the month but  just keep a check on incomings and out goings. you might even feel generous and splurge on loved one’s for expensive gifts.

 health will need attention between 7-19th amrch’14. eat on time and get enough rest. keep a check on BP around 8-11th March as it could be fluctuating.

Family life was stressful in Feb’14 and you were living on the edge but you touch 6th march you will get the news of everything being smooth and ok. travels with partner indicated around 15th month or towards end of this month. avoid friction with female energy either mother or wife  or sister around 24-29march’14. be more communicative as far as family goes as they will not be able to read your mind and know your expectations.

Social life will be on a roll from 14th march-6th april’14. make the most out of it and the limelight will be on you. if you want to host a party this month, go ahead and plan something out of the box. the universe will make you meet some amazing people this month and the bond with them will just get stronger in months to come. TAKE IT AS A BIRTHDAY GIFT FROM THE UNIVERSE AS IN TODAYS DAY AND AGE ITS DIFFICULT TO MEET LIKE MINDED LOVING PEOPLE.


karmic tip: be more open to receiving without over analyzing or question.