Spiritual frequency changes

Good morning Peeps

It’s been a long time since I have written a note, and off late more and more people are coming to me questioning me about changes in relationship patterns. It’s been a concern to many people. everyone can see it and feel it but one doesn’t know what to make out of it and handle the drift.

like we all know, every soul is a mass of energy resonating at a certain frequency level. every soul has its upper limit and lower limit. depending on your auric, physical , mental and emotional energies, your frequencies are constantly changing. your soul frequency is your authentic state of being, but if you are suffering from stress or disturbance on either one of your levels, auric , physical, mental and emotional, it can automatically lower your etheric frequency.

we can feel draining energies on different level. below are few examples of how we can feel low on frequency-

Auric- sometimes we visit crowded places, parties or even our work places and if our aura is weak, we can get drained out without even realizing what is happening to us. other people’s negativity can linger on to our aura and then we carry it back in our energy field and personal relationships.

Physically- if we are unfit, not well rested or ill, this automatically reduces our etheric frequency. hence its important to constantly hear the voice of the body and move as per its pace. if the body is resisting a certain kind of food, drinks, pattern listen to your inner voice and act in its way. if we continue pushing beyond our limits, the frequency of our body drops , thereby reducing or lowering our eheric and esoteric energy.

Mentally & Emotionally-

All our fears, blocks, insecurities, questioning from our past, present and into our future can even lower our frequencies to a degree we can’t even imagine. what you are inside reflects outside. any kind of jealousy towards others, bitterness, anger, pain, situations in memory that we are unable to let go off can drain us out beyond what one can decipher. it’s important to be mentally at peace and emotionally grounded with whatever is happening around is. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. The key to this is nothing but “ACCEPTANCE”. Once you accept that situations and people are in your life for a reason and open your heart to acceptance and learning without any fear, karma clearing becomes a lot more graceful. if you sit and analyze, question, doubt etc, it creates esoteric blocks, there by the constricting the soul from completion.

all of the above and lot more lead to our constant change of frequencies. every city, place, temple, work space etc has an energy attached to it and we are constantly changing with it. it’s important to be aware of when this shift happens and it’s important to detach with these energies. we body and mind reflects these energies in the following ways-

*sudden headaches,

*Hunger pangs.

*feeling sleepy or tired, or physically tired but mentally awake.

*feeling uprooted in relationships.

*Erratic fears emerging without any reason.

*Mood swings etc.

These are FEW of the symptoms that can warn us regarding the energy frequency changing without us.

now this is a energy shift from higher to lower.

Sometimes we witness the reverse when we encounter spiritual experiences or release our karmas. in my healing sessions and workshops a lot of people have reverse effect where they change from a lower to a higher frequency. this happens with following symptoms-

*Slight head ache or heaviness in the head but feeling light within.

*Sudden seeing colors every time you close your eyes.

*Sudden sensation of throwing up after initiations or healing sessions with me.

*feeling sleepy followed by peaceful sleep.

*Change in eating habits, following more healthy pattern. resisting food that no longer suits you.

*Feeling loss of memory towards unpleasant situations as they are releasing from your esoteric and etheric realm.

*feeling more at peace and resolving situations emotionally with people with whom you had issues earlier. etc

The above experiences mark a shift in energy from lower state to moving into higher state.

depending on what frequency we are at, we attract people into our life for our karmic completions, lessons etc.

Every soul has to learn to accept and be more grounded with every situation and relationship we encounter. sometimes relationships can last for an hour, weeks, months or a lifetime.

for e.g.- if a patient/ client is visiting me for a healing / reading sessions, my interaction with them can be for an hour with is defined by the relationship of me giving them clarity and healing their energies followed by their self realization and transforming and energy exchange. now sometimes this relationship can last for just an hour or the person can come back to me time and again for clarity and healing. we are no one to define the time boundary of relationships. we have no control over time. we have control only over our acceptance……

Right now in our current energy cycles a lot of people find it difficult to accept- either the end of a relationship or beginning of new relationships. we are constantly question we few relationships ended in the past, or constantly questioning we are we meeting certain people right now and their purpose in our life. We will never know their purpose till the time it’s done…. or till the time you do a karma reading/ psychic reading with me…. or simply you have to be gifted to know it the journey you share with various souls……until then all we need to do is Accept…….

I will be soon posting the past 2 of this note which will throw light on how shift in frequencies can disturb relationships and sometimes be a cause of disconnect with members of our own Soul group…….

Stay tuned ,until then….

God bless….

Be loved…protected and at peace….

Loads of love and light,



Healing Anger from the root cause.

Good morning peepz….

Hope everyone’s energies have settled down after tha 1st Jan.2014 which created such a drastic shift in our internal and physical energies. Life and time just seems to be flying by. Before you sit back and realize pages of life are just folding, sometimes with higher magnitude showing us what we need to see, and sometimes showing us what we already know within. nonethless the energies are due to settle down in another 3-4 days so we all will have even more control on our inner energy levels. Remember the key word for any energy distortion period is- channelizing it as much as you can through exercise, inner work, physical activities, creative energies etc.


Today i chose to write on something that is a part of every human emotion- Anger.

This is a common energy thready existing in each and every one of us. we are constantly angry about something or the other. every time we feel let down, or disappointed, anger comes up. either towards people, situations , God or our ownself.

Sometimes i have met people who reflect alot of suppressed anger by dont really know the root cause of it . they know its there but they dont know why. sometimes we all face such problems where we find the intensity to be larger than the actual situation and wonder why and how is it possible.

Healing the cause of anger becomes easier when it is realized that anger is blame, and that behind blame is a desire for love and understanding. Blame is often confused with responsibility, yet neither blame nor responsibility are understood with absolute clarity on the human personality level. The nature of the difference between the two is understood by you intuitively, however. You can FEEL the difference. Blame is the distorted human perception of true responsibility, and true responsibility is the function of the Higher Self. Anger arises when the human personality feels a lack of control over “external” circumstances. (I am speaking here of the human personality that hasn’t totally surrendered control to its Higher Self. This surrender is what “enlightenment” essentially is; and yes, there is still a sense of human free choice/free will in this state, albeit in way that is aligned with the Higher Mind. Such a person has simply aligned powerfully with Divine Will, unconditional love.) The only control that the personal self has is over its own perceptions, its personal attitude about itself. There is no other control that a human may exert.

The personal ego generally has its preconceived notions of how people “should” react, and when the desired reaction is not given the ego usually feels annoyment, which is a lighter feeling of anger that hasn’t become what is known as “rage.” The key to preventing rage is actually to make light of it, lessening fear of it, for “going on a rampage” in a negative sense is one of the most feared human reactions. A healthy mind is one that knows how to joyously play with extremes, not by giving into fear but through using the energies of passion and even aggression in beneficial ways. Any feeling one thinks one has about another or others is really based upon one’s own perception of oneself. If one feels annoyed that “someone else” is judgmental, then the one who feels this annoyment inherently believes that he/she needs to judge “someone else” as being judgmental. One is really saying, “I am judgmental!” This component of one’s own anger truly needs to be noticed and forgiven if there is to be healing of the mind. Anger/blame is projection. It is a manifestation of fear. This message is not about healing anger; it is about healing the ROOT CAUSE of anger. Anger is an emotion, a feeling, a reaction, a response, an effect. It arises from the Higher Self as feedback to show you that your self-perception has declined in vibration, and that you are currently identifying with ego rather than with love. And so, to reconnect with love you must find relief from the blame that veils your perception of it. This entails SELF-FORGIVENESS, not self-blame. Self-forgiveness is simply a practice of consciously using your mind, your awareness, your attention, to EASE UP on yourself, which inherently includes easing up on others, forgiving others, as well, for all are One. However, the highest form of forgiveness is ALWAYS centered on forgiving the “self,” the ego. The ego desperately avoids self-forgiveness, which is generally why when it comes to forgiving, most humans speak of forgiving “others,” and this is very often just another form of blame, seeing the other person as “wrong,” instead of maturely seeing the error within ONESELF that needs to be forgiven. It may help you to think of ego not in terms of “my ego” and “his/her ego,” but rather that there is actually ultimately ONE EGO, and this ego is simply the aspect of Universal Mind that plays the game of separation, segregation and limitation. The ego is simply that which produces illusion; there is nothing inherently “bad” about it. All personal egos are simply reflections of the one, universal ego, so to speak. When it comes to healing anger, what most people do is simply find SOME temporary relief from what they think troubles them, without actually getting to the personal core beliefs behind those “troubles.” Discovering and changing personal core beliefs eventually leads to healing at the universal causal level, where the entire drama of all separation initially began. (None of this is true in itself, just a linear way of explaining this metaphysical concept of creation.)

Understand that anger is most often unrecognized in oneself, for the ego uses many clever diversions to keep your attention from seeing anger for what it REALLY is, and it often does this by REPRESSING most of its angry feelings. For example, most “soft-spoken, nice people” are very much repressed towards their anger, feeling very uncomfortable even listening to anyone who could otherwise help them LOOK DEEPER within themselves at the root cause. So, WHAT IS the “root cause” of anger? The root cause of anger is denial of oneself as the creator of one’s own experience. It is ignorance of the creative process, to whatever degree, for anger can only arise when one forgets that he/she, as a soul, is TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for their personal reality, which is their personal universe. This is why anger equals blame, for once you ignore your creative responsibility to whatever degree, you are metaphorically “giving your power away” to another/others.

Now, truth-seekers, let it be realized that the initial reaction/outburst of anger is NEVER a problem; the only “problem” is when one sustains the feeling of anger through egoic self-righteousness. For example: “Man, that so-and-so really ticked me off!” (Humorously) Now, if the person who feels this way doesn’t address his/her own strong feelings in a healthy manner such as through finding an INSPIRED way to relieve tension, then the anger will indeed become a problem for this person, so to speak, and more and more “evidence” that he/she is “right” will manifest in his/her personal reality. This is egoic self-righteousness, as opposed to Divine Self-righteousness. When used appropriately, anger may be a very cathartic, healing force for your higher good–and indeed, ultimately all anger helps you to eventually choose to LIGHTEN UP, anyhow. No emotion, no expression, goes wasted in the universe. Understand this, dear seekers of Truth.

At the “very worst,” your anger may express and manifest itself as, for example, cancer, and you may feel as if your Life Force is dwindling away and may feel depressed. But even this scenario is something that many souls have chosen to experience, and from the perspective of the Higher Self this is a very powerful opportunity for the incarnated soul to learn humility. What appears to be “bad” and something “unwanted” or “undesirable” to the human personality is NOT perceived as such by the Higher Self, for It sees LOVE at the root of ALL experiences, for It knows that you are learning, discovering, awakening from the dream (some call it “nightmare”) of lack and limitation that YOU, as a soul, have already agreed to experience.

With the help of your Higher Self, you, reader, in your life experience have indeed already discovered many valuable gems of insight about your core beliefs, and for your Higher Mind this message is but another interpretation of the Guiding Light within you that is your constant Guide and Companion along your journey of Self-discovery. Your Inner Guide represents your True Self; It is You guiding “you.” You have another opportunity here to chip away at the walls of fear and self-denial that negative belief has made. Even better, you may perceive these “walls” as transparent, knowing that no belief–however powerful–may forever prevent you from remembering Who-You-Really-Are. Simple advice (and yes, this takes much practice to integrate and learn): WHATEVER feels uncomfortable to you, simply surrender it to your Divine Inner Being, and do not make such an ordeal out of it. This is the Way of Wisdom.

For this day, spend alone time in making your way through your anger and letting go of your blames- either towards people, universe or simply yourself.


Have a blessed day.

Love n light


Pain or your judgement?

Pain is nothing but our emotional perception of situations. Everyone goes through situations but not everyone may feel the same intensity of pain in the same situation. It’s a relative emotion. Arising from the sub consciously every time there is a judgement towards- right or wrong. Which again is relative. Every time our inner self perceives something as wrong, we automatically allow it to penetr…ate into our emotional level creating sense of disappointment – which gives rise to pain. It’s not situations or people that cause pain. It’s our judgement of it being either right or wrong simply “”to us”” that causes pain. If you have blamed or held onto someone for causing pain in the past or present situation, go deeper today to resolve what was your judgement about the situation. Remember people don’t know any better. They are constantly fighting to survive- at work and relationships. Constantly defending to live. They may not be aware of the pain they cause to us. Just like the way we are not aware of the pain we cause to other people. Release, forgive, let go and Live.
Stay blessed

Life Purpose

Life purpose isn’t about pleasing God or people. its not about service to society, its not about being a great soul to achieve it. it not about treasure hunting, nor brownie points. every soul has a life purpose. Purpose to be true to its journey. Purpose to learn and grow. purpose to love unconditionally and serve. purpose to be forgiving. Purpose to be patient and accepting. purpose to be bigger than situations that come in front of us. Purpose to honor its own inner light and surrender to the Divinity of Light.
If you have been questioning what you purpose in life is- begin by accepting and honoring your existence and being more aware of how your actions and words can create an energy cycle for other people’s life and Universe around you. Life purpose isn’t a milestone. Its every walk you take in life.
Stay Blessed.

Spiritual Parenting Workshop – Tamanna C

ImageSpiritual Parenting Workshop

-Tamanna C

                                                                Angel therapist, Psychic Medium, Healer & Soul Coach.


Parenthood- one of the most precious feeling and phase of life. On a human level, the ultimate purpose of an individual be it male or female is to experience being a parent.

For a woman- it is all about experiencing mother hood- giving birth to a new being, shaping a new being.

For a man- it’s all about leaving a legacy behind. Contributing to the birth of a new being and taking full responsibility of your own creation.

It is true when people say- “Our children are a reflection of us.”

In our day to day life we may not be aware of how our etheric and esoteric energies (fears, blocks, insecurities, communication in balance, suppressed anger etc) is also growing within our children.  Sometimes we may resent certain behavior patterns of our child, which are a complete mirror image of it, and it’s something we can’t handle. we constantly want our children to change and behave in a certain pattern, not realizing that they are just children. they don’t know any better. They will only behave in a manner that has been energetically fed into them during or post pregnancy and early childhood. we don’t realize but every word, every reaction , everything we say to them and ourselves makes an energy imprint on them, which will begin to reflect as they grow older.

Just like the way we blame our parents/ childhood for being in a particular way, in the future our child will blame you as a parent for making them the way they are- good, bad or ugly.

As a spiritual coach, healer and therapist, I invite you to this 2 days workshop of giving yourself a chance to experience the most beautiful relationship with your own creation – creating not only a physical or timely connect but also a mental, emotional and spiritual connect with your child.


Intentions of this workshop

– Making the participants aware of their own etheric energies, helping them realize, release and heal from their blocked etheric chords with their respective parents and partner relationships.

-Working on the womb state of the mother( current or past) and going through time lines to clear unresolved emotional blocks.

-Bringing in the issues or the child- tapping into the root cause and helping the parent release and heal from the deep core of etheric chord.

-Bringing in complete balance and harmony with your child and partner to create a health and spiritually connected family.

-learning ways to tap into your child’s fears as they keep sprouting up after the workshop.

-Creating a medium for communication filled with listening , understanding and compassion.

-Learning ways to manifest an ideal relationship with your child with fresh chords every single day.


Who needs this workshop

-If you have had unresolved issues or troubled relationships with your parents and you are a parent now.

-If you have had stress, emotional trauma pre , during and post pregnancy , either with your partner or in laws.

-Single or divorced parents.

-If you child suffers from unreasonable fears, anger  , communication blocks or health issues from birth.

-If you feel you don’t share a whole and complete relationship with your child.

-If you child suffers from ADHD or any other behavioral issue.

-One can even do this before conception or during pregnancy.

While a lot of people may feel they don’t need this workshop, think again, it’s your child that is the best judge for you to know whether you need it or not.

Duration – 2 days( 5 hours each day) since it will primarily be for parents it will take place on WEEKDAYS.



Dates- 20-21st January.’14.

Time- 10 am – 3pm.

Venue- Khar/ Bandra (TBA).

Energy exchange-9000/- inclusive food beverages and material.


The workshop can be conducted privately as well if you have a group of 3-5 people.

To confirm your registration kindly call on 09833702262 or email on tamannac111@gmail.com,

Hope to see you soon.

Love n Light

Tamanna C