Power of Self Power.

So the final countdown has begin. few hours left to go for we say good bye to this blessed year and step into a future filled with possibilities and joy and all that you wish to invoke.
I am sure you all have plans of stepping out or at least spending time with your loved ones. as for me am still contemplating. a part of me wants to go out , let my hair down, sip on wine, dance and spend time with all my close friends. and then there is a part of me which just wants to vegetate with my feet up as I enjoy the world pass by, the sound of the waves from my room, sip on wine and spend quality time with my hubby dear . Either ways I’m going to make sure it’s going to be a powerful night of fun , joy and love.
well whatever you plan is, I wish and hope that you all have a great start to this coming year.
Now come back to the note, as I begin to write, like always am blank. in the previous note I have shared techniques to let go and release the energies of 2013 and invoke new energies. as of now I don’t want to share any more techniques.
I just want to share my thoughts on Self power.
I feel the word “Self” and “Power” are completely misunderstood and under estimated. I don’t blame ourselves cause from childhood we have been tuned to the word ” it’s bad to be selfish”. and the minute one talks of self- our mind reads it as selfish. hence very seldom we sit and think about our self because we were programmed to the belief that if you think about yourself, you will be selfish and being selfish will make you a bad person.
Now coming to power- again a wrong belief system that was tuned in. Usually power is associated with being rich. the belief system people hold is- you need to be rich/ famous to be powerful. so we have never ever thought about the power we hold. I have genuinely seen strong/ powerful personalities and energies during my personal sessions , but the irony is they dint even know what they had within themselves.
In the coming here I invite you to open yourself up to your own power. it lies somewhere inside you. initially it might be difficult to tap into it, but just the belief that you know you have it within you is good enough for the power to reflect and work through. for those who feel you don’t have that power within you- or you had it in the past and don’t feel powerful any more- ask yourself one question when sitting alone- What is the situation or person to which I have lost my power? and then wait till you get an answer. now going back to the situations/ person, replay it in your mind and see what word/ reaction from the person has made you lose your power. once you get the source, visualize yourself standing in front of the person , looking into his/ her eyes and repeat-
“Your words and actions are not as powerful as myself power. In the moment I choose to take my power back from you and all my power I have vested in you will be restored back with stronger magnitude. You no longer have an effect on my power. ”
Keep repeating the above lines till you feel more at ease, comfortable and more powerful. for many of you it may be more than one person to whom you have lost your power. take time to do this with every individual.

Now back to self power- my personal belief of self power is about following your heart, having immense trust in your own self and in knowing that you deserve nothing but your own highest good. anything that comes in its way is your “power stealer”. It’s very important for you to be aware to your “power stealers ” you have in your life or you will encounter in the future. you need to constantly remind yourself that You are God’s creation and made of the same light that others around you are made of. the only difference between you and others is your experiences and believes. but apart from that its all the same. once you feel powerful from within, the universal will begin to acknowledge this power and inner faith and reflect back similar energies in your life. if you feel powerful , the universe will support it even ore. if you feel you deserve good and the best, the universe will support that. here I don’t talk about the power of secret. what I am saying is very different.
The universal energies are a source of energy. anything and everything we do positive/ not so positive, our energy is being support by the universe. it depends on how we channelize it. if you create a frame work of self power within yourself. the universal energies will flow through that frame and reflect in your life, through your work, words and behavior. in short imagine your body as a prism- the energy comes to you from the universe and depending on what that prism is made up of- it deviates and gets channelized into your life and relationships.
Self Power in itself is a powerful word. it’s a law of birth that every soul has the power to chart it’s on blue print( depending in frequencies some souls have this choice under the guidance of highest masters and guides.).
– Every soul has the power to choose if they want to follow what they have charted before taking birth.
-Every soul has the power to experience the positive and the negative from every situations.
-Every soul has the power to absorb what they need from people and situations and let go what they don’t need.
-Every soul has the power to fully express themselves- creatively, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.
-Every soul has the power to let go of the pain caused by people and situations. in fact we even have the power not to feel any pain.
-every soul has the power to be silent when they chose not to talk.
-Every soul has to power to access the universal source of divine light.
-Every soul has the power and gift of intuition.
-Every soul has the power to complete with relationships even on esoteric ( energy level).

-We do not have the power to judge people and their reactions.
-We don’t have the power to control other people’s thoughts and words.
-We don’t have the power to change other people.
-We don’t have the power to make others learn their lessons. we can only teach them, but can’t push them to learn.
-We don’t have the power to intervene and fulfill karmas for other people.
-We don’t have the power to stop what other people have charted for themselves.
-We don’t have the power to decide who is positive and negative.
-We don’t have the power to channelize the universal energies to wish ill upon other people.

As you go through the above, you will find many people are using the power that THEY DON’T HAVE, rather than operating from a space of Self Power. everyone wants to be powerful, but it all depends on what space you are operating as power has many names. Power isn’t about being rich or famous. It’s about knowing what you deserve and having faith in the Universe supporting you through the right and positive intentions you hold towards yourself.
In short Power for me is directly proportional to your inner deservebility quotient.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this and hope you choose to channelize yourself power more often and in the most powerful ways in this coming year.
Once again Wishing you and your family members a year filled with Joy, love, light, guidance and protection always. Have safe night, don’t drink and drive. if not for yourself for others in the car/ road.

Happy New Year.
Keep smiling, keep reading and keep giving me your feedback.
Love n light

Guided techniques to release the grey energies of 2013, invoking a powerful 2014.

Good morning every one….
rather it’s been a very early morning for me after a very long time….. and this is a sign of the energies changing….
usually am a deep sleeper but once in a while I go through these phases when my angels and guides wake me up between 4-4:30 and push me to chart my life/ channel or divert my energies into something more constructive. I almost went through this phase for 2 years where every night I would sleep till 4 and be wide awake doing my spiritual work till 7. and am glad its rekindled again.
So just another week left before this year comes to an end. I don’t know about you but for me it’s been a very eventful year. Starting from me getting married early this year to the love of my life, moving into my own house….bouncing back to work…. getting a chance to travel even more and touch lives from various corners of the world and with my brother just getting married recently. couldn’t have asked for more.
But on a different note, though we all have had great things, situations and events to be thankful for, I still feel that there is room for clearing and realizing all that we have picked up on our esoteric and deep sub conscious level throughout this year. we may not remember but there has been a lot of changes within ourselves. some for the better and some for not so good. a lot of people and situations must have impacted our life this year, creating imprints which may not serve our purpose. a lot of people must have walked out from our life, and its important for us to “fully” let go of them and complete with them on a karmic level.
Through this note I’d like to share ways that you can sit and clear the imprints of this year and release all that is not need for you, to carry in the new year coming up.
To begin with, take at least 15-25 mins time out for yourself when you sit to do this. sit in a comfortable position, preferably when you are alone. you can also have soft relaxing music in the background( though it doesn’t matter if you don’t). I personally love to work with music. make sure you keep a diary or a note pad next to you in case you may wish to write certain messages from your heart.

Take 5 deep breathes ( with open or closed eyes) and affirm that with every breath you take and every sound you hear, you are connecting more and more to your heart. this may take 5 or even more deep breathes . and slowly allow yourself to go with the flow. don’t try to block your thoughts, instead allow them to pass through your mind.

Now affirm – dear god and Archangel Michael, I ask you to come to me and help me release all grey energies, all the negavitives imprints, anger, suppressed communications, insecurities and fears that I have gathered through this year of 2013. please help me release all negative blocks from all relations and situations that I have encountered this year. I am willing to let go of all the people from all areas of my life that no longer serve my purpose or do not belong to my karmic chart in the year the come. I am willing to release and let go of all the pain cause but others in my esoteric field as I NO LONGER choose to hold it. I let go of all that doesn’t belong to me . I let go of all that blocks my highest frequency and growth.
spend 5-10 mins in this thought. if need be repeat the affirmation. for some of you a lot of painful situations, events or people might crop up from nowhere, the reason why it is coming up is because it’s time to let go and heal. Be present to it, rather than resenting it. you rather cry and let it out for few minutes than to hold on to it for years and then cry later. Nothing is a coincidence. you reading this blog, following this guidance, doing this technique, thoughts and people coming to your mind are all there for a reason. a reason for your highest growth and esoteric freedom. allow this to happen for none but your own self.
Once you feel free and comfortable with all passing thoughts and released all that needs to be released,
we can move forward to create and affirm a positive and a powerful year.
Taking your note pad- you may choose to write your goals and affirmations for the coming year. I am setting for examples below but you can create your own-
In the coming year ahead- I choose, I Accept and I attract—
– Clear thoughts.
– Strength and power to take my decisions and stand up for myself.-
Strength and courage to follow my heart and fully express myself for and through my highest good.
-I open myself to attracting wonderful business opportunities , people and situations that will help me success in my career path.
-I accept all loving and wonderful people in my personal space( only those who are meant to be in my karmic chart) who will love and accept me unconditionally and help me in spiritual growth.
-I choose abundance of financial peace, sustenance for myself and family.
– I choose to spend quality time with myself in this coming year, and give myself a chance to express myself beautifully and creatively.
– I choose to be in a state of trust, surrender and gratitude constantly on all levels of my existence .
– I choose to be in a present state to every situation and relationship.
-I choose immense tolerance, patience and courage knowing that no word or action of others is more powerful than me and nothing can take me away from my highest frequency.

you can choose to write the above or simply affirm it by saying it in your mind. you can even create your own affirmations and choose to repeat it every single day of the coming year.
Hope you make the most out of the above guidance and technique.
wishing you and your families Merry xmas and a Very Happy and Peaceful New Year,
Love n Light,

(P.s- this definitely aint my last blog for this year, there is more coming up.)

Ways to Balance and clear your energies .

Quantum Physics is showing us that everything is made from the same energy.  The energy vibrates in different wavelengths to give us all the things we see and experience in our universe.

We, too, are made from this energy and have ‘energy bodies’ in addition to our physical bodies. Within our energy bodies are the seven chakras or energy centers that regulate certain of our physical organs and areas of our lives.

If you have health problems or difficulties in your life, the source is often negative energy that has been lodged in your energy fields as the result of some past trauma or exposure to negativity from your environment.

Here are some techniques to help you release that negative energy quickly.

Get into a comfortable sitting posture with your spine in an upright position. Sitting cross-legged on the floor is good.

Many people who meditate use a half or full lotus position, however these sitting posture may prove too uncomfortable
for the average person. Try this alternative: Sit on a large cushion or pillow on the floor and let your legs rest on the floor
in front of you. This achieves the goal of tilting your pelvis forward so that your spine will naturally curve forwards with gravity.

Spend a few minutes relaxing and quieting your mind. To relax most effectively, take a series of deep breaths.
Three is usually good. Hold each breath for a short time and, as you exhale, tell yourself to relax.

Feel your muscles relaxing. On the third breath, tell yourself to mentally relax. Let go of your thoughts and just observe them.
The key here is to let go and not try to control your thoughts. Watch them like they were clouds drifting by and just let go.

Visualize each chakra as a ball of colored light. Each chakra has its own wavelength and corresponding color and tone.

Begin by seeing the crown chakra as a ball of violet light above your head. Spend a few moments or cycles of breath on
each visualization before moving on to the next.

The third eye is in the middle of your forehead and is a ball of indigo light.

Next, see the throat chakra as a ball of blue.

The heart chakra, in the center of your chest, has the color green.

In your solar plexus is the chakra with the color yellow.

The sacral chakra is in the genital area and its color is orange.

Finally the root chakra, at the base of the spine, is red.

Connect each chakra energetically, as you go. As you do the meditation, see the light from one chakra moving down and
joining with the color of the next chakra. Finish with the ‘middle pillar.’ The ‘middle pillar’ is simply visualizing a column of
white light flowing from your crown chakra down your spine and to each chakra below. While doing this, you can see every
chakra as a ball of white energy. See the white light circulate up around you and entering your crown chakra once again.

Alternately, you can visualize the white light penetrating deep into the earth for greater ‘grounding.’
You can also direct this light energy to those in need of healing.

There you have some basic techniques to get your energy flowing, open your chakras and get rid of negativity.
Here are a few alternatives to try:  –

Visualize the white energy as a whirlwind entering your body from your crown chakra and ‘washing away’
negative or dark areas in your aura. Visualize each chakra as a lotus flower opening up to the rays of the sun.

Karmic Relationship Patterns

Good morning…
yet again am just about ready to leave, but this time for a family break which is much needed. Hope you all are getting geared to kick start your week with just the right energies that you need .

Like I mentioned in my last note about the energy shift taking place soon (2-3 days) , I can already feel a shift. Believe it or not I did my grounding last evening almost after 1 week. believe it or not the new moon shift happened on 2nd december’13 almost had me disconnected even from my own spirituality and its normal. one cannot always live in the dual world as much as I may true. so I do take breaks for my own self and sometimes the energies around creates these breaks for me.
coming back to today’s note, I want to throw light on different karmic relationship patterns.
when I talk about relationships here- I mean very generic. it will take forever for me to cover all relationships in one note, so am going to break it up, making this note more general.
In almost everyone ‘s life there comes a point where certain relationships don’t work out. some relationships begin with a bad note, some relationship good note and then slowly fade always. not all relationships last forever. we may grow up with few people, but after a point they may not always be around. so basically in short there are various reasons for relationships falling up-
to begin with 1- Some relationships don’t last because it’s not a karmic match. this means that the person isn’t suppose to be in your life and you aren’t suppose to be entering into any energy cycle with them. the question in your mind would be then why do we meet them.?
well we meet a lot of people and sometimes our mental/ emotional mind gets attracted to certain kind of people. deep inside we may not even share a connect but we get so blinded by earthly desires that we get into a cycle with them on the basis of “choice of free will.” you may get into a relationship but over a period of time the universe will create situations for you’ll not to be together. some people pick up signs and signals and follow it, accepting the break gracefully. some people continue to hold onto it , due to their insecurities , needs, fears and wants, and hence continue going through pain with them.
sooner or later this relationship will come to an end creating even more karmic imbalance and more pain in your life.

2 – Now the second reason is why certain relationships work out as “A” but the same relationship if moved on to “B” doesn’t work out.
Many a times we meet wonderful people who are suppose to be a part of our karmic chart and we share a relationship of =for e.g.- friendship. over a period of time we may good friends, but after a point of we decided to get married to the person or do a business partnership with the person or involve them in another space or change the energy exchange in some way, then the relationship might not work out. this happens because we are changing the karmic equation. so today you can be dating someone who could be very good as a lover, but not necessarily there is a karmic match for marriage. This is another reason why a lot of love marriages fall apart, a lot of partnerships based on friendship falls apart, or why a lot of professional relationships fall apart when changed to personal relationships.
This has happened to me at 2 instances- when I moved from being a master/ coach to someone and involved them in my personal space or became close friends with them outside of my professional space, fell apart. again to err is to human and I have made mistakes and learnt, but the fact is some relationships are only meant to be in a particular manner. as long as we can continue in that boundary all will be well, the minute we cross the line, we can share un pleasant experiences with the same soul.

3- certain relationships are there in our life for a certain “time span” or to exchange “certain energy exchange”. once the period or energy exchange is done, the relationship comes to a karmic balance. sometimes us being humans and of course emotional and insecure, we find it difficult to let go of relationships and again continue to hold onto it, even though the person is not creating any positive value in our life or vice versa.

4- In a lot of situations , relationships fall apart not because they are charted or meant to be. when people get into a relationships, it’s their frequencies that vibrate or connect together. over a period of time, every individual’s frequency changes. sometimes we reach a point in a relationship where we no longer vibrate on their frequency or vice versa. this is happen when we say, everything s fine but “I don’t feel the connect”. This happens when karmically you are charted to be together but because of not being on similar frequencies you don’t feel the connect.

In short, it’s all about balancing. anything more or less than what is written will always create more pain and imbalance. If relationships are falling apart or have already fallen apart, there is no reason for us to blame it on others or unto yourself. on a deeper level this is what you have charted for yourself. If a relationship is not doing adding any value or energy or vice versa, it’s better for it to fade away gracefully than to hold onto it and go through sufferings. Remember relationships are only ways of us growing and helping other souls grow. it’s not the end of the world with the end of a relationship. what is important is taking back our lessons learn and growing with those experiences so in the future relationships, patterns from past don’t re-appear.
Just like the way you are here for a reason, so are others. just like the way you make mistakes, learn and are here on earth to grow, so are others. It’s important to embrace the reality of karmas in order to feel at ease and peace, with broken relationships from the past. Blaming , questioning or holding onto it will only block you from enjoying better relationships in the future.

Love n light

Energy cycles in December’13.

I don’t know whether if you guys noticed it but it’s a beautiful morning … there is some kind of energy shift which is easily noticeable in the air. A slight chill and rhythm to it. Haven’t felt like this in a long time. Don’t know whether it’s the air or whether in my head.

Nonetheless I’m enjoying it with my cup of coffee, cookies and writing this post. Since we have entered December’13, and in the next few weeks we will be entering a new year, the next few posts are going to be about working with the energies of this year, releasing, healing and moving forward. and working on channelizing energies towards the next year for your manifestations etc.

As we entered Decemeber’13, with a new moon on 2nd December’13, there was a slight disturbance in the energy. I don’t know if you all noticed but everyone s been more than irritable, cranky and snappy. any conversation/ communication will simply lead to a heated argument .People might tell you something petty enough to make you go up in flares or vice versa. For those who have noticed this or going through this, the good news is that this energy last only for 3 days. which means today -4th december’13 being the last days, you will find energies settling down by sunset. Thank God for this isn’t a long period.

Now another energy shift will take place on 11th december’13-26th January’14(my first wedding anniversary J, and since I’ve mentioned it, don’t forget to wish me on this day, **lol**). The energies during this period will be brilliant for relations.(since I am channeling right now, I wouldn’t know what was coming up but that’s just what I wanted to hear). Now coming back to the energies- you will find a new sense of peace and balance between your personal relationships. be it with parents, friends , partners or even client. there will be a sudden opening of heart chakra and you will literally feel love just flowing out into the universe. this period will have two effects-

1> releasing the pain and hurt caused by plenty relationships this year.

2>Laying foundation for relationships that are meant to be in 2014.

For those who have disconnected with friends, family or partner this year( in terms of break ups) I suggest there is not point going back, as this year could have also been a purification. if something was to end its already ended and for your own good. no point trying to get it back. these people won’t fit in your life any more. For those who are stuck, unable to find clarity about current relationships, whether its mean to be or not, will find clarity during this period so make the most out of it. but I suggest go with the flow and be open to accepting answers and clarity rather than judging your partner constantly for answers.

For those who are single during this period will attract loving people. not necessarily a beginning of a “love” relationship but yes definitely a beginning to great friendship with loving and likeminded people.

My only request here is as you enter this period make sure to be grounded , balanced and gentle. always remember, you will attract what vibrations you send out. in order to attract people of high, loving frequencies, you must be at that level yourself. if you are stuck, cranky, irritated, angry , you will attract similar people. so you still have about a week to work around your energies.

Now the next question will be how does one do this-

To begin with , the grounding exercise is a MUST. I have already shared it on the blog.

as for more techniques- working with affirmations to release the past and resurrect the new, I will be putting up my next post by evening.

Until then have a pleasant day filled with Love n light.