You may ask…but are you willing to receive it..?

Hello dear one’s….

I am sure most of you would be fast asleep by now…. its past mid night and am still wide awake trying to channelize my thoughts into words..

To be honest, the last call I had with a friend few hours ago has inspired me to write this note. within getting into much detail about the conversation, I just realized that how we humans are so oblivious to what lies ahead of us. we spend a lifetime asking and desiring for things, situations and certain kind of people in our life. we have a long list of things that will make us happy. by things I do not only mean materialistic but it can be other things or situations that can affect people on a mental and emotional level. for example- people constantly what loving friends, or financial security or a work which gives them peace of mind or a fulfilling, love relationship or a partner who is understanding and loving etc.

It has become like a constant need to “want”. when one desire gets fulfilled we are ready with another  want.  sometimes we ask for it from God, or the Universe and sometimes from our loved ones. It’s become a pattern and I am not saying it’s wrong in any way. as Christ said , “Ask and you shall receive” I completely believe and go by this statement. it’s OK to ask. in fact I think it’s wonderful to ask, because only when you ask , the Universe will bestow it upon you. so there is no harm in demanding or asking.

The point of concern arises when you ask …but you are not willing to receive it. I know a lot of people you have a certain desire and have also seen that their want/desire lies right in front of them, but they are just not willing to receive it. or sometimes people are so oblivious and blocked that they don’t even know that the Universe is giving them exactly what they want.

Now this can happen for various reasons, when one is blocked to receiving it. for e.g.

I have seen many people who suffer from low deservability  power. they may mental and physical have a list of desires and want, but emotional they feel they don’t deserve good, or they feel what they are asking for is impossible for them to achieve, hence in such situations even if the universe gives them what they want, they are not willing to accept it, with the insecurity that they don’t deserve good, and sometimes with the fear that if they receive it they might lose it because they don’t deserve it. so from the fear of losing something good, they simply don’t accept it.


Now another prominent reason why people can’t receive is because of persistence. by this I mean that when people ask for something, they are so rigid about the way they want it and how it should come to them and through what ways it should come to them , that they are stuck on the packaging. it’s more like giving the Universe order – I want this, at so and so time , in a so and so manner, through a so and so person. I know it sounds funny, but sub consciously we all behave like this.

In the case the universe may give us what we want in a bigger picture, but because we are holding onto a particular ideology/ belief or expectation of the packaging, that even if what we desire is in front of us in the most simplest way, we will be un able to recognize it.

While you may laugh about the above example, the irony is we all know it’s the fact of human behavior.

Like I have always said, the Universe has abundance of energy to give us what we want and much more than what we can handle, provided not only we ask but we should be able to receive it with open arms, without being judgmental. The key word to enjoy what you are asking for is – surrendering the manner in which the universe will place it in front of us, accepting it with complete trust and being in gratitude for the ways of the Universe. in the end the Universe knows exactly what we can handle and how to give it to us in a manner that will make us content. To receive or reject is our choice of free will.


So from this moment onwards I suggest make a conscious decision to first be open to receiving before you ask for something, and you will see gracious and miraculous results in your life.

The Universe has abundance of energy being created for every soul on this planet. we all deserve it for our desires to be fulfilled, it only depends on us, how much we are willing to accept with open arms.

This is it from me.

Stay tuned in for more posts coming up.

Loads of love n light


Importance and ways to protect your energy.

Good evening…

Hope everyone’s had a weekend filled with joy , peace, good health and love.

as for me am back to my usual work this week along with my travel schedule… as usual cribbing a little  thinking about the hectic schedule coming up, but when I think of the amount of beautiful souls I get to meet and guide, I feel all charged up with energy for my trip.

Hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s blog. as for now I just feel blank… I want to write… I know I have so much to share but I just don’t know where to start from….so am going to give it few moments before my thoughts just burst out and begin to flow…….hmmm.hmmm……hmmmm

as I think even more harder … I am being guided to write about the importance of “ENERGY PROTECTION”.

For those who know me or experienced my work in some way or the other know how important the word” Energy” is to me. it’s such a simple word, yet so under estimated. there was a reason why the syllabus in school started talking about “energy” while we were still young.

The basic element of universe and human life revolves around energy. its present constantly in some way or the other. from decades philosophers, healers, yogis have been talking about Body- Mind-Soul balance , in order to enjoy a peaceful and healthy life. for some even talk about attaining moksh, ascension through this balance. we all are aware of the body and mind concept, but wonder how many people sit and think about what exactly is the content “soul” used here for.

Our Soul is made up of nothing but a sum total of various energy. energies we carry through life times ( for those who believe in incarnations), situations and experiences in our life leave deep imprints on our energy field. every single day we wake up with different energies. sometimes negative, sometimes positive and sometimes blocked. depending on our day to day act, thought, interaction with people, experiences through various situations our energy keeps rising and dropping. and this is a never ending process. this happens from the moment we are born to the moment we die. this energy im talking about cannot been seen (unless and until you are an energy /light worker). this is the reason why that sometimes even if people don’t do anything to harm or hurt is, we feel a sense of negativity from them. while we are made up of energy we all have a gift of feeling it , it’s only a matter of being aware.

Now just like we learn in science from the base that energy always flows from a higher source to a lower source or from the positive to the negative, similarly is the case with our soul energy.

sometimes we may encounter situations when we feel all radiant, energetic and positive, and then comes people or situations that completely drain us out, or throw their toxics on us in some way or the other.  sometimes we may even encounter draining energies from our loved one’s or family members. I am not saying they mean any harm towards us. the energy exchange from positive to negative happens at a very subtle esoteric level. sometimes we are not even aware that we are getting drained out or people are throwing their energy on us. not only people but we can also encounter this with places, homes, offices, malls, theatres , parties etc. sometimes we feel certain places drain us out or make us feel uncomfortable and certain places fill us with joy and peace. energy exist all the time and is constantly changing. today our house has a specific energy, but if someone in the house falls sick, or if the family member’s are fighting amongst themselves we can feel the energy of the house change. sometimes even people who come to our house as guest can leave their imprints behind. one phone call/ email or message is sufficient enough to drain us out.

In order to protect our energy field from being drained out or effected by other energy imprints it’s very important for us to constantly protect our self , our house etc. months ago I had shared a note on how to protect your house and office space . today I am going to write few steps of how u can protect your energies in your day to day life.

 to begin with- having salt water bath at least 3-4 times a week really helps. you can put a handful of rock salt, aroma salt or even normal cooking salt in a bucket of bathing water and take a normal shower with that.


another way of energy protection is visualizing yourself being covered with a ball of white light from tip of your head to the toes.

You can even protect yourself before you enter a party your work place, mall or someone else’s house.

you can even protect yourself and your vehicle while travelling, be it a car, cab, train or plane.

apart from this you can also work with affirmations such as

Dear God n Archangel Michael

I ask you to cut all chords from people and situations that are draining me out. please protect my energies on all levels- auric, physical , mental , emotional and esoteric level.



The above techniques can be done as many as times you want and at any given time of day or night.


Hope the above note has been helpful and you have enjoyed reading it.

loads of love n light



Photon belt and its effect on us…

Good morning peepz…

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to get back to writing again. it was like id left a part of me on  this blog and had lost touch with the same. but now I am back.

for all those who must be wondering where have I disappeared, was I travelling or busy with work  or was I doing ok.?  to be honest it was none of the above keeping me busy. it was my baby brother who got engaged last month , decided to get married literally in two days and shook everyone around, was the real reason why I was so caught up to even open my laptop and write few words. Nonetheless I am back, and hopefully this time with a bang with more updates, notes and soul food for the day.

Just last evening I was sipping on my tea and was thinking about how time has just flown by. November’13 is almost coming to an end and so is this wonderful year. the reason is call this year 2013 a wonderful one, because it’s been a birth of new energies for almost all of us. or at least those who are connected with their inner energies have felt a shift. This year has already marked a beginning for new journey. for some in areas of work, or personal life , spiritual growth or physical well being. after 2012 the energy shift we went through, now the earth is under the influence of something which is called the Photon belt. in our galaxy, our earth has passed through various energy belts, but this one being the strongest and the most powerful , the reason for which I am going to explain today.

“Photon” means light. In our universal galactic energies we have different energy pockets, and each energy pocket plays a role in our life. Some influence our mind, body, career, relationships etc. You can know more about this through astrology as it talks of the influence of various energies on our life. for instance even the moon energies effect all beings on this earth. similarly, photon belt, being the belt, has a direct influence on our Soul. It is the energy that directly influence our energy within and connects with spirituality. The journey towards this energy field started back in 1974, and hence that was a beginning point of spirituality and energy science being strongly revealed all across the globe. it’s from that period when people got into energy work, through different subjects. back in the day was Vedic astrology, followed by astrology, numerology, yoga, tarot, angelic connection etc. it’s been a long gradual process creating underlying shifts. but this process was subtle because we  only moving towards the energy belt. post 21st December’12 , with the axis shift and overall earth movement, we have entered the orbit of this belt, hence feeling the spiritual energy shift even more so strongly. This year with each day, we are feeling the effects on our inner being even more.

The symptoms of influence of this energy field are-

*Sharper intuition.

* You will tend to become even more aware of your actions and words.

*Being more conscious and giving yourself priority.

*letting go and forgiveness of the past.

*Changes in physical routine- eating patterns, sleeping pattern, including some form of energy work such as prayer, meditation yoga in your daily activity.

*Urge to know more about your inner being and subjects of spirituality.

*Being more accepting and unconditionally loving and accepting people and situations around.

*Being more aware of the energy suckers around you and making a conscious effort to disconnect from them.

*giving up the need to fit in/ to be approved.

*Standing up for what you think is right.(this is different from being arrogant.)

apart from the above there are various other changes taking place within your psyche. if you look back you are not the same person you were 11 months ago. there has been rapid changes in belief system, behaviour patterns , code of spiritual conduct etc.

while majority of the people are going through this and take up sirituality in different ways, in much deeper a way, let me explain that while this growth is happening, its important to be spiritually grounded. I have seen a lot of people take pride in their spiritual growth and sooner or later will fall flat if they don’t ground themselves. you need to realize that you are not the only one going through this, everyone is going through this. you are no different if you are growing spiritually. you growth is only for yourself. it doesn’t mean you have a one up above others. helping others grow is also a part of spiritual and karmic practice which we need to follow. just becase the last one year, has bought spiritual changes doesn’t mean spirituality becomes a part of your life purpose. the reason why I say this is because I have encountered various people who tell me how they have grown last one year and now ready to help the world and heal and bring about changes. it is my humble request for them to realize that spirituality is nothing but an energy given to you in order for YOU to grow first. one year of growth is not sufficient enough for you to clear your karmas and energy in balance of the decades that you have lived in this life time. allow spirituality to be your inner grace. don’t flaunt it, don’t misuse it to put others down or judge them just because they havent discovered their pathway. while we are growing we should make a conscious effort to share our journey with others. making other realize the benfit of spirituality by being the change yourself is the biggest pay back one can give. let me tell you this year has just been an opening . we still have 18 years in front of us, while we spend in this photon energy field. This year has only been learning and implementing the basics. its important to be grounded and gracefully accept the knowledge and growth we go through. use it for and on yourself first and enjoy being in it. during this process of growth, one can even practise “Grounding” technique which I have shared on my blog 2 months ago. I will be putting up various other techniques in the days to come that will help you balance your rapidly growing spiritual energy.


hope you enjoyed reading this. Would love to hear your feedback as it inspires me to write more.


have a blessed and a grounded day.

Love n light,


Feeling Lonely…??

When we are feeling lonely, we have lost the idea that we
                                               are all one and none of us are separate from the whole.

We all have days when we feel lonely, but the very idea of loneliness comes from the false notion that we are separate and isolated parts in a world filled with other separate, isolated parts.  In truth, we can no more be separate from our world than a fish can be separate from the water in which it swims. When we really begin to look at the boundaries we see as so solid, they prove to be, in fact, quite porous. For example, it is not clear exactly where our skin ends and the air begins when we consider how our skin is affected by changes in the quality of the air. When it is dry, our skin becomes dry, and when it is humid, our skin becomes moist and supple.

By the same token, it is difficult sometimes to distinguish the boundary between one person and another, especially when our actions tie us together so inextricably. Every move we make has an effect that touches all the people around us. On an even more subtle level, when we share space with another person, we often pick up on their energy, feeling how they feel and attuning to them, whether we mean to or not. This is what we mean when we say a mood or a feeling is contagious. We cannot help but be part of the realities of the people around us because we take form from the same energetic force, and this force unifies all life. This force is the light that all the great mystics and gurus encourage us to move toward, and it is the light we will dissolve into when we move beyond our individual egos.

If loneliness is a temporary condition based on an incomplete understanding of what we are made of, we can think of its presence as a catalyst for exploring our ideas about reality. We can respond by testing the boundaries we believe separate us from the life within and all around us. If we test them, we will discover that they are not so solid after all and that we can never really be alone.



love n light


The powerful act of Surrendering

Good evening,

Hope everyone’s enjoying their long weekend in India and making the most with their family and loved one’s.

As for me laid up in bed, due to throat infection from all the pollution of firecrackers. I aint complaining. in fact am glad my body is just getting time to rest and re-cope from the side effects of hectic life in October.

As I was gin bed all day, there were thoughts just floating in my mind, about how we humans acts during times of turmoil or in-balance in our life. We are so attuned to take charge and become control freaks that we have forgotten that there exist a supreme force above us who is capable of handling and solving any issue and guide us. The only problem that blocks us from receiving divine intervention in life is the act of holding on or “unwillingness to ‘Surrender”. in today’s note I’d like to throw light on five easy ways to surrender. An issue that 9 out of 10 people deal with or find it difficult to do.

At times, life may feel like it is spinning out of control. You feel completely powerless over the circumstances being handed to you. During times like these, it may be easier to give up. But you do have another choice – you can choose to let go, surrender control and reclaim the life that belongs just to you.

Perhaps the greatest contradiction is realizing when you surrender control to the Universe you are in a better position to get what you need to fulfill your life’s purpose. Surrendering isn’t about giving up; it’s about letting go. Surrendering isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength.Surrendering allows you to feel less stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. It creates mental space to be present in the moment.

Take a moment and consider this question: What do you need to surrender today? It is a relationship, a business venture, or a person you lost in death? Is it a medical prognosis, a painful memory, or the idea of having the perfect life? Do you need to surrender a past failure, a thought or stress?

Surrendering control is hard to do because the need for control is rooted in fear. The uneasiness of not having direct control over what happens is frustrating. Even when the warning signs are clear, you continue to think if you keep trying harder, if you keep doing everything right; if you can just get one step closer to perfection, then you will have want you want.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu

Unfortunately, the universe doesn’t work like that. Instead, the Universe gives you exactly what you need. The sooner you realize pushing back against the inevitable only makes you more anxious; the sooner you can go about the business of living your life according to the plan the Universe has for you.

Letting go has been difficult for me, too. The thought of allowing control to a higher power was terrifying. By letting go, I was giving up – or so I thought. Today, I have learned if I’m going to have the life that has been planned for me; I need the Universe to help me find it. Today, I have learned these five truths about surrendering.

These five truths don’t contemplate the absence of self-responsibility; they actually encourage it. The five truths will help you understand that it’s your responsibility to follow your personal destiny – no matter how out of control it may feel at times.


Pain doesn’t have to define you
Holding on to the pain only keeps you stuck in a place somewhere in the past. The pain no longer has to define who you are. It’s time to let go of pain and welcome confidence, strength and peace into your life.

What you pay attention to grows
Even though you may not be responsible for everything that happens to you, you are responsible for how you choose to react to what happens to you. The expression like attracts like is especially true when it comes to positive and negative emotions. If you chose to remain positive, then positive results are likely to occur. Alternatively, if you decide to be negative and critical, you can expect more negative circumstances to happen.

Begin today, right now
There is no better time to live your heart’s passion than right now. When the nudge you feel is beginning to pull you in the direction of your life’s purpose and your inner wisdom is telling you to go; then trust and let go.

Open the floodgates of hope
When you open the floodgates of hope and refuse to allow fear to defeat our faith, you are better able to surrender your problems, ask for help and then follow your heart’s desire.

Forgiveness is a form of letting go, but different
The purpose of forgiveness is not to let the person who harmed you off the hook, the purpose of forgiveness is to end the grief it has cost you. Don’t just let go, forgive and truly surrender the feelings of anger and pain. This may seem difficult, almost impossible, until you attempt to do it.

Hope this throws light on areas of life you feel stuck in right now. Wishing you loads of love n light as you make a conscious decision to surrender from this moment onwards.


Love n light


Mother Earth’s balancing energies and its effect on our life.

Good morning..

Wishing everyone a very Happy New year blessed with Divine love n light. Hope everyone’s enjoyed a safe and happy Diwali…

Finally October comes to an end and the energies shift for the better. I was literally counting days for October to end as the energies were horribly erratic. As we enter November’13 we see a shift in energies, creating more balance in our life and emotional being. you feel more in control of your emotions and life. You feel a sudden urge to go back to spirituality and balance your energies (which was missing in October). you find yourself being more understand and selfless. This is because of balance in universal energies.

The earth is balancing and everyone feels it.Have you noticed that the world around you is facing a new way of realizing their purpose and role within the reality that is and that is being created?Each and every person upon earth is feeling this, not just the lightworkers or feeling people, each person is reacting to the changing energies whether they are conscious of them or not.
Let us explain this, a small child knows very well when someone is angry or happy, in reality each person upon earth awake or not is intuitively aware many times of what others think or feel. They might not recognize this consciously but their actions will show it no matter what.When you take this into your equation of balance you will see that the balancing of the earth, in some ways has an effect on every person upon earth 
The changing frequencies upon earth have multiplied what people feel and how they act as many act from not knowing.
When you are not in balance within your own being, you will be influenced by many things at each moment, no matter if they come from outside of you or inside of you.In reality what many see many times as coming from outside of them is only a reaction from within of the parts of you that have not yet balanced.
 We humans have a tendency to stay away from what they would call negative, and when they encounter what they call negative they think they can mitigate this perceived negativity by sending the other( who they see as negative energy) love, or by trying to avoid the other (who they see as negative energy).The feeling of negativity is however within the human that is trying to avoid the negativity or imbalanced feeling within, as the other energy only touched something within the human that is not yet balanced.
Another way humans try to avoid the real balance within is by having a shield around them, this shield can be energy or certain people that they think are relating to them and are within their frequency so will not touch them with what they think would be negative energy.Again in this way avoiding their own inner balancing.Many times humans will also look for an outside form to gain balance, for example reading only what they think is positive, looking only at what they think is positive, only interacting with the ones they think are positive.
This sometimes results in only having people around that they think uplift them, that only say good things to them, tell them how brave they are, how well they are doing, how amazing they are. And in this way again the human is avoiding to find their own inner balance. As all the people around the human are supporting the feeling of balance, in reality creating a false feeling of balance within the human as they are now influenced only by and supported by the energy of the so called positive humans.Trying to create a reality experience around themselves where they cannot be touched by so called (what they see as) negative humans, and can only be touched by so called (what they see as) positive humans.Until of course something slips through and panic steps in as the imbalance within has become greater through the created reality of the human.
At that moment the human flees and hides within their own reality, the reality they create to find balance within, yet this reality is only as strong as the creator that created it. And will not be strong as the creator of this reality has not found real balance with.Answers are being sought from others at that time, guides, people that surround them and advice is given in some way, but as the human is not looking within to regain real balance, to find where this imbalance is coming within their own being, the reality goes on in a way that strengthens the imbalance more and more.
The imbalance cannot be negated by thinking that it is coming from outside of you, an imbalance within you is always the result of something that was already within you and outer circumstances can only lay them bare for you to show.How do you avoid this? You cannot really avoid it and each of you will come to the conclusion that no matter how much you shield yourself, how much you hide within your own created reality, the outside reality will be there each moment in time.
Like it was said, you all are on your own timeline, you can create a different view of reality on that timeline, but in human form you also remain part of the earth timeline and that reality will always be there no matter how hard you fight to avoid it.Taking each opportunity to learn is a good way to find that balance within, it might hurt, it might make you feel bad, it might make you feel sad or angry.
But it is an opportunity to take on a part within you that needs to be balanced and keep this in the back of your mind each time you try to avoid something, each time you judge another to be not of your frequency, each time you think another is there only to haunt you, to hurt you, to keep you in a negative energy, or to influence you and bring imbalance to your energy.Many times you have learned people were send your way to learn something from them, the universe guides even the most unaware ones in similar ways.
Many times it is the awakened ones who will act faster to the nudges of the universe as they have already learned how to answer the call from your universe in where to go and where to act.The universe itself uses the small nudges with you, with each person, yet when not heard the nudges become louder, sometimes so loud that it scares you.Keep in the back of your mind that the realities upon earth you helped create and are still a part of is full of small and big lessons still for all of you as you continue your path to real balance within.
You know and have known that answers are within, but if you cannot find them as a human your being will ask the universe to assist many times and there lies the key. Using these small or big nudges provided by your own being, the universe and more to find the answer no matter how big or small within.To keep finding them and use them to become balanced within.At that moment you can rely upon your own, you can release your attachments to what is on the outside of you, upon all that is supporting you on the outside and become a realized being that can live within their own balance, not a supported balance.
Never be afraid of the feeling of imbalance within you, know it is a way of your being to find the imbalance within to heal the imbalance within and to become a more fully realized source being within.Shutting yourself off from the outside reality takes away a great tool that is being used by your own being as well as the universe. As the human mind can fool you many times as it is only thinking of you and your well-being and how to keep you in a “ well-being” state. In this way the mind and yes the heart will prevent you many times from hearing the call from your own being in how to heal more, find more and reach a greater state of well-being.



Have a blessed day.

Love n light


1-11 along with dhanteras…perfect combination….

Ahhh so finally October is over ….and we have stepped into a new month with one of the most auspicious days of Dhanteras…

Firstly to begin with I apologize for not being regular with my blog throughout October. A lot of people were literally complaining to me about how they missed it, but to be honest, the energies during this month were just horribly horrifying. it was like the universe working with all its forces to stop me from doing things. I must have written at least 2 notes and it just vanished from my laptop. I just couldn’t find them. every time I wanted to write something my wifi would create issues or something else weird would come up. well hoping I can finish this note without any disturbance… and am quite confident of that, since its 1st November’13.

to begin with this date 1-11 is a very powerful day. 111-11-1111 marks the number of ascension lights and for almost years now I keep seeing this number constantly… and am sure many of you reading this might even experience the same. The indication of this is – presence of angelic ascension energies around you. every time you see this number , it would be a great idea to hold thoughts of positive manifestation. you manifestation could be about anything- health, peace, financial peace, healing or simply protection.

Apart from it being 1-11, another significance of this day according to the Hindu calendar is “Dhanteras’ or the ‘Day of abundance”.

When we talk about abundance, we are not only talking about finances /money. we are also talking about every positive energy to come to us in abundance of with stronger magnitude.

Today I am going to share with you certain affirmations which you can pray upon inorder to increase your spiritual vibration in order to attract more and more of abundance in all aspects of life.

You can begin this day by talking a diya or a candle and just focusing on the flame for 10-20 seconds or for as long as you take to centre your focus. now closing your eyes visualize the flame between your eyes( your third eyes) and imagine the flame growing brighter and bigger, expanding through your body and slowly engulfing yourself within the flame. once you have reached this point, you can affirm the following- either with open or closed eyes.


-Dear God and Abundia, I thank you for the divine grace bestowed upon me from as long as I have lived so far. I ask you to fill this day and each and every day from now on with abundance of financial peace, grace, joy and light. I open myself to situations, opportunities and people who will help me grow financially through different avenues at work,  grow spiritually with abundance of divine grace, and peaceful relationships with all my loved one’s. I ask you to help me take decisions that will take me closer to my life purpose and help me manifest all the abundance I deserve.  apart from this I ask you please help me sustain all the positive energies and flow of abundance that comes into my life.

Thank you.


The reason why I have noted manifestation of “sustenance” is because sometimes the universe fills us with abundance but if we can’t sustain it, then we will still land up with a lot of insecurities, hence its always to even ask for the power of sustaining all the comes to us so we can enjoy it to the fullest.


Well this is it for now…. Wishing everyone a very Happy Dhanteras. God bless you with abundance of love joy and financial peace always….


Love n light