Being right…or being at peace…. whats your choice?

Good evening Peeps…

Hows your week going. as for me, way too much happening, from work, to packing again for yet another trip and also getting geared up for my baby brother’s engagement. As I write this, I get drowned in the “noise” from all the visarjan festivities happening. Since I am right next to marine drive, can see all the madness and crowd from the window… as much as I enjoy watching people all so happy and devoted, I still question certain rituals as to are they really being carry forward the way it was created or has the spiritual value of this festival been lost in it become nothing but a commercial social festival. well I may have a lot to say, but then religion is a topic I wouldn’t want to touch for all personal reasons. Nor I wish to offend anyone reading this.


So coming back to my topic for this note… as I was sitting in the evening, was wondering about righteousness behavior patterns of people. there is a strong need for people to constantly be right and constantly prove a point that they are right. sometimes I have that in me as well (I never claim to be a saint 🙂 ). But I do sit back and think about all the situations I have seen where people have spoilt relationships only to be right. In the end, its the righteousness that wins. I am sure many of you reading this also have a streak of always wanting to be right or proving your righteousness, but my question is…..Even if you are right, the question is: are you at peace? Selfish energy or the loving energy of God, this is our choice. The energy selected becomes the energy of our life, this is our dilemma.

When we are wronged even if our anger is justified, if we do not love we are the ones who suffer along with all those around us. But are there no exceptions to this, how about if a loved one is harmed?

The Old Testament said an “eye for eye,” but the message of Jesus was to “turn the other cheek.” This isn’t a weakness; it takes great strength to do this. The easy way is to be of the world, be led by the energy of the conditioned mass and go with the flow who seek revenge.

Instead, turn the other cheek, because not doing so will only harden the heart even further and bring more harm than benefits. It may seem like satisfaction at first when the mind justifies its anger, but that anger is what becomes the energy of the heart and that is the energy projected out to others. This becomes and is our world.

Unity with God’s Universal loving energy is manifested as unity with all beings, even if they are wrong. A friend of mine always says, “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?”

But what I like to say is “Do you want to be right or do you want to be at peace?” Happiness, whether it’s acquiring an object or having life the way we think it should be, is always dependent on something; peace isn’t. This has nothing to do with other people or things, it’s all a matter if you want to remain at peace even though the world around you is not.

Loving energy or the energy of an ego self is always our choice, in any situation, but until it is understood that loving energy is the only way to remain in unity with our loving creator, we will live a life that fluctuates between the two. And when we are not loving, we along with the world will suffer unnecessarily. Even if what we are doing feels better, there is suffering if it’s not from a loving heart.

Instant gratification is the base of a selfish Conditioned Mind. If you recondition the mind to be of love, instant gratification will not be needed, because with the energy of love your heart is always grateful. How can it not be? When your heart is of love, you’re aligned with the energy of the Universe, which is God’s loving energy.

So this is our dilemma, we can be right and possibly be aligned with energy that really doesn’t benefit us in the long run, or we can want peace above all else, and remain aligned with God’s loving energy, which keeps us in alignment with all beings. So the question is: Do you want to be right or do you want to be at peace?


To sum it up with a Punjabi proverb, my uncle always told me, “Ek chup te sau such”. which means, one moment of silence can create hundred moments of peace.” The choice is yours, want you wish to go through.


loads of Love n light






All that you will ever need for your awakening journey on this Earth is your Awareness. Many people, as you will notice, go through their days like mechanical beings just doing what needs to be done. The most wonderful gift we can give ourselves is to live our days being totally aware of our immediate surroundings which also includes our inner life.

Thoughts come and go constantly throughout the day, and sometimes are likened to unwelcome guests. Thought is an energy and can float here and there within our immediate environment, even originating from the neighbour next door or the postman going by. Sometimes they are from our subconscious which holds all of our experiences that had impacted on our emotions, making a lasting impression. If a thought from the past keeps interrupting your activity, take notice of it and even write it down. It is a sign that something unfinished from the past is asking you to look deeper into whatever it is, and to try and resolve the issue once and for all.

Awareness is also mindfulness which is a very liberating tool for bringing every part of our attention into the present. What this does is keep our energy totally in the moment, expanding our light by being focused on the task at hand. It is only in the moment that the higher aspect of ourself can make itself known. We can benefit tremendously from the awareness of the inner-voice coming through ever so gently! Mindfulness brings us into the present in order to best utilize our own resources.

Living in awareness alerts us to the finer details of our life and what is really going on inside of us. We become aware of every subtle change in our body as well as noticing how much our energy has increased by not being wasted on a mind darting here and there, taking vital energy away from what is needed in this moment. We learn more as well because awareness and alertness go hand in hand. How many times has a memory come forward to show us something we had forgotten that will assist us in this present moment. Keeping our awareness in this moment is freedom for all kinds of stored information to reappear in our minds right when we need it.

Becoming the ‘observer’ in our life allows a part of us to step back and take an honest look at where we are now and where we have come from. If you are reading this, you are on a spiritual journey. That entails being honest with yourself and having the strength to see if there is any movement forward in your awakening process. It can be difficult to know just what to look for as the path ahead has not been tread yet, but a good sign that progress is being made is that you have given up any self-defeating habits. Gaining strength through adversity and using each situation that arises in life to strengthen one’s character is always a step forward. One will know a step backwards if a feeling of ‘poor me’ starts to reappear, and being aware of this will be enough to trigger a positive response toward eliminating that type of self-pity. There is always someone in the world, or even our own street that is going through harder circumstances than ourself.

Life on earth is a journey that we have consciously chosen. It may not always go to plan but it will always offer opportunities for personal growth. We are our own worst enemy if we don’t use every opportunity to allow ourself to shine, as that is our True Self. The lessons that come our way in life are our tools for self-transformation. Seeing others as fellow spiritual travelers, even if they aren’t aware, puts us in the right mind when we have interaction with others. Stepping back from our earth personality and into the observer mode will enable us to see more clearly that we are all actors and have our own particular tailor-made part to play. Living in this awareness will greatly enhance our everyday experiences. Awareness of all we do, think and say will be a valuable asset on this journey.


Love n light.


Why are we the way we are..

Why are we the way we are?

As many as people live on this earth, every soul is different in its own light and core structure it’s a miracle for millions of us to co exist in spite of having different soul DNA & RNA structures.

 As we interact with people in our life, professional and personal we start to identifying themselves with certain traits and behaviour patterns. While others may also do the same to us and categories us in a manner and this is what makes us who we are on the surface.

While our interactions with different people may be on different level, every person will get to see a different side or vibration to you. Now what happened to us being “REAL” “AUTHENTIC” and “JUST WHO WE ARE.”


I have always wondered who defined or marks who we are. I hear people say that this is just the way I am. And this statement also usually comes out in defence to their behaviour patterns of mechanism

Now coming to who we exactly are.

On a scientific level, you are a body made with mass, nerves, cells, organs, brain , heart etc. which is common with all those living in this world.

On the 2nd dimension of your Mental or thought level-  the cells and nerves here control your thinking and judgement pattern. It is here where the reality of what you see and hear reflects on your psyche. It acts like a projector. What comes from surface is passed through this before it reflects on our emotions. But not often what we see and hear are the ultimate truth of people or situations. We may not always know what we missed and what is coming up ahead. Yet our powerful mind will reflect and magnify the situations on the walls of our emotional DNA & RNA pattern which will give rise to reactions, emotions and behaviour pattern sometimes in a dramatic or exaggerated manner. Now while the data coming to our mental level is right, may be our sensory nerves are not fully developed or equipped to translate the facts we have received. So it decodes it in its own language of fears, blocks and past experiences or experiences of others, that it sends out projections. Now if we go through the above mechanism and imagine it, we release that in spite of the “power of our mind “ being so strong we are yet relating on external data to create something that belongs to us. we have been living all our life translating and decoding data mechanically without even thinking the amount of damage it can do to us from within.



Now coming to our emotional third dimensional state which use to be a white wall when we were born ( no wonder we were happier as kids) has been over shadowed by all the perceptions that arise from the projector ( I.E is our mind). Our emotional behaviour , reactions, way to love, understanding , our entire being in relationship pattern is thus governed by the further reflection of this.



Now to make this complicated pattern a lot more easy…


Reality ——-à Physical Body ——-à further coded ——à Mental body —-à further projected–à Emotional Body——à further coded to our Behaviour in relationships—–à that defines our BEING.



Now to see, that’s how we have been living our life without even pausing for a moment and thinking about on what basis does the coding, decoding and projection occurs without our 3 dimensions- Physical, Mental & Emotional.


Now let me bring to your notice that We are beyond these 3 dimensions. The fourth dimension to our existence is our SOUL or “PYSCHE”. Which means “SOUL” in Greek.


Our Soul DNA & RNA are formed on the basis of everything that is going on in the first 3 dimensions. Hence our “TRUE BEING “ OR “SOUL BEING” is far more complex in its structures and functioning than each of the other dimensions. It’s important to know who were are, where we come from, our basis of coding and decoding language, our behaviour patterns, etc. because it is all of the above that DEFINE WHO WE ARE.


Love n light

Be the love within.

Good evening Peepz..

Finally am back after a 4 day getaway.. and I cant begin to explain how beautiful this place is. I have been to Kerala earlier as well, but The Leela property at Kovalam is beyond what anyone can imagine. Its right on the cliff and no one would ever imagine a place like this existed in India. definitely a must do for someone who enjoys the sea and nature, with a perfect blend of great hospitality . anyways now am back to reality, in my space spending alone time, gathering my thoughts before I get back to work tomorrow.



Anyways today, I want  to spread the key word of love, compassion and self victory. At any given time, human mind is so bogged down by what it sees and hears that we are unable to see ourselves as who we truly are. We are constantly trying to change to fit in this world, people around us, society and by the end of it still find ourselves being unhappy with people or people being unhappy with us. That’s because we are constantly shelling out energy in doing something which may or may not be in your karmas. You are constantly trying to provide for energy that is not meant for you to do, and in this process you land up being drained out. If it’s in your karmas, it will happen very gracefully. The transfer of energy may not be draining. Even if the situation may cause hurt or pain to your ego or heart, your soul will be intact. That’s is because it’s for a dual energy exchange on a karmic level, but in certain situations no matter how much we try and what we do, things might certainly not work out the way it is meant to be, that’s simply because we chose to take it up as a challenge to your ego, and chose to go through pain in order to defy the karmas.

Only if we were to accept graceful, and choose not with ego but with our karmas, the painful situations and wounds will start to heal and diminish. The choices made of karmas happen at a very sub conscious soul level and consciously it’s not known to us. Sometimes even if we try hard, it will only be revealed at the right time. In the mean time, you need to accept and surrender gracefully rather than taking it up as a challenge to your ego. The challenge will only make you feel depressed, low on confidence, self-doubt and self-guilt. Whereas surrender will bring to you acceptance and gratitude, which will further play a role in the true awakening of your being.

You need to stop your struggle and battle with your ego.  If your ego chooses, your ego gets hurt and you suffer, but if you are ego-less your soul chooses, learns, and grows and you awaken.

It all depends on your choice of the choosing body within yourself.

Be the ego on the surface, you will always find your source of pain.

Be the love within, and you will find your source of love.


Love n light




How Oblivious are you?

As I sit in the lounge sipping on my coffee, and watch the world go by, I just realize how crazy this planet has become. Everyone is just n so much of a rush to be somewhere and do something, that we are not even aware of our steps, the ground beneath our feet, the air around us and even people around us for that matter. Every function is being carried out mechanically. We are walking but can’t feel our feet nor the ground, we are talking on the phone but have no sense of that object e are holding, we are eating but not enjoying the flavors. We are there but not there. I am sure as you read this, you can relate to what I am saying. We have just become so oblivious to everything around that we have no idea of the world. Our world is only restricted to our little head. It’s all in there. Anything outside of it is just passing by. Feels like we are there but not a part of it. It can be a crazy feeling to feel this way, but then guess this is the way of life right now. Gone are the days when people would enjoy doing everything with complete focus. There was nothing as multi tasking. It was all about doing one thing at a time.  Today we have stretched our self so much that at any given time we have ten things to handle, delegate or execute. Sometimes I wonder if we are constantly doing so much, when are we actually living our life. When are we experiencing our world. As souls we are not here to “do”, we are here to “experience”.  We are here to allow other people to experience our presence. Are we able to do that? I doubt. The only experience people have of us is, delegation and executing. We are constantly ordering, demanding, delegating or taking orders. Are we experiencing the energies of people around us? The answer is certainly NO.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong in living this ay. May be even I do it sometimes we life becomes so fast that even after having all the techniques in my mind I somehow loss track and become oblivious. I have this little world in my head and sometimes I am happy living there. It’s all ok. I am not judging myself nor am I judging others, but the reason why I write this is purely to share an observation, which many will agree or even disagree with.

Sometimes we are aware of being oblivious and sometimes we also use this as a defense mechanism because we don’t want to deal with reality. Sometimes we fear experiencing, with the fear of feeling hurt, pain or any other emotion, we pull ourselves back into our little head. This pulling back or numbness often starts from the emotional state, slowly moving on to the mental state and then finally physical state that we no longer feel the physical surroundings around us. People are talking to us but we don’t hear it. We are hearing but not listening or we are listening but not understanding. Or just simply there. Sometimes it’s a good thing to snap out of it, but sometimes you might feel left behind, because the world has moved forward but you still stuck in your head.

There are many ways we can balance and break this pattern, about which I will share later in the coming week, but for now, I just want you to be aware to “how oblivious you have become to this world around you.” Spend time in acknowledging and accepting your numbness. It will help, as acceptance makes transition a lot easier.

Leaving you on this note to contemplate… got to pack up and board my flight.

Hopefully more thoughts will flow through over the weekend. Until then be good.

Love n light


Spiritual Cleansing

Good Morning

woke up to a message from the airlines saying my flight has been delayed, so thought why not write another post that is going to be helpful to each and every one reading this. Today I am going to through light to spiritual cleansing-

Spiritual cleansing is done to remove the negative energies or unwelcome spirits from your home using purified herbs. It is good to cleanse your home once in a while to adjust the emotional environment of your home and maintain peace. Whether you are moving to a new home or renting a place for new office, it is good to have it blessed or cleanse it by yourself to ward off negative energies and bring positive vibrations.

Spiritual cleansing with herbs or smudging clears away any negative energy, thoughts and bad feelings and helps in clearing one’s body’s aura. Spiritual cleansing with sage is done for protection against evil and negativity. Smudging is a powerful cleansing technique from the Native American tradition in which herbs are burned for emotional, psychic and spiritual purification. The effectiveness of smudging is based on the theory that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as it clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space to be regenerated.Smudging is also effective when you are very angry, unwell, depressed or resentful or when had a fight with closed one.Sage is a powerful herb which is held sacred in many religions due to its effective purifying energies. This small evergreen shrub is used in kitchen as herb for cooking and as herbal medicine due to its anti-biotic, anti-fungal and antispasmodic properties. It heals by bringing the patient back in to balance and cleanses the body and mind of negative spirits and impurities. This potent herb has been used for thousands of years in several rituals and ceremonies. It is used in cleansing rituals to establish positive energy, clarity of thoughts and healing.

There are many varieties of sage used in smudging. The botanical name for sage is Salvia and it is commonly called white sage.

Spiritual house cleansing with sage: Ritual

Performing a sage cleansing ritual for driving off negative energy from your home is not difficult. You just have to prepare yourself with some ingredients required to perform the ritual and gain knowledge about the entire procedure. To perform spiritual house cleansing with sage you will need.

White Sage, ceramic bowl or a large candle holder, matches, native music (if you desired)

Before starting the ritual, you have to mentally and physically distract yourself and concentrate on the smudging process.

The first step involves de-cluttering the space and making a peaceful environment in the room by switching off all the electronic gadgets. Take several deep breaths and bring your mind in a relaxed and positive state.

Once you have reached a positive frame of mind, prepare the sage for burning. The white sage for smudging is available in the form of wrapped long bundle. If you have loose sticks of white sage, place a handful of sage in the earthen bowl. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and light the end of the sage stick. Hold it in upward position and say your prayers, chants or requests for positive energy to cast out of any negativity. Visualize a bright light within yourself that will provide you shield against dark forces and negative energy. Offer the smoke of the sage smudge in all the directions of the house. Slowly, carry the smudge in the entire room to make sure smoke reaches every corner. Walk through the entire house, around the edges of the wall, corners of the frames of the doors and windows, bathrooms and your closets. Make sure you are handling the bowl safely, taking care of clothes in your closet and curtains. You can also use a large feather to fan the smoke in distant areas of your house.

Throughout the ritual, you have to focus on positive energy and recite prayers and chants. You may have chants or any soothing music in the background. Once you have completed the spiritual cleansing process of the entire home, extinguish the remaining sage bundle and you can save it for future use.

Conclusion: Spiritual house cleansing by using sage brings harmony and peace inside the home. It purifies the space.


The above can technique has been personally tried and tested and trust me it work. apart from chanting you can also play some spiritual music while the cleansing is happening. This can be done 2-3 times a week or even once in a fortnight. after the clearing has happened , you will see a major shift over the next few hours.

I would love to hear feedbacks from those who have tried the above…

Have a great day and a weekend blessed with love n light.


Soul Mates….

Good evening Peeps..

Hope everyone’s had a great and productive week.. as for me.. no marks for guessing what I am doing.. just finished packing for yet another trip. Sigh… but this is the one I am really looking forward to. after a real long long time I get to travel for leisure 🙂

Anyways today I am going to throw light on one of the most frequently discussed topics that is “SOUL MATE”. in a lot of my personal sessions , my clients ask me about who their soul mate is , how and when will they meet them etc. well honestly I personally feel the concept of soul mate is highly over rated. A lot many times people come to me telling me that they have met “the one” but then there is something or the other keeping them away. well that is pretty normal and it also happens somewhere because we have chartered for it. There are various reasons why we meet “the one” and yet not enjoy a good loving or stable relationship with them.

If you have met your twin flame, you are likely to have experienced the frustrating “twin flame

dance” where you swing back and forth between connecting then withdrawing. This can be very

confusing to the twin flames and also it can be very painful if they do not understand the

divine purpose of this cycle.

However, many factors contribute for the NEED for this cycle:

1) Firstly I would say that if either of you aren’t ready to unite, it is because you’re not

supposed to be ready – it’s not the right time.

Pointing the finger and blaming the other twin means you are not ready yourself either.

Acceptance is needed and the ability to become whole within yourself and not feel the need

for your twin flame to fill any voids in your life or heart. This has been said so many times,

but it is very important to take the time to fully understand this. If you are looking to

the other in order to feel love, it means you are not looking to yourself first. This void

you have within will only be reflected back to you by your twin flame. It means you can’t

unite because there are gaps you need to fill in yourselves so that you can reflect wholeness

back to each other and your split can be healed. If you were to join when you are not whole,

you would live in eternity with great pain still remaining.

2) You separate because you haven’t reached unconditional love and acceptance for yourself

and your twin.

Sometimes it is very difficult to not get caught up in your own views, emotions, ideals and

forget that your twin has their own view of things. Often it is the ego that stands in the

way; you just can’t seem to agree on anything. This is because you are both coming to the

same conclusions from the opposite angles. Remember the mirror; You are the counterpart,

the opposite yet identical energy vibrations. You work together through love, but come to it

from opposite sides. The result is still the same though – love.

It is the ego though, that causes us to feel that the other is doing it “all wrong”. We

say to ourselves, “If he/she loved me, then he/she would show it the way I am showing it.”

We conclude that if our twin doesn’t express themselves the same way as us, then they just

don’t love us. We begin to regard them as cold, heartless and even cruel.

The major factor that we fail to miss though, is that many of the negative behavior is

caused by FEAR, which leads me onto my next point:

3) Twin flames separate because at first the connection feels “crazy”. It threatens all that

we think we know about the way the world works.

You bump into your twin flame for the first time. Boom! Something happens, you know this person

somehow even though you don’t recognize them on a physical level. You feel such intense love,

but you wonder how this can be so when you don’t know them. You conclude it’s just lust, but

why is there that knowing feeling deep in your soul? You know your life has changed forever,

you can just sense it, but you don’t have a clue why. Then you can’t stop thinking about this

person ALL THE TIME, re-living times when you saw him/her over and over and over. The love

you feel for this person increases over time when you think logically it should fade. You

can’t stop fantasizing about them, being distracted by thinking of them to the point that

you cannot concentrate on anything else. You just feel scared. Scared of losing this person

somehow. Scared you have already lost them. Scared because you don’t even know them and

that it means you are crazy to feel such intensity.

So you “run” from it. You try to block it out and convince yourself it’s just lust. You’ve been

taught by society that it’s unhealthy to pine after someone for too long, therefore you try your

hardest to forget all about him/her. But you can’t. You try your hardest, but you just can’t.

Then you bump into him/her again unexpectedly and all those feelings flood back to you. All

your hard work to try and kill these feelings goes down the drain and within a second you

are back to square one. Tie this in with all the reflected fear, arguments, confusion and

it all gets even more scary. Sometimes it just feels safer to run away and hope it all just


It’s understandable (or at least it should be) that fear is going to present itself in this

situation. It’s a fight or flight situation and often twin flames run. But remember, this

running is needed in order for them to have the distance to MAKE SENSE of it all. Granted,

it could take years, but the point is, if you or your twin flame are “running”, then it is

because this is part of your life path – to get the distance to make sense of this new


It’s to do with overcoming the ego. It takes time. It’s as if we have to reprogram ourselves

to learn to live from soul consciousness rather than ego consciousness. It won’t come over

night. We have incarnated possibly hundreds of times, living in our egos. We can’t expect

ourselves or our twins to suddenly flick a switch and be back to living fully in our soul


4) Twin flames reconnect for reassurance.

They want to know you are still there. They want to test if you still love them because

they definitely know they love you, but are scared it is just one-sided and you’ve “gotten

over” them. Of course they’ll deny it though.

5) Twin flames reconnect to heal each other.

Through the cycle of separation and connection, the twin flames are often destined to meet

up in the physical several times in order to heal each other. When a stage of healing within

each individual is complete, they will meet again to connect and expand each other in energy

(love) which they will then need to separate again to “process”. It’s as if they meet up to

receive a challenge. Once they know what the challenge is (subconsciously) they both go their

separate ways to achieve it. Once achieve, they receive that healing and go onto the next.

6) We separate from our twin flames when we have individual karma to be balanced.

Karma – the cause and effect cycle created by us through our lifetimes needs to be balanced

before we can unite with our twin flames. Before we incarnated into this lifetime, and any

other lifetime, our souls made agreements with other souls to meet on the physical plane and

learn lessons from each other. They may be tough lessons, wonderful lessons but all will be

helpful in the end. By this I mean that eventually, even if we perceive a situation to be

negative, we will always learn a positive from it. All karma must be fulfilled by the

individual twins before they can come back together again in unity.

7) We (may) separate from our twin flames when we are destined to be in other relationships.

Through connecting with your twin flame, you will feel increased love in your soul as long as

you are able to put ego aside. Oftentimes we may marry a soul mate in order to share this

increased love with them to help them awaken too. OR we may already be in another relationship

when we meet our twin flame. This relationship will help us learn about love in order to prepare

us for our twin flame. Either way, we learn from our soul mates and they learn from us.

8) We separate so we aren’t distracted from our individual awakening.

If we were together all the time before reunion occurred, we would remain reflecting our own

voids that we need to heal individually. We would also not be able to balance our separate

karma with others and would not have the yearning for each other as a catalyst to greater

spiritual searching.

So you see, the cycle of separation and connection is NEEDED in order for us to fully heal,

awaken and fulfill our mission to help humankind through our knowledge and light. We must all

accept the journey towards reunion as JUST AS IMPORTANT as union itself. To unite too quickly.


Well as crazy as it may sound, such is the way of life and uniting of twin flames/ soul mates. we all have our journey and nothing comes easy. Sometimes we find the one and go through our testing time, and sometimes we have to go through our testing time to find the one. All I will say is, we can hope for the end result to be filled with nothing but divine grace and peace.


On this note, Have a good night sleep.

God bless…

Loads of love n light