Changing relationships with changing frequency.

 Hello everyone.. Hope everyone’s had a great day filled with love and light.

Well as for me, my saturday has just gone in cooking, lunching with my rakhi brother and back to cooking again.

As I right this post, I’m stuck in traffic on my way to mom’s house for a dinner party with their friends.. Can’t wait to feed them all with the goodies I cooked.


Anyways through this post I’d like to discuss today why people we connected with earlier are falling apart from our lives today. I know a lot of people who have been complaining about how they don’t feel the connect with old friends or loved ones any more. Even though everything seems to be fine on the physical level, emotionally there’s a disconnected.

This happens for two reasons.


1- may be the person / relationship was only meant to be till this certain time period, and may be the disconnect is happening for either one to let go.


Secondly another major reason is shift is energies / soul frequencies. When we make friends or meet people, apart from our soul chart plan, we attract a lot of people who are similar to our soul frequency/ or sometimes we say our “”wavelength”. We connect with them because we resonate with their energies.

Over a period of time, as life goes on and throws situations at us, every soul deals / reacts / transforms in a different way. Your reactions and way of dealing with matters could be very different from a friend or a loved one. And depending on how you handle situations, your frequency changes and so does the other person. Over a period of time, you don’t resonate with their frequency. Their way of being has changed and so has yours. There is also a shift in mental and emotional being. There is nothing wrong in this. Nor we are anyone to decide who is good or bad. Its just different. Hence this difference in energy leads to a fall out / break up or a disconnect sometimes.

In a lot many cases I’ve dealt with, this can also be the cause of break up or divorce. Sometimes like the way people change, you also change and so does your priorities. 

If you have encountered such situations off late , all I’ll say is that it is OK for you to feel the pain but its ok for you to even let go. If you hold on to it, sooner or later you’ll begin to go through frictions and before you realize the relationship will be filled with bitterness and pain. I know its easier said than done and also sometimes we get dependent on these relationships and wonder how will we manage, but trust me as you begin to let go, you will also attract new people who resonate with your current vibrations and frequency. Its all a journey. Be open to let go and accept new energies. That’s the way to grow.


Hope God gives you all energy of strength and courage to let go, and clarity to accept new loving energies in your life.


Love and light


Karma.. Luck and Destiny.

  Good evening everyone.

Hope you all have had a productive day at work and back home leaving behind all the grey energies collected over this week, so you can enjoy a fun filled weekend with loved one’s.


As I asked many people about what they would like me to write on- one of the common queries were about what is destiny , luck,law of spiritual attraction and the role it plays in our life.


As I spoke about how as souls we chart our life plan before birth / incarnation, we contract for major events and relationships to come our way so we can balance our karmas and create new positive karmas.


While we have choices before birth, as soon as we take birth we have options to choose from. Personally I don’t think anything such as luck exist. While we consider people to be lucky, its not that their luck changed over night, its simply because at a certain point in life they had chartered to experience abundance, fame or success. Every pattern be it- career, fame, health, relationship, money, spiritual etc is already chartered. We also choose the time period in which we’d like to experience these positive changes in different aspects. Some souls choose to finish negative karma before experience positive abundance. And some souls choose vice versa. Its all about karmic timing, hence I thoroughly dismiss the “”Luck”” factor.


Now coming to destiny. For me I define it as the quality of life on the basis of choices we make due to free will.

I usually give an example of a student going to college. In order to clear exams and get good marks he needs to learn. In order to learn he needs to attend lectures. If a student chooses to bunk lectures and kill time outside college campus, he will attract similar people who aren’t interested in studying just like them. For someone who is sincere and attends lectures will attract like minded sincere and dedicated people. So here the quality of people you attract are different. This becomes destiny. Sooner or later no matter whether you have attended or bunked lectures, all have to sit for exams. For someone who has attended lectures will understand and study more and hence get good marks / grades. For someone who has never attended lectures will struggle to learn, give exams and get lower marks than those who have attended. Hence quality of future education will vary.


Now to relate it to our life, we all have a karmic plan.. Whether we follow it or dismiss it, sooner or later we have to complete our karmas. If we follow our karmic plan, we will attracts positive people who will take us closer to our life purpose because they are also on their journey. For someone who strays away from their karmas, will attract similar people , hence will have different experiences or quality of life.

Destiny becomes the quality of our journey depending on the choices we make.


Hope this brings in clarity .


Will throw more light on karmas in my upcoming post.

For now allow yourself to understand and soak the above, as it can sound complicated and complexed.


Have a great start to a fun weekend.


Loads of love


Books for Soul growth.

  A lot of people in my personal sessions ask me to recommend books that can help them grow spiritually.

Thought I’d suggest a list of few of my personal favorites. 🙂


1-Laws of the spiritual world- Bhavnigiris.

This is the book I started my spiritual journey from at the age of 9yrs. I was fortunate enough to connect with Vispi and Raato and even have various spiritual experiences through them. At the age of 13 I got a chance to meet Mrs. Bhavnagiri and also do auto writing with her and under her guidance.


2- Heal your Life- Louise Hay.


3-Love your body- Louise Hay


4- True Name- Osho


5- The monk who sold his Ferrari.


6- Fakir 1 and 2- Rusbeh.


7- Ordering from the cosmic kitchen.


8- It only takes ten minutes to change your life.


9- Only love is real.


10- Krishna – Osho


11- Buddha – Osho. Again my personal favorite. Have read it over ten times and just can’t get enough.


12- Many life many masters.


13- Conversation with God.


14- Seven spiritual laws of relationship- Deepak Chopra.


15- The Journey. 

You can get these at any book stores. There is still a long list of books. Its a passion that runs in the blood. My grand mom (nani ) has been collecting books ever since I remember. She has almost all the versions of Kryon channelised books from 1964 and 1972. My mother as well loves to do the same.. And of for me, its my passion to just buy books, hoping someday I’ll open a spiritual library.

Well that’s it from me for now.

Gotta run back for a session.


Love n light


Wish to have a productive day at work ?

   Good Morning. 

Am sure by now everyone’s up and about. Either on their way to work or already reached work. As I write this, I am stuck in traffic, so thought might as well make the most out of it.

Here is a simple exercise for you to have a productive day at work. 


You can begin with installing pillars of protection light along with light of abundance in all 4 corners of your cabin / office. As you do so, hold this vision for few seconds.



Dear God, Archangel Michael and Abundia (goddess of abundance, also called as Dana).

I ask you to fill this day up with clarity and abundance of business oppurtunity according to my karmic chart. Let me enjoy a day filled with creative energies, self expression, clarity and physical energy that I need to carry out today’s activities. I am open to receiving and attracting all situations and people from whom my work will benefit positively.

Thank you.


Hope all of you reading this have a day filled of love light and abundance.


Love n light


Have you installed pillars of protection in your home yet?


Finally a long day comes to an end. Hope everyone’s had a productive day. AS for me, I could just feel the energies gushing through my body, its been a perfectly balanced day. Work, cooking( for those who don’t know much about me, let me tell you that if I wasn’t healer and a psychic I would have definitely been a chef. feeding myself and others is like second nature and my passion, anyways will talk about that some other time.) and after cooking, enough time to finish a telephonic interview with a journalist and still managed to write few post and get enough time to spend alone with myself. Over all a perfect day. Like Michael said this morning, 12 hours and energies will settle down… I am sure he so meant it.

Anyways I am going to share with you a very valuable piece of information.

Protecting your house and your room.

In our day to day life, there are so many energies entering and leaving our house, that we have no idea what is the energy state of our house or room. Our house and room is the areas which affects us the most. If there is an energy in balance there, it can create a direct influence on our sleep patterns and relationship with people at home. Its important to take time out for installation of energy pillars , so our house and loved one’s are protected by outside energy .

Every night before you sleep( you can do this in the morning as well) visualize four pillars of white light in every corner of the room. allow the pillar to penetrate deep into the floor and rising upward touching the sky. As you see this, hold it in thought for few seconds. You can do this for the entire house, or do it for each room individually. I personally do each room individually, because for the kitchen I invoke abundance always.

For bedroom – I install pillars of pink and white light for divine love and peace.

For living area- where I usually entertain guest, I install pillars of protection in white light.

For my alter and spiritual space I create pillars of ascension.

near the entrance – pillars of purification and protection. so who ever enters and leaves your house, does so with pure and protected energies.


This really works. I have been doing this for almost a decade and its the least you can do in a span for 2-3 minutes to protect your divine shelter.

Hope you all enjoy doing this practice.

Would love to hear your feedback and experience.

Wishing every a good night filled with divine love, peace and joy.

Love n Light



P.S- the above techniques are very different from space clearing techniques which I will be sharing soon.

Completing with Karmic relationships.

A lot of people have asked me about importance of completing with karmic relationships. So let me throw some light . While the post may be long, its worth a read..

Behind every relationship lies a karmic bond- either the bond can be from another lifetime, it can sometimes be a bond from the spiritual realm where you have not shared earthly experiences but shared experience with one and another in the spiritual realm.

there can be various reasons for us to get into a relationship with them- to begin with as a contract, where we may chose to provide some form of energy help to the other person and vice versa. Contracts are usually life long and very seldom come to an end. the energy exchange is unconditional but never the same. For eg- you  may love a person, but in return the person may give you back understanding, space to grow, spiritual growth or emotional support. We never get back what we give. that is the rule of a karmic contract.  karmic contracts like I said before never end. people may withdraw and disconnect, but when time for energy exchange comes, they will bounce back, when ever you need a particular form of energy.

Secondly we attract relationships  to learn important karmic lessons. We chose people on a soul level as teachers to teach us lessons. This is usually painful because they make us go through situations to cause discomfort for us to learn lessons. Sometimes depending on our rigidity, it may take more than one relationship to learn lessons, hence we get into patterns of similar situations , so we can learn a lesson. When we finish learning our lesson, we break through patterns.

And thirdly a lot of relationships can be an incompletion of our past life. certain karmas we have left incomplete with souls, may come back in this life for an energy exchange. Not necessarily every relationship here has to be painful, some can be pleasant and some can be painful, depending on individual karma.


Now the importance of completion-

its important for us to complete, because any contract left unfinished gets carried forward into the future, either immediate, distant or another life time, so its better to finish it right now rather than carrying it forward.

Similarly when we don’t learn our lessons, people teaching us the lessons will walk out eventually, because another soul cannot wait forever for us to learn lessons, and in return we will attract a similar energy for us to teach us the same lesson. one relationship after another becomes difficult and even more painful to deal with, because there are similar patterns, just that the intensity of the pain increases.

As we live our life, we also have a choice of free will . free will  only alters the  situation temporarily, but sooner or later we have to finish it off in some way or the other, if not with a particular soul, then someone else will back to take its place for the energy exchange from you, but we cant alter karmas due to free will, we can just put in on hold.

Hope this note helps you clear your mind and helps you look at relationships in a different light, giving you more strength and courage to accept relationships you are battling now.

Tune in for more post coming up.

Love n light



Sharing an energy of lifetime in few minutes.

So last night I was out for dinner with family and something strange yet so wonderful happened. As I was sitting near the entrance, a young mother with a cute baby walks in, and while they are waiting for the table, the baby caught my eyes. To be honest with you… I love babies but I am not a “baby ” person. I m like one of those who enjoys them for 5 mins and after that I am done, but there was something very attractive about her energies. I would usually never get up and approach someone like this, but I felt her soul call out to me. so I went for her and to my surprise she was more than happy to come to me. as I took her in my arms, she had a huge smile on her face, and she even refused to go back to her mother. all of a sudden the entire restaurant’s attention was on me and the baby. it was hilarious and yet made me feel so special, a soul ive just met few seconds ago doesn’t want to let go of me , to the extent she started to wave her mother good bye. her mother literally had to struggle to take her back. It was a sight… funny, strange yet something special about it. It left me smiling for a while.

Now to a situation like that while others may think of it as a passing thought, what I discovered is that how souls get attracted. Its nothing to do with the age or physical bit, its all about the energies. sometimes we get attracted to strangers , keeping aside the age, sex or relationship. its all about the soul connect. The younger we are, the more in tune we are with the soul, hence if you notice, babies and kids will either take to liking very soon or sometimes event resent energies. its just such a wonderful phenomenon to be in touch with your energies, knowing that there exist a flow of energies between us and every soul. Sometimes for a purpose and sometimes without a purpose. More often than ever, we either resist it or get attached to it. the crux of the matter is to enjoy it. The more we question it, the more conditional we make these bonds. the more we resist it, the more we block the flow of energy. the more we get attached to it, the more we block ourselves from moving forward in our karmic plan with other souls. In being present to the flow of energy and opening your heart to receiving and giving unconditionally, can leave imprints of completion that will always be remembered.

That 2 mins of interaction with that little doll, stayed with me all evening , night and morning literally urging me to write this post. Her face still remains in my memory.

definitely some strong connection.. may be we have met in another life time, may be she was just there to make me more aware of this feeling or may be we will meet again sooner or later…. for now we just have to wait and watch…. and just thank her for bringing me to this point of awareness of writing this post and sharing such a deep message in the most simplest way and I am most certain that most of you reading this, would have felt this at some point in life, where we meet someone and just know that there lies some connect.

love and light