What part of you is choosing for you?

Dear readers

At any given time, human mind is so bogged down by what it sees and hears that we are unable to see ourselves as who we truly are. We are constantly trying to change to fit in this world, people around us, society and by the end of it still find ourselves being unhappy with people or people being unhappy with us. That’s because we are constantly shelling out energy in doing something which may or may not be in your karmas. You are constantly trying to provide for energy that is not meant for you to do, and in this process you land up being drained out. If it’s in your karmas, it will happen very gracefully. The transfer of energy may not be draining. Even if the situation may cause hurt or pain to your ego or heart, your soul will be intact. That’s is because it’s for a dual energy exchange on a karmic level, but in certain situations no matter how much we try and what we do, things might certainly not work out the way it is meant to be, that’s simply because we chose to take it up as a challenge to your ego, and chose to go through pain in order to defy the karmas. Only if we were to accept graceful, and choose not with ego but with our karmas, the painful situations and wounds will start to heal and diminish. The choices made of karmas happen at a very sub conscious soul level and consciously it’s not known to us. Sometimes even if we try hard, it will only be revealed at the right time. In the mean time, you need to accept and surrender gracefully rather than taking it up as a challenge to your ego. The challenge will only make you feel depressed, low on confidence, self-doubt and self-guilt. Whereas surrender will bring to you acceptance and gratitude, which will further play a role in the true awakening of your being. You need to stop your struggle and battle with your ego. If your ego chooses, your ego gets hurt and you suffer, but if you are ego-less your soul chooses, learns, and grows and you awaken. It all depends on your choice of the choosing body within yourself. Be the ego on the surface, you will always find your source of pain. Be the love within, and you will find your source of love.
Love and light,
Tamanna C.


Ways to forgive.

Dear readers,

I often keep talking about how important forgiveness and letting go is in the journey of our life. It’s one of the most integral karmic lessons for us to learn inorder to focus on what’s meant for us and what’s not. There comes a point often enough with people we love that we need to forgive and let go of human err and sometimes let go of our own magnified emotions. Forgiveness not only refreshes our blocked energy but also creates a shift in the energy of our collective relationship. Often I have shared importance of forgiveness but today am going to be discussing step by steps ways to actually forgive and let go

Forgiveness is a process. It does not happen over night and the process will be different for everyone. But no matter how long it takes, there’s hope! Here are some steps you can take toward that journey:

1. Become clear on your morals and values as they are right now.

The reason most of us feel guilt or shame for actions done in the past is because those actions are not in line with our current morals and values. Our past wrongs can actually clue us in to what we hold important. By identifying our morals and values, we start to get a clearer picture as to “why” we’re hurting over what we’ve done, or what others did to us.

2. Realize that the past is the past.

This seems fairly straightforward, but when we can really wrap our head around the fact that we can’t undo the past, the past is done, those things happened, we open ourselves up to more acceptance . Increased acceptance can lead to the emotional healing we are all looking for.

3. Create a “re-do.”

Never underestimate the power of a “re-do”. Write down how you would have done things differently if you could go back and do it again. In doing so, we affirm that we not only learned from our past mistake, but that if we had the skills we have now, back then, we would have done things differently.

4. Realize you did the best you could at the time.

The way we respond depends on the skills we have, the frame of mind we’re in, and how we perceive the situation at that moment. Maybe we didn’t have as much objectivity, or acted out of survival or protection mode. Maybe we’d let stress build up, which put us at a higher risk of responding poorly. Whatever the factors, cut yourself a break. If you learn from it, it was never in vain.

5. Start acting in accordance with your morals and values.

The best thing you can do for yourself in order to forgive is start replacing the negative behavior and thoughts with more appropriate ones that are congruous with your morals and values. By so doing, you reaffirm to yourself that you can handle situations in the way you want to. This can lead to a sense of pride, which is a huge part of building self-esteem.

6. Identify your biggest regrets.

When I work with clients on moving on from their past, it can be very overwhelming for them because they see so many regrets. It’s often helpful to categorize these things because people often only hold on to a handful of big categories/patterns. Working on patterns of behavior is often more helpful than working on individual regrets.

7. Tackle the big ones.

There may be some regrets that don’t seem to improve, and they’re going to require some extra work. I call it “clearing your conscience.” This means it might take bringing this regret into the room and apologizing for your past mistake.

8. Turn the page.

At some point, you have to accept that the past has happened and you’ve done everything in your power to amend past mistakes. It’s now time to turn the page and accept those events as part of your story. They’ve all contributed to making you who you are. Being grateful for those experiences allows you to move on and truly forgive yourself.

9. Cut yourself some slack.

When we learned how to ride a bike, most of us realized it would probably take a few tries before achieving perfection. New behavior and thinking patterns are no different. They’re both skills. Cut yourself some slack while you’re on a new learning curve. Realize that you’re going to make mistakes. We all do.

10. Move toward self-love.

The last step in building self-esteem is moving toward loving yourself. Think kind thoughts toward yourself and show yourself some compassion. If we can learn to think of ourselves as our best friend, to speak to ourselves with love and kindness, and put ourselves as a priority, it reaffirms that we believe we are worth it. Engage in coachn or therapy if you need some outside perspective in this area or just to be heard from a neutral point. Surround yourself with supportive people.

You are more than your past mistakes, and I promise you, you are so worth it!!

You deserve to forgive because you have it in you to be better than you think!!

Sending you loads of love and light,


How clarity of intentions shapes our reality.

Dear readers

As my trip after two weeks comes to an end and as I sip of my coffee I think about how our thoughts and desires manifest in reality which we are all aware of. It’s something so powerful but unfortunately we are unable to handle how we intent or think. When we seek to bring something into the world, our intentions and motivations are everything. Our intention for bringing something into our lives shapes our experience of a manifestation and the realities that spin off of it.
The lens of relationships offers an up-close view of how our intentions color our manifestations. We may seek to attract a soulmate into our life. We may state that we are seeking a spiritual connection that helps us grow in our understandings. This is well and good but if unresolved emotional issues lurk beneath our stated intentions, these “hidden” intentions will eventually surface to color any relationship we manifest.

Perceiving Motivations ‘Underneath the Vision’–The key is to come to a deep and thorough understanding of ourselves and our motivations before we seek to manifest something new in our lives. In the case of a relationship, we may consciously hold the highest and best intentions in terms of our vision for a soulmate connection, but there may be other intentions operating beneath our conscious intentions. If, underneath our visions of manifesting a soulmate relationship, we’re afraid to face life alone, we are unknowingly sending the universe signals that exist on two very different wavelengths. Consequently, we may manifest a relationship that is intended to lift both people higher but ultimately deteriorates under the weight of unresolved emotional issues.

Identifying Conflicting Emotions about Abundance–The same can be said of manifesting abundance and prosperity. We may state that we intend to manifest abundance so we can undertake studies, experiences or projects aligned with our spiritual purpose. If, underneath this vision, we still hold emotional issues around abundance, this can stifle or alter our intended manifestation. One example of this would be the person whose father often spoke negatively of those who had wealth. As this person begins to manifest the abundance of their spirit, it can trigger feelings instilled by the father against those who have wealth. This could diffuse the manifestation altogether or create complications that seriously limit what can be experienced in the realm of abundance.
Likewise, if a person holds unresolved emotional issues that center around scarcity or “not having enough of what’s needed,” this is another factor that can send the universe a contrasting signal that seriously impairs manifestation.
What has been said here about relationships and abundance can be applied to any and all intended manifestations. In order to pave the way for what we seek to bring into our reality, it’s important to examine all our intentions and motivations — not just our “highest and best” but those motivations that lurk at the outskirts of our awareness.

Aligning Our Intentions with Spiritual Purpose–it’s always important to examine how our intentions line up with our spiritual purpose. If we seek to manifest a car so we can drive ourselves to workshops and courses that allow us to expand our knowledge and skills, this is an intention that can benefit both ourselves and others. This is a very different intention than seeking to manifest a new car so we can show up our neighbor who’s driving an older model. In the long run, the realities experienced through these different intentions will drive us to very different futures.

Unifying Consciousness with Emotional Harmony—once we identify how an intention matches up with our spiritual purpose, we can then examine if aspects of our consciousness operate on different emotional frequencies from our primary intentions. These would likely be younger aspects still locked into emotional energies not yet transformed by the light of our present-moment awareness. By loving and harmonizing with these younger aspects, we can begin to create inner unity.

Hope this puts things into perspective, as I leave this beautifully place sending you all loads of love and light.

Dissolving Barriers to enhance Life flow into your being.

The emotions can be a source of static that blocks the free flow of life force energy. It is important to examine and bring to awareness emotional triggers so their source can be healed.
Negative Feelings Bind You to What You Don’t Want.
Negative feelings bind you to what you don’t want. A willingness to examine the message of negative feelings can unlock many insights and bring emotional freedom. If you are harboring any thoughts of blame of victimhood, this will only attract more of the same experiences into your life. Negative or toxic emotions over time destroy the body’s ability to take in life force energy and oxygenate the cells. Diseases such as cancer often derive from emotions such as aged and chronic anger.

A first step on the path to spiritual understanding and emotional healing is forgiveness. Forgiveness is foremost forgiveness of self. You are forgiving yourself for any past misunderstandings. This is accompanied by an acceptance that everything that has happened to you was helping you learn and grow. Others have played roles in your dramas to help you experience inner conflicts in physical reality. When releasing negative emotions about the past, it may also be helpful to see how others – even those who took part in creating painful circumstances – play the role of reflecting to you something about your self. The next step might be to see the greater lesson you are learning from a situation. Another step is to accept the lesson, and still another, to express gratitude for it. As you express gratitude for a lesson, you can also feel gratitude for those who assisted you in creating the experience.

The essential journey of all souls is to seek out and understand the complete array of earthly experiences and distill those understandings into the ever evolving wisdom of the soul. In this way, the dark is no less than the light. The balancing point weighs equal energies of dark and light.

Read.Understand. Implement.Ascend.

Love and light,
Tamanna C.

Changing Frequencies -Effects, symptoms, different levels, etc.

Dear readers,
It’s been a long time since I have written a note, and off late more and more people are coming to me questioning me about changes in relationship patterns. It’s been a concern to many people. everyone can see it and feel it but one doesn’t know what to make out of it and handle the drift.Like we all know, every soul is a mass of energy resonating at a certain frequency level. every soul has its upper limit and lower limit. depending on your auric, physical , mental and emotional energies, your frequencies are constantly changing. your soul frequency is your authentic state of being, but if you are suffering from stress or disturbance on either one of your levels, auric , physical, mental and emotional, it can automatically lower your etheric frequency.

We can feel draining energies on different level. Below are few examples of how we can feel low on frequency-

Auric- sometimes we visit crowded places, parties or even our work places and if our aura is weak, we can get drained out without even realizing what is happening to us. other people’s negativity can linger on to our aura and then we carry it back in our energy field and personal relationships.

Physically- if we are unfit, not well rested or ill, this automatically reduces our etheric frequency. hence its important to constantly hear the voice of the body and move as per its pace. if the body is resisting a certain kind of food, drinks, pattern listen to your inner voice and act in its way. if we continue pushing beyond our limits, the frequency of our body drops , thereby reducing or lowering our eheric and esoteric energy.

Mentally & Emotionally-

All our fears, blocks, insecurities, questioning from our past, present and into our future can even lower our frequencies to a degree we can’t even imagine. what you are inside reflects outside. any kind of jealousy towards others, bitterness, anger, pain, situations in memory that we are unable to let go off can drain us out beyond what one can decipher. it’s important to be mentally at peace and emotionally grounded with whatever is happening around is. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. The key to this is nothing but “ACCEPTANCE”. Once you accept that situations and people are in your life for a reason and open your heart to acceptance and learning without any fear, karma clearing becomes a lot more graceful. if you sit and analyze, question, doubt etc, it creates esoteric blocks, there by the constricting the soul from completion.

All of the above and lot more lead to our constant change of frequencies. every city, place, temple, work space etc has an energy attached to it and we are constantly changing with it. it’s important to be aware of when this shift happens and it’s important to detach with these energies. we body and mind reflects these energies in the following ways-

*sudden headaches,

*Hunger pangs.

*feeling sleepy or tired, or physically tired but mentally awake.

*feeling uprooted in relationships.

*Erratic fears emerging without any reason.

*Mood swings etc.

These are FEW of the symptoms that can warn us regarding the energy frequency changing without us.
now this is a energy shift from higher to lower.

Sometimes we witness the reverse when we encounter spiritual experiences or release our karmas. in my healing sessions and workshops a lot of people have reverse effect where they change from a lower to a higher frequency. this happens with following symptoms-

*Slight head ache or heaviness in the head but feeling light within.

*Sudden seeing colors every time you close your eyes.

*Sudden sensation of throwing up after initiations or healing sessions with me.

*feeling sleepy followed by peaceful sleep.

*Change in eating habits, following more healthy pattern. resisting food that no longer suits you.

*Feeling loss of memory towards unpleasant situations as they are releasing from your esoteric and etheric realm.

*feeling more at peace and resolving situations emotionally with people with whom you had issues earlier. etc

The above experiences mark a shift in energy from lower state to moving into higher state.Depending on what frequency we are at, we attract people into our life for our karmic completions, lessons etc.

Every soul has to learn to accept and be more grounded with every situation and relationship we encounter. sometimes relationships can last for an hour, weeks, months or a lifetime.

for e.g.- if a patient/ client is visiting me for a healing / reading sessions, my interaction with them can be for an hour with is defined by the relationship of me giving them clarity and healing their energies followed by their self realization and transforming and energy exchange. now sometimes this relationship can last for just an hour or the person can come back to me time and again for clarity and healing. we are no one to define the time boundary of relationships. we have no control over time. we have control only over our acceptance……

Right now in our current energy cycles a lot of people find it difficult to accept- either the end of a relationship or beginning of new relationships. we are constantly question we few relationships ended in the past, or constantly questioning we are we meeting certain people right now and their purpose in our life. We will never know their purpose till the time it’s done…. or till the time you do a karma reading/ psychic reading with me or simply you have to be gifted to know it the journey you share with various souls,until then all we need to do is Accept.
Be loved…protected and at peace….
Loads of love and light, from my heart to yours,
Tamanna C.

August horoscope 2018

It’s going to be a month full of surprises and results. You have been laying low for a while with your plans and ideas. This month gives you the energy to take charge. New ideas that come to your mind post 4-11th august will see instant manifestation after 17th. You will take charge of situations and also take decisions on your own gut feeling. Work will be stable throughout the month with even more a hectic time period after 19th. Everyone at work will want more of you. New deals/ clients will manifest after 14th and 25th. Signing of paper work will get delayed though. You will consciously take a back seat after 26th to spend time with family or focus on personal stuff. Health will need attention 1-11th. Avoid eating out as stomach will be sensitive. Don’t exert yourself while working out else you could land up with an injury that is avoidable. Family life will be smooth. Family member’s health will need attention post 21st. be open in listening to advice from family around 12-18th. They may see something you can’t see. Socially you will withdraw post 4th to focus on work. But will be compelled to bounce back after 18th. Don’t discus too much of future plans with friends. Take each day as it comes. Be assertive if you find someone crossing boundaries with you.

Karmic tip- take charge of situations with confidence and self harmony.

This month will be erratic. It will bring in good news on one side but it will be difficult to balance on the other side. Work will be slow till 12th.you will find it hard to communicate or express your ideas. There will be friction with senior people at work after 15th-22nd so be careful. If you are looking for a new job, expect news after 23rd. post 19th some important meeting will work in your favour, but bagging nay new project will only happen early September. This can be frustrating as you will put in all the efforts but only get results later. Health will be erratic throughout the month. Take care of back and eyes. Don’t over exert. Try and meditate to balance your mental health. Family members will be demanding till 14th. You may get dragged into other people’s responsibility or issues. You will find it difficult to escape. Having an honest talk with family members after 18th will bring some relief as you put things into perspective with them. Avoid friction with partner post 25th as it might get out of hand and also cause stress to other family members. Social life will be stable. You will reconnect with old friend’s post 16th. You will get some work opportunity or help from friends after 23rd.

Karmic tip- don’t emotionally over expect from people.

You will have a month full of chaos and confusion when it comes to others around you but within yourself you will still achieve your desires and your goals. A brilliant month for work. If you want to expand, sign a deal, work on new projects, apply for a job, this month will bring in all the positivity that you need. You will get some good news after 7th which will manifest after 21st. old clients will bring in more work after 15th. You will be the centre of attention at work after 16th. Travels are indicated after 24th. You will also expand your horizon by focussing on education, reading, training etc. expect meetings scheduled between 22-28th to get delayed. Health will need attention 11-26th. Don’t skip meals. Family life will be chaotic 12-19th due to other family members. You will act as a mediator and calm people but don’t take things personally. You will also have to emotionally be there for an older family member as they could be feeling insecure. While work is hectic, take time out for family. Partner’s health will be of concern post 20th. Don’t bring past issues just to prove a point. Social life will be hectic 18-27th. You will make travel plans with friends or family this month and also host people over after 23rd.
Karmic tip- be more balanced.

You will be all over trying to put the missing pieces together. This month will be demanding as everyone will want a piece of you. All the attention you missed getting during your birthday month will come in this month. At work expect a lot of changes post 7th and 18th if you are working on a new deal or a new job, you will get positive clarity after 17th. You will be the centre of focus at work with long working hours and decisions to be made after 20th; your confidence will be boost to venture out of your comfort zone in the next few weeks from then. Organise paper work. Signing of a deal is indicated between 12-27th.health will need attention 15-29th especially areas of stomach and knees. Keep yourself well hydrated. Family life will be stable and less demanding compared to work. People will give you the space to be. You may get dragged into other people’s problem post 18th but you will find a way to handle it eventually. Older family member’s health will need attention 16-28th. Socially you will be all over till 13th. With too many events and obligations you will expand your connections but post 23rd you will withdraw and focus on unwinding with loved ones.

Karmic tip- don’t doubt yourself due to past mistakes.

This being your birthday month will be super exciting as you will get clarity on the way ahead. You must have been rather confused about your next move last few months , but this month especially post 11th you will wake up finding your path and have all the confidence and external support you need for this to manifest. You will have to create a plan before you dive deep, but past experience and advice from senior members will encourage you. You will revive old connections at work. Old clients will come back to renew deals post 15th and 27th. Avoid friction with people at work post 23rd.sudden travel plans can crop up this month. Health will be sensitive 4-20th. Take care of your back and eyes. Avoid sleeping late and nights. You will also have to visit a doctor for a routine check up. Family life will be stressful as you could be trying very hard to fix others or their problems. There will be resistance due to ego, but let people be.post 18th you will go out of your way to spend family time together. Parent’s health will need attention 14th-27th. Avoid brooding over other people’s past mistakes especially with partner. Socially you will be moody. Amidst so much going on you might want to keep to yourself to clear your head. While friends and social connections will be helpful, you may not be in the mood to paint the town red.

Karmic tip- see things from other’s point of view.

A month of new beginnings for you. You will be more honest with yourself and work on your inner darkness before you step out to pursue your goals. Work will be slow initially with minor stress till 12th. You will be stuck between other people’s choices and your own ego self, but once you rationalise; you will find your answers. Be more assertive with people at work else you might be taking for granted. Post 23rd marks the beginning of new journey. It could be both, personally or professional. If its professional, expect new role/ job or a bigger deal from an old client. You will also work/ hire new people this month. Give them time to adjust to your vision and goals. Health will need attention till 14th and post 26th and it will be primarily due to over thinking and stress. Try and regulate your sleep for a speedy recovery. Family life will be stable but post 17th you may bear the brunt from older family members for past mistakes. You will find it difficult to prove your point as someone may come too strong. You need to just listen and take away the advice and lessons that come with it. There is something you are constantly ignoring about personal growth that needs to be addressed this month. Whatever it is, by the end of it you will be a better person provided you give up the need from operating from your ego. Open conversations with partner will allow you to see things in a better light after 23rd. social life will be stable. Friends will go out of their way to make time for you and also give you work related advice. Old friends will reconnect post 19th to check on your emotional well being.

Karmic tip- be more flexible.

It will be a rocky and a crucial month. The energies will make you clingy and emotional but by the end of it will also give you a push to take charge of situations rather than waiting for others. Work will be slow till 23rd. technically almost the most but it will be frustrating as you may have deadlines to meet. Work will happen but with delays and mental stress. Lack of important papers can delay work post 7th and meetings lined up around 12th may also get cancelled or delayed. Be ready to deal with criticism from seniors in the first two weeks but eventually post 23rd everything will settle down. You will be more in control, with more clarity and tools to execute and meet deadlines. Avoid signing any new contract before 18th else there will be changes to be made to it later. Health will be stable with minor headaches or sensitivity in the eyes post 16th. Eat on time. Family members will be demanding and may emotionally over expect from you. You will find it hard to balance between work stress and family pressure. Avoid bringing past issues into current situations with partner. If you need to space, give people the space to be first. Your criticism towards them will stir more expectations from you. Family member’s health will need attention 11-24th. Spend quality time with older family members and don’t impose your decisions on them. Social life will be unstable. You may make plans to unwind but there will be delays or hiccups. A friend may turn to you for some advice or decision making post 23rd.
Karmic tip- be gentle with yourself.

They key word this month is establishing new connections. It’s all about newness in both personal and professional aspects of your life. Work will be stable, but new ideas will fill your mind post 8th. New deals/ opportunities/ team members will come along through the month. They will compel you to think in a different way than before. They will be supportive and instil believe and power in you. But there won’t be any decisions or result this month. This allow everything new to flow into your life. Lay a foundation and wait for results to show in due time. Whatever it is, just be discreet about all good things coming your way. Health will need attention 13-28th especially lower back, throat and eyes. You will be prone to allergies as well. Avoid skipping meals. Family life will be stressful as someone may constantly question your integrity or intention towards them. You will get a chance to clear the air post 11th but be more assertive than aggressive. Don’t rub people the wrong way as it will back not only your relationships with them but others too. Partner’s health will need attention 17-25th . Avoid nagging as someone post 26th will snap back at you. Socially you will withdraw due too so much going on. While new connections are in the building, old friendship and connections will take a back seat during this month.

Karmic tip- prioritise your life.

This month will bring more stability into your emotions and relationships. While work is positive, there will be slight changes and difference in views with other people. There will be going back and forth in new negotiations till 20th and expect results after 25th. You will find the need to detach from other people’s insecurity. While new work is on the cards for you, don’t expect results over night. Old clients will come back with more work after 15th but you will be confused about people’s intentions at work. Don’t over trust people. Important meetings lined up post 18th while work well for you. Don’t carry work stress at home as you may neglect family members. Health will need attention post 23rd especially eyes and back. Don’t over exert yourself too much. Family life will be disturbed till 17th. People will act unreasonable and cranky. Don’t probe into past issues. Be a better listener without giving too much advice. Just listen. Partner’s health will need attention 12-19th. Talking about other people’s life can backfire and drag you into more problems. Socially you will withdraw to clear your head space. You might also be disturbed with a friend’s behaviour and may not want to talk about it. Post 22nd you will make peace with situations and bounce back to interacting and making plans with friends.

Karmic tip- be more grounded.

A month of results, clarity and action. A lot of things have slowed down for you last two month, but this month brings in all the action at work you need. In case you are looking at a new job, closing a deal or expansion expect results before 17th. You will take charge of situations and be more confident about your decisions. There can be issues and fear connected to the past but the energies this month will help in healing the sub conscious. You will go out of your way to help co-workers and even expand your team. Avoid getting late for work meetings else you may miss out on something important. Avoid friction with senior’s post 25th. Heath will be erratic with minor allergies and body pain. Disturb sleep post 20th will also interfere with routine. Avoid skipping meals. Family life will be disturbed due to other people’s issues and insecurity. You will find your partner getting clingy and emotional around 11-18th. It’s just a phase. Be attentive to their emotional needs. Don’t blame them for feeling insecure. They will eventually come around. Sudden plans of travels with family indicated after 14th. Social life will be stable . You will turn to friends for work and relationship advice and even entertain people at home after 22nd. Over all a fun and action packed month with friends.
Karmic tip- be tolerant.


This month will bring in mixed emotions. While everything while be falling into place for you, there will be underlying friction/ stress/ unresolved issues that you need to consciously address. Work will be slow till 11th and can stir up a lot of insecurity and blame games, but people will come around and instil their trust in you post 14th. New ideas will turn to results after 21st and you will take charge of decision making. Expect clarity on new job, role to come through after 16th. Take time to organise your schedule . Avoid friction with people 10-16th. Health will need attention 3-17th and primarily due to stress. Sleep will be disturbed and might also affect your efficiency at work. Family life will be stable but people around will be irritable and going through their own stress. Don’t blame yourself for other people’s emotions. The least you can do is be a good listener and be there for them. Post 24th family members may drag you to resolve issues between them. Be diplomatic. Too much honesty can get you into trouble with them. Socially you will withdraw as you could be upset with a friend. You might want to take a break, clear your head and then bounce back after 19th. Reconnection with old friends is on the card after 23rd. a dear friend’s health will be of concern after 20th.

Karmic tip- be discreet.

A month full of excitement, closure and results. All the effort that you have put in the past few months will give you results this month. Work will be stable with more exciting news after 5th and 19th. More responsibility or a new job will keep you excited. Old clients will come back with more work after 9th. Expect expansion of work/ team this month. This month will be a turning point for all positive reasons. You will lay a foundation for the rest of the year. Signing a deal indicated after 13th. Health will need attention 13-27th due to working overtime and lack of sleep. Take care of your throat and allergy related issues. Family life will be smooth. You will bond with loved ones and even travel with them after 15th. You will be more relaxed and secure. Issues with get resolved without much effort from your side. Just spend more quality time and enjoy the benefits of this month’s energy. Social life will be slow due to hectic work till 13th after which you’ll bounce back. You will be enjoying the attention and also clear the air with an old friend after 24th. This will strengthen your relationship with them.
Karmic tip- don’t seek approval from people.

Have a blessed month.
love and light,
Tamanna C

May 2018 horoscope

>Dear readers,
|I know its been ages since Ive posted monthly horoscopes and you can always blame it on my hectic work, travel and also not to forget the crazy mercury retrograde which always hinders communication and channeling. mid March- April’18 was a crazy month due to so many planetary change and moon cycles that it almost made everyone feel like… why oh why are we even here?? but the good news is may seems to bring in better energies atleast for almost most of us.
i apologise once again for going MIA on my blog. promise to comeback soon to blogging as i really really miss it. Until then enjoy the horoscope and do leave your feedback and not to forget feel free to share the link with friends and family.

This month is full of surprises all good. There won’t be an iota of bad unless you goof up bad and miss out on multiple opportunities. Work will be growing at a fast pace and you might have to delegate more and restructure. You might even work with new people 5-26th may and chances that you will sign a contract before 11th may, the results of which will take place after 22nd may. You need to find balance between doing what your heart says and the need of the hour. An old client will bring in opportunities for expansion after 16th may. You will consciously slow down by a getaway post 23rd may. Health will need attention 19-28th may but nothing major. It could be minor allergies. Family life will get easy after 7th may. People acting rigid will settle down and give you the space to be allowing more peace and freedom in your life. Parent’s health will need attention 21-30 may. Social life will take a back seat due to hectic work but you will connect with old friends and go out of your way to party it up post 16th may. Be discreet about personal life with friends.
Karmic tip- doesn’t get attached to other’s problem.

Your birthday month will bring in news but you have to wait until your birthday to see results. Work will be slow till 12th may but you will get a chance to focus on creative energies and make necessary changes. You will also focus on adding new work or applying for new jobs. Newness will be the key energy to this month. New clients, employees, co-workers, job, role will come through after 21st. Paper work will move forward after 17th may. Health will need attention 15-27th may especially if you have lower back and knee issues. Getting a routine check up done will be a good idea. Family life will be stable but minor issues with partner post 17th may will drain you out. You need to be gentler towards yourself. You will also be worried about a male’s health 15-30th may. Spend quality time with family. Social life will be hectic till 14th may after which you will slow down to attend to needs of family members. Be more centred with friends. You’ll reconnect with old friends after 8th may.
Karmic tip- be more spontaneous.

A month filled with extremes. You will have to focus on finding a way out of chaos else you’ll get sucked into ego games of others. Work will be slow till 16th may. You will bounce back with a bang thereafter with new associations, ideas or work. You will go all out in meeting sand leave no stone unturned in putting your point across. While this may eventually work in your favour, have patience to see results. Meetings lined between 17-23rd may will be productive. Those looking for new job will get clarity 9-18th may. Health will need attention 14-26th especially throat and eyes. Balance eating patterns. Family life will be stable. You will feel emotionally drained 16025th may. Confide in a family member as it will boost your confidence. Partner’s health will need attention 9-24th may. Social life will be hectic till 11th may. No matter how much you want to slow down it will be hectic. You will slow down from 15-25th may and then again bounce back due to reunion with old friends.
Karmic tip- prioritize your life.

This month will bring in the positive changes you are looking for. Work will be stable till 11th after which you’ll expand or getting into some new work. Meetings around 9-15th may will bring in positive results after 22nd may. New associations will be beneficial for you in the long run. You will make a conscious effort to slow down post 23rd. Health will need attention 17-30th may. Stomach and knees will be sensitive. If you are a heart patient chances are that you might have to undergo a checkups. Family life will get positive after 7th may. You will be more communicative and will work towards resolving issues with more compassion and patience.dont allow your ego to come in between resolving issues. Partner’s health will be unstable throughout the month becoming a point of concern for you. Socially you will take a back seat due to busy career and family being priority. A friend may turn to you financial help post 23rd may.
Karmic tip- be a better listener.

This month will be stable but might be mentally frustrating for you as people will keep you hanging. While work under your control is stable, other people will be laid back and it will frustrating if you are depending on others to get work done. You need to know when you push and when you take a back seat else it will create friction. Be more assertive than aggressive. Meetings around 16-23rd may will be productive followed by a delay in communication. Expect results after 26th may. Health will need attention 12-27th may. Minor allergies, headaches and disturbed sleep pattern will make you feel low. Even mental stress can’t impact health this month. Family life will be better than before, but major emotional outburst from you will create issue between 12-17th. Be careful with your actions and reactions around family. You never know who might take what personally. If this does happen, take a back seat, let things cool down and sort things out of 23rd. don’t get insecure about losing relationships. You’ll push people away. Social life will be stable. Clarity from friends and emotional support will be there at any time you want it. You may go out of your way to help a dear friend between 9-27th may.
Karmic tip- don’t assume things without knowing the fact.

Just a month you were waiting for. There will be clarity and movement on every aspect. Work will be slow till 5th but will pick up drastically after 7th and 18th. You’ll work with new people and even hire more people to expand your team. Expect teething issues initially but everything will be smooth after 24th. Stuck paper work will clear after 9th may and 27th you will initiate a new project or contract after 28th may but this will take at least 5-8months to manifest. Health will be unstable throughout the month due to hectic routine. Stomach and chest will be sensitive. Don’t over exert your body. Family life will start getting better after 6th may. You will see people giving you the space to be and you will have an open heart to heart conversation with family members 11-24th may. Don’t be critical about past issues. Female’s health will keep you stressed post 19th may. Socially you will withdraw as work and family will be priority but post 18th may you will bounce back with a blast. Old friends will connect post 23rd may.
Karmic tip- be a better listener.

Honestly I can’t tell you much about what to expect this month. All I know it’s going to be a roller coaster. Some days peak high and some days low below. While work is stable, you will find it difficult to gauge people’s thought process and intentions. Ongoing work will be smooth but anything new will be slow. Don’t try to expand or do new work. Nothing will manifest. Your insecurities will lead to friction with people at work and there can also be politics against you post 17th. April you must have got a teaser of it but things will get aggravated post 16th may. Don’t take any major decisions till 26th may else it will backfire. Health will be low 1-17th may. Eat on time and avoid too much drain on your knees. Family life will be stable till 15th post which you will start having trust issues. Truth about people will come to surface and you will be irritable and cranky thinking about past issues. Be more letting go. Take some time out and deal with situations post 26th. Social life will be stable and will play a calming effect. Friends will stand by you and be there when you need them. Just don’t keep brooding over the same thing again and again with them. Avoid being moody with friends.
Karmic tip- don’t take people’s understanding for granted.

A stable month where you will get a lot of work done for yourself and family. Pending work will move forward after 5th may. New deals will close between 11-27th may. Those looking for a new job/ role will get clarity post 7th may but results will be after 10th June. You may also get work from old clients. Renewal of contracts will happen post 17th may. If you are looking to expand or hire new people, opportunities will come after 21st. don’t carry work stress home. Health will need attention post 17-28th may. Avoid eating out too often. Family life will be stable. Minor arguments with people will keep you low 15-21st . Female’s health will be low 5-10th may. Sibling stress will cause drama post 22nd . Family members may turn to you for decision making post 23rd.social life will slow down 1-16th may. Post which social obligations and travel plans will keep you busy. You will receive work benefits from 19th may.
Karmic tip- be gentle with yourself.

A month full of abundance and good luck. You will be at the right place at the right time. Work will be super charged and you will be there centre of attention. You will take charge of new projects and even expand your team after 11th may. New clients will approach you for new work post 23rd. Slow down the pace of your mind. Don’t get carried away by other people’s emotions at work. Health will need attention 4-22nd may. Back, eyes and throat will be sensitive. Sleep will be disturbed. Family life will be stable. People will give you the space to be and also be there for you emotionally. Partner’s health will need attention 17-29th may. Avoid getting past into present situations else you may rub someone in the family the wrong way. Family members might feel neglected after 24th . Make sure you remove time for them. Social obligations will keep you busy 11-22nd post which you will take a back seat. Don’t compare yourself with others on the social front.
Karmic tip- don’t seek approval .

The month will start on a slow note which will be a breather for you after April. Work will be stable but nothing exciting. You may feel the monotony sinking in, but post 14th may expect more responsibility. People will be more trusting at work and your opinion will matter. You will be more confident in decision making. Signing of a deal expected post 19th may but there will be going back and forth on terms before work actually manifests. Don’t give out too much of information about work or future plans. Organise paper work and finances. Health will be sensitive 7-22nd with minor allergies and knee pain. You may also feel dehydrated and eating timings will go for a toss. Make sure you consciously make an effort to balance eating routine. You will bounce back to regular physical activity after 16th. Family life will be stressful due to drama between other people. You will get dragged and will have to pacify situations. Don’t un-necessarily find faults in others. Give people the space to be. Imposing your opinion will create more friction. Social life will be stable throughout the month. You will connect with friends from another city after 14th may.

Karmic tip- don’t procrastinate.

This month will bring to you the stability you need. You will be far more grounded and clear in your head. Work will be stable and pick up pace after 18th. You will take charge of situations and also implement ongoing decisions and creative ideas. Be more delegative. You will have to make changes in structure post 25th may. Avoid friction with people at work 10-18th. New work will come your way after 9th and 23rd. Health will need attention 14-29th may. You might have to visit the doctor during this period as it will create nuisances in your routine. You will also make dietary changes with is long overdue. Family members will nag you to slow down and this can be the cause of friction around 6-18th . Avoid friction with partner 15-20th may. An older family member’s health will need attention post 18th may. If you are seeking closure of an ending relationship, post 18th may will be a turning point. Socially you will disconnect with people you dont resonate with. You will be picky and choosy about who all you hangout with and also be more conscious about new people you meet.
Karmic tip- be assertive.

May will bring the necessary clarity and progress that you needed in a long time especially around relationships. While work is stable. You will be occupied dealing with personal life. New work and contracts will come your way after 8th and you will also work with new people or team post 17th may. Stuck paper work will cause worry post 25th may but by first week June it will get resolved. Health will need attention 1-12th and post 27th due to lack of sleep and back pain. If your eyes feel sensitive get a check up done. Chances are that there can be an infection or increase in power. Family life will be much more stable. You will take charge of situations and also mend ways with people from the past. Be forgiving and also give people a chance to explain. Post 17th open conversation with family members will be life altering and give you a different perspective to life. Partner’s health will need attention 18th may onwards. Social life will be stable and an old friend will help you resolve family matters. You need to make an effort to reach out to friends. Post 18th may last minute travel with friends is indicated.
Karmic tip- be trusting.

wishing you all love and light,
Tamanna C